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Crossember Challenge Day 3 - UNDERSWAP

As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

I know I’m a few days late, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and I had to make this. My guess is that Cross’ll use Papyrus against Sans. And since Underswap Paps uses orange magic (I think that’s canon?) and you have to keep moving to avoid damage, I just fell in love with the though of poor Sans having to run for his life…waiting for a chance to attack ;)

Challenge by @byutak, Underverse and Cross by @jakei95, Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

Here’s a still so you can see Cross and Paps in the back:

I saw [this gorgeous piece] a few days ago and loved the pose so much that it ended up in my stress-relief sketches today ;v;


Some time early January I’ll have access to the digital files (which are on my drive at school) for each individual month and 6 month posters which are higher quality. I’ll upload them then so people can save them or print them and use them as calendars. Since the numbers had to be on the art they are more decorative then they are useful. Hope everyone enjoys these in the meantime. (Oh and November is fixed in the digital because right now it has 111 and 31 as days which don’t exist oops)