Within You Without You

“Try to realize it’s all within yourself, no one else can make you change and he who hides himself never glimpse truth, We are talking about the love that’s gone cold and them who lost their soul.“

- The Beatles

Our ingredients, are nothing more than an accumulation of the people we have met a long the way, some who taught us how to love, others how to face adversity. In the present moment we categorize everything, into good or bad, but later if we analyze our past, we will understand the experiences we had, were part of the lessons we were destined to learn.The music that makes us travel back in time, the movies that touched our hearts & the books that created worlds in our minds.Mixing all these ingredients, we are formed, the individual you see in the mirror, fragments of light, darkness and everything you have ever encountered ⚛ MKX  Artwork: