highest unemployment rate

After 2,000 years, Christians disappearing from Gaza
Worshipers say they may be the last group of Christians in Gaza.

“The ongoing Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip and the highest unemployment rate in the world are prompting Christians to leave the besieged area in droves, some using the holiday season to their advantage.

“People might think we’re leaving because of Hamas, but no it’s because of … (Israeli) policies on Gaza,” Jaber Jilder, an official with the Greek Orthodox Church said.

Israeli sanctions on Gaza have made freedom of movement and goods almost non-existent, and have contributed to an economy that the World Bank said is on the “verge of collapse.” A United Nations report this year said the 2014 Israeli-Hamas war and the current blockade will make the Palestinian territory “unlivable” by 2020.

“Palestinian Christians … receive no tolerance or mercy from the Israeli occupation. Their land has been confiscated, their houses have been destroyed, and they have been subjected to daily humiliation on checkpoints when they travel,” he said. “Same discriminatory measures for everyone. Christians and Muslims."”

First week of good government

I’d like to congratulate tony on his first week of good government, achievements of which included…
-the highest unemployment rate in 15 years
-a 50 billion dollar budget black hole
-sending Australian ship building jobs overseas
-making holocaust jokes
-ignoring a report into human rights abuses
-pepper spraying a blind person
-having 40% of his party off side
-and finally been called the most incompetent leader in the developed world.

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Why do most trans girls have so many problems (demands, psychoses, bitterness, etc) ? And, you don’t ? Could you please clone yourself ?

…i mean as flattering as this is, there are quite a few reasons as to why most transgender women have “so many problems”, myself having a few of them as well.

for starters, we start out biologically as men. the actual transition itself requires a lot of money, time, energy… blood, sweat, tears…..as well as sacrifices on the part of our friends, possibly families, and the lives we’ve lead up until that point.

there’s also the societal aspect, that being that we’re constantly put under the microscope by anyone, and everyone we meet who may know, or who we tell about our transgender status. so not only do we have to constantly be worrying about ourselves, or the typical societal standards set up for women in general, but we have to be worrying about what anyone we’ll ever meet, or who we’ve ever met will think because of it.

then there’s the perspective in regards to our love lives where we are constantly fetishized, and used because we are not “real“ women, and apparently as told by many don’t deserve to ever have someone who loves us for who we are, and what we’ve gone through as people rather than as genitalia.

let us not forget that we have one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country, disproportionately higher than any other minority, and have almost no representation in mainstream media….and who could forget being denied health insurance, and treatments based on just how seriously a stranger wants to take us because of their own personal feelings?

i mean, really, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but… i find it funny that this question is ever even asked.

put yourself in a position where literally everyone around you could hate you, attack you, or scrutinize you at any given moment, and try not to develop a few problems.

Black people are liquid money
  • Someone I know works closely with a Jewish businessman. *One day, the two had an honest conversation, in which the Jewish man asked, “Do you know what my Jewish friends call the black community?” My friend said, “No, what do they call us?” He replied, “We call you liquid money. The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black. *We see that as a huge business opportunity.” He then used the example of many black people on payday or when we get our tax refunds. *He noted how we’ll go to an Indian business to cash the check, an Asian hair salon, a corner store owned by Arabs and a department store owned by whites. *He explained how, when it’s all said and done, these other business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat our bank accounts as if we are the prey. This is not an attack on Jewish people, but a lesson on how ignorant we look when we keep giving all of our money away. *Part of the New Paradigm Construct is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in our own communities, the same way you plant a seed from a piece of fruit in order to grow more fruit in your garden. If you’re always waiting for someone else to feed you, you are typically an inch or two away from starvation.
  • It’s something to think about.
  • Here’s the lesson:
  • 1) In America, you have no almost no power if you don’t own something. *There is no pride in a platform on which you sit if it can be taken away from you on a second’s notice. *You have been seduced into believing that you have real power, when the truth is that you do not.
  • 2) If we never learn the value of supporting of black-owned businesses, we are always going to be disappointed. *We are going to have the highest unemployment rates, the lowest wealth levels and the greatest degrees of frustration. *When I had a three hour personal conversation with Min. Louis Farrakhan (followed by a nine-hour closed economic summit a month later), one point that he made (which I agree with entirely) is that black people can learn a great deal from watching how the Jewish community handles it’s wealth. *In order for us to grow as a people, we must realize this important fact: *Our money is our power and we cannot give it all away.

