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You’re My Mission (Part 1/?) (Avengers x reader)


1. Can you do one where when the reader was a kid her parents sold her into HYDRA where she was tortured but never had her memories erased so she could remember what her parents did. They experiment on her and she gets really powerful powers. The avengers save her but because of her parents and what happened while she was in HYDRA she has insane trust issues and insecurities and PTSD and developed depression/anxiety from her time in HYDRA.

2. Avengers x reader please you are a mutant with powerful magical abilities and Hydra holds your little brother hostage and make you try to kill the Avengers and you nearly succeed but in the end you can’t do it and they catch you and Wanda manages to get the truth out of you and in the end they help you rescue your brother and discover that you guys are orphans and decide to take you in please I love your writing

The Avengers compound was one of the most secure buildings anywhere; maybe even more so than a few of the highest-level government buildings around the world.  The sleek design of the building itself left few hiding places or hidden corners, each room sparsely decorated as if for this purpose rather than just minimalist choice.  You had done just enough homework on the facility to get your mission completed, and now as you stood behind it, shrouded in the dark of night, you felt that you were as prepared as you would ever be.  You really had no other choice.

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Requested: No! But the new trailer gave me so many ideas!

Warnings: Fluff, Angst. 


Everything has happened so quickly. You walked away from Peter for one second to go grab a drink and just like that your feet were dangling in the air, a tight metal arm wrapped around your waist.

 When you let out a blood curling scream the gymnasium became silent–and everyone looked your way. You struggled, making your heels fall off and hit the tile floor with a ‘clank’–and Peter looked at you helplessly, unsure how to exit without ‘Vulture’ noticing.

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Jason was a curious little boy, always squeezing himself into the smallest spots just to see what was inside, or if he could fit. So that Jason wouldn’t give Alfred a heart attack everytime he opened a cabinet, they decided on giving him adventurous books to read, to let his creative nature run wild but keep him still at the same time. The boy read all of them in a week. Not only that, but the adventurous reads seemed to make him even MORE rowdy!
Next, they moved onto mystery, this took slightly longer to finish but it still wasn’t enough, he’d still jump onto the highest buildings in Gotham and see how far he could go. Except this time he’d make intellectual inferences.
The best thing for him, both Bruce and Alfred decided, was to keep his book collection updated frequently and chide him whenever he did something that displeased them. He’d listen to what they told him but the books weren’t enough. After a few days with no Shakespeare or rereading the same book over and over he had to do something new!
So Alfred told a few new stories, one was about a soldier and a woman named Mademoiselle Marie. Jason hated love stories, it was unlike him to be so attentive to this one, hanging on to every detail and his breath catching at every cliffhanger. Alfred told him about everything, from their mutual hate for Nazis to a detailed description of her voice, every one of their dances under the moonlight, the bloodiest battles, her kind nature, and the child they had. The one he recently met. He told him how happy he was to have a part of her left in his life, how he would never forget her, he even showed Jay the picture he kept in his locket.

Jason could not get enough of love stories after that.

minutes to midnight | 1

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pairing: reader x jungkook

themes: angst, science fiction, smut (later on), semi-apocalyptic

warnings: swearing, possible squeamishness

summary: nothing in the world is clear anymore. literally. with no hope and unanswered questions, you have no idea what to hold onto anymore. that is, until jeon jungkook comes into your life. jungkook is the silver lining you needed, however, he too raises more questions than answers.

a/n: have a good things planned for this, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it !! xx sorry had to repost to editing errors !! oops go me 



“Hurry up [y/n]!”

“I’m trying Namjoon, shut up,” you hiss at your older brother whose tone was rushed but slightly hesitant.

“We have to get going soon,” he says impatiently from across the hallway of your room.

You decide not to take the time to answer him as you continue to shove items into the large backpack you were going to wield. Your hands were shaking and you felt like you were going to uncontrollably vomit everywhere. Namjoon was better at hiding his emotions than you so he seemed calm and collective, however you knew deep down, he was freaking out.

“Where are we meeting them?” you ask, zipping up the bag quickly hoping that you got enough stuff for now.

“Tae said the train station, hopefully the way there is clear,” he says.

“I doubt that,” you mumble, “Nothing is clear anymore,” you add giving your brother a glance who looked in return with the same worry, hesitation, and fear as you.


2 Days Earlier

“Yeah mom, we’re doing okay,” you say over the phone looking over at Namjoon who was currently chowing down on a piece, or more of, a box of pizza.

“Okay, well we will be home soon, alright?” your mom says and you smile to yourself.

“Okay, stay safe, tell dad Namjoon and I said hello,” you reply quickly, “I love you mom,” you add.

“I love you too sweetie,” and with that, you hang the phone up.

Honestly, the worst thing about your mother being gone on a vacation with your dad, was not having her cooked food. You and Namjoon had been living off of ramen, pizza, and Chinese takeout far too many days for your liking… and your health.

You go over to take a seat beside of Namjoon, grabbing a slice of pizza stuffing your face. You and Namjoon were only two years apart and surprisingly, you two never really fought. If there was fight, it was over what pizza toppings we wanted or who got the last gatorade in the fridge.

“Where are they now?” Namjoon asks you.

“Hong Kong,” you answer him, focussing on the TV show he was currently watching.

“I can’t wait to be older so I can just go wherever the hell I want,” Namjoon speaks as he inspects his six slice of pizza.

“Joon, you do realize you’re twenty three and you can do that,” you state, “But you’re too much of a mama’s boy,” you add with an obvious tone.

“Hey, you’re twenty one and you still haven’t moved out so don’t get on my case,” he shoots back and you give him a smile.

“I mean, it’s not like I’m going to medical school and I’m so rich that I can live on my own,” you push back, “And don’t say anything else top of the class engineering graduate,” you say which makes him laugh loudly.

“C’mon, keep flattering me, I love the attention,” he says dramatically and you shove him slightly.

“Oh shut up-“ your voice is suddenly cut off by the loud ringing coming from the TV; BREAKING NEWS moving across the screen.

You and Namjoon look at each other oddly before he turns the volume up.
“Breaking news, a major explosion just went off near Moscow Russia, the explosion substance is unknown at the moment,” the news anchor says and you feel your heart drop.

“Shit,” you look at the TV in disbelief.  

“Shh,” he makes you quiet.

“The area of the explosion is large as you can, there also is a huge cloud of mist that has seemed to cover most of the area. It is unsure if this is a type of terror attack or maybe factory failure- wait, word just in that two other explosions have occurred in Hong Kong and Chile.”

“Oh my god!” you shriek, “Namjoon! Oh my god! Mom and dad, oh my god!”

“Shit, fuck,” he curses, “Wait, [y/n] please calm down, you’ll have a panic attack-”

Your eyes roam the television broadcast and you do see that this mist of whatever it is, is so thick you cannot even see the highest buildings.

“I don’t care!” you yell at your brother, “Namjoon — we have to call them back,” you say in a rush, “We have to make sure they’re okay!” your tone raises and Namjoon suddenly looks around for his phone, picking it up quickly.

Tears threaten to spill your eyes at the thought of anything happening to your parents. Your heart races and your stomach flips as you and Namjoon wait for one of them to pick of their phones. Namjoon’s eyes go wide when someone answers the phone. 
“Mom? Dad?” he he says in a rush.

“Nam-… [y/n]… shheek… find some— safe!” the phone cuts off.

A single tear comes out of your eye, your breath shaky.

“Namjoon,” you say slowly.

“It’s okay [y/n],” he says biting his lip nervously, “Let’s just stay calm until they call us back. They’re smart, they’ll call us soon,” he says reassuringly.

“But the news-“

“The news doesn’t even know what this is yet,” he interrupts you, “It’s fine, just stay calm, that’s what they would want us to do.”

You nod, agreeing with his statement as you wipe your face of any stray tears. You continue to watch the TV as the story develops.

Little to your and Namjoon’s information you two would not be receiving a call back.

“[y/n] are you ready?” Namjoon asks as you get close to the front door of your home. You look around the living room, having a hard time swallowing.

“When do you think we can come back?” you whisper as tears threaten to fall from your eyes.

“Soon,” he nods as you look at him. He suddenly pulls you into a quick hug. “It’ll be okay, I promise,” he says giving your back a reassuring rub.

With a really heavy heart and a very upset stomach, you and Namjoon leave the place you have called home for the past twenty one years. You two load everything you two are bringing with you in his Jeep before you jump in the passenger seat.

“Where exactly are we going?” you inquire as Namjoon revs up the Jeep.

“Tae told me they’re giving us details once we get there,” he says and you nod reluctantly.

“Okay,” you say quietly, looking out the window. You take notice of your once lively neighborhood which has now practically turned into a ghost town. You, Namjoon, and two other families were the only ones left after the first explosion the other day. There were two more similar explosions yesterday and one again today.

“Where was the um.. new explosion… today?” you ask, refusing to look at Namjoon. He looks too much like your mother and you do not know if you can keep yourself together.

“I think they said somewhere near Egypt,” Namjoon says, eyes focussed on the road.

“This is crazy,” you mumble while flipping your phone around in your nervous hand, “Do they still not know whose doing it? Or what it is?” you question.
Namjoon shakes his head, “No.”

You do not say anything else as you decide to stare at the road ahead. The familiar surroundings you grew up on now look like strangers. Everything is either worried, chaotic, or left. Namjoon turns on the radio of the Jeep and turns it to a news station, the static slowly going away.

