higher than before

Like, I know people are worried about yuri on ice, but listen:

- the entire episode was written to keep the audience in suspense by having yuuri go first and fuck up a bit and then intentionally watch his competition score higher than they ever have before (save for JJ, who needed to be taken down all the pegs)

-it also serves as motivational reason for yuuri to kill it next episode 

-the episode was intentionally written to keep the audience tuned in and anxious for the next very very very important episode

-while this trick usually falls flat or isn’t as impactful in lesser shows, yuri on ice is actually well written so this tactic was ACTUALLY EFFECTIVE FOR FUCKING ONCE

-the teaser for the next episodes are always intentionally misleading, out-of-context, and made to get the audience to come back 


-they gotta interject some angst and worry otherwise the final payoff will not be anywhere near as satisfying for the viewer no matter how well written because a cloud of happy after a literal PLANET’S WORTH OF HAPPY IS NOT AS EFFECTIVE WITHOUT A BIT OF TURBULENT WEATHER

So have faith my friends. I have complete trust in this writing team to deliver a satisfactory conclusion. I have no worry about Victor and Yuuri’s relationship because making it do a 180 in literally two episodes for the angst and for literally no good reason is a gimmick for a lesser show and not something with this much build up and care put into it. Our two sweet sweet boys are gunna be happy and together by season’s end, I bet my hat on it. 

In short, episode twelve is going to be choice and getting worried over episode 11 and the teaser is falling into a clever, well-written, age-old trap of getting the audience back for the finale. This is a good show with a good team who haven’t fucked us over yet and I don’t think they’ll do it now!

Higher Than Before | Tłumaczenie PL

Tytuł: Higher Than Before
Pairing: Larry Stylinson
Autorka: starseas
Opis: Louis i Harry chodzą do tego samego collegu i nienawidzą się nawzajem, dopóki nie siadają obok siebie w samolocie.
Wyrazy: 8131
Banner: Mini
Beta: Moja miłość - sherriane ♥
Zgoda: Jest

O tak późnej porze w nocy lotnisko wydaje się w połowie pogrążone we śnie.

To dziwna myśl, ale Louis tak uważa. Liam już śpi na swoim siedzeniu obok niego i wszystko jest przygaszone, jasno jest tylko na krawędziach – promienie księżyca rozmywają się na szklanych ścianach i rzucają srebrne paski światła w poprzek kafelków, w poprzek rzędów czekających pasażerów.

Louis rozgląda się dookoła, zauważając, że wszyscy dookoła niego wyglądają jakby byli o krok od drzemki i on rozumie to, szczerze to rozumie.

Jest prawie dziesiąta wieczorem mimo wszystko, a jego grupa studencka nie będzie wywołana przez przynajmniej najbliższe pół godziny, aby wejść na pokład, co jest niefortunne. Przeszedł już przez odprawę bagażową i ma sprawdzony bilet, i mówiąc szczerze, jest cholernie wyczerpany. W każdą inną noc prawdopodobnie byłby teraz kompletnie rozbudzony, ale z czternastogodzinnym lotem przed sobą, Louis naprawdę chce wejść na pokład i odlecieć.

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This one goes out to all the tin-hatters

So @moriarty​ is absolutely right, and I have the numbers to prove it. I decided to do a short followup to my last post, which showed that season 4 was boosting our numbers because TJLC was becoming harder to ignore, but going back and looking at just the last two days, the numbers are seriously off the charts… even higher than they were before, in light of TFP.

First few things to note: the top two related search phrases have changed from “sherlock tjlc” and “tjlc meaning” to “tjlc meaning” and “tjlc tumblr”. Second, a quick reminder that Google does their search history as a proportion of total searches, and doesn’t show the actual number of searches.

Here’s the old one, from 4 days ago, for reference:

And here’s the updated chart:

See how tiny those bumps became in the last four days alone? We were right.

A Big Mistake

Originally posted by blogfandomimaginesstuff

Pairing: ReaderxStiles

Rating: NSFW 18+

A/N: Okay so this is the first kind of sad one I’ve written. I wrote this after I watched the new episode this week (6x09). I was so emotionally moved by that ep that I cried when I wrote this. Anyways, thank you once again to @dumbass-stilinski for helping me edit this and help with the song choices for this one. IF you don’t want this to end sadly, let me know if you want a part 2! Enjoy reading!

Part 2

Listen to these songs:






“Stiles you don’t get it!” You screamed at him, your body boiling up with rage.

“What don’t I get Y/N!” Stiles yells back at you, causing your body temperature to rise even higher than before.