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a buncha tumblr dorks were so mad that jared leto won for being cis and playing a trans, but i’m mad that neil patrick harris is gay and is playin a straight dude on cable TV

please unfollow you’re an idiot.
i don’t care if we’re in a mutual follow or if you’re my long lost brother, unfollow.

being upset that a cis MAN was cast to play a trans WOMAN, something highly dehumanising and something that furthers the ‘socially acceptable’ stigma that trans women are just men playing dress up by (guess what) having a man playing dress up and calling himself a trans woman for the sake of using the struggle of marginalised women as a means of winning the approval of a bunch of transphobic yuppies at the academy by showing them a man in a dress and calling him “her”, is something legitimate and important to be upset about and fight against.
did you know the director and writer of the dallas buyers club called trans women “it.”
did you know trans women have the highest unemployment and homelessness rates out of all specified groups of people.
did you know trans women have the highest mortality rates of all peoples.
did you know that when popular media decides to convey a cis man in a dress as a trans woman it strips trans women of their identities and furthers the social acceptance of those previous facts.
not to mention, those rates sky rocket for trans women of colour.

did you know that trans women exist every day in the real world and aren’t some result of a website.
did you know the only reason you think people who are fighting for the rights of trans people to be treated as human is somehow a result of “tumblr dorks” is because you’re so self absorbed and uneducated that you can’t even take a minute to think that the reason why trans women’s rights are so prevalent on this website is because the Internet is the only place where trans women can voice their concerns without being in immediate physical danger.
did you know that the reason why trans women have to fight behind a computer to avoid being beaten, raped, and murdered is because people like you delegitimise their identities and deem active transphobia appropriate.

it was socially and morally irresponsible for jared leto to take a role away from a trans woman, for whom it is much, much harder to find stable and rewarding employment.
it was disgusting and vile that a grown man would think it was appropriate to dress himself up and call himself a trans woman. just as it is disgusting for a white man to put on black face and red lip stick and call himself black.
it was irresponsible and slimy that the same grown man didn’t refuse a role with such negative consequences for the women he is attempting to convey because he is money hungry and knew the academy rewards anything a cis white straight man does that could be considered “daring.”

i don’t give a shit that you’re upset that a cis white gay guy is playing a cis white straight guy. get your priorities straight and pull your head out of your ass. you’re a fucking nerd.

REMEMBER, the ancient Egyptian Empire existed in Central , South America, Indonesia along with West Africa before it existed in Northeast Africa.

The Ugewelle Culture of Ancient Nigeria(6000 BCE) was an outlet of the Kemetic Empire in West Africa.

So lets reflect. Why is Mexico and Africa so Poor and why does Spain have one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe? 

Why do we now have yet another White Pope ( Italian from South America ) even though Catholics are now mostly Latino / Hispanic?

Why has African art, traditions, Customs, Rituals and Fashion  been copied to advance the hidden agendas ( secret societies)  of our closeted enemies? 

 I don’t hate the oppressors, I feel sorry for him because he is going to get his and that is why all these conservatives who have several guns know they have to pay for what they did, are doing and what their ancestors did. While I don’t believe in violence there are those who do.

I also don’t believe in reverse racism.  There are children reading all of this, lets be mindful of this. If we want to eradicate racism we must do so in constructive ways. The same nonblacks who put Obama in office are eager to learn about the truth and how we can change things. Black power this and the white man that wont help because that is reverse racism. We all know that Black racist are very rare and cease to exist primarily black culture is not only influenced by African culture but Europeans culture. If Blacks and other races don’t assimilate white culture they simply wont make it. It’s reality. 