“As we’ve stated before, everyone needs to stay calm and collected. Stay in your homes if you can. There is still no update about what these attacks are, or why they are happening. A statement from the White House reads, “we are doing everything in our power to figure out what is happening to the world, continue to keep those affected in your thoughts.” Again—everyone be safe and don’t-“

“Enough of that shit,” Namjoon quickly turns off the radio.

You look out the window next to you again, feeling quite drowsy. You have barely gotten any sleep the past few days worrying over your parents. Your hand clutches your phone and you bit down hard on your lip. With one quick glance to Namjoon, you unlock it and you make one last attempt to call your mother. Namjoon senses what you are doing and he clenches his jaw in order to stop himself from saying something. You hold the phone close to your ear, holding on to the last glimmer of hope in your body. When the call finally goes to voicemail, your stomach drops and tears well in your eyes.

“Holy shit,” Namjoon’s voice wakes you from your reverie and you look forward, your eyes suddenly widening. Hundreds, no thousands of people are crowding the train station.

“Shit, should we call Tae?” you ask, knowing there is no way you are going to find them. Namjoon parks the Jeep and he nods pulling out his phone.

“Tae? Where are you guys? Yeah… okay… uh, yeah I think… okay, hurry,” Namjoon turns off his phone quickly and relaxes in his seat. “They’re near here, they’re gonna come to us,” he explains and you nod.

You have never in your life seen so many people in one place.

“Why are there so many people here?” you ask relishing the chaos around you.
“I don’t know,” Namjoon says, “Maybe people are trying to get to their families,” he proposes and you agree.

The first “attack” or whatever one would call, shook your entire world. You or Namjoon have heard from your parents since. Since then, there have been three more similar explosions around the world, which has now ensued some sort of hysteria.

“Ah, here they are,” Namjoon quickly gets out of the car and you follow him to greet Taehyung and the rest.

“Namjoon, [y/n},” Taehyung greets us, “This shit is crazy,” he says.

“Tell me about it,” Namjoon agrees.

“What the hell is going on guys?” you ask trying to ignore all of the loud noises around the group.

“Nobody knows yet,” Taehyung says shrugging his shoulders.
“Apparently this whole ‘fog’ situation is toxic to anyone who comes in contact with it,” Hobi, one of Taehyung’s long time friends says. “And with the way this whole thing is playing out around the world, there is more to come,” he adds and you feel your stomach flip once more.

“Shit man,” Namjoon says, “What’s the plan you have?”

“Well, there really is no directional plan, but we definitely should stay together as group, help each other out with food and shit in case it starts to get rationed,” Taehyung explains, “This shit doesn’t seem like it is going to die down in the next few days so we just gotta stay safe, in the meantime, we’ll stay at Hobi’s place, it’s got enough room for all of us,” he continues and Namjoon nods.

As much as you want to go along with this “plan”, you cannot help but feel pissed at Namjoon. He is just going to drop your home and finding your parents to have a sleepover at Hobi’s? Not quite what you are down for.

“Namjoon what about mom and dad-“

“It’s okay [y/n], they’re smart,” Namjoon interrupts you, “It’s gonna be alright, I promise,” he adds and deep down inside of you, you want to believe him, but you cannot.

“Okay,” you say shakily. 
“Alright we’ll meet you-“

Taehyung is interrupted by the loudest bang you have ever heard. In an instant, chaos erupts.

“Oh fuck!” Namjoon yells as screams, stampedes, and a fog erupts in the not so far distance. “Get in! Get in!” Namjoon shouts and you have never gotten in a car so fast in your life.

“Shit! Namjoon drive! Drive!” Taehyung and Hobi are yelling. Namjoon whips the car around and he begins to drive like he has never driven before.

“Namjoon! The people! Watch out!” you shriek in horror as hundreds are running and stampeding all over the parking lot of the train station. You feel like you are going to get sick when you look behind of you and see the huge, similar cloud of fog becoming larger and larger. “Shit, shit shit,” you mumble to yourself, “Drive Namjoon!” you yell again and the Jeep revs into high gear.

Emotions and fear are all too high in the car. Too much for you to handle at least because the  next thing you remember seeing is your mother’s eyes and then, pitch darkness.


Nobody’s lives were the same after that day in July. Not Namjoon’s. Not Taehyung’s. Not Hobi’s. Not yours. Not anybody’s. The entire world went into code red. There were ten explosions that day. One of them happened to be exactly where you were. There have been around twenty two more since July. There is no more television as of right now, no more news, no more electricity in many places, no more normal things.

Everyday people lived in fear of what was going to happen next. Including yourself. And still, your biggest fear was not knowing where your parents are. It’s been nearly two months and nothing has been heard.

After about one month, you felt yourself physically and mentally give up. Instead of constantly worrying about the unknown, you decided to shut it off. You have been more silent these past two months than your whole life.

Namjoon wasn’t the same either. He was quiet like you and more protective than ever. He also took a swig of any alcohol he could get his hands on. You had joined him on that somedays.

You, Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hobi were currently sitting around a fire Hobi had built in a random house you guys had scavenged for the past few days. This had been the fourth house the four of you had went through since July.

The plans of staying in Hobi’s house were ruined when the whole town was engulfed in the mystery fog. So, your group ran for it. Namjoon drove the three of you guys miles and miles until you were at least one hundred miles away from the fog. At least one hundred miles away from home.

Everybody’s faces were full of sleep deprivation. You cannot remember the last time you had gotten a full night of rest. You hugged yourself trying to warm up your bones as fall was slowly approaching.

“It’s been two months…” Namjoon speaks up breaking the silence shared between the two of you, “Two fucking months and nobody has done shit about this,” his words are full of venom and anger. You take notice of the small flask in his right hand which most likely contains some hard liquor. “It’s like we’re living in the fucking apocalypse and nothing is being done,” he seethes.

“It is bullshit,” Hobi speaks up, “This fucking sucks,” he agrees.

“[y/n],” you hear Taehyung’s voice say your name.

“Hm?” you reply, giving him a quick glance before staring back at the fire.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asks.

“No,” you look at him, “I’m fine,” your tone is low and distant. Namjoon knows you are not yourself and it kills him on the inside he cannot help. Well, he could, but you are too stubborn to let him.

“This is also shit because we literally have no way in knowing what’s going on in the world,” Hobi curses, “Half of the world’s population could be wiped out and we don’t even know it.”

“I know, it’s ridiculous,” Namjoon curses.

“I think I’m going to try and get some sleep,” you announce as you stand up from the hardness of the floor.

All three of them stare at you for your random words that had nothing to do with the topic. Namjoon looks at you oddly.

“You sure you don’t want anything?” Namjoon asks and you look at your brother whose eyes are so hard to read.

“I’m good, I promise, just tired,” you say honestly. You are not just tired. You are exhausted.  

You make your way out of the living room and down the hallway to one of the many bedroom’s of the house. You kick off your boots and you hug your oversized sweatshirt to your body. You have always hated the cold and now you have to live like this in the cold. It pisses you off. Frankly, everything pisses you off now. You just want your old life back.

You get in the bed you’ve stayed in for a few days glad that it finally has some familiarity. You hug the blankets around you close before you close your eyes, falling quickly into a much needed sleep.



You stir around in the bed, trying to shake the dream off in your head.

“[y/n]! Wake up!”

You are suddenly shaken awake all too early and you look up to find Taehyung looking over you.

“What?” you mumble.

“We need your help, now,” he says quickly before backing away out of the room. You groan, pushing the covers off of your body to follow him back down the hallway.

Once you enter the living room, you do a double take when you see two strangers sitting on the couch with Namjoon and Hobi lingering over him.

“Who the hell are these-“

“[y/n] c’mon get over here,” Namjoon snaps and you do as he says coming over to the couch.

You go over to where he is with the two strangers, feeling quite reluctant. You decide not to get to close to the two of them but you are soon met with why they need you. One of the guys leg is bleeding profusely, staining his jeans dark red.

“Shit,” you say taking in the sight. His jeans are cut around the wound and it looks pretty deep. It’s almost like he’s been stabbed. He hisses in pain frequently.

“Namjoon—fuck do something,” the boy snaps.

“[y/n] do you have anything for stitches?” Namjoon asks and you look around for your bag. Once you get to it, you dig around and around and the only thing you find is gauze and rubbing alcohol.

“No, Namjoon, I don’t,” you reply turning back around with the gauze and alcohol. You look back at the boy whose face is now going pretty pale and you inwardly curse.

You look at the other boy who is looking worriedly at his friend, but you also find him looking at you every so often. With the gauze in your hand and the earring you see in the boys ear, an idea springs into your head.

“Move,” you tell Namjoon which he does and you drop to your knees so you would be level with this boys thigh with the gash. You do not know how or why these two people are here, but you have job to do, so you restrain from questions for now.

You take the gauze and slowly rip it down each pleat, hoping to form thin enough string for you to work with.

“Give me that earring,” you tell the boy.

“What? No,” he snaps.

“Do you want me to help you or not?” you fire back and the boy relaxes fiddling with his ear before he takes the sharp object out. He hands it to you and you throughly clean it with the alcohol and you know it definitely will not feel good, but you slowly pour some alcohol on his wound to clean it and find the cut through all the blood. This causes a loud, but strained yell to echo through the house.

