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Friendship or Fatality? The Dilemma of *Mortal Combat Voice* FINISHING Your Players

There comes a time in every GM’s career in which they have to decide whether a player character lives or dies. Maybe they got Nat20′d in the back by a raging barbarian’s battle axe, perhaps they critical failed their climbing check while scaling the highest summit of the campaign setting, they happened to be laying unconscious within the blast radius of a death knight’s fireballs, or they simply chose the wrong place to take a nap. Circumstances vary, but the dilemma is always the same. Do you kill them or save them?

There is no definitive guide that covers every conceivable edge case, but here are some guidelines that have been helpful whenever I run into this predicament.

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I want to rest my head on your ocean floor and stand on your highest summit with pointed toes. The universe is still expanding, but I’ll trace your limits infinitely.
—  D.K.

fake movie meme || “Fourth Corner of Nowhere”

↳ a fictional documentary starring Lydia Graham and an ensemble cast of newcomers and non-actors.


The story of Solin Peak, a town nestled near one of Minnesota’s highest summits, unfolds through the lens of aspiring filmmaker and lifelong resident Samantha Brisbane (Lydia Graham), who has chosen her hometown as the subject of her entry to the New York Film Academy. Through interviews with neighbors, friends and other Solin Peak inhabitants, an image of small-town life begins to emerge that is both heartwarming and harsh, as well as extraordinary in one particular way: Solin Peak is home to dozens of ghosts, many of whom live with their former families and friends and perform their jobs and habits just as they did when they were alive.

Shot in pseudo-documentary style and set against the frozen, windswept backdrop of Minnesota’s rural landscape, Fourth Corner of Nowhere paints a picture of a world bearing many similarities to ours, where the townspeople have found themselves at the crossroads of catharsis and stagnation for decades. They are held together by undercurrents of sadness, resilience and hope, but above all else, their history and future can be summed up by the one question we all face: do we choose to stay with the things we’ve lost, or face the future that has already left them behind?


Original video caption:

Nevado de Toluca “Xinantecatl” (Náuatl: naked man), Volcano located in the State of Mexico- Among the highest peaks in the region, the long-extinct volcano Nevado de Toluca (also known as Xinantécatl) is Mexico’s fourth-tallest peak. Nevado has two summits on the crater rim. The lower summit, Pico del Aguila (4620m), is closer to the parking area and is the more common day hike. The main or highest summit is called Pico del Fraile (4704m) and requires an additional three to four hours of hike time.

The earlier you reach the summit, the better the chance of clear views. The crater contains two lakes, El Sol and La Luna. The summit area can be snowy from November to March, and is sometimes good for cross-country skiing, but the Parque Nacional Nevado de Toluca is closed during the heaviest snowfalls. On October 1, 2013 the Mexican government redesignated the national park a zona protegida (protected area), legalising and legitimising the unregulated mining activity that had been going on there. Most people still continue to call it a national park.

• Filming in 4K/HD with Drone+Go Pro.


If there’s one thing that could perfectly describe this 2016 for me, probably it’s a rollercoaster ride. One fact about me is that I hate rollercoasters (uh huh) by saying that you might have an idea of how my 2016 goes. I’ve been through so many ups and downs. Many bad things happened like I was confined in the hospital for the very first time, I lose some friends and I faced lots of challenges. On the positive side, I won my second palanca award (yass!), I met new friends, I got the chance to bond with my idols in different industry, I did so many adventures and I was able to reflect more about myself this year. 

This year was such a tough one for me but still it opened so many opportunities for me to grow as an artist and a writer. This was also the year where I did lots of decision making. I transferred school and I was given the chance to meet the most awesome people in my life right now. I failed and created lots of mistakes this year but if I was asked if I regret any of those, my answer would be ‘no’ For those mistakes makes me a better and brighter person I am that will now courageously face another year of challenges. Rather than calling it an arduous journey I would happily describe it as an eye opener for me. 

As I encountered the twists and turns, reached the highest summit and lowest depression of this ride, I can proudly say I’ve changed a lot and became stronger. The rollercoaster ride is finally coming to an end, so let me end it with a smile. :)

I’m looking forward on what 2017 has in stored for me. I’m hoping for a good year also for you reading this blog post.




By Anne Kissling

Hiking the Nepali Himalayas has so much more to offer than what is typically shown. While a visit to Nepal can certainly be about the world’s highest summits, there are other plenty of other places to walk, with different degrees of infrastructures. Quite frankly, to me the real Nepali adventure should be a thousand things. Walking a chosen trek a few weeks should make you feel like you have visited at least a dozen countries.  Because as you go up or down these mountains not only landscapes transform, but also… well everything.

