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i hope in 2017, your anxiety is lower, your self-esteem is higher, your writer’s block or artist’s block goes away, and you can come back on december 31st and say, “hey, that wasn’t so bad.”

Some Ways to Improve your Self-Confidence

1. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are totally unique, and have different talents, abilities and strengths.

2. Never criticise or put yourself down. There are plenty of others who will do that for you. You need to be your biggest, and you greatest, fan. Be understanding, gentle and kind to yourself.

3. Consciously accept every compliment you get and see them as accurate and genuinely meant. Don’t brush them off as stupid, wrong, or meaningless.

4. Keep affirming yourself until it changes how you feel. It may feel false at first when you say something like “I accept myself completely– and believe I’m valuable”. But as you constantly repeat it you’ll find that, over time, you do accept and value the person that you are.

5. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. If you hang out with people who always put you down, and never seem to like or approve of your ideas, then you’ll soon stop believing in yourself as well (and it will also crush your creativity).

6. Make a list of your successes and accomplishments – like playing an instrument, learning how to cook, passing an exam, graduating from high school, or getting into college, or receiving an award. Review this list often – and be proud of yourself!

7. Make a list of your positive qualities and traits. Are you an honest, reliable and caring friend? Do you make time for others? Do you try to do your best? Again, review this list often, and get into the habit of focusing on your positive qualities and traits.

8. Spend your time doing things that you are good at, and enjoy. We become more alive when we’re doing things we love - and that naturally increases our self-confidence (as we’re being our true selves and not just acting out a role).

9. Get involved. If you sit on the sidelines and avoid all challenges then you won’t be able to achieve much in life. But if you push through the feelings of anxiety and fear, then you’ll grow, be successful, and have higher self esteem.

10. Be true to yourself; live a life that’s really “you”. Don’t let other people decide what you should do, or what is best for you, or who they think that you should be. You only have one life – choose your own path – just be you!

“The epitome of a butler”

I don’t know if anyone else has talked about this, but I think this line is extremely important in understanding Sebastian’s feelings.

Through the series we can tell that the only person Sebastian truly cares about is himself. There are instances where he shows concern for Ciel, but I believe this is a projection of the lofty position in which he regards the contract. The contract aside, the one other thing Sebastian most important to Sebastian is his butler aesthetic.

We know how much Sebastian cares for this aesthetic. Hell, he nearly died in the Campania arc trying to maintain it while fighting three reapers. It’s obviously a source of pride for him, else he wouldn’t be spouting the fact that he is “one hell of a butler” at every given opportunity. He is arrogant, we know this, and he holds himself in the highest esteem.

Yet Agni surpassed him, and he knows it.

Sebastian obviously respects Agni’s death immensely. “The epitome of a butler” is not something Sebastian would say lightly. (Assuming it translates) the implication is so much stronger than “one hell of a butler.” Sebastian implies that Agni has fulfilled the ultimate duty as a butler and by doing so has surpassed Sebastian. Can you imagine the utter respect Sebastian must feel for this human to put him in higher esteem than himself? 

“The epitome of a butler” isn’t Sebastian brushing the death of his only friend aside. This is Sebastian offering what he considers to be the highest honour he could possibly bestow on a human.

Positive Message of the Day

It’s okay if you can’t love your body yet. It’s okay if you can’t accept yourself yet. It’s okay if “thanking” your body or “finding inner qualities you like instead” don’t help in creating higher self-esteem. We battle against messages all around us telling us to hate our bodies. These are not easy things to unlearn. Be kind to yourself; what matters is that you’re trying.

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Dating Katsuki would be like: headacanons

Hi dear!! Ehm, since your request was very, very, very general I don’t know if they’re good. I believe that every person/character shows different sides and act differently based on who they are interacting with. That said, I’ve tried to be as general as I could, but I don’t know if I’ve done a good job. He could result slightly contradictory in some points too. I hope you can still enjoy it!

Have a nice day!