“Fuck!” the boy curses. Red suddenly comes washing down his legs and onto the couch.
You try to ignore the fact he is in pain as it makes you want to get sick. You pour alcohol on the sharp earring the boy gave you before you take in a deep breath. You haven’t given stitches in nearly three months, however it was a good thing while you were in medical school—you did it often.

“Someone, give me a towel or something,” you say quickly, “Hurry!” Namjoon quickly finds an old shirt to give you and you wrap it around his leg to restrict the flow. The boy keeps on hissing and cursing but you ignore it.

Your idea of making his earring a needle somehow works as you threat the gauze through it and begin to stitch up his skin. The boy doesn’t seem to mind the stitching, but the pain he is experiencing is what is keeping him moving. From his continued movements, you end up stabbing him a few times.

“Fucking shit!”

“Stop moving!” you yell back at him and soon after, his friend comes behind of him and pushes his shoulders back against the couch to prevent movement.

You try to sew the boy up was quick as you can, but the wound is larger than the average man’s hand. Your hands are getting bloody and sticky so thankfully you are nowhere near squeamish. Once you get to the end of the wound, you tie it up quickly before you clean it with alcohol one last time.

The boy lets out a sigh of relief even though he most likely still is in pain.

“Try to keep it wrapped up and clean it with water if you don’t have alcohol every hour or so,” you tell the stranger. “Leave it open for the time being, and you… definitely don’t need to be walking a lot,” you say getting off of the floor. He stares at you before nodding understanding your words.

“Thanks [y/n],” Namjoon says and you nod.  

“No problem,” you show him your severely bloodied hands showing you need to clean up. You go to the kitchen and turn on the faucet. The water now is not as clean as it used to be, but at least running water is still a thing.You wipe your hands quickly and all of a sudden you hear everyone talk out in the living room again.

“Thank god we found you Taehyung,” you don’t recognize the voice so you assume it’s the other boy.

“I know, Jimin would have been a goner,” Taehyung responds. Wait, do they all know each other?

“Thankfully [y/n] was here to help,” Hobi then says. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you march back into the living room.

“Wait, do you guys know each other?” you ask not announcing your presence. Four pairs of eyes stare back at you.

“We all went to high school together,” Hobi says, “I thought you would know Jimin,” you stare at the boy you just stitched up, “And Jungkook because of Namjoon,” you then look over at the other boy who was accompanying Jimin.

Jungkook is noticeably bigger than Jimin and just as tall as Namjoon. 

“No?” you say giving the two of the strangers a glance.

“I didn’t know she was your sister,” the Jungkook guy suddenly speaks up, “I remember seeing her around,” he tells Namjoon and you narrow your eyes at the two of them.

“Yup, that’s my sister alright,” Namjoon says with a protective glance.

“Well [y/n],” Jimin speaks to you now, “Thanks for doing.. that,” he says motioning towards his leg.

“No problem,” you shrug, “I’m going back to bed,” you announce, “And you guys should sleep too,” you say, mainly toward Hobi, Taehyung, and your brother.

You don’t know what time it is, but you do know everyone needs sleep, You knew you were not the only tired one here.
Once you make it back to the bed you were occupying, all traces of what just occurred leave your mind and you fall asleep the fastest you have ever fallen asleep.

The sunlight wakes you up and you feel numb when you open your eyes. Your body is stiff and your bones ache. You look to your right and you find Namjoon sleeping on the couch in the room. Namjoon leaving your side has been a familiar sight the past two months but you honestly didn’t mind. As of right now, to your knowledge, he is your only family left. You decide to leave Namjoon be as you get up out of the bed stretching your muscles quickly.

You leave the room quietly not wanting to wake Taehyung or Hobi up. As you make your way down to the kitchen that has somewhat food stocking it, you jump when you see the Jungkook boy sitting at the small table looking outside. He does a double take when you walk into his view.

“Hey… [y/n] right?” he says standing up to greet you.

“Yeah… Jungkook?” you say and he nods, “I thought you and your friend were leaving,” you say not really meaning to come off rude, but it just came out like word vomit.

“Well, he fell asleep pretty quick last night and we didn’t have anywhere in particular to go, so Namjoon let us stay,” he explains and you nod, “He’s still sleeping on the couch if you wanna say hello.”
“I’m good,” you say with a breathy laugh, looking around the practically empty cabinets and you find a box of cereal which makes you geek in happiness. Although, you do think it is time for the group to head onto another house because between you and the guys, everything is scavenged.

“Thanks again for helping Jimin,” Jungkook keeps the conversation going that you didn’t ask for, but it’s not bad having someone new to talk to for once.

“That was simple stuff,” you say locking eyes with him. 

“Where did you learn to do that?” Jungkook asks curiously. 

“I was going to medical school,” you say, “You know, before this shit happened,” you mumble and Jungkook nods.

“Hm,” he says, “So you and Namjoon are pretty smart siblings I see,” he slightly chuckles.

“Guess so,” you say taking in his appearance since you were unable last night because of the darkness of the night.

He has light brown hair that falls on his forehead, dark brown eyes, and like you saw last night, he is a pretty bulky guy. He definitely is attractive, you’ll give him that.

“How did you guys end up all the way down here?” Jungkook asks you.

You shrug, “After the attack in our city, we had no choice to run I guess,” you say, “Namjoon drove us for miles and miles,” you then add. “We’ve just been on the move whenever we need to, how about you two?” you ask.

Jungkook bits his lip harshly, looking away from you for a second.

“Jimin and I were heading to.. Kashmir,” Jungkook says and you look at him curiously.

“What’s that?”

“Well, it’s supposed to be where the world alliances are taking those affected by the attacks,” he says and your eyes widen.

“W-what do you mean?” you ask and for the first time in a long time, you see your mother and father in your head.

“Y-yeah, crazy I know,” he chuckles running a hand over the back of his neck.

You decide to hold in information about your parents to this Jungkook guy because you don’t even know him. Besides, you think this Kashmir place is something you could discuss with Namjoon as it does sound intriguing.

“Sounds interesting,” you mutter.


“[y/n]?” Jungkook is interrupted by the sound of Namjoon’s voice.

“I’m in here,” you reply once as Namjoon appears in your sight. Namjoon sighs in what seems to be relief.

“Shit, I thought you were gone,” he curses.

“Where would I go?” you say with a slight attitude. You swear you never mean to come out with an attitude, however nowadays you cannot help it.

“I don’t know, fuck… it’s not like the world is falling to shit and I don’t want you out there alone,” his tone raises and you wince inwardly.

“Whoa, chill Namjoon,” Jungkook suddenly intervenes in the awkward sibling talk, “She seems pretty strong to me, I think she could handle herself,” he then says which causes you to whip over and stare at him.

“She’s not as tough as she acts, trust me,” Namjoon then says sarcastically, but overall drops the conversation by stealing the cereal box away from you.

“I believe it,” Jungkook mutters then looks over at you with a small smile, “I got you,” he says and for the first time in almost two months, you smile. A real, genuine smile. You may have found an ally in this boy named Jungkook.

Peter Parker Dating A Plus Size Girl Would Include

Request: Hiiii! Could you do a headcanon about Peter Parker dating or having a crush on a plus size girl? Thank you so much for your time beautiful!!!! ❤❤❤❤

A/N: *praying that this is good*

Warnings: None, just an adorable Peter Parker

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- Him adoring every inch of your gorgeous body.

- Basically, him worshiping your body because you’re beautiful and he still can’t believe what did he do to deserve you.

- Always keeping you close to him when you’re out because he wants to show the world that you’re his and he is yours.

-Catching him staring at your bum.

-Meaning him walking around with a red face for the rest of the day.

-Although he has a shy personality, since he is comfortable with you,he is constantly kissing your insecurities whenever you are feeling down.

-Him secretly taking pictures of you whenever he takes you a trip around the city as Spiderman.

-Meaning watching the sunset together at the top of the highest buildings.

-When you come back home, you find cute little notes under those pictures he had taken of you the day you started dating.

- LOTS of cuddles.

-When you are sad, he offers you to shower with him.

-Immediately regrets his offer because you grin at how adorable he is and he blushes.

- He cups your face in his hands and brushes his nose to yours while the warm water is massaging your bodies.

-“You’re so beautiful.”

- You feel ecstatic when kissing him. Your lips move in sync and the softness of his lips are making you feel safe. He brushes your cheeks with his thumbs.

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 26

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 26 - Easier

You and Jungkook have coffee…and dinner… and a evening drink… in his apartment…

Word Count: 4.6k (of 73k)

Warnings: a bit more angst and a bit more smut

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You Chose the Wrong Side (Peter Parker x reader)


1. Hey Bonnie! Could I please have a Peter Parker fic where he has this girlfriend (the reader) and he’s trying to keep his superhero life and “normal” life separate but they end up colliding and she’s put in danger. Angst (since you’re the angst queen) and she ends up dying or something? I’d appreciate it, thank you 

2. Can you do one where you’re Steve or Tony’s daughter and you’re with Peter Parker, and some villain makes peter choose between saving you or aunt may (or maybe even you and Gwen) and he picks the other? And your dad finds out and has to live with seeing the other person constantly, and peter feels constant guilt.

Past events are in italics

“You can’t possibly save them both, so stop wasting your time and decide who lives and who dies. The choice is yours to make, Mr. Parker.”

