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Would it be ok to ask for a react of like three specific characters to a weird thing (from a personal experience)? If so how would Undertale/underfell Sans and underswap pap react to a SO who just wanted to feel pretty and wore a pair of like wedge heels or shoes that ended up accidentally hurting them? (lol I made a bad shoe choice and ended up with cuts all around my ankles.. lol clumsy child is clumsy) I know it's weird but just got me thinking how they'd react is all

 @tsundereicequeen Of course It’s okay! I love getting requests, especially ones like these! :)

 Oh my stars, highheels are literally my arch-nemesis. Not only because they’re torture devices, but because I’m 5′9 and can’t deal with the stress. 


Sans notices pretty quickly that you’re struggling with the new shoes you’d bought for the party you’re both currently attending, but you wave him off. He isn’t fooled. Sure, your shoes were cute, but he was pretty sure under all that ritz your toes were being re-arranged. Yeah, Sans isn’t having that. He takes off your shoes and carefully bandages your blister-ridden feet, before flashing you a grin as he somehow ropes you into swapping shoes with him for the rest of the night. He claims your shoes don’t hurt him (”i got no skin, remember?” ) and continues to parade around in your glitzy heels unabashedly. 

You have to admit, he kind of works it. 


Red thinks your shoes are kind of sexy (although nothing’s as sexy as stockings) but then he starts to notice your slight limp and his suspicion begins to mount. Then he sees the little spot of blood on your ankle from a blister that popped, and he literally tears the heels off your feet. He then throws them into the garbage, despite your adamant protests. Those shoes hurt you, and they kind of need to suffer. He carries you in his arms for the rest of the night, much to your mortification and his amusement. He won’t even let you take a single step by yourself, least your feet start hurting again. He continues to carry you until you two are back home, where he dumps you on the bed with a wolfish grin before proceeding to help you out of the rest of your ‘uncomfortable’ clothes.

It was kind of worth the blisters.


Honestly, Papyrus wouldn’t even let you leave the house in those shoes, despite your assurances that you would be fine. He knows better then to let you hurt yourself, and proceeds to inform you that you look fantastic without those shoes. If you choose to ignore his warnings, however, he’ll finally relent. He isn’t going to force you not to wear something. At the party, when you sheepishly explain that your feet hurt, he doesn’t even say i told you so. He just plops a pair of slippers at your feet wordlessly, before leading you back to the dance floor. 

He starts to call you Cinderella, though, much to your annoyance. Then again, you kind of deserve it.


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