  • The first problem is getting Bakugou to date you. Not gonna lie, it is very difficult, since he’s generally uninterested in sexual and romantic relationships. So first, you have to make him recognize you as a follow, existent human being. Secondo, you have to gain his friendship and trust (it’s gonna take long). Third, make him fell in love with you, and it’s gonna be hard so you need a lot of patience.


  • Once you’re dating, don’t expect him to change dramatically. He’ s the usual swearing, rough, confident and blunt guy.
  • He’s the type to use pet names with you, but he often alternates or mixes insults with them. “Stop being so retarded babe.” “Stupide babe.”


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You ever wonder about those surveys that suggest that atheists understand religions better than anyone else?

I’ve taken them, and…it’s not impressive.  If you know the content of a high school world religion course, you’ll get them all right.  Sure, a Catholic might not know the first thing about Hinduism, but if you ask them a deep question about Catholicism, they’re more likely to know it than the atheist.

And OOOOH BOY does this go for marginalized religions.  Atheists get full marks on Judaism for knowing things like “circumcision is a thing” and “Jesus isn’t considered the messiah by Jews.“  they aren’t asked about “Do Jews view obedience as a high virtue?“ or “Traditionally, is money or wisdom held in higher esteem?“

These quizzes and surveys are ridiculous jokes, and a lot of Christian Atheists need to get off their high horses about how much they know about religion, when they basically have “There’s no deities, plus one quirk per religion“ as their knowledge level.

Healer I go fast btw (long)

I wasn’t the healer in this story, but the events that transpired were so surreal and unbelievable that I felt like they needed to be shared somewhere. Why our (2nd) healer didn’t just let this monster wipe repeatedly is beyond me, but he definitely got my commend at the end of this fiasco.

It happened in Brayflox (Normal), where I had queued for dps. This was my first mistake, because queueing for dps meant that someone else was the tank. He greeted us before I even had time to skip the cutscene with what I soon learned was his signature catchphrase: “healer I go fast btw.” For those of you who have better standards and higher self esteem, you probably would have sighed and resigned yourself then and there to a terrible run. But after running ~40 sub-35 dungeons in a row over the course of a few days, I was just thrilled that he wasn’t a bot.

As soon as I load in to the dungeon I try to check out our party comp. I say ‘try,’ because the instant the starting wall goes down our main protaganist, a DRK Lala, pops sprint and runs into the first group of mobs, narrowly dodging a dangerous ‘Protect.’ The rest of our party, a MNK (me), BLM, and WHM, try to catch up, but our DRK hasn’t stopped yet, running another half-mile to aggro a 2nd group of mobs. Sadly, this is fairly common, and I remain as optimistic as my broken soul is able. I only start to get a bad feeling when my BLM starts casting Thunder I on each of the 6 individual mobs, instead of casting Thunder II.

Fortunately it takes less than a minute after that for my hopes and dreams to be completely shattered. With half the mobs we originally pulled to go, our WHM at 150 mana and me hovering around 100 TP, our hero once again revs up his engine. He pops sprint again and charges at the next group of 4 mobs, to prevent us from wasting valuable time being 'out of combat.’ Because of how spells cost mana, and Cure is a spell, it takes about 15 more seconds to wipe and our healer to abandon the dungeon. We decide to find another healer and clear the trash while we wait. This is my second mistake.

Our BLM announces that he will sleep the extra mobs and we will take them down one at a time. Our DRK agrees, and once our BLM has slept 2 mobs uses his AoE emnity spell to wake them back up. At this point I slip into a fever dream and wake up to find both of them dead at the first boss, surrounded by trash mobs. Just as our BLM collapses to the ground, a new WHM pops in. “What happened here?” He innocently inquires, but it seemed neither me or the BLM could find a way to put it into words. The only person who speaks is Sonic, who confidently announces “healer I go fast btw.”