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Jealousy - Roy Harper x Reader

@noobwing asks: “Oooh hey can I please jump on the jealousy train and request a jealous Roy Harper, where he’s on patrol with them and the villain is flirting with his s/o.”

Warnings: swearing, if there is anything else please tell me

a/n: could I have gotten any less creative with the title? The answer is no. anyways, I actually like how this one turned out, and just a forewarning I used calico!vigilante reader for this one, because why not. I hope you like this @noobwing it’s my first time writing for just Roy I believe, so if his characterization is choppy or messed up, that’s why :)

Tonight had been immensely boring. You were on patrol, monitoring Gotham for the few nights that you were staying there, and uncharacteristically it was quiet and peaceful. Walking around on the rooftops of Gotham’s highest buildings you saw nothing chaotic as you looked down, and it was starting to annoy you. You were ready for a fight, your nerves were lit up like you had been electrified, so standing there and doing nothing was getting on your nerves. Your boyfriend Roy seemed to share this annoyance, as you saw him peering over Gotham with an agitated look on his face. Getting up, you move back to get a head start, before running full speed and leaping to the building that Roy had occupied.

“Bored?” “Very.” That’s the extent of the conversation, so you take a seat next to your boyfriend. It was nice sure, no crimes meant no one was getting hurt. But it was damn boring. “Why can’t the Riddler just rob a bank or something? I’m so fucking bored.” Roy mumbles, kicking his feet against the edge of the skyscraper you two were sitting on. As if on cue, a huge BOOM! comes from a few miles away, and you can see smoke rising from the Bank of Gotham. You also see a large black flag with a green question mark emblem being raised to the top of the bank.

Roy’s jaw drops, staring in pure shock that he had somewhat accurately predicted what looked to be your only crime of the night. “Finally some entertainment.” You chuckle, before letting yourself fall off the skyscraper, only to use your whip to connect to the next building. Soon enough, you’re on the ground and at the bank. Roy was perched at the top of a tower adjacent to the bank, waiting for your signal if you needed help or not.

Surveying the damage, you saw that hole was blown into the front of the building, debris scattered around it and fire climbing it’s way upward, burning the bank. Carefully stepping over the rubble, you made your way inside and signaled Roy to follow you. Oddly enough, all the safes were intact. No damage was done to them; it didn’t look like anyone even tried to enter them. Confusion took over your senses, puzzled by just why Riddler would blow up the Bank of Gotham and not take anything from it. You found your answer when you rounded the corner into the largest vault.

“Ah, my dearest Calico, it is I, the Riddler! I see you have answered my call.” Riddler says, sitting on top of a throne of money. The amount of narcissism and arrogance that was in the room made you want to puke. How fucking amazing did this insane man think he was? Rolling your eyes and containing a gag you ask, “So what the hell are you doing here Riddler? And are you going to be taken in quietly, or am I gonna have to claw you up in the process?”

“Oh no, no, no Calico. I’m not going to be taken quietly, you have nothing to charge me on, I haven’t stolen anything.” Riddler enunciates, thinking he’s somehow beaten you in whatever contest of wits runs through his mind. “Oh Eddie, did you just happen to forget you blew up the door? That’s destruction of property with intent to commit robbery. This place is also burning up, that’s arson.” You reply, the tone of your voice and the smile on your face both sickly sweet. Riddler lets out a frustrated groan, before composing himself.

“Nigma, don’t make me ask again after this. Why are you here?” You reiterate, patience growing thin with the egotistical man in front of you. “Why kitty cat, Riddler me this. The best way to capture a cat is with a cage, but the best way to lure a cat is with?” He pauses, waiting for you to figure it out. “A string. Goddamn it, blowing the bank was your string. Okay, you lured me here for a reason, what is it Riddler?” You groan out, anger taking over you as you allow the claws in your gloves to be pushed out.

“Now calm down kitty cat, I lured you here because I have a proposal that you won’t, that you simply can’t refuse.” He announces, voice booming like a speaker was connected to it. You have to stop your eyes from rolling so far back in your head they never resurface. “And what, may I ask, is that proposal?” You deadpan, already knowing what he was going to say. You see, Riddler had had some sort of fascination with you ever since you started your tenure as Calico, and he had made many failed attempts to flirt with you during that time. This had to be another one of those attempts.

“A date with me, the Riddler, your intellectual superior!” Eddie booms, holding up his curved staff as if it’s greatest offer you’ve ever received. “You do know that telling me you’re superior to myself is not a way to get a date, right?” You chuckle, then full-blown laugh when you see the confusion spread across Riddler’s face. “Moreover Eddie, I have a boyfriend, you know that…” You trail off, wondering where your boyfriend currently was. If he was close by, then he was definitely pissed, you knew Roy well enough to know he had a temper, especially when it came to other people flirting with you.

“Boyfriend? You must mean that imbecile you run across the rooftops with?” Riddler snarls, landing him three deep claw cuts across the face, and a kick to the head. Falling off his throne of money, you lift his head by his hair, and growl out “Don’t you ever insult him again. Ever.” You back off when Riddler nods in quick bursts, pulling himself back onto his throne of cash. “So I am guessing that that is a no to the date?” Eddie asks you, readjusting the glasses on his face.

“Yeah, it’s a no.” Roy states, abruptly entering the room and slamming his bow into Riddler’s jaw. You can’t help but smirk a bit as your boyfriend rams his fists into the supervillains face, Eddie letting out a mix of pained cries and smartass comments. “I am the Riddler and you canno-” Riddler goes to shout, before one final punch causes him to lose consciousness.

“Have I ever mentioned I really don’t like this guy?” Roy grumbles, as he stands up, staring down at the defeated villain. “Yeah, once or twice when I told you about his attempts to flirt with me.” You remark, lifting Riddler’s limp arm with your foot and then dropping it, Roy had really done a number on him. “I’m going to have Jason shoot him.” Roy says, as he drapes his arm over your shoulders. You laugh a bit, shaking your head. “Jay already shot him on three separate occasions. Boys and their jealousy.” You playfully taunt, running your index finger along your lover’s jaw.

“I am not jealous. I just don’t like him.” Roy whines, pointing down at Riddler. Nodding your head, you say, “So I guess you just don’t like Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, or any goons then? Cause you totally weren’t jealous in those situations, right?” You giggle, as Roy’s face turns the same shade as his hair. “Okay so maybe I am jealous? And?” Roy pouts down at you, green eyes frustrated.

“Oh sweetie there’s nothing wrong with it, I just wanted you to say it.” You purr. Running your fingers along his jaw, you move to kiss him, but are stopped by the sound of police sirens wailing in close proximity.

“Damn Gotham cops, always ruining the moment. Let’s go home, handsome.” You mutter, before you and Roy run from the burning bank and towards your safehouse.

Shopping in the City with Taehyung:

  • Going on a trip to the city with Taehyung has to be one of your best ideas yet.
  • He takes every opportunity to point out interesting buildings and cute dogs, giving you that box-smile after each new discovery.
  • Among all the hustle and bustle of city life you two find little shops with some outrageous pieces of clothing that Taehyung decides to do a little fashion show in.
  • He will also pick some clothes out for you, too, so you can both laugh at each other in the mirror when you have on an outlandish green button up with firetruck-red polka dots and him with a pair of magenta slacks with an orange sweater.
  • You two go into the highest buildings to take pictures of the city.
  • The entire day there is a constant snapping of the camera because both of you have a flair for dramatic photos.
  • He holds your hand as you two walk along the boulevard, swinging it back and forth while he happily hums the tune stuck in his head.
  • When you guys start to get tired from shopping and sight seeing, you guys find a little cozy coffee shop and sink into one of the sofas to cuddle and laugh at some of the ridiculous photos you two have in each others phones.
  • As stated before going on this trip with Taehyung was one of your best ideas yet.
Save me

Oliver in his whole career hasn’t met with situation like this. He has been a
Police negotiator for about 5 years. He could proudly say he was one of the best this was why he was called for most of the cases.

He thought he has seen everything in his life, man and woman in the middle of the crisis. But this, this was something totally knew for him.

“Hey Oliver, good that you are here.” John Diggle one of the cops that became his best friend greeted him.

“What’s happening?” Oliver asked crouching down next to his friend.

They were on the top of one of the highest buildings in the city. All he noticed by then was a head of blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

“A young woman in the middle of her twenties I believe she refuses to talk to anyone. She’s been standing there for a while and we don’t really know what to do. She didn’t say her name.”

“Okay.” Oliver nodded. 

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Masterpiece | Jimin, You

0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 

Song: 나 요즘 | Saero (feat. 앤트)

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

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A Pathfinder’s ABC

D - Dance

There’s a switch in her head that she’d like to turn off sometimes, especially when her mind is racing. So much to do, so much to fix, Gabriel still in a coma, and here she is wasting time to a heavy beat of music in the hailed hall of Kadara’s Queen.

Thud. Thump. Thud.

There’s no melody, no undercurrent of peacefulness and Sabine feels the familiar pricks of a headache behind her eyes.

What she wants is to meld back into the wall, be the wallflower she’s always been, the scientist, quietly observing and taking notes but never interfering with the subject of observation. Politicking is not for her.

She watches Sloane, sitting like the royalty she’s proclaimed herself to be, the light that shines over her– a Kadara sunset of pink and gold that ordains her. Sabine then thinks of Reyes, slinking away like snake, and she regrets accepting his invitation. There’s an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach about this whole scenario— this is supposed to placate the angara; show good will towards the new alliance, but the buzz and tingle she feels in the room is awkward and unpleasant. She wonders if having SAM in her head makes her more attune to the electro chemical biology of the angara, most here don’t appear to like humans or any one from the Milky Way at all.

