Weighing in on weighing in...

I’ve gained 4+ lbs since October…doesn’t sound so bad does it?  Yes, I’m clear it’s the wrong way on the scale, but that’s not the point of this post.

I’m beginning to think that weighing myself even 1xper week is too much! 


Keep in mind I am a once a day scale monger.  Maybe even twice a day…before my workout and after.  At first it was an experiment in how much I sweated out during a work out, now it’s become somewhat obsessive.  Anything in my life that becomes a fixation is bad news…I hold that bird so tight in my hand it barely has a chance to breathe, let alone fly away…poor bird!

The short and sweet of it:

My Doctor: “A 4lb difference could be you were dehydrated the last time you weighed in and really what did you eat during the holidays?”

Me: “Crap I typically don’t…and really dehydration makes that big a difference?”

My Doctor: “Yep it does.”

Moral of the story: Don’t confuse the lesser weight as your true healthy weight.  Most often the low number we are happy with that then disappears is not our true healthy weight.  The higher weight is not “water gain,” rather it is an accurate accounting of our bodies having enough water and goodness.*

Take aways:

  • Sometimes it’s better to be with the higher healthier number and not hold on to little number…it’s imaginary
  • Weight will fluctuate based on hydration
  • Don’t weigh yourself everyday…see bullet point above
  • It’s a number not a personality trait…concentrate more on how you feel and how your clothes fit

*caveat….I am not at all advocating excuses or blissful ignorance…I’m just sayin’ .8#s here and 1.5#s there isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…so take it in stride…and don’t make yourself wrong or right that you lost or gained fat…cause really it’s probably somethin’ else.

Go drink some water….