It can be breathtaking mountains that make my beloved Alps look small and insignificant. Or a lush tropical forest. Or deserted high plateaus with the most surreal rock formations. Walking through fairytale rhododendron forests, fields of subalpine flowers, banana trees, or classic pine forests reminding you of home. Sweet milktea sold literally everywhere. Sleeping in stone teahouses, bamboo teahouses, alpine huts and forest shacks. Yaks, snowy creatures coming right out of another world, and warming yourself by a dried yak shit fire. Being invited to drink chapatti soup and meditate in a tibetan monastery, or to go wild and celebrate Holi (the festival of colours). The healing touch of warm rain. It can be many ethnic groups such as tamangs, gurungs or sherpas, and witnessing their unbreakable sense of style and craftsmanship. It’s experiencing time travel — a day’s walk can bring you from a burgeoning modern city to old seemingly forgotten towns and villages. It can be physically demanding, or it can be a short stroll a day rewarded by hours of chai drinking and daydreaming looking out the teahouse window.

It can be everything.


Anne Kissling likes to rockclimb long routes, swim cold lakes and rivers, and nerdily look at anything through a microscope. Check her out on Tumblr and Instagram

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Explorers Headcanon: Hero travels to Blizzard Island in an attempt to summit its highest mountain (possibly on a tip related to the Passage of Time). After reaching the pinnacle, they step out onto the edge to stare in triumph out at the world below... Then the dizziness starts. THEN they hear a voice, saying, "Can you hear me? We are still alive!"


Four Left Feet

Word Count:722

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   “I don’t like dancing.” You said absentmindedly as you watched the different couples swaying on the dance floor. Your friend Natasha looked over at you shocked. You did everything from skydiving to bird watching.     

      “So let me get this straight Miss I’m going to climb to the highest summit on Earth doesn’t like…dancing.” You couldn’t help but chuckle, Natasha was a bit of a drama queen, she thinks a nice weekend is gallivanting around a third world country taking out terrorists.   

    “I know, I know but I’m terrible at it. I always trip on my feet or step on my dance partners. Then I have to wait for the song to end and it’s all awkward.” You threw back the rest of your champagne and you were starting to get tipsy. Natasha drank like a fish and had already tossed back twice as many as you but she still seemed sober as she finished off a lone tequila shot.  

   “Bullshit you just haven’t had the right partner.” She set the glass down and started looking around the room. Her eyes locked on the back of a guy’s head across the room and a devilish smile broke out onto her face.  

    “And I think I just found the perfect guy.” Before you could stop her she was making a beeline for the mystery guy. You watched her closely as she embraced him and started laughing. She obviously knew this man. You blushed when you realized you were staring and she was pointing back at you. You still couldn’t see the mystery guys face. Once you realized she was leading him back over to your table you turned around and started playing with an empty shot glass.   

   “Y/N this is Matt, Matt Murdock.” You turned around to introduce yourself and faltered when you saw the cane and glasses. He’s blind.  You smiled and then felt stupid.   

   “Hi I’m Y/N.” You stuck out your hand and once again felt like an idiot. Matt laughed as if he knew what you had done. Your eyes shot to Natasha’s panicked, what the hell were you supposed to do now? Taking the hint she took your arm and slipped it through the crook of Matt’s arm.  

  “Matt’s and old friend of mine and he knows how to cut the rug.” She winked at you just as a slow song came on. Once on the dance floor your body tensed up.   

  “Natasha mentioned you didn’t like dancing.” Matt’s voice was like velvet and it surprised you.   

  “Yeah I think I have four left feet.” You smirked and Matt smiled. You really studied his face. He had nice features almost boyish, but you felt like there was some kind of seriousness buried within him. Lost in your own thoughts you hadn’t even realized his face was only inches from yours. If you could see behind the glasses you had no doubt his unseeing eyes were focused on you, but it felt as if he was looking at you, really seeing you. You looked down at his lips, he was sweet on the outside but you could feel a danger lurking beneath.       “So How do you know Natasha?” You asked your voice was shallow but the spell was broken and you had some distance. It was Matt’s turn to blush.    “We uh actually used to sorta…” Matt stumbled over his words before finally huffing.  

  “Me and Natasha are complicated.” You were intrigued and really hoped they weren’t complicated anymore.  

  “So you used to date?” You asked trying to sound nonchalant but totally failing god when would your face stop being on fire? Matt smiled and he had an air of manly pride, god he knew you were interested…great.  

  “We are just friends now our history is a story for another night.” You perked up at his word choice.  

  “So there’s gonna be another night?” You asked catching him off guard. he quickly changed the subject.   

  “You know for someone with four left feet you’re a pretty good dancer.” You chuckled and leaned your head against Matt’s hard chest.   

 “You’re not too bad for a blind guy either.” You could almost feel his mischievousness, his was worse than Natasha’s who you could see smiling from your table nursing a glass of champagne. 

    “Sweetheart you haven’t seen anything yet.”                  

Daring!! (lit. Darling!!, an official misspelling from the record company)
Daring!! (lit. Darling!!, an official misspelling from the record company)
Daring! You'll be wild!! 

Don't worry, don't worry!
(Has a new challenger arrived?)
Don't worry, don't worry!
(Don't hesitate, go go!!)
Don't worry, don't worry!
(Don't lose heart; that's no fun!)
Don't worry, don't worry!
(Don't hesitate, go go!!) 