Sabine leans against the wall; its cold metallic surface brings her little comfort. She closes her eyes for a moment and the music, surprisingly, reminds her of home, of a time when she sat as a child watching her parents work together in their home built lab. Their dance, a strange respite from heads bent over terminals, data pads passing between one another and words spoken that she yet didn’t understand. The vision of them as the music volume increases is one where their fingers entwine, his arms creeping around her waist and hers around his neck. They laugh, a sound so rare from him, from her, from them, together. The memory makes her smile.

She opens her eyes, the dance here, in this room, is only one of politics, of artifice, of subterfuge, deception and aggressive posturing. The light from outside that shines over Sloane is as intense as the one who wears Kadara’s crown. It hurts her eyes and makes her blink. She turns and walks to the door to ask where Reyes has gone. The surly turian shrugs then puts up a single talon and points towards the entry hall. Sabine makes it an opportunity to leave the room.

The music is a dull beat behind her and her voice echoes against the empty void of the corridor as she calls his name.  She sees an open door ahead and murmuring from within. It’s a small warehouse and Reyes rummages amongst the crates. She enters, leans against a pillar and emits a loud click of disapproval, enough for Reyes to turn his head. He ignores her and turns back to his rummage until he finds what he’s looking for and holds up a bottle with a loud exclamation. Sabine shakes her head in annoyance. All this manoeuvring for a bottle of alcohol?

A sound from the corridor sets Reyes into panic, remnants of the buzz and tingle she had before plays out all over her body, but this time, enjoyable. Pressed close against him, his arms around her waist, hers around his neck, their lips and tongues merging into a dance she was not expecting. As the words of the person behind them dissolve into ambient sounds of retreat, they separate and the smirk he wears disarms her. He grabs her hand and they run.

She finds herself atop of one of Kadara Port’s highest buildings. Only the tip of the sun peaks above the horizon, sunset is almost complete. Fragments of dusty pinks and subdued yellows reflect onto the blue grey steel of buildings and dull the effects of the neon signs of the bustling open space below. As the whiskey slides down her throat, her anger at Reyes, both for bringing her to Sloane’s party and the earlier kiss, dissipate. He has his reasons, she guesses.

Sabine considers her own motives for being here, she said yes for a reason; if the outcasts can be reasoned with, if Sloane can be reasoned with, and if Reyes can get her one step closer to the Charlatan, then this, this dance, will have been worth it. She stares at the last vestiges of the sunset, then to Reyes. He winks, and the buzz and tingle return.

Sixty towers across England found to have unsafe cladding
Officials confirm all buildings so far given combustibility tests have failed in 25 areas across England
By Kevin Rawlinson

“ … Test results on building materials in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster have revealed that 60 high-rise blocks in 25 areas of England are unsafe, the government confirms. … “

“ … Earlier over the weekend, cladding that had been used on 34 tower blocks in 17 council areas in England was reported to have failed government fire safety tests. … “

“ … “We expect that authorities and landlords are very sensibly giving the highest priority to buildings with which they have most concern. But we should not be in the position where buildings have such cladding on them. How this occurred – and preventing this from happening again – is likely to be a key question for the public inquiry,” Javid said on Saturday. … “

“ … The news came as the Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, said that the “frankly outrageous” lack of clarity over the number of deaths from the Grenfell Tower disaster was “driving a wedge between authorities and those they are elected to serve”, and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, said the 79 declared victims had been “murdered by political decisions”. … “

“ … The towers declared unsafe so far are in Manchester, Portsmouth and Sunderland, as well as Norwich, Doncaster, Stockton-on-Tees and Plymouth. There are unsafe blocks also in seven London boroughs – Barnet, Brent, Camden, Hounslow, Islington, Lambeth and Wandsworth. A further 11 areas, accounting for 27 of the unsafe buildings, have yet to be named. … “

“ … Camden, where an entire estate housing about 4,000 people was being evacuated over the weekend, and Sunderland, share the greatest number, with five towers each. … “

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Take it off

Genre: Smut (Contains: Slight exhibitionism) 

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Word Count: 800ish

“Take it off.”

Your eyes widened at his words yet you couldn’t help the shivers his husky voice sent down your spine, making heat pool between your thighs.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, princess.” He stared at you mischievously as he took another bite of his food and a sip of his wine, waiting for you to move.

You uncrossed your legs, heels clicking with the wooden flooring as your hands moved to push your short dress down.

Hoseok certainly wasn’t making it easy for you tonight.

You looked at him with uncertainty but when he raised his eyebrows at you, you knew he wasn’t messing around.

You took a quick look around you, making sure no one was paying attention to your conversation and, thankfully, most of the people around you were too engrossed in their own conversations to pay attention to yours.

You slowed moved your hands up your thighs, entwining your fingers in the lace of your underwear and pushed it down over your heels before crumpling it in your hand, worried that someone might catch sight of what you were doing.

“Now,” He stretched out his hand gleefully, “Give it to me.”

You slowly handed it to him, shoving the cloth in palm and he smiled at your submission, happy that for once, you did as he asked without questioning him. He placed it in the pocket of his blazer, finishing the rest of his meal in a hurry and asked the waiter to bring the bill.

Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to him after all.

You stepped into the elevator, cheeks flushing red, partially due to the wine you drank but mostly due to the cold air that hit your sensitive folds, reminding you of just how bare you were underneath that dress.

Hoseok accidentally dropped his phone, bending down to pick it up as you remained lost in your thoughts, your mind focused only on getting home as soon as you possibly could, to get Hoseok to soothe the ache that he caused.

But your voice hitched in your throat when you felt the warmth of his palm on your ankles, steadily rising up your calf and then to your thighs, making you shudder and bite your lip as you tried desperately to hold back your gasp.

“Daddy’s gonna have so much fun with you tonight, princess,” He whispered in your ear, his heated breath making it that much harder for you to control yourself.

His fingers grazed your slit, which to his pleasant surprise, was already dripping wet with anticipation. You cursed yourself for making it so easy for him but neither could you resist his actions. He knew you all too well for your own good.  

He slowly pushed one of his fingers inside, your tight walls welcoming the pleasant stretch, and you dug your nails into the palm of your hand, your breathing getting heavier each passing second as you tried to calm yourself.

Fuck, why was this restaurant on one of the highest buildings in the city?

Your eyes stared hard at the elevator doors, praying for it open soon so that you could leave and go home, where you could finish this business in peace and away from preying eyes.

Hoseok sensed your anticipation and you could practically feel his smirk as he moved his plump lips to your neck, sucking harshly at the smooth skin underneath.

“How does that feel, hm?” He asked slyly, curling his fingers just right to hit that spot that made you see stars behind closed eyelids. 

“Good… Sir.” You barely got yourself to speak, your body drowning in the pleasure he gave and making your mind go blank, rendering it incapable of thinking about anything other than him. 

Thank heavens, there was no one else in that elevator with you.

“Fuck, sweetheart,” He bit your skin and you closed your eyes shut, letting out a small whimper that only seemed to add to his enjoyment, “You have no idea how hot you look right now. God, I just want to push you against the wall and fuck you so damn hard…”

He added another finger, your back hitting his chest as you leaned backwards and his other hand wrapped around your waist, keeping you in place as he increased the pace of his fingers.

“H-Hobi, fuck, I-I’m close.” You whined, regretting your words almost instantly as Hoseok pulled his fingers out of you.

“Ah, sweetheart,” He licked his fingers clean, making you whine in frustration, “we’re gonna need to work on your manners, won’t we?”

Your attention drifted back to your surroundings when you heard the sound of the elevator doors opening, finally allowing you to leave. Yet you couldn’t help wanting to remain in its confines until you got what you wanted from Hoseok.

He looked at you warningly before wrapping your arm around his as he led you outside and then into his car.

“Now,” He turned to you as the driver rolled up the partition, eyeing you with hunger as he licked his lips, “Take the rest of it off.”  

Admin Sangria~~

If You Do ~ Got7 Yugyeom

Requested: Based off of Yugyeom’s ‘'If You Do.’ Teaser video. Give a back story as to why Yugyeom is banging on the door. It’s your anniversary and Yugyeom keeps giving you the cold shoulder which turns into a big argument, with a fluffy ending. 

Word Count: 2,113


It wasn’t suppose to be like this…

You did everything right.. Every little thing you tried to do it right. You always put your best foot forwards when it came to, Yugyeom. And somehow you knew in your heart it was over between the two of you. The more he distanced himself from you the more the feeling of emptiness took over. 

Yugyeom and you had gotten into one of the most heated arguments ever. Of course you’ve argued before, but that was about petty things like him leaving his clothes on the floor or you leaving your shoes at the entry of your shared apartment. But this fight wasn’t like the others. You both said ugly things and shallow comments to one another. To top it all off today was your two year anniversary. You weren’t fighting because he had forgotten which surprised you that he even remembered. You fought because of his snide comments and his wondering eyes that today of all days decided to look at other woman. You shook it off now wanting to ruin the perfect evening even more. But Yugyeom was succeeding at that without even lifting a finger, all he had to do was open his mouth. 

He’d say disgusting comments like…

“That dress isn’t very fitting.”

