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hey bree how was it getting baptized by Father Yoongi himself during the holy performance of cypher pt 4

Bree: Unfortunately, I was not the sister blessed by Father Yoongi, as I was stuck at school, so I can only guess that Maddie’s soul was drawn from her body as she ascended to a higher plane of existence for the duration of the song.  Again, I’m only guessing.  Maybe she can give can you a better answer 

Maddie/aka the little shit blessed by Father Yoongi: I saw Suga open the bottle. We made the gentlest eye contact. A silent consent. I saw him take a fuckin sip babes. Then with a flick of that skinny, pale wrist I watched Fiji™ rain shower down on me. It got in my mouth. The sweetest tasting water, the nectar of the gods. Magma coursed through my veins. I laughed. I cried. I was reborn. Into the church of father suga. 

Loins: And this is why we can’t have Maddie Hour on tumblr.

god am I tired of tired of depressed boys that are pretentious assfucks with their faux artsy performative suffering and their attitude that their suffering is the Deepest and Greatest of all and that their miserableness somehow negates their accountability and disrespect for women because they’re on a Higher Plane Of Existence

11th Chakra
When the eleventh chakra starts to open the individual will become aware of the larger picture of his or her multidimensional self; that his or her existence in physical reality is just one manifestation of many simultaneous other existences on other planes of existence. This explanation gives a hint to what awaits the individual after ascension; the working toward becoming conscious on all planes of existence, not just the physical one.

O Pachacamac!
Thou who hast existed from the beginning,
Thou who shalt exist until the end,
powerful but merciful,
Who didst create man by saying,
“Let man be,”
Who defendest us from evil,
and preservest our life and our health,
art Thou in the sky or upon the earth?
In the clouds or in the deeps?
Hear the voice of him who implores Thee,
and grant him his petitions.
Give us life everlasting,
preserve us, and accept this our sacrifice.


Inca Prayer


Graphic - Rina Banerjee

It’s a bit more complicated than invisibility...

This occurred to me and I feel it’s worth posting since I’ve never seen any talk on this?

The One Ring doesn’t make you invisible. 

Why would it? Seriously, what purpose on Eru’s green earth does that serve? Sauron forging his ring of power in the heart of a volcano, thinking to himself, ah yes, invisibility would be a good trick to build into this thing! No. Cause you know what? Sauron’s ring does not make him invisible. And he certainly did not intend for anyone else to ever have it. So what’s it really doing?

Two words: Dimensional shift

I believe that when mortals put on the ring, they experience a dimensional shift in which they are pulled (stretched, transported) into a higher dimension, the plane on which the true spirit forms of the Ainur (and wraiths) exist. This would effectively render them invisible to those on lower dimensions, but the wearer would be able to view them with altered enhanced perception. Such as the effects we witness as described by those who have worn the ring. Especially well portrayed in the films is the ability to see the souls of others, particularly the ringwraiths (the battle on Weathertop is a good example, as well as even in Battle of the Five Armies when Bilbo is in Dale), black and white shadowy souls clear as day but invisible to the naked eye, as they exist on a different dimensional plane. It’s quite possible to me that the ëalar of the Ainur are in a higher dimension than that of mortal fëar, but that’s beside the point. They’re at least a couple dimensions removed from our reality, and thus invisible until one puts on the ring. 

Now, why would the ring have this power? I think, if I recall correctly, that Tolkien at one point did state that it was not intentional, that it was a byproduct of its making. Again, it does not turn Sauron invisible - it wouldn’t, he already exists on that plane. Mortals are bound to their bodies and so would not be able to perceive that higher dimension, but Ainur are not. I think most plausibly, this effect exists because Sauron infused a piece of his own soul into the one ring. The consequences of this are not well understood (it’s not like it’s a common practice) and we know in other ways, it is so strong in its desire to hearken back to its master, it can even influence the wills - a product of the souls - of those around it. I would not be surprised in the slightest if having a piece of Ainur ëala in an all-powerful object would result in the ability to bend reality to attempt to match the wearer to the properties of the owner. It would bring the wearer closer to Sauron, and allow him to perceive them, thus furthering its purpose to return to the whole from which it is a part. 

Just a theory, obviously, but I find it odd that I’ve never seen anyone question the rather absurd notion of ‘magic evil ring makes you invisible!’ Tolkien set up so many intriguing questions, concepts, and possibilities with underlying scientific principles - or at least, consistent rules - that I am sure this fits into his framework. 

  • Jongin: So then he asked me how I felt about dogs right?
  • Kyungsoo: Oh no. You schooled him didn’t you
  • Jongin: I didn’t, because it would have been a 20 hour long conversation and our friendship might have ended. I died thinking about them though, it’s been awhile.
  • Kyungsoo: Are you okay now? Still dead?
  • Jongin: I have evolved to a higher plane of existence.

Reaching the Higher Plane

In thought you are always there; but because you are so identified with the physical perceptions of your thoughts, the actual astral world that powers those thoughts and perceptions is not as real to you.

Your soul dwells there every night when you are asleep, only you are not conscious of it. For just a little while during wakefulness the soul is in the material environment. The rest of the time it is in the astral. Whenever you are using the subconscious mind—dreaming or employing its creative power of visions and visualization—you are to some extent in the astral world.

So it isn’t that you do not get there. You are always there, unknowingly linked with the astral source from which the life and intelligence and sensory powers of your physical body are constantly flowing. You are functioning from that astral plane.

You should learn to get acquainted with your real miracle of operations.

Live in the consciousness of your finer astral body rather than “slum-ming” in the physical.

By K.Nagori


☮ J A Y L A ☮

“She is deeply connected with the earth and animals. She is a free spirit who blesses those with her presence. She is a goddess of poetry, art , and positive creation. She is a deep well of comfort and love. She is indigo and gold. She operates on a higher plane of understanding. She will change the world as we know it.”


Blue Lace Agate

Hope, Unity, Cleansing, Harmony, Protection, Optimism, Positive Thinking, Joy, Truth, Purification, Promptness, Calming, Appreciation for Nature, Smooth Energy Flow.

Chakras: Throat & Crown

Zodiac: Pisces

Planet: Neptune

Element: Air & Water

Color: Pale Blue with Bands

Healing Uses:

Assists with verbal expression of thoughts, neutralizes anger, accelerates the repair of bones, thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections, red and sore eyes, skin problems associated with redness, arthritis, headaches, colic, digestive issues, and immune system issues.

Spiritual Uses:

Help reach higher planes and aid in communication with angels.

The fifth dimension or layer of Creation is not spatial nor is it temporal. Rather, it is a dimension that brings space-time into relationship with the timeless and eternal. Fifth-dimensional ‘space’ and the awareness that accompanies it creates a movement of consciousness rather than a movement on the physical plane. This movement allows us to begin to perceive the unity of life and matter because we are moving within a higher plane. And just as we would if we physically ascended a mountain, as we move into higher dimensions, we have access to a broader view of what reality really is. Within this broader view, things are not as separate as they are within three-dimensional reality. The one who is ‘me’ and the one who is ‘you’ are not so far apart, in fact, they may not be apart at all.

Spoilers for Yugioh: The Dark Side of Dimensions

Hmm…a movie meant to conclude the series that takes place after the main character has ascended to a higher plane of existence featuring someone going through drastic, desperate measures just to see them again?  Why does that seem familiar?

Wow.  The posters are even somewhat similar.

So I guess this would make Kaiba the Homura to Atem’s Madoka.