We manage to get through the boss and next section with such ease I’m questioning if what I had just experienced had ever really happened. Sure our man-of-steel was spinning circles around the mobs so fast that landing positionals was entirely luck-based, and our BLM didn’t seem to have any of the abilities most BLM manage to unlock by 34, but we were moving from Point A to Point B without wiping 3 times. But this brief interlude would turn out to be the only part of the entire dungeon where the game was being played as intended. I had been dreading the swamp since I realized our bot-in-training believed that the fastest way to complete a dungeon was a marathon where if the number of mobs you are fighting drops below 6 it was time to go pull another group. But what I didn’t know was that this anti-meta anarchist had a plan.

On the first pull through, our emo-phase gladiator attempts to pull *everything*. Fortunately, we manage to reign him in and compromise with ~10 initial mobs. I politely ask our BLM to use limit break, but he determines that spamming Blizzard I would be better overall dps (meanwhile, in the background, our healer frantically spams Cure II while begging for death). It takes about 5 minutes to kill those 10 mobs. I feel tears of relief welling up in my eyes when our personal demon from hell heads to the boss room, instead of to the remaining ~8 mobs. We step into the boss room, engage on the boss, and right as I begin my rotation our masked knight walks back out of the boss room, giant salamander in tow.

We all leave the boss room again, even more confused than before, and watch Sasuke sprint torwards the remaining mobs. I’m suffering from such extreme emotional whiplash I don’t know how to react, but my ever-benovelent god graciously brings the mobs back to my position. He seems confused about why the boss did not come along with us, so he attempts to pull it back out again not one, but two more times as a horde of pihrannas rip him limb from limb. Our noble healer and possibly very dumb mage attempt to salvage the situation, but I’ve forgotten how to use skills. In the part of my brain that is still capable of coherent thoughts I think about how I’ve never seen him use Rampart. Eventually 3 pihrannas attack at the same time and our paragon of justice goes from 100 to 0 in an instant, and we wipe again. There is a moment of awesome silence, as we mortals attempt to process what had just happened, but it does not take long for a blue message to catch my eye.

“Healer I go fast btw.”

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– Mod Mhi

The 5 Types of Fuckboys

So a while ago, I came up with this theory. Because all fuckboys are assholes but not all assholes are fuckboys.
There are 5 types of fuckboys:

Type 1- The Prep
Usually includes MOST football players(and other sports), as well as most rich guys. Will deny to the ends of the Earth that they are fuckboys.

Type 2- The Stoner
Looks perpetualy high. Often has shit grades. Is probably higher than your self-esteem. Will deny to the ends of the Earth that they are fuckboys.

Type 3- The Mexican Fuckboy
(Subject to your area) Usually plays soccer, walks around saying Spanish cuss words. Sort of naturally short. Calls most teachers “Mr.” Or “Mrs.” Will deny to the ends of the earth that they are a fuckboy.

Type 4- The Lowkey Fuckboy
Possibly the most dangerous type. They don’t wear confidence on their sleeve nor are they cocky right off the bat. But don’t be fooled you won’t know they’re fuckboys till you been played. Will deny to the ends of the universe that they are fuckboys.

Type 5- The Wannabe
The most annoying type. Isn’t cute enough, smart enough, clever enough, or charming enough to be a fuckboy but they usually hang around them and act like a douche to everybody as if they are. Only there cuz they’re friends with a fuckboy.

Many guys can be two types so refer to them through slashes. EX: “He’s type ½”

Educate yoself kids

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i went to the link you posted about asexuals being less depressed the longer they identify as asexual and found this: "It seems that the majority of asexuals, nearly 70%, have had their identity challenged or denied at some point and, judging by their comments, this has happened multiple times to many of them." mood tbh

I went back to find that quote and apparently “the asexual group who had not been challenged had higher self-esteem than either the asexual group that had been challenged or the [allo]sexual group

But whatever aphobes keep telling ace kids their identity is invalid. It’s not like studies show you’re hurting them or anything /s