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Summary: You always knew Dean was a sub, you just never figured he’d ever let you dom him. But you figured wrong. (HORRIBLE SUMMARIES GUYS. HORRIBLE.)

Pairing: Sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: language, sub/dom, bondage, oral (male and female receiving), nsfw gifs below the cut!

A/N: I ended up switching (ha) the title to this one. it’s more fitting ;-) but yay fic 2 of my smut appreciation day fics! the Cas x reader will be coming at 6pm EST.

Originally posted by preciouslittleshit

“I dunno, it’s definitely not the weirdest thing you’ve ever said,” you laughed, taking another sip of your beer as you lounged in the map room with Dean.

You and Dean were alone in the bunker for the night while Sam went to go check on Cas and his angel business, so you two were relaxing, reminiscing over silly things the two of you had said over the years you’d known each other.

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smartcookie727  asked:

Could you do "ok...This is new" for Gajevy smut? Always up for requesting smut promts! More excited that you want to practice writing the smut :)

NSFW kids, close your eyes.

Gajeel moans as Levy’s hips roll against his, her movements slow and teasing. He bucks up into her, momentarily satisfied by the breathy little sigh that he draws from her. Levy moans as his fingers wrap around her hips, his hands helping her along, raising her on his cock only to slam her back onto him a moment later. He lets out a filthy moan as Levy squeezes her walls around him, her tight heat quivering and sucking him in deeper, milking him. He swears loudly, jerking into her with brutal thrusts that drag amazing sounds from her pretty lips.

Sweat trickles down her neck, a teasing line trailing between her breasts, and Gajeel’s rough hands slip down to cup her ass, fingers kneading and pulling at her soft curves. He snarls, one hand snaking around to thumb at her clit. Levy gasps, hips rocking faster against him. She bites her lip, head tilted back and eyes squeezes shut. Her mouth falls open in a silent cry, her nails biting into his stomach and leaving little crescent shapes against his skin.

Levy whimpers as his cock brushes a sensitive spot inside her, stealing the breath from her lungs. “Gajeel,” she moans, fingers twitching as she feels a pressure wind high inside her. He curses again, and she knows he’s fast approaching his own climax. “Wait,” she pants, swallowing down a moan as he pinches her clit. “Gajeel, wait.”

He stills beneath her, grip on her ass bruising. Wide eyes meet hers, worry shimmering in his gaze. His cock twitches inside her and Levy hisses, hips shifting against his. “What?” he breathes back, voice hoarse from moaning. Levy squirms again and he bites back a groan, feeling her squeeze around him almost teasingly. “You okay? What’s wrong?” there’s a tinge of concern in his voice, slightly masked by how throaty and rough his voice has become.

Embarrassment claws at Levy’s throat, but she swallows it down, gaze determined as she stares down at him. “I want to try something,” she says firmly, expression fierce when her eyes lock with his. Her nerves prickle at her skin, put she doesn’t allow her sudden shyness to show through. This is something she’s been thinking about for a long, long time now, and she’s determined for it to happen tonight.

Gajeel blinks up at her dumbly, but nods, gaze curious as he watches a serious of emotions flicker across her face. Satisfied, Levy releases a heavy breath. She nods at him in return, a pretty flush blooming across her cheeks, contrasting nicely with her brightly colored hair.

She eases up suddenly, leaving Gajeel cold and wanting. He bites back a groan, watching curiously as Levy rises until only his tip is resting inside of her. She stretches slowly, hand groping blindly for the nightstand. His eyes narrow as she pulls open the bottom drawer, but he says nothing as she searches for something.

He nearly blows his load when she wiggles suddenly, a cheer coming from her as she finds what she’s been looking for. For a moment, Gajeel almost feels like crying because of the lack of stimulation, but then Levy returns to him, lowering herself onto his cock so suddenly that Gajeel moans her name loudly, drawing a giggle from his partner.