“Don’t eat to much.. Watch it.”

“You’re very needy, (Y/N).”

“Ugh, this day is so tiring. Can’t wait for it to be over…”

The last comment sending daggers into your already torn heart. You wondered where was the Yugyeom you had fallen in love with two years ago. But you ignored the comments like you always did.. But what had sent you running home in fit of sobs was that he uttered the four words you dreaded to hear..

“We need a break..”

You remembered feeling frozen in place. Your legs feeling weak and wobbly. You stared at Yugyeom with a blank expression, fresh tears stinging your eyes. He stared back at you with a dead straight expression. No emotion was shown. Why was he doing this now? Why today? Why? These where the questions you wanted to ask him.. Why.. You swallowed, wetting your dry throat. You inhaled a sharp breath turning around. You refused to accept this right now, your legs picked up as you ran away. As fast as your 4 inch heels could take you. 

“(Y/N)!” You’d hear Yugyeom call but you blocked him out wanting to be alone..
You felt empty and broken. You wanted to disappear into thin air… You wondered what you did to deserve such a cold shoulder from him…

You now sat on the hard white tiles of your apartment floor, covering your ears as Yugyeom repeatedly banged on the door. This was non stop for about an hour. He’d punch and kick the door repeatedly asking to come in. You rocked back in forth, tears falling down your cheeks as you cried out for him to stop. Ignoring your pleas, he punched the door again and again and again. 

“Let me in.” He begged, his voice raspy and breathless. Your shattered heart still leaped at the sound of it. “G-Go… Away..” You stuttered, your fingers digging into scalp as you leaned against the door. You jumped again, letting out a soft cry when Yugyeom punched the door again. Hugging your knees to your chest, trying to ease the pain from within. The room went silent, the only sound was your sniffling and the ticking of the clock on the wall. 

Five hours until your anniversary was up. You bit your lip trying to suppress more sobs from escaping. It was quiet so Yugyeom must of left. Stretching out your legs you let out a shaky breath putting your arms to your side. Just as you were about to get up Yugyeom’s voice stopped you,“Jagi, please.. I wanna talk to you.” He sounded out of breath. You turned towards the door wiping your tears away. Staring at the white paint, as if you were staring at him. “W-Why?” You hiccuped, your hair falling in front of your eyes. Minutes passed and all you received was pure silence. You gripped the door handle, gritting your teeth, annoyed with the fact that he was ignoring you. 

“Yugyeom! WHY?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? I TRY SO HARD! SO DAMN HARD WITH YOU! AND YOU DO THIS TO ME ON OUR ANNIVERSARY??” You yelled, your small fist clenching in anger. You were fuming. Although your sadness was still present, anger was taking over your body. You wanted to know what was Yugyeom’s problem and why he was acting like this.

“I’m sorry..” You heard him whisper from the other side of the door. You slumped against the door sobbing, not being able to bare this heart break. Placing your hand on your chest above your heart you inhaled a sharp breath.
“Sorry didn’t do it! You did! You did this to us!” You cried out banging on the door, you gripped the door, your nails digging into the wood. Your chest heaved as cried, you started to feel light headed. “I wanna explain..” He rasped out his voice barely audible.

“Explain what? You’ve made it crystal clearly you wanna break up..” You sniffled, calming down a bit although the pain was still there in your chest.
“Jagi..” Yugyeom muttered, you heard him shift from the other side of the door not exactly knowing what positing he was in. You say up removing your hair from your face.

“Don’t call me that… It hurts..” You mumbled the last part your lip quivering as more tears threatened to spill. 

“I’m scared.. You don’t get it. Two years, (Y/N). Two years we’ve been together and everyday I fall madly in love with you. But I’m scared..” Yugyeom spoke quickly, frustration evident in his voice. But fear poked through even more. You stared at the door in confusion. What was does he mean by scared? “Scared?” You questioned softly, leaning your ear against the door. “You’re the first woman I’ve ever loved. The only woman I’ve ever loved.. And now I’m afraid.. I’m afraid you’ll leave me. Or fall out of love with me.” Yugyeom whispered, he sniffled a bit letting out a deep breath. He was scared that you wouldn’t love him anymore? 

He’s crazy, right?

“If you’re so scared I’d fall out of love with you then why’d you break us up?” You asked looking down at your hands, playing with your couples ring that he had gotten you when you first started going out. 

“Cause I thought it’d be less painful if I ended it now. Before I fell even more in love with you, (Y/N).” The door shook as Yugyeom hit it again. You left out a shaky breath as you stood up unlocking the door but keeping the chain on it. Sucking in a deep breath you opening it a bit. In instant Yugyeom gripped the door standing up and you were met with red swollen eyes. His baby blue suit jacket unbutton and his black tie loosened around his neck. You stared up at his hand seeing it lightly bruised and slightly cut open. His couples ring was covered in blood. He still wore it..

“I’ll always love you, Yugyeom. You’re the only man for me. You thought it would be less painful to break up now? It’s not! It’s not less painful! I need you in my life, Yugyeom!” You cried, gripping your pained chest almost as if to smooth the invisible pain. His hand slipped through the small opening of the door and grabbed your hand. You sighed at the contact, thinking that you’d never feel his hands in yours ever again. 

“I’m an idiot..” He mumbled, the pad of his thumb rubbing over your hand. Your vision was clouded by fresh tears, not being able to find your voice you nodded in agreement. His hand left yours, blinking away your fresh tears you watched as he unlocked the chain swiftly opening the door fully. You stumbled back, Yugyeom’s 6 foot tall figure hovering over your small figure. He closed the door stepping closer to you, you hiccuped watching Yugyeom stare at you with sad eyes. 

“I’m sorry..” His hands grabbed your waist making you weak in the knees, tumbling towards him. Your head rested on his chest, his arms securing around your waist. You looked at him, biting the inside of your cheek. 

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” You croaked your throat sore from sobbing. 

“Cause I’m a loser.” He declared shaking his head looking down at you. The pain in your chest eased as you stared into Yugyeom’s eyes. He truly did love you but he was also afraid of you leaving him, and although you knew you never would it made your heart flutter at how much he cherished your company.
“You’re my loser.” You murmured softly, Yugyeom looked down at you with a half smile plastered on his face. “Always.” He muttered back, his grip around you tightening. Yugyeom looked up ahead over your shoulder. 

“4 hours..” He whispered, releasing you from his grip, jogging towards your shared bedroom. You stared after him confused. 4 hours? Yugyeom came back with a scarlet colored thin box in his hand. Grabbing your hand without uttering another word he dragged you out of your apartment. “Where are we going?” You asked, trying to keep up with him after all you are in heels. 

“Namsam Tower.” He spoke quickly pulling you down the apartment stairs. Without another word you followed Yugyeom.


Your heart skipped a beat at the view. The view of Seoul. You leaned against the window, smiling at how high you guys were. This is where you and Yugyeom met. Here in this exact spot inside of Namsam Tower one of the most highest buildings in Korea and Yugyeom remembered. You held Yugyeom’s suit jacket securely around your shivering body staring at the city lights.

“One hour..” You heard Yugyeom breath, turning around you raised your eyebrow at him. “Why are you counting down?” You played with the black button of the suit jacket giving him a questionable look.

“I have one hour to fix this. (Y/N).. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I’m scared.. I’m sorry that I hurt you and become distant. But I’m not sorry that I’m in love with you. And I’ll become a better man and I’ll be here for you always.” Yugyeom tucked his hands in his pants pockets looking down. His cheeks a light shade of pink and his hair was a bit of a mess. Hell, you both looked like a train wreck. But it didn’t matter, you didn’t care you only cared about being in this moment with Yugyeom.

“Yugyeom..” You stepped forward to say something but Yugyeom cut you off by handing you the scarlet box he had early. “Open it.” He demanded not letting you get a word in. Your shaky fingers opened the box, gasped softly at the sight of a charm bracelet. 

“Yugyeom..” You whispered, taking the bracelet out of its case. You examined it closely, it was gold with rose gold lining going around the chain, there was a small Namsan tower charm, and four numbers, ‘0417’. Your anniversary date and coincidentally your apartment numbers. You and Yugyeom always laughed at that. It was your personal, private insider between you too. 

“Do you like it?” He asked in a worried tone. You ran towards him leaping into his arms, dropping his jacket in the process. Wrapping your arms around his neck you smashed your lips to his not caring if the few people here saw. You didn’t care who saw, you only cared about sharing this moment with Yugyeom.
“I love it.. But I love you more.” You mumbled against his plump lips, Yugyeom smiled kissing you with great force. You could feel his love pouring into you. Pulling away, he set you down on your feet placing a kiss on your forehead.
“Happy anniversary, (Y/N).” He stated for the first time, you smiled looking at the clock. One minute remained, but even if it started off horrible your anniversary ended perfect fully.

“Happy anniversary, Yugyeom.” You beamed back, picking up the jacket off the floor you grabbed his hand running towards the balcony Windows that showed Seoul, the city lit up the night but the stars remained radiant. Yugyeom wrapped his arm around you pulling you close to him..

You cherished this moment with him not wanting it to end but secretly hoping it was yours and his first step to forever


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Requested by Anon.

Request: Can you write an imagine where the joker falls in love with the reader who just so happens to be a beauty queen & he kidnaps her & she falls in love with him . It can have some smut in it .

Warning: Kidnapping, language, handjob, weird ‘love’.