Your voice softened and all the muscles relaxed,“You don’t want me Stiles, you want her, you want Lydia.” Suddenly, you weren’t even angry anymore, you were just filled with sadness.

You were tired of doing this to yourself. He wanted Lydia, he has been in love with her since the 3rd grade, but you, you have been in love with Stiles Stilinski since the 3rd grade, but know one knew. You were sick of meeting up with him in secret just to relieve both of your sexual frustrations. You didn’t want to keep going with this because you were trying to save yourself from heartbreak. It didn’t mean anything more to him than sex, and after 6 months, you finally had come to terms with it.

He didn’t say anything but flash what you took as a look of apology and guilt. You couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“Y/N, that’s not-”

“Look Stiles. I’m tired of this okay. You know how I have felt about you forever. Let’s just not pretend anymore, I love you but the feelings are not mutual. I’m such an idiot for letting it get this far,” you sighed as a hot tear ran down your cheek, “I think you should just leave okay, pretend what we have been doing for the last six months never happened. See you around Stilinski.” You opened the door of your bedroom and motioned with a hand signal for him to leave.

“Please Y/N just listen to me.” Stiles cried out.

“Just go please! It’s hard enough as it is!” You urged, needing to be alone to analyse the situation.

He finally left and you slammed your door shut. You let out the rib shaking sob you had kept in the whole time you two argued. You decided to grab a change of clothes and have a shower, hoping the water would clean you of your heartbreak from the boy you have loved for 8 years, and just make you forget about everything, for a little while.


You laid your clothes on the bench in your bathroom, and brought your phone to play your slow, chill playlist in an attempt to relax you. You hopped into the shower and turned the water on, letting your body absolutely soak in it. The water surged around your body, encasing you completely with it’s cool and smooth touch. The water on your skin that at first felt only a smidgen cold, has turned to full on biting as you turn the hot water up to nearly its maximum temperature. Your skin began to sting, turning a bright red from the harsh caress of the liquid, but it made you feel good, good enough to nearly forget what happened five minutes ago, but it’s wasn’t enough.

Suddenly, you felt the same hot tears from before run down your face, overwhelmed by what happened. The shock had finally worn off when you realised that just before you began arguing was the last time you would feel his arms wrapping around you, his soft, delicate touch which you now yearned for.

Your thoughts about him were interrupted when you felt someone press against your backside in the shower. You felt long, skinny fingers run up your arm, the touch all too familiar. It was Stiles.

He grabbed your sides and turned you around to face him. You couldn’t look at him as he wiped the tears off of your face with his thumb. He then began rubbing his thumb in circles on your cheek, you still couldn’t look at him, and continued to let tears splurge from your eyes.

“Come on Y/N, look at me,” He whispered, and you slowly looked up, seeing that his eyes were watery, tears falling down his face, “You know I didn’t mean to hurt you, but just look at me.” You grabbed his hand that was cupping your face and and held it, sparks flying all around your body when you connected your hand with his.

“I know Stiles, I know that’s not who you really are.” He replied by pressing his lips against yours, and you immediately responded. He moved his hands down to your ass, kneading it.

It felt so right, but you stopped and pulled away. You had to, or it would just make it harder to get over him. You moved closer to the glass wall and turned your back to him. He moved closer you, sending a shiver down your spine.

“Come on Y/N, please, just keep looking at me, please.” He turned you around to face him again, like he did when he first got in the shower.

He ran his long, slick fingers through your wet hair and just like that, you crashed your lips against his. You couldn’t help yourself, you were so in the moment you had forgotten about how much more complex things had suddenly become.

The kiss deepened as Stiles slipped his tongue between your slightly gaping lips, tongues roaming around everywhere in each others mouths. He bit down and nibbled on your bottom lip before moving down to your ear, sucking on your lobe, driving you absolutely crazy. He knew that was your sensitive spot. He then moved down to your neck and sucked just above your collarbone, which was your other sensitive spot, causing you to let out a soft moan. You entangled your hands in his hair and pulled on it, causing him to let out a low, throaty growl.

He moved down your body, cupping your breasts and taking one in his mouth, swirling his tongue around your nipple, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. As Stiles continued to suck on your nipple, he slip his index and middle finger in between your folds, earning a loud groan from you.