An empty wagon makes a lot of noise. My wagon is full

Let that marinate. 


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Hey, sorry if I'm bothering you, I'm turning 18 this year and I'm enrolled to vote and so I've been trying to become more educated about Australian politics. Thus far, I think the Greens seem to have the best policies etc. However when I've talked to people about them or politics in general, many seem to think that the Greens aren't good with economic issues, so I was wondering whether you had any info on this at all or whether you could please point me in the direction to find out more? Thanks

I find that’s a common criticism of the Left - economic policy. I don’t see that as inherently true but I have my own biases. The major issue with this question is that the Greens haven’t ever led the federal government and as far as I’m aware never been state Premier’s either so that makes it harder to comment. They’re slowly just gaining traction as a third party option and their existence and influence has been not as leaders but in the senate to block things they see as damaging to our nation or to team up with Labor to form majority governments when Labor doesn’t get the necessary seats. Therefore it’s not as easy to compare their economic management to Labor or Liberals.

But I’ll do my best to talk about their hypothetical economic management vs Liberals’ actual economic management… which recently led to the highest unemployment rates in over a decade and doubled the budget deficit. (Though admittedly you can claim this was poor leadership as it was under Abbott, but opinions may vary.) This will also not delve far into historic records or performance as I only know so much so remember the limited scope of this response. Hopefully though I will be able to make an argument that The Greens have some good economic ideas. You can also look at their economic policy details on their website to better understand their positions and evaluate if you agree with that or not.

Let’s start with coal. Liberals love coal. They’re doing their best to support the dying coal industry and always talk about how it’s employing people and the last thing they want is for people to lose their jobs… unless Liberals are the ones to cut them. Coal is a finite resource and you can’t keep a mining industry afloat if a) their product supply literally cannot last and b) their product is increasingly unpopular due to a global shift to renewable energy. So what will happen to all of those jobs and what about the cost of the environmental clean up that needs to be done once these companies have moved on?

The Greens want to tax coal mining companies to fund cleaning up the environmental damage these companies will leave behind them. They then want to invest in retraining coal workers to have the skills necessary for clean energy jobs. Wahey! Protecting jobs! It’s inevitable and as things are as they are now those coal miners are losing their jobs with nothing to replace them.

The Greens voted against the removal of the Carbon Tax (which must be noted was introduced by a Labor government). Liberals successfully removed it and thus cost the budget $7.6bn a year. Their reasoning? It cost us - the consumers - money. It wasn’t really a big factor in electricity prices though despite that handy election winning claim.. Liberals now need to raise some revenue. What do? Proposed GST increase that affects everyone across the board regardless of financial situation. That would cost the average household three times more than a Carbon Tax without any extra revenue and shift the tax burden away from polluters and more onto consumers - which is everyone. Of course Bill Shorten has also said he is against an increase in the GST. Also: renewable energy is less costly than fossil fuels at this point (which are heavily subsidised worldwide). Surely The Greens’ proposal to switch to renewables would benefit the average household more?

Let’s talk about job creation: renewable energy creates more jobs than fossil fuels in terms of energy output. It employs millions of people worldwide. Coal mining companies are constantly trying to find cost effective ways to replace their workers to maximise profits as the coal market gets increasingly unfriendly. The renewable energy industry at this point has so much potential for growth. It seems like the logical step as other developed nations around the world are doing it and leaving us behind.

Greens don’t support university deregulation (and neither do Labor, gotta also point them out in this debate). High student loan debt has had a negative impact on the US economy. Debt prevents people from entering the house market and has discouraged the creation of businesses. Nobel award winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz, has attacked Liberal’s university deregulation and says it’d be working towards the American higher education model that has contributed to income inequality and economic stagnation. Greens (and Labor) would like to prevent an increase in student debt to crippling levels. Richard Di Natale (Greens party leader) voted against making Australians working overseas repay their HECS debt.