He’s about to complain when he catches sight of the object in her hands. For several seconds, he simply stares in confusion, not knowing what it is. It takes him exactly five seconds to understand, and his dick grows even harder when he does. “Well,” Gajeel murmurs, staring at the silver chain with wide eyes, “that’s new.”

Gajeel swallows, mouth suddenly dry as he looks at what Levy’s pulled from the drawer.

Nipple clamps. Wicked, silver nipple clamps.

His tongue darts across his lips without meaning to, and Levy squeezes around him in response.

He considers them for a long moment, from their clothes-pin style tips to the long chain connecting the two.

Yeah, yeah that could be fun.

Levy bats her eyes at him, lips curled up in a coy smile, and Gajeel sends her a wolfish grin, swallowing down the saliva building in his mouth at the thought of using those on her. “Do you want me to help you with those?” he rasps, fingers squeezing around her hips.

Levy frowns, confused, but then her eyes light up and her lips make an ‘o’ in understanding. She giggles then, and rolls her hips against his slowly, smiling when he curses. “Oh, Gajeel,” she purrs his name, a breathy laugh spilling from her mouth. “These aren’t for me,” she tells him, leaning over him until her lips brush against his ear, “they’re for you.” She nips at him, smirking when he snarls and thrusts up into her roughly.

“Oh?” he replies after a long moment, voice slightly higher. He inhales sharply when Levy grinds against him, but it isn’t enough to make him cum, not yet. He likes this side of her, enjoys when she draws things out and decides to play with him. He’s got himself a little minx. Gajeel growls at the thought, but the sound dips into a whine when she kisses along his neck.

Her hands settle on his chest, thumbs flicking over his nipples teasingly. Her breath is hot against his throat and the chain is cool against his sweaty skin. Levy pinches his nipple suddenly, teasing him.

“Let me make you feel good, Gajeel,” she breathes against his ear, tongue flicking out to trace the shell of his ear. He shivers beneath her, giving a stiff nod and swallowing. Levy grins, then pulls back.

He watches in apt fascination as her fingers trail along his chest, hips rocking against his lazily, as if to prolong the inevitable. She pinches at his nipples again, rolling them between deft fingers, motions practiced. He imagines her doing this to herself, her pretty, pink nipples caught between her fingers, her head thrown back with a moan.

Gajeel groans at the image that flashes in his mind, and then Levy does something wonderful with her hips. He chokes slightly, fingers flexing against her ass, her thighs, her hips, anywhere he can grab.

He bites back a yelp as the clamp brushes against his left nipple, Levy rocking slowly as she works the metal onto him. The metal bites into his skin, but the pinch feels better than he expected. The second feels much the same, and Gajeel nearly whines at the duel stimulation of his cock and nipples.

That’s not what makes him moan, however. No, that comes when Levy leans down and presses a kiss against his rib cage, only to rise with the chain caught between her teeth. She winks at him, then gives the chain a gentle tug.

“Fuck!” Gajeel snarls, eyes squeezing shut tightly. He hears Levy giggle again, but he doesn’t dare open his eyes, overwhelmed by the image of her riding him and that silver chain caught between her teeth.

She gives the chain another tug, rougher this time, and Gajeel swears he nearly comes on the spot. “You like that?” she asks him, the words paired with a rough grind from her hips.

“Dammit, Levy,” he pants, fingers biting into her skin. She rolls her hips harder against his, alternating between pulling at the chain and rocking against him. Gajeel groans, one hand slipping around to thumb at her clit as he feels himself tipping over the edge. Levy yelps and yanks harshly at the clamps as she cums, her walls squeezing tightly around him. Gajeel follows her a moment later, hips stuttering against hers as he releases inside her, hot seed spilling over and dripping down her sides.

Levy gives a breathy laugh, and winks at Gajeel when he opens his eyes. He scowls back at her, hiding his own smile, and reaches up to pinch her nipple, making her squeal with laughter.

