Work Some

This is probably how i would feel if i had a steady job.

This is also probably also how i would feel if i had a steady job.

do i have a steady job? no… do i want a steady job? yes… it is necessary to have a job…support yourself, ie. pay rent, bills, buy food, clothes, necessities, you get the gist. but why do people settle for jobs they don’t like? oh right…mo’ money! but isn’t happiness more important than all these things? what is happiness? 



 Show IPA noun 1. the quality or state of being happy. 2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy

But people get good fortune, pleasure, contentment, and joy from many different things…for most its material things. and who’s fuckin’ fault is that? hmm? thank you media culture and greedy ass business men for wanting more of our money. oh and thanks for brainwashing generations upon generations into thinking you’re providing them what they want/”need”
For others it’s simple things like the joy of smelling flowers, being with friends and loved ones, or being outside riding a bicycle. thank god for these people! 
anyway i could go on forever on different tangents and get lost in the mess of it all. point being…we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking “want” and “need” are the same thing…heads up cause they’re not. you NEED food, water, clothing, shelter. that’s pretty much it. but people “need” to have a BMW7 series to be happy. They “need” to screw over their co-workers in order to get a raise to buy that car.
well, all i want is a job.
-bobed a.k.a bobby pocket a.k.a. pooper tops cuddle buddy

Melanie Charles, you killed em with this one, shout outs to HighbreedMusic.
Play the Video first. Google her second.


Virtuosity...IN THE FLESH!?

If you saw a stumbling, foggy-eyed girl with an afro and pink spandex shorts today, it was me—Larissa, [Buse’s better half] on my way to putting the faces of the much talked about HighBreed masthead to the names. Down in the depths of this amazing place of diverse virtuosity, professionally maintained equipment and hilarious characters, Buse worked on and eventually came to introduce me to the magic.  Smells of dumplings and stir fried veggies, swinging jazz, and a sitar are only a few of the illin’ delights that bombarded my dome piece, and if this is what quality hard work smells and looks like already, I can’t wait to feel it at a show!

Peace, please & afrogrease,



Ooooooh! This is good! Check out Animus Rexx’s “Time Lapse” featuring BigYuki…then buy your ticket for BigYuki’s upcoming show at Rockwood Music Hall, March 14th - 10:30pm! 

Third day at Montreal

Even if the weather is not really sunny, it’s a pleasure being here! Most of people speak French, so now I can understand conversations, people are very friendly and charming, the atmosphere in the city is very cheerful and I look forward to see the Festival in the streets!

PS: It’s very weird, I feel like I know most of the clubs, bars and music venues…Thanks database!


The rest of the world

I’m sitting with in the office with Duanna, Vladimir, and Joy. We’re talking about Italy, and all the beautiful cities we’ve visited. None of us are native New Yorkers, so it’s definitely refreshing to talk about the world outside of the city with people who have actually experienced it.  :-D

Holy Bananas!


Today, before I hit the road, I got a 59 cent banana at 7-Eleven…now, either it was because I was buying fruit at 7-Eleven, or the fact that it was 59 cents, but it didn’t sit too well in my stomach.  Apparently, I am now allergic to bananas!  Who knew?  I embarrassingly broke out into hives and started scratching myself like a dog with fleas in front of The Khan AND Nikki…had to make a special trip to the bodega just to get some Claritin and I’m still scratching!  Needless to say, I will never eat a banana ever again…screw bananas.  Anytime I see a banana from now on I’m going to freaking throw it as far as possible from my eyesight. 

Anyway, now that my scratching is starting to subside, I am ready to get down to business. The Khan was telling me about his meetings last week and we have a lot of exciting projects ahead!  This week is going to be busy, busy, but for now we’re doing Tuesday cleaning.  Cheers till later.

Music We Like - King

Combined the HighBreedMusic team has a very eclectic taste in music. Ranging from the corniest pop tunes to soul-moving exclusives, we cover just about every genre. Differences aside, we can always agree on really good music. This week, we’ll give you a sample of artists we’ve been feeling in 2011.