Should I say it? I'm not interested in love
I said it! Hey, that was just a joke!
I'll pull you towards me by splendid force
But it's no use; I love to lie 

I'll reach the highest summit with my beauty and aesthetics
I'm the highest summit, a flower that cannot be reached
I'm number one; there's only one that I love!

(Daring!! Baby!)

Don't worry, don't worry!
(Has a new challenger arrived?)
Don't worry, don't worry!
(Don't hesitate, go go!!)
Don't worry, don't worry!
(Don't lose heart; that's no fun!)
Don't worry, don't worry!
(Don't hesitate, go go!!)

I'll burn you with my iciness
Don't worry, don't worry! It'll be really hot
I want to know what you really long for
Don't worry, don't worry! (Don't hesitate, go go!!)
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Clouds roll over Zugspitze - the highest summit in Germany

I have been looking for you, World Honored One,
since I was a little child.
With my first breath, I heard your call,
and began to look for you, Blessed One.
I’ve walked so many perilous paths,
confronted so many dangers,
endured despair, fear, hopes, and memories.
I’ve trekked to the farthest regions, immense and wild,
sailed the vast oceans,
traversed the highest summits, lost among the clouds.
I’ve lain dead, utterly alone,
on the sands of ancient deserts.
I’ve held in my heart so many tears of stone.

Blessed One, I’ve dreamed of drinking dewdrops
that sparkle with the light of far-off galaxies.
I’ve left footprints on celestial mountains
and screamed from the depths of Avici Hell, exhausted, crazed with despair
because I was so hungry, so thirsty.
For millions of lifetimes,
I’ve longed to see you,
but didn’t know where to look.
Yet, I’ve always felt your presence with a mysterious certainty.

I know that for thousands of lifetimes,
you and I have been one,
and the distance between us is only a flash of though.
Just yesterday while walking alone,
I saw the old path strewn with Autumn leaves,
and the brilliant moon, hanging over the gate,
suddenly appeared like the image of an old friend.
And all the stars confirmed that you were there!
All night, the rain of compassion continued to fall,
while lightning flashed through my window
and a great storm arose,
as if Earth and Sky were in battle.
Finally in me the rain stopped, the clouds parted.
The moon returned,
shining peacefully, calming Earth and Sky.
Looking into the mirror of the moon, suddenly
I saw myself,
and I saw you smiling, Blessed One.
How strange!

The moon of freedom has returned to me,
everything I thought I had lost.
From that moment on,
and in each moment that followed,
I saw that nothing had gone.
There is nothing that should be restored.
Every flower, every stone, and every leaf recognize me.
Wherever I turn, I see you smiling
the smile of no-birth and no-death.
The smile I received while looking at the mirror of the moon.
I see you sitting there, solid as Mount Meru,
calm as my own breath,
sitting as though no raging fire storm ever occurred,
sitting in complete peace and freedom.
At last I have found you, Blessed One,
and I have found myself.
There I sit.

The deep blue sky,
the snow-capped mountains painted against the horizon,
and the shining red sun sing with joy.
You, Blessed One, are my first love.
The love that is always present, always pure, and freshly new.
And I shall never need a love that will be called “last.”
You are the source of well-being flowing through numberless troubled lives,
the water from you spiritual stream always pure, as it was in the beginning.
You are the source of peace,
solidity, and inner freedom.
You are the Buddha, the Tathagata.
With my one-pointed mind
I vow to nourish your solidity and freedom in myself
so I can offer solidity and freedom to countless others,
now and forever.

—  Thich Naht Hahn

To the anons:
Why yes, I do think that it’s quite possible that MM and her on set friends visited the exact same area that Sam had visited the weekend before.
The area in question is a HUGELY popular attraction. Reviewers mention the crowds on summer days. It is the summit of Mont Tremblant, the highest summit thereabouts and there is a ski lift that runs all year making access very easy. The village is quaint and friendly and it’s only an hour and a half drive from downtown Montreal. A visit is highly recommended by all the travel guides as a must do day trip from Montreal. Everybody goes, literally. And everyone takes pictures. The above pictures- all taken from within a short distance of where Sam and MM’s pictures were taken were all found in a very short search on Google of Mont Tremblant summit- show just how popular a visit that particular vista is. There are even lawn chairs set up on the overlook.
So, no, anons, I don’t have any difficulty at all imagining that both Sam and MM would both decide to visit the exact same natural attraction during their separate visits to Montreal. Them, and quite literally everyone else. It seems to me to be THE place to see for a nature lover on a visit to Montreal.
And, anon, the visit is usually promoted as an easy day trip from Montreal so no overnight hotel stay would be needed- and certainly both a summit and a lakeshore pic could be got in the same one day visit- no matter when they were posted.

And, also no, I don’t for a minute think she’s psychic and knew 5 months in advance that Sam would post this pic. I think if she’d had any idea at all that he had visited the same summit the week before she and her friends were there that she would have at the least brought that hat with her and got some nice posed shots of her wearing it about the area for some really serious summit innuendo. But, alas, no hat. And a really good innuendo opportunity was missed there anon, so no, not psychic either.