You returned the favour by slowly starting to pump his length a few times, his head rolling back, nearly hitting it on the glass wall of the shower. He turned you around, pushing you up against the glass door, pulling your left leg up and lining his tip up with your entrance, slowly pushing himself all the way inside of you, the both moaning each other’s name. He pulled in and out slowly, taking his time, which was very different to what would usually happen the other times you had sex. There was always constant ass-slapping, hair pulling, dirty talking and just straight out fucking until you both nearly slipped out of consciousness from the mind- blowing orgasms you had, but this felt extremely different. It was so much more intimate, it felt more like he was making love to you, it was more than just a fuck to him.

He began to pick up his pace a little, but he still wasn’t moving as fast as he usually would. You put both hands up a against the glass for support. You begin to feel every single tiny muscle in your body tense up and the familiar pit in your stomach began to increase. You clenched around him a few times before both hitting your release at the same time, panting furiously as you both rode out your highs.

You and Stiles hopped out of the shower and got changed.

“Y/N?” He turned and looks at you, his eyes full of concern.

“What is it Stiles?” You looked at him and brought your hand up to his face. You sighed as you realised this was actually the last time were you would have to say goodbye to him. He stood there looking at you for minute. He put his hand on the one that was still cupping his face, he even rested his head on it, putting value in your touch.

“It should have always been you Y/N. Yeah I was in love with Lydia, but that is in the past. I am such a fucking idiot for not seeing that it was, still is, always should’ve been, you.” Tears threatened to spill down your face.

“Come on Stiles, you know that’s not true what you are saying. It’s the sex talking, not you.” He pressed his forehead against yours and you closed your eyes, the tears from earlier spilling out.

“It’s true Y/N. I’ll do anything to prove it to you.” He whimpered, plead laced though his voice. You wanted to believe him, so badly, but you just couldn’t. You knew what he really wanted, Lydia.

“Look Stiles, I want to believe you but I just can’t. As long as Lydia is in the picture, I don’t know if I can ever believe you.” You moved away from him, a continuous stream of tears running down his face. He tried to grab your arm, but you pushed him away. You grabbed a bag and stuffed it with clothes. You also grabbed your car keys and ran downstairs and outside into your car.

You banged your hands against the steering wheel and let out a scream, sobs continuously erupting from you. You eventually put the key in your ignition and began driving without a destination. Even though she was one of the last people you wanted to see, you always ended up at Lydia’s house when something was wrong.

You ran out of you car and banged on her door while yelling her name. She opened the door and her mouth dropped to the floor when she saw the emotional, terrible state you were in. She grabbed you and pulled you up to her room.

You sat on her bed, and she sat next you. She handed you a tissue and asked you,

“Okay Y/N, what the hell is going on?”

You began to explain what happened from the beginning. How they fought about you and how you told him you loved him but he was in love with her, and pretty much just using you for sex. Then you continued with all the details from the shower and the words you exchanged after. A long river of tears flowed from your eyes.

“Wow Y/N, I don’t mean for this to come off insensitive, but Stiles wasn’t lying with what he said.” Lydia smiled at you rubbing her hand along your arms. You froze.

“What? Lydia how is that possible?” A flutter of butterflies arises in your stomach.

“Yeah, he came here before with Scott. He said the same thing to us, practicing what he was going to say to you. Scott even heard his heartbeat when he said it out loud, and it didn’t skip a beat. He really does love you Y/N.”

You eyes widened after Lydia had finished talking and that’s when it hit you, He wasn’t lying, he was telling the truth, and you realised you had made a big mistake.

Hey!! I’ve been holding out on posting this for too long because I wanted to illustrate other time zones to go along with this piece, but I guess it didn’t quite work out!

Remember this old piece? I originally did it for the 20th anniversary of Sonic, but I wasn’t too satisfied with parts of it, so I decided to do some re-polishing so it all can look more or less on the same level of quality. Lots of things were completely redrawn (like Stardust Speedway) and it’s now available at a higher resolution than before, so enjoy!

(or soft, warm, angsty and really really beautiful fics that need more attention)

I love you are three words that hang off of Harry’s lips and this time, Harry thinks he may finally let the colors of the words drip off and let Louis see what he means, see everything, and maybe the flowers in Harry’s lungs will allow him to breathe instead of choking him, as if Louis loving him would take the flowers and replace them with his lips, soft and pressing and gentle.

Or, Louis loved art and Harry was a masterpiece.

Louis’s voice was always red, ever-changing red, traveling from shades of cherry red to crimson, passing through deep carmine, a light cerise and a strong red lust.

“Lou, please, sing to me.”

They’re walking down the street and the sun’s setting so everything’s more saturated and the shadows are deeper. The crowds are thinning, everything’s getting quieter, and gelato drips out of their waffle cones and down their hands. Louis’ got nutella. Harry’s got one scoop peanut butter and one scoop strawberry.

