Younus AlGohar discusses the limitations and privileges that God has set for humanity.

Main points:

  • The three Abrahamic faiths seem to mandate very strict laws. People who enjoy freedom don’t like it. It is importance to understand that God is the creator and he gives humans both restrictions and privileges.
  • Rewards given by God can be divided into three categories: rewards given in this life, rewards in the paradise and rewards in form of his love and nearness. Rewards that bring one closer to God are for elite ones, rewards in paradise are for the religious devout and rewards of this world are given to people who chose them in the Primordial Times. Some of God’s elite enjoy rewards from all three categories.
  • In religions, there’s no freedom. People who choose luxuries of this world and don’t believe in God hate to be controlled by any divine law. Those who follow a religion must follow the divine law.
  • As a wife or husband, your freedom is limited. If you have a relationship with God, you should expect restrictions and discipline also.
  • No religion is bad, but when people manipulate and fiddle with the meaning, wrong interpretations start to hurt people and create doubts.
  • Some demand freedom in all aspects, but freedom of choice should have a limit, where you don’t hurt others or deprive them of their freedoms. We already have limitations on freedom, such as parental controls.

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“There is no Buddhist god per se. It is the self, the individual mind, that contains immortality and ultimate truth. At least I know where the self is. It’s in our own minds. It’s a form of human energy. Our atoms are six billion years old. We’ve got six billion years of memory in our minds. Memory is energy! It doesn’t disappear – it’s still in there. There’s a physiological pathway to our earlier consciousnesses. There has to be. And I’m telling you, it’s in the god-damned limbic system…. I’m a man in search of his true self. How archetypically American can you get? Everybody’s looking for their true selves. We’re all trying to fulfill ourselves, understand ourselves, get in touch with ourselves, face the reality of ourselves, explore ourselves, expand ourselves. Ever since we dispensed with God, we’ve got nothing but ourselves to explain this meaningless horror of life….Well, I think that that true self, that original self, that first self is a real, mensurate, quantifiable thing, tangible and incarnate. And I’m going to find the fucker.”

Dr. Eddie Jessup, Altered States

Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live. Those who mostly identify with their material and transitory form, with their appearance, bank account, job remain prisoners of those restrictions imposed on us by the space-time continuum. However, if we switch to a new consciousness, a consciousness for higher frequencies, we experience the non transitory, the abiding. Time therefore is real and exists in the material world; however, it is an illusion on the spiritual level. Both realities are real. We ourselves decide according to which of these realities we want to shape our lives.
—  Albert Einstein

Blissing out in my humble yurt with @dayzea and @thessimplelife ~ got to play with these two over Halloween weekend as they passed through Oregon. Living on the road, traveling together in their two white caravans. Accepting the love and gifts provided to them along their journey. Blessings, love, light and abundance to you both. ~We all come from the goddess, and two her we shall return. Like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean.~ .Eugene, Oregon 2015.

When you learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy – if you are aware of all of that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation.
—  Krishnamurti