Now I know I’ve been making a lot of comparisons between Greens and Liberals that make Liberals look terrible when it comes to economic management and I’d like to point out that that’s not entirely true. Yes, they like their budget cuts and some of their cost saving measures aren’t great for the economy - or have terrible social impacts, but they do have some ideas that support economic growth. The 2016 budget had some proposed ideas that would support small business growth and crack down on tax avoidance for large multinational corporations. The argument that Liberals can navigate the economy is not completely unfounded… the argument that they’re not the best for economic management is also not unfounded.

Greens of course also want multinationals to pay tax. Duh. That’s really important.

I’d like to point out that economic management is a very complicated and nuanced thing and my response here has only really covered a small segment of it and you should definitely continue to research this topic if you want a broader and deeper understanding of it. All discussions of economic management are inherently only covering small segments. I’ve only managed to break down a few comparisons but there are many more out there. Economist Stephen Koukoulas has pointed out that Liberals have a reputation for taxing people less but this reputation is unfounded as Liberals have higher tax to GDP ratios compared to Labor governments. That by itself is interesting, but doesn’t give me everything I need to know about that statement. It does however give credence to the assertion that reputation isn’t everything. Greens have a reputation according to your friends to be weak on economic issues but that’s meaningless by itself. I feel they have good economic policies not just social ones and that’s why I’m voting for them.

If you would like to know more about what The Greens have done in relation to the economy you can check out theyvoteforyou.org.au and look up politicians or legislation to see who voted on what. That way you can see which politicians side on ideas you agree/disagree with (and it applies to everyone not just The Greens) to get a better understanding of who you’d like to vote for in the upcoming election.

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Was it difficult breaking into the work scene in DC? I want to move there after I get my masters in social work this Spring.

In DC you have to talk about race and class when talking about work here. 

Networking really is everything in this city, but that requires tremendous class privilege and access. If you have a lot of degrees and/or graduated from prestigious universities with big alumni networks, then it isn’t that hard to find a job here. Graduating from Duke, I was able to find a job within a month, and a lot of people coming from schools like mine are able to find a full-time job within a few months, or they take “unpaid internships” which their parents bankroll for them so that they can get a “foot in the door.” Who can afford that but the rich? Who has access to these alumni networks from schools like Duke, Harvard and more except those with tremendous class privilege?

For example, in SE DC in Anacostia (a poor black neighborhood in Ward 8), there was the highest unemployment rate in the country back in 2011 (25%), and the poverty rate hovered around 35%.  If you asked someone there how difficult it is to break “into the work scene in DC” the answer would be simple: nigh impossible. And for many of the poor black residents of this city both inside and out of Ward 8, the story is much the same. Former Mayor Marion Barry created tremendous opportunities for black people here and helped carve out a black middle class, but even for that middle class some of their gains have been eroded by subsequent administrations. And many of the employment pathways that Marion Barry opened up that helped lift many black families out of poverty have now been shuttered as well (from what I’ve heard from black residents here). There is almost no way out of poverty and the situation is deteriorating as 21st century white colonization and capitalism (known benignly as “gentrification”) continues to consume this city and tear apart these communities. 

I, on the other hand, am not from DC but came with prestigious degrees and class privilege that afforded me: a huge alumni network to leverage in my job hunt, cash to survive on while I searched, parents to cosign my rental agreement if needbe when I found a place, and access to housing with relatives during my search as well. One month after coming to DC on a whim I had a job. How long have some of the poor black people without degrees in Anacostia and other parts of the city been looking with no results? How many of them can even afford to live in DC anymore as 21st century colonization (”gentrification”) ravages their neighborhoods, guts public housing, drives thousands of them into homelessness and even more out of the city altogether? What does a “job search” look like for them in DC other than being a euphemism for another dead end?

When talking about DC and job prospects, class and race have to be discussed as well. DC is not one city, but is fractured deeply along these lines, and the poor black residents of this city, especially those who are homeless or in public housing, bear the brunt of this hurt and trauma. Hope that helps contextualize things a bit.