A/N: I know I’m a cunt for taking so long, and didn’t write a full smut scene, but here we go. #FML But the scenario kinda struck me. It gave me all the Joker vibes and awww, I kind of lost myself in this Imagine because I wanted this to be as realistic as it could be. 

You didn’t know how long he held you captive. Maybe a few days? 

No. Longer.

Maybe a few weeks or months? 

That’s better. 

You nodded to yourself even thought you couldn’t answer the question. 

The place he held you captive was huge and bright- an apartment in one of the highest buildings in Gotham. You knew exactly where you were, you were able to see your own apartment from the bedroom’s windows. The doors were locked and you had only access to the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. All in all, you were bored with no real technology and clocks around here, beside the kitchen untensils.

Since the Joker had kidnapped you and had made you follow his precious rules, you tried the hardest to hate him, to be afraid of him. You feared him, sure, however, another part of you adjusted to the situation, liked him even. You had accepted him in your new life. Why not enjoy the ride as much as you can while it lasted?

And now, you stood in the kitchen and did what you always did. Cooking dinner for the green haired gangster called The Joker. There wasn’t much you could do with dull knives and the basics. So you decided to make something easy. Noodles.

 You had just finished cooking when the front door suddenly opened and the Joker came in, a smile on his red lips. 

“Hello, Honey.” His voice was merry and you let out a relieved breath. You didn’t like him in a bad mood. He sometimes got violent. “I see you cooked something.”

You smiled constrainedly and watched him closely as he sat down on a chair. “Mm-hm. I didn’t have much but I guess spaghetti is alright?” 

“I’ll call my men later to bring you everything you need. Make a list, honey. Whatever you need shall be yours.”  

You wanted a loaded gun and a ticket to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. As long as it was far away from Gotham City. You couldn’t stand this god damn city anymore.


“You look gorgeous today.” He complimented you with a toothy grin and let his glance slide your body up and down. “Like always.” 

“Thank you.” With a nod you turned to the meal you needed to serve. 

You had always known that you were beautiful, and it had been one of the reasons he had taken you away.

Beside the fact, he also called you smart, sexy and adorable.  

He sighed grumpily. “You’re so silent. What is it? Tell me, what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong. I’m just tired.” You glanced at him, slightly afraid of his reaction and mood swings. “Nothing to do all day but cooking and cleaning up. You’re always gone.” 

“Ohh, did you miss me?” He sang playfully and pulled you onto his lap, letting you straddle him, and caressed your cheek. “Tell me the truth. What bothers you?” His eyes fixed yours. 

For a moment you faltered, but decided to tell him the truth. “I… I feel lonely here. I miss going out, meeting my friends and family. I don’t even know how long I’ve been here. Fuck, I don’t even know what time it is!” 

Staring at you, the Joker’s eyes grew colder, more serious, and you gulped hard. You didn’t want to anger him. “What do you say. I take you out, to my club tonight? My negoation partners probably wanna meet my love.”

That surprised you. “Love?”

He chuckled and showed you his metal teeth in a huge smile. “Oh yes. The woman I did fall in love should know the men I work with. Don’t you think?” He said it as if it was the most normal thing he had ever told you, and something in your stomach fluttered. It confused you, how deep ran your strange feelings for him?

You didn’t need to answer the question because the Joker did it for you when he pressed his lips against yours. He groaned, his lips moving demandingly, hungrily. Immediately you responded and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him against you, kissing him eagerly back. 

Tardily you began to move your hips, feeling the hardness under you. His hands wandered to your ass, squeezing it and pulling your skirt a little bit up while you opened his pants, tugging them down, reaching for his hard cock. You enfolded him and started moving your hand up and down, excruciating slow.

“How very naughty of you, [Y/N].” He moaned into your mouth, grabbing your thighs, squeezing them when little shockwaves jolted through him. 

Carefuly, you moved your thumb over the tip, over the wet slit, smearing it, before quickening the pace. He moaned louder and you gribbed him tigher, moving your hand faster up and down, knowing he would cum any second. 

He groaned a last time before he cummed and splattered your hand and his pants with his semen. You looked into his bright eyes and thought about his words, his little confession he had made just a few minutes ago.

The Joker had told you he was in love with you.  

“Dinner’s getting cold.” You told him, a small smile on your lips as you moved your fingers to your mouth to taste him, licking your fingers clean.

Maybe, you did fall in love with him too. 

And maybe only time could tell what will happen in the future. 


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This inquiry must provide answers for the Grenfell Tower community - Healey

Responding to the appointment of Sir Martin Moore-Bick as head of the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire, John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, said:

“This inquiry must provide answers for the Grenfell Tower community, find out what has gone so badly wrong, and help ensure this tragedy is never repeated.

“Two weeks on from the fire, trust is low in the community around Grenfell Tower so it is vital that the inquiry gains the trust of Grenfell families and that their voices are heard throughout this process.

“Given we do not know when this inquiry will be completed, it must not be used by the government to delay making the urgent changes we already know are needed.

“We do not need a public inquiry to tell us that tower block residents need a commitment to up-front funding for necessary remedial work, including re-cladding and retrofitting sprinklers starting with the highest-risk buildings. Ministers have failed to give this clear funding commitment, and they should do so now.

“We do not need a public inquiry to know that our system of fire safety checks and controls is failing, and that an overhaul of building regulations is urgently needed as was recommended to the government in 2013 following the Lakanal House fire.” 


I was playing some ACIII today an got to this part and had to take some pics because I have seen so many people going “God Desmon is so useless and a coward”
Bitch pls dude just climbed the outside of one of the highest buildings I have seen in this game, he literally balanced for dear life from a steel line, and then jumped from building to building with a parachute.
I dunno about you but that doesn’t look like cowardice to me.

It’s Just a Magic Trick (Sam Wilson x reader)

Request: A fic where you’re a street magician with real magic and you use your powers to flirt with Sam Wilson but then you disappear and he tries to find you to recruit you and you reappear to save his life but leave again but not before kissing him please

Each time that you performed a magic trick for a passerby on the busy New York sidewalk you would hear the gasps of amazement followed minor applause and the sound of coins dropping into your collection jar.  If you were lucky, and if it was a day for generosity, you would be handed bills rather than spare change.  For a long time, you tried to refuse their offerings, but once you realized that your spectators wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, you reluctantly began to accept them.

You didn’t need the cash, and you weren’t performing for it; the truth was simply that you were bored and needed an outlet for your magic.  They weren’t really tricks in the entertainment sense, but rather outlets for your enhancement that could easily pass as street magic to the common citizen.

It didn’t take you long to notice that one particular spectator had become somewhat of a regular, stopping by to watch every day at noon, observing from across the street. At first you were nervous about his intentions, but as each day passed he merely watched while keeping his distance.

“Mommy, look!  She turned my ribbon into a flower!”  

The girl’s mother pulled a bill from her purse and handed it to you, laughing along with her daughter at the trick but giving you a slightly suspicious look.  They quickly moved along, and as you put the bill away another spectator stood in front of you to request another performance.

“What can you turn this into?”

You looked up to see the man who had been watching every day, finally working up the courage to approach you.  Was it courage?  Or was there a plan that he had in mind for you like several of the other intrigued spectators had in the past.

“What would you like me to turn it into?” you asked, keeping a cautious eye on him.  “I’ve seen you standing over there every day for the past week.  What is it that made you finally cross the street?”  

“I feel like there’s some bad ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ joke in there somewhere,” he laughed with what you felt to be a genuine sound, and his smile was welcoming.  He didn’t seem like he should be considered a threat.  “I’ve been watching you because you intrigue me.”

“The last time that I intrigued someone, they tried to recruit me into their super secret organization.”

“Let me guess. HYDRA?”

“SHIELD,” you sighed. “Which one are you?”

“Neither, exactly.  I’m Sam Wilson, from the Avengers.”  He knelt down in front of you and held out his hand for you to take, but you paused to regard him for a moment.  He was still smiling and held back just enough to not feel like he was trying to intimidate you.

“Nice to meet you, Sam, finally.  I’m (Y/N).”

“So,” he said, handing you a small action figure.  “Can you turn this into someone else?”

You took the small toy from his hand and turned it over a few times, laughing at his choice in character. “Captain America?  What, did he piss you off or something?  Are you gonna get rid of all of your toys now?”  

“Nah, nothing like that. I just haven’t been around long enough to have my own.  Hoping maybe you could change that?”

“So you’re jealous?” you smirked, “Not getting enough attention at home?”

“You’re a bit of a ball-buster aren’t ya?”

You held your hands up and shook your head, “hey, just calling it like I see it, Sam.”  It would be easy enough for you to make the change he wanted, but being on a busy sidewalk would likely draw unwanted attention. “So, what does your superhero costume look like anyway?  Can’t say that I’ve seen your work.”

“That hurts, (Y/N). That truly hurts me,” he joked, pulling out his phone.  He scrolled through several pages worth of pictures until he finally came to the one he was looking for.  “Okay, here. That’s me in my gear.”  He held out the phone to you, so you slowly took it and studied the picture, looking back at him skeptically.

“This is you and the Captain.  You look so happy,” you mocked, “what would he say if he could see you now?  Wouldn’t he be hurt too, knowing that you were about to deface his action figure?”  Handing him his phone back, you shook your head slowly and sighed, “I don’t know, Sam. The male ego is pretty fragile, and this feels a little selfish.”