Jest Proving My Point - Alfie Solomons One Shot/Imagine: requested


Just had the most adorable/dirty thought. Picture this. Alfie’s been working late lately so his wife decides to wait up for him. when he gets home he’s happy and to show appreciation they start to have sex. only in the middle of him performing oral sex she lets out like a huge yawn. I feel like Alfie would just laugh and be “all you’re yawning? I thought that was some of my best work” and just laughs. But in the morning, she gets the bone down of her life.

‘ere ya go  @danceyreagan

Jest Proving My Point

Warnings:  it’s Alfie luvs, if you don’t know that means NSFW/18+, ya must be new ere.

Alfie lifted the half-moon specs from the bridge of his nose and tossed them upon the paper piled desk in disgust.   And frustration.  And all kinds of fucking hell loads of anger.    One large hand rubbed his tired eyes and then down through the scruffy lines of his beard until he reached all around to the back of his neck, and then settled upon the bridge of his nose with a light squeeze to ease the tension.    With a weary sigh he leaned back in his chair, eyes lifting to the expanse of windows and seeing the darkness beyond.  Shit.  Another late night.   Another missed supper.   And probably no horizontal shenanigans with the missus either at this hour.   Fourth damn night this week.    Another three last week.    He was on the edge of desperation for some good old fashioned desk banging.    Somehow he doubted he could convince Alyona to return to her old job to ease his burden(s), since he was the one that convinced her to take a break.    But damn if he didn’t need one particular burden eased with a heavy, mighty need!

Cursing aloud to no one in particular, he sighed knowing that the real workload was not something she could assist with anyway.  It was two huge shipments of product back to back that had the bakery steep into overtime.  The importance of the deal had Alfie staying late each night to ensure all was going according to plan.   The resulting paperwork of time sheets and overtime sheets an inevitable boil on his ass as a result.    The old worn couch had seen much of his backside lately, and his hip was letting him know it didn’t much appreciate the fact.   Ollie was stretched out on it now. His longer legs dangling past the tattered end and his curl covered head hanging at an awkward angle at the other end.   Alfie breathed out a deep sigh and checked his pocket watch, then suddenly stood to his feet with a bellow.


The lad jumped in his sleep, coming to rest half on the couch and half on the floor.

“Fuck right, time for next sweep of the place, yeah.  On yer damn feet.”

Ollie unraveled his lean frame and stretching long as a huge yawn split his face, fell into step behind Alfie as he left the office.   The boss turned his head back to the desk when he reached the door with a last pained look at the stacks of paper still needing his attention.  His gaze dropped to the watch once more.   Then proceeding through the door he muttered another impatient order to Ollie, who had come to lean against the door frame, eyes half lidded.

“Come on then, wake the fuck up lad.”

Ollie involuntary ducked his head, but no blow came upon his ears.   Boss must be real tired.   He picked up his pace to follow the bulk of his retreating back.   Ahead in the passage Alfie’s made liberal use of his cane as he walked the dark, dank hallways.   Maybe if they hurried he’d get home in time to catch a glimpse of her in the tub.    Fuck at least give me that.

As he took one last look at his watch rounding a corner, his gaze lifted to find a pile of overturned barrels upon the dusty concrete floor.

“Well fuck me, yeah.   Awright, who’s taking the beatin for that right?”

As he hunched before the terrified workers, cane firmly in hand, in his mind the dream of being home in time burst like a hundred tiny bubbles.

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Hands Off (Ethan)

A/N: I was in yoga today and it inspired me to make this little imagine. You convince Ethan to come to yoga with you, and he thinks the instructor is being a little too handsy while modifying your poses.

warnings; I think just cussing, mention of v*mit and I guess suggestive touching but not really just yoga


“You owe me big time, y/n.” Ethan grumbles as the two of you walk into your usual yoga studio. Since moving out to Los Angeles, you have become much more interested in your practice and after practically begging Ethan to join you, he finally caved. “I feel so stupid in this.”

