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11月30日am5:19頃 横山 章太(Shota)が脳卒中の為、永眠いたしました。
Shotaは11月28日 ポーランド、ワルシャワでのコンサート中にステージ上で倒れ36時間近く戦い続けましたが、僕たちから遠い所へ逝ってしまいました。
僕たちのデビューシングルDizzy loveを歌いながらマイクを持ったまま彼は倒れました。






We sadly have to announce you that Shota has died this morning after his brain attack at Warsaw last saturday. He died peacefully in his sleep after his last battle. We don’t know what to say, what to do.

Please respect his family, his wife, his partner. Respect their pain and try to support them as much as you can with the respect they need, and the love we always had and have for the Boys, Aurélie and HIGHFeeL.


Rest in Peace Shota.

Dear EVES,

Shota passed away brutally and suddently. As all of you, we are devastated. He, this marvellous man, went to Heaven, letting us behind with this project: ADAMS Europe.

Shota was a kindly man, with a big heart, a very “human” person who always took care of his EVES, of us. ADAMS Europe was a project originally created by us with the boys to promote the band and Shota was always here for us. Always here to help us, to share his last songs, to help us with translations, to bring us the last news.

He really counted on us, and he can always count on us, because ADAMS Europe won’t stop here. We still have too many things to do, to share. 2021 is still far away you know. So we will be here till 2021. With HIGHFeeL, with ADAM, we will be there.

And we will continue to write ADAMS’ story.

It’s a hurtful page which turns and a new chapter which starts. It’s the last chapter of this story, and we will write it with you till the end. This is why, today more than any other days, we count on you, on EVES. ADAMS will continue to exist. We will keep ADAMS alive by continuing to follow their path and collect all the pieces… And we will also keep an eye on the future as soon as everyone is able to look forward again someday…

It’s just a new journey.
Take care.
We love you.

ADAMS Europe Team,
Saki, Shuro & Miho.

Picture © 2013 Sakai Ryota