Sam pursed his lips slightly and sat quietly for a moment, unsure of what to say.  You weren’t what he expected, and he didn’t know why he was suddenly so attracted.  He slid his phone back into his pocket, looking away for only a few seconds. When he turned back you were holding out the small figure, now a near exact replica of the picture you had just seen.

“Holy shit!”

“Hey, you wanna maybe keep it down?  I’m trying to keep a low profile here,” you whispered, looking around cautiously for anyone who may have been watching.  

“Sorry, sorry,” he whispered back, standing again and turning the figure over in his hands as he continued to inspect it, completely in awe of your work.  “Will you come to the tower with me?  Meet everyone?  I think you have skills that we-“

You knew it was too good to be true, he was too friendly.  Before he finished his thoughts, you clapped your hands together gently and disappeared.

“Wow,” he sighed, staring down at the spot that held you only seconds ago, “that was pretty damn cool.”


“That was so stupid,” you mumbled to yourself, walking up the stairs to your apartment.  “Why did I do that?  So stupid.”  It was a guarantee that he would be looking for you now, seeing that you could teleport along with the transformations you could do.  You really weren’t the best at hiding, but you knew that you didn’t want to be known, especially on such a high profile team as the Avengers.

Fumbling with your keys for a moment, you stopped, closed your eyes and took a deep breath to regain your center.  Letting it out slowly, you leaned back against the door and opened your eyes, only to see Sam standing there.  You were just about to put your hands together again to leave, but he quickly protested.

“Please, don’t!  Just hang on a minute,” he pleaded, both of his hands in the air and very slowly walking towards you.  “I just want to talk to you, I promise.  No tricks, no talk of Avengers, or SHIELD, or HYDRA, or any of that, okay?  Just you and me.”

“Okay, so talk.”

He looked around the hallway and back to you, “out here?”

“You seem like a really nice guy, Sam.  You really do, but I don’t let just anyone into my apartment.  I’ve had…trouble with that in the past.  It’s taken me a long time to reinvent myself after the last time I trusted someone.”

“That group that we aren’t supposed to talk about?”

“Yeah,” you sighed. “So why are you here?  I must say you found me in record time.  That was, what? Twenty minutes?”

Sam laughed quietly, looking down at the floor as he began to walk closer to you, slowly approaching as if he were still worried that you would disappear again.  “I have a pretty resourceful team that helped me.  I can’t take all the credit.”

“Well, that’s just fantastic.  I suppose I’ll have to start over.  Again.”

“Why?” he asked, now standing directly in front of you, your bodies almost touching.  “Why do that?  I told you that I won’t pressure you, and I meant it.  I’d just like to get to know you better, really.  The real you, though.”  

It had been a long time since you allowed yourself to be this close to someone, both physically and now on the verge of letting your real self show.  Your hands began to tremble as he pushed forward even more, the proximity making you nervous.  “I think…I think that would be…nice.”  

Sam reached up and put a hand on the door, leaning over you.  He was so close now that you swore you could hear his heartbeat pounding in his chest.  He looked to be almost as nervous as you felt.  

“Are you gonna just stand there, are you gonna kiss me-“

Your words were cut off by the answer, his lips meeting with yours as he held you against the door. It was a sensation that you hadn’t allowed yourself to feel in forever, and you didn’t want it to stop any time soon. You reached forward and grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him closer to close the gap between you.  Not wanting to be open to display in the hallway any longer, you kicked your leg back and forced your door open, surprising Sam enough to pull back with a grin.

“Well, that’s one way to do it,” he laughed, pushing you through and slamming it shut behind him.


“Here you go sweetie,” you said with a smile, handing a transformed doll to a little girl as her mom looked on with an expression of total shock.  When they walked away you looked towards the Avengers tower and wondered if Sam was there, fighting the urge to contact him.  He had promised not to talk to you about joining them anymore, but you hadn’t decided if you could fully trust him yet, kiss or no kiss.

Another family approached you but before you could greet them you heard a loud explosion from the direction of the tower.  You stood quickly and saw something fly through one of the top floor windows.  It was Sam, and he was without his wings.

“I’ve gotta go!” you barked out to the family and clapped your hands together, disappearing before their eyes; it was something you swore that you would never do, but this was completely worth the risk.

You materialized at the bottom of the tower only seconds before Sam reached the hard concrete that would have surely killed him.  Planting your feet and getting your balance, you reached out and caught him, knocking you only slightly off from your footing.  Once the shock of falling out of one of the highest buildings in Manhattan passed, he looked at you with disbelief through eyes that were nearly exploding from his head.

“(Y/N), what the hell just happened?!”

“Oh, did I forget to mention this?” you said coyly, still holding him just above the ground, “I’m kinda strong too.”

He jostled from your grip and stood, shaking and clearly in awe of what you had just done.  “You see?” he gasped, “It’s stuff like this that keeps me from getting my own action figure.”

Part 2

Supergirl, take your shirt off...

Pairing: Cat/Kara

Rating: teen +

Category: F/F


Supergirl, take your shirt off…


Kara was about to leave, totally done with her work and eager to get home to a long night and a premiere to a new season of Homeland, and Alex. Her sister and Netflix. Kara was happy with that. It was normal, and with Kara accustomed to being Supergirl, and wearing her suit underneath her day to day outfits, it was nice to have at least one day a week where Kara could be… herself. Where Kara could be Supergirl without the heroics.

Kara loved being Supergirl, it was an amazing thing, but she loved being Supergirl when she didn’t have to hide it, and that was rare. So Kara looked forward to Double Cheese Pizza and Cookie Dough ice cream and Homeland, and being Supergirl. At ease. Happy.

Kara was about to grab her bag off her desk and leave when Cat called her into her office.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?” Kara asked, finding Cat out on her balcony, sipping at her bourbon. As usual.

“Join me, Keira. It’s so beautiful out here.”

“Uh… was there something you needed, Ms. Grant?”

“Mmm, yes, actually.”

Kara glanced around her for a second and then walked out onto the white tile balcony, up to Cat at the railing. Kara gave Cat a friendly smile, and took in the city buzzing below them. It was beautiful. This city never slept, and from here, surrounded by amazing lights and colors, Kara felt on top of the world, quite literally, with Catco being one of the highest buildings in National City.

“What was it you needed, Ms. Grant?”  Kara asked sweetly, leaning against the railing casually, her gaze on Cat, focusing on those gorgeous green brown eyes.

“I just really needed to confirm something. See… you and I are something different. You might be my assistant, yes, but you are more than that. You are something above all that.”

“Ms. Grant?” Kara asked, confusion written over her features.

“Oh please, we’re out of the office, Keira. Work hours are passed, and since you always stay late, they’re over for me, though I never truly stop working. When we’re out of office, you may call me Cat.”

“Um… I don’t… it’s not very…”

“Cat. That’s a rule. When we’re out of office, you call me Cat.”


“That’s so much better. Isn’t it?” Cat said, then stalked closer to her assistant, her hands coming to Kara’s shoulders.

Kara had a moment of fear, fear of Cat feeling her suit beneath her blouse, the bunched up cape, and fear of Cat doing something so unexpected. Would Cat really want to… with her?

And Cat did. Cat leaned in, slowly and with her purpose as always, and reached up to place her lips over Kara’s.

The connection of Cat’s lips on hers made Kara blush and still completely, breath held tight while Cat’s fingers snuck behind her neck to hold her close. Kara was almost so surprised she couldn’t move, frozen stock still as her boss finally kissed her the way Kara had dreamed about for so long.

Cat’s lips moved over hers, keeping her close by the nape of her neck, and Kara could only respond. All she wanted to do was respond. So she did. Who the hell cared now? Kara kissed back, a little whimper escaping her when Cat pulled her head closer so she could reach her better.

Kara barely registered Cat’s hand over her back as she kissed her boss back, all her attention on the kiss she’d never dreamed would actually happen. But it was happening. And it was fucking amazing.

Kara downright moaned when Cat softly bit her lip, teasing her, and didn’t feel Cat’s fingers as they came to her blouse and the buttons at her chest.

“Cat?” Kara asked, breaking the kiss hastily when Cat began undoing the buttons and tried to stop her. “Cat… don’t…”

Cat ignored her and slipped open the pale blue buttons, knowing full well Kara wouldn’t hurt her. She cared too much. Just like Cat knew Kara cared about her secrets, Cat knew Kara similarly cared for her. Really, Kara was a very bad liar, and so, after a few well versed questions, Cat all too easily knew Kara’s hidden feelings. Safe to say Cat was pleased. Just like she was now, discovering a very beautiful suit beneath a very plain baby blue blouse.

Cat let her gaze comb over Kara’s face as she slipped open the buttons, revealing little by little, that stunning S gracing her chest. Crest of El. House of El. Damn. Supergirl. Super, indeed.

“I just needed the confirmation. That’s all.” Cat said as she let her gaze roam from Kara’s face and those beautiful blue eyes and down to the bright red S on her chest. “Does it really mean Super?”

“Cat… I…”

“It’s all right. I won’t out you.”

“You… you won’t?”

“I love you.”

“You do?”

“Supergirl. Let’s go home.”


“All for the single words, hmm? I swear baby, I’m make sure that all you’ll be doing tonight is moaning.”

“Oh…” Kara said with a grin, unable to keep a slight smile as Cat took her fingers and made Kara follow her.

“That’s right.”