“I feel cleaner already,” Harry smiles, despite the fact that he’s a sticky mess and his lips looks numb and painfully red. His curls cling to his skin and he’s got beads of sweat on his upper lip but he always looks so touchable and warm that it doesn’t bother Louis in the slightest.

Sometimes, Harry thinks that Louis’ secretly a nebula. A cloud of energy left after a supernova explosion that’s both enrapturing and beautiful. All glitter and bright colours. Harry’s sure that one day, just like a nebula, Louis will become a star. He just hopes that Louis will keep shining in his sky.

Louis knew. When the flowers didn’t bloom and the snow kept falling; when the cold stayed, when the birds didn’t sing… He knew. He knew his spring boy was hurting, and he knew it was his fault.
Without Louis, Harry only had chaos.

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Fics I will never write: 2/?

The Assassin and the Senator

In a time when anyone will do anything to get further, Armitage Hux is highly sought after; a sharpshooter with expert training, steel composure, and little conscious for others, he is one of the most deadly mercenaries in the galaxy. Preferring to remain covert, Hux works outside of distinction, keeping himself limited to underground circles, but when an unknown customer puts up 75 million for a job, Hux cannot refuse, and moves up to the political world where an illustrious senator by the name of Kylo Amidala becomes his next target. However, the assignment proves much more dangerous than Hux ever imagines when after infiltrating the ranks of his guard, the Senator himself takes a decidedly arousing interest in his would-be assassin, knowing much more than he lets on. As Hux is swept up in the enigma that is Kylo Amidala and the two grow closer, the stakes rise higher than ever before, making Hux question: when the time comes, will he be able to pull the trigger?

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Rainflower, Chapter Seven

Stiles has been watching Friends for three days.

Lydia can remember long Sundays cuddled next to him on the couch in his living room, a blanket draped over their laps as the familiar laugh track crackled loudly from the speakers on his TV— his dad always needed the volume turned up higher than they did. Before all this, she had associated the theme song of this show with Stiles’ head on her shoulder; Stiles fighting cheesy fries out of his dad’s hand; Stiles letting her put her feet under his legs because they were cold. Now, every time she hears the theme song, she has the faint realization that she is thirty minutes closer to madness than she was the last time she heard it.

Because Stiles, this Stiles, doesn’t laugh as he watches television. He sits on the thick gold comforter of the king sized bed that they are sharing and stares blankly at the screen. Lydia would assume that he wasn’t watching the show at all, but sometimes he mouths the words along with the dialogue that is familiar to him. Not that she’s paying attention.


There are only two kinds of people in this world:

Those who have watched the wayhaught scene 500,000 times, and liars

*kills self but then reincarnates and has to pay an even higher price than before because i was a coward and kilt myself* god damn it


I genuinely believe that Sansa and Daenerys are the song of ice and fire. Not Jon and Dany, or Jon and Sansa, or even Jon himself- But the two women who have more anti-parallels, positive parallels, and all around a reflective story line throughout the book than any other two characters I have seen (yes, I even mean with Jon). Both were used, tormented, abused, yet found a way out and are rising higher than ever before. There are meta’s out there, I am certain of this, of course I haven’t read them- this only just occurred to me. But I soon will, because how did I not see this before?

Dany is at her most powerful in fire and Sansa in ice/snow. And they are truly the only representatives of the meaning ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Arya could definitely be added to the mix, but I truly think all of this foreshadowing between the two could mean something more.

Sorry, I needed to get this out.

(Also, I would really appreciate if anyone could send any meta’s my way for the two? Worth while reading)

  • me: sticks my leg in the air
  • someone: don't do that
  • me: lowers my leg
  • me, slowly: starts raising my leg again, to an even higher degree than before

Aight fam everything’s been so goddamn heavy lately I think we earned ourselves a Sin Day^TM don’t ya think? So let me ask you:

- who’s a screamer? Is it Lexa? Or Clarke? Does Lexa shout her love for Clarke as she is pushed over the edge, or does Clarke rasp out Lexa’s name like a prayer as she stumbled into bliss?

- who’s marking and who’s being marked? Is it Clarke dragging her nails down Lexa’s strong yet slender back and biting into her shoulder as she is taken higher than ever before by Lexa’s long fingers, or is it Lexa sucking tenderly yet firmly on Clarke’s neck as she’s riding her Wanheda’s hand?

