Congratulations to Chelsea and David on their beautiful North Carolina wedding! David, in a Purple and Gold Tattersall Bow Tie, and his groomsmen, in complimenting Yellow Gingham Bow Ties, looked handsome in High Cotton on their big day.

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passion-for-class-blog  asked:

High cotton is also a brand I'm eager to venture in, I actually just purchased a Southern Pointe button up, polo, and a few tees and the quality is great, if you haven't tried them I recommend them.

High Cotton is a brand that you should really look into. Their products are very well made and just by looking at their bow ties I can tell someone put a lot of time and care into making them. These days it is very hard to find a company that is making their products in America. Not only does High Cotton make their products in North Carolina, but the cotton is from North Carolina and only travels 540 miles from farm to finished product. They’re a company who prides themselves on integrity, honesty and making a personal connection with the customer. 

I’ve heard of Southern Point, but have not looked into them too much.