First up:


Probably one of our favorite discoveries this year, this trio puts everyone @ HighBreedMusic in a great mood when their music plays. It’s not every day we find someone with a different sound, but King has successfully crafted a vibe that is soulful, fresh, and contagious. And they are seeping into the music systems of music lovers all over the world. The L.A. based group’s debut EP, “The Story” (available to purchase on Amazon & iTunes) has such a hypnotic effect that many times, we don’t even realize there are only three tracks. 

Where can you hear more King? They are a featured on the upcoming (2012) Robert Glasper Experiment album Black Radio.

The track is called “Move Love.” (Skip to 1:21 for the song if you don’t want to listen to the interview.)

We are definitely looking forward to hearing more creations from these lovely ladies!

Give your ears a late Christmas present! 


Thursday and Friday

Two days very specials: I feel like it’s been a while that I didn’t work! 

I found out that I have a disease, the shopping disease: since I came, I travel the city because I’m still looking for my cowboy boots. Yesterday, I found the ideal pair of cowboy boots but it was too expensive: 125 dollars for a pair of shoes!!!!! 

But I’m not done with that, no no no: when it will be 5 today, I’ll go to Beacon’s Closet. 

The searching of cowboy boots is not over.


Sticky Icky

Brooklyn is tough on those who scotch tape up things of which the local governing powers have not officially approved.  This intern had to miss the first few hours of today in the moot bowels of Summons Court.  After waiting in several long lines, I barely looked at the judge and a portly lawyer said, “Like it never happened, dismissed.”  

After narrowly escaping The Man, I took over a bit more sensai editing teachitude with the Canadian sensation Fishcracker, and we got through some more reggae tracks.  We accrued another intern today, straight from the land of good poetry and film-making.  All agree that the Frenchie is quite charming and polite, and I only hope that she doesn’t leave speaking English with an Indian accent…


Good Saturday

Happy day everyone, 

I’m in the office helping put together a portfolio for Bilkis. She’s going to be leaving us soon to return to France. I’m going to miss her, she’s an awesome person, a dedicated worker, and a constant source of positive energy. I know that she’s going to be successful at anything she does, Bilkis has the drive! (I hope she’ll want to come see us again :)

Right now: radio stations, portfolios, data bases, bookings, etc…yeah, let’s get busy.


Neighborhood Food

Once thing we’re definitely missing about Montreal is the availability of awesome food almost everywhere you go. No walking for blocks to find a place that you’re not suspicious of, or to find a good variety of food to choose from. No sir. It was all right there: bread, pastries, chicken burgers, crepes, and the glorious poutine….yummmmm!

Bilkis and I just stopped popped out for a bite…to the bodega…because there’s really nothing else around. Sad bellies indeed. If yo don’t go to Montreal for the music, go for the food! lol


Goodbye database, see you later!

Finally, I’m done with the East Coast venues; not that it was boring, I swear not, but now I can see new horizons, like writing canvassing letters for example! Yes, you read right, I can write letters now!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, your little Bilkis has become a big girl!


Carpentry and Research

Today was pretty excellent due to good vibes, and a lot of productivity.  Mikeinder and I had to move some computers around in order to gain access to some wood that needed fixing.  Buse and Scott then proceeded to immediately get down to sanding and staining.  You can see Buse’s deep concentration here:

and Scott’s enthusiasm:


Getting down and making sure the studio always looks its best. I did a lot of research today, and finished some rough drafts of bios.  Scott and Mikeinder are now back to editing some songs, while Buse continues his carpentry :)  

Till later,


Rock It!

Greeeetings and Salutations!

I was just typing away and this song came into my head, so I’m sharing.

Herbie Hancock, Rock It!

Mike just told us about how he used to go to the grocery store to get cardboard boxes to break dance on. He didn’t have wristbands so he’d cut off his socks and rock out. I can just picture mini Mike doing head spins and that throw your arms and legs thing like in capoeira. Dopeness!