- a squirter? Both of them? Neither? Lexa having her sweet release running down her spread thighs, or Clarke’s fingers grasping and tugging at Lexa’s hair as she comes in her mouth and all over her face and lips and chin?

- who moans sweetly and softly and breathily? Who curses under their breath and hides their face in the other’s neck?

- who reaches for the other’s hand, entwining their fingers with another, who searches for the other’s eyes with theirs, a soft longing gaze in them, a ton of unspoken words and confessions? Lexa, of course it’s Lexa, damn that dramatic gay hoe and her heart eyes;

- but who then melts at those looks? Who, then, arches her back and moans and comes, not even expecting it herself, because the other is looking at her with such tenderness she’s never experienced before and she feels like she’s drowning yet flying at the same time? Clarke, of course, it’s Clarke; it’s Clarke and her gaze is disbelieving and astonished and amazed, and she clings to Lexa because letting go seems impossible and unnecessary.

- who wants it rough? Who likes to bite? Who likes to be bitten? Spanked, maybe, lightly, having their ass kneaded and squeezed and then slapped as the other is pounding into them? Is it Clarke, riding Lexa’s skillful fingers with abandon, begging her to go faster, harder, so much harder; is it Lexa, willingly submitting to her Clarke, laying herself bare before her and stuttering and blushing as she asks if Clarke will be willing to explore her further?

- who wants it slow, mesmerizing, soulful? Is it Lexa, cherishing Clarke, worshipping her body and loving her soul, mapping her out with fingers and lips and tongue; is it Clarke, her gaze unwavering, taking in everything that is Lexa, from a soft curve of her shoulder to her long, gorgeous legs, from her gentle eyes to her bashful smile; is it Clarke, caressing her girls hot, wet center until Lexa mewls and writhes and Clarke can’t take it anymore so she pics up her pace and Lexa falls apart in her arms, only to become whole again at Clarke’s hand?

Send me your answers. Send me your prompts. Send me your drabbles.

Let The Sin Day begin.

The Signs Gothic

Aries: Saturn is rising, you’re sure of it, but only when you look away. It’s there, rising, slowly, in your peripheral vision, a massive ringed orb rising in the corner of your eye. You look back at it. It isn’t rising. But it’s higher than it was before. Isn’t it?

Taurus: “This is not a good time for travel,” you tell yourself, “Jupiter is changing signs.” You stand perfectly still. You cannot move. You cannot move until Jupiter has stopped changing signs. Jupiter pauses. It sees you. It will not move until you do. It is a planet. You are a mortal. You cannot win. But still, you do not move.

Gemini: Your twin mimics your every move. They are your identical double, and they are constantly at your side. You step forward, they step forward. You lift a spoon to your mouth, they lift a spoon to their mouth. You look at them, they look away, aping your movements perfectly. But still the nagging doubt has always been there…are they your double, or are you theirs?

Cancer: Mars is within your orb of influence. It is unable to extract itself from your orb of influence. You hear a whistling noise, and it is getting louder.

Leo: Looking upwards, you are sure the stars have arranged themselves in a perfect representation of a five-headed snake leering at a frightened swan. You ask your friends for confirmation, but they tell you it’s impossible, as you’re on the subway.

Virgo: Every time Mercury is in a retrograde cycle, you hear children crying. You have been trapped in a mine for six years, undying, with no food or light. You don’t know what is happening to you, but you start to hear the sobs. “Mercury in retrograde again,” you think.

Libra: You open the door. It’s Venus, an inscrutable grin on its face. Without waiting for you to invite it inside, Venus enters your house. It never stops grinning. It sits on your sofa and stares at the wall. That grin. That awful grin. There is fear in Venus’s eyes. But still it grins.

Scorpio: There was never a Scorpio. You remember something, but that thing was never Scorpio.

Sagittarius: The Moon is at odds with Pluto, and both want you to take sides. They’re both staring at you, you have to make a decision. They won’t accept “I like and respect you both,” they want to know who you think is right. They have knives.

Capricorn: Quincunx, sextile, quintile, trine, sesquiquadrate…you see them written on walls wherever you go, but why? And who is hiding in that tree?

Aquarius: You converted to the Dorothean system of triplicity like the shadowy man suggested, and even though you scratch and scratch and scratch it still feels like someone is brushing dead leaves against your arms.

Pisces: Patience. They will move on when they tire of your flesh. Patience.

If today is your birthday: Run. Don’t look back.


so not only is the glyph the floor becomes during the ‘divine reckoning’ of the battle with thordan exactly the same as the patterning on the Round Table itself, but the knights + thordan take the same positions in the summoning as they do at the table.