//You sulk and in some miracle find your way to Eridan’s house. It took forever, your wings are broken and you’re not gonna tell him but you can’t find the glasses he gave you. You had to find a completely different way to make it to his house. Dammit all. You stumble up to the door, and let yourself in. Fuck it, you used to live here.

You look around, not too much had changed. Almost tugged your heart strings a little bit. You held the socket of your left arm and slipped out of your shoes. You felt stupid, but hey, it wasn’t your fault your arm was gone. (well not completely anyway.) 

eridan your idiot ex has arrived 

*You walk out of the bathroom after having your shower. Steam rolls out with you, that was normal for you. You know, hot, scalding steam just spewing out of your bathroom. Normal. You go into your room and throw open the closet doors. What to wear? After about a half an hour of rummaging through your mounds of clothing, you find something to wear. Nothing fancy really, just a little white dress. You were going to the movies… though Eridan wouldn’t tell you the movie. It wouldn’t really matter anyway, as long as you were with him. He was out a lot of the time and you didn’t get to see him much, but it was fine, you know he is busy.

After you are all dressed up and your long ass hair dried and hanging about, you sit and wait. He was pretty good about coming on time. You still hadn’t see Cal in awhile, he must still be mad about you dating Eridan. It’s not fair for him to treat you like that. Not too long after you sat down, the doorbell rang.  *

Walk along the beach

The last few days have felt like the longest in your life. With everything going on.. you haven’t talked to Zane yet either. But, you can’t go home in this state. You have to make up your mind. Something has to be done. You can’t leave it all hanging like this. So, you walk on the beach. Long skirt blowing with the wind that pushes the waves so high up the shore. You don’t wear shoes, you just let the water hit them, sinking into the sand with each step. This is a home for you. You’ve always loved the sea, the sand between your toes and the rush of the water. The beautiful scent that came attacking your sense with the saltiness of the great unknown. 

As you walk, you forgot exactly what beach you are on. It never crossed your mind, until you look up. There, perching on the cliff is Eri’s home. So modern , but still homey on the inside.. at least to you. Crossing your arms you stay there looking up at it, before sailing your vision back over your shoulder. You remember the races down the beach and the darting through the water.. just like it was yesterday. You shouldn’t be here..  

highbloodhipster replied to your post: hey rose, sorry about yesterda- wwhat the fuck happened to you.

wwhat other effects? And wwoww, I kinda havve to admit I like tha look for ya… er. wwell then. you feelin alright?

~ They’re nOt that bad, I guess. My hips and my rump have grown considerably larger alOng with the fact that I have the uncontrOllable urge to pail with all trOlls of the seadweller variety. ~

~ AlsO, thank you. ~

Thank you rose. I’vve nevver been called swweet. But I digress, you truly haven’t lost your powwer, it wwas inside of you all along, and I wwould be more than happy to help you re-awwaken it… if you truly wwant to. I wwon’t force anything onto you.

Oh. Well, that’s a pity.

I… to be honest, as much as I would love to relive having that sort of power and control over magic, I don’t want to. I’ve left all of that stuff behind in SBURB, a game that ruined lives. Sure we’re all better now but I think I want to wait a bit until I’m ready if you get what I mean.

highbloodhipster replied to your post: ah… hello Miss Leijon. Or… do you not go by that title anymore?
“Ah… Huntress then. How do you fair on this fine day in temporal space?”

:33 < im fairing quite well just doing a bit of writing how about you?

There you stood, covered mostly in blood.  Your hair down, your clothing a little tattered from your fall from the sky. You just looked out over the ocean, tears of both pain and anger fell from your eyes.  Nothing was right about what was going on and you just wanted to blood shed to compensate. 

You didn’t know what beach you were on, you just walked to one. The sand beneath your feet was almost melted from the heat. At this point, you wished you could actually die.