Coming along with you wasn’t enough, you forced him to purchase and wear a brand new yogi outfit from Lulu Lemon’s men’s line. You had to agree, he did look quite ridiculous wearing joggers and a sleeveless hoodie, but at least it made his arms look good.

“If you quit complaining maybe you’ll actually enjoy it.” You tell him, receiving a huff from Ethan. Once the two of you entered the room you are greeted by one of the usual instructors, Brian.

“Y/n! So great to see you!” Brian exclaims. He is by far your favorite instructor, he is much more zen than the others, making you feel as though you actually got something out of your practice. “And you brought a friend, amazing!”

“Boyfriend.” Ethan corrected very bluntly, to which Brian nods uncomfortably. Once you set up your mats and are sitting cross legged, Ethan leans over and whispers. “You didn’t tell me it was a guy!”

“What difference does it make?” You ask, genuinely unsure as to why it made him to uneasy. “I promise you’ll like it. If not I’ll, well I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll do something to repay you.”

30 minutes in, everything has gone smoothly. Besides the sporadic adjustments Brian had made to Ethan’s posture, he actually seems to be enjoying himself. That is, until you arrive in your side angle pose. 

“Heart forward, y/n.” Brian reminds you, placing one hand on your chest and the other in-between your shoulder blades straightening your posture. You’re unphased by this, but Ethan’s suddenly louder breathing implies he is definitely not. “That’s it, good adjustment.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, during one of your final downward dogs, Brian again fixes your pose. He places his hand on your lower back and stomach gently pulling your hips higher. Ethan’s sharp inhale signals how angry this makes him.

This, however, is not the final straw. Only 10 minutes before the class ends, Brian again modifies your pose. During cobra, he places his hand right above your breast and the other between your shoulder blades again. You hope that you will be able to get away with another huff from Ethan, but he has other hands. 

“Oh for fucks sake, that’s enough.” Ethan burst out, causing the whole class to look his way. “Hands off.”

“Ethan, sit back down. You’re causing a scene.” You hiss at him. He stares at you for a minutes then at Brian, who looks like he is going to throw up, then back to you. “I mean it Ethan.”

He mutters something under his breath but eventually goes back into the pose. Brian hesitantly backs away from you and continues on teaching the class. After the class finally finishes, you roll up your mat, grab Ethan by the wrist and pull him down to your height.

“Ethan Dolan, I want you to go to Brian and apologize to him.” You command him.


“No, you’re going to.” You tell him, not even letting him finish his argument. “That is not how you express your feelings, E, you know that!”

“Fine.” He groans, walking towards a terrified looking Brian. “Hey, man. I’m really sorry about earlier. I guess I just get a little-a lot defensive when other guys touch y/n.”

“No worries, Ethan.” Brian accepts, probably relieved that Ethan didn’t come over to beat him up. “You know, yoga is actually very good for controlling that anger. I’d love to have you back sometime!”

Ethan nods his head and you quickly apologize to Brian before you both walk out. Your walk to the car is silent until Ethan decides to speak up.

“I’m really sorry, y/n.” He apologizes. “I shouldn’t have blown up like that, I know its his job and all but you’re way too gorgeous for me to just brush off other guys touching you like that.”

“It’s alright, E.” You stop to look at him. “I just really wish you did it a different way.”

“Maybe Brian is right.” Ethan says and you give him a very confused look. “You know, yoga might help me control that.”

You smile and place your hand on his cheek. “I love you for trying.”

“You still owe me for this outfit.” He informs you with a chuckle, making you laugh along. “Alright, if we don’t get pizza right now I’m going to pass out.”

Sunday Morning

Pairing: Sam x female reader
Summary: Imagine waking up next to Sam Winchester. Involves smut
Warning: smut, horrible fluff, unprotected sex… (wrap it up, kiddos)

Tagging @but-deans-back-tho just because it’s smut and who doesn’t like Sunday morning Sam smut? ;) 

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