You might already know to some degree that we co-create our own reality. They say what blocks us when using the laws of creation is our insistence on having our dreams show up exactly as expected based on how it look in our heads. The challenge is, our physical mind visualizes ideas based on our memories, of past experiences. Meaning from a limited perspective. What is destined for us is actually much better than our physical mind is capable of imaging.
Drop into your heart and practice inner smiling. Focus on the feeling tone of what you wish for. Make sure it is a heart wish not a head wish. Ask for exactly what you want this time. Ask God. Ask your angels. Ask your ancestors to support you to live that life they were not able to. Know that you are worthy. Believe it will happen.
End your prayers with, let this or something better come to me. Surrender. Stay in gratitude. Don’t stress. If you stress you are telling the creator that you cant handle more. Allow your dreams to show up in a way that is not exactly as you pictured it. Remember it’s about a feeling not the outward appearance. In the quantum world we don’t have to try so hard we just have to be true.
I dream of a safe place for my family to live. I dream of true love. I dream of a big back yard with a garden, with plenty of room for outside dinner parties, a bunch a babies running around, laughter medicine, music, great food, flowers. A quiet place I can go to whenever I need to just listen. And friends who understand when I need to be alone that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
What do you wish for on this full moon eve. #makeawish
–Autobiography of an #EMPATH #advancedvisualizations #highermind #higherself

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