//You sulk and in some miracle find your way to Eridan’s house. It took forever, your wings are broken and you’re not gonna tell him but you can’t find the glasses he gave you. You had to find a completely different way to make it to his house. Dammit all. You stumble up to the door, and let yourself in. Fuck it, you used to live here.

You look around, not too much had changed. Almost tugged your heart strings a little bit. You held the socket of your left arm and slipped out of your shoes. You felt stupid, but hey, it wasn’t your fault your arm was gone. (well not completely anyway.) 

eridan your idiot ex has arrived 

RE: i just came out to my parents ; A ;


How’d that go? :c

jeguslasagnaa replied:

ahhhhhh how’d it go??

striderstuck replied:

i hope it went okay >3>

fluorescentnova replied:

*Hugs* I know that can be really tough. I came out to my mom a few years ago. If you need some one to talk to you know I am here.

so-pessimistic replied:

I hope it went well for you! ;w;

couchinhabitant replied:

;v; everything alright?

pocket-pixie replied:

how did it go, love?

roxyswaifu replied:

awwww i hope it went well

thanks you guys.

i told them i needed to talk, so we were sitting in the backyard, and i told them there’s this thing called pansexual, and i stumbled on the definition but corrected myself, etc. my mom asked, “well how do you know?” and that’s when i told her about my ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend. my mom said, “well i’m not thrilled, but i still love you.” so i told them i had homework and went to my room. then my stepdad came and got me and told me my mom was crying.

so i went out there and of course i started crying. told them i just didn’t want to tell them before because i was afraid they’d hate me. they told me they love me etc. i explained to my mom why i’ve been upset lately, why i haven’t been talking to certain people, etc.

gosh it was really hard. my mom hardly looked at me. but my stepdad went on a decent-length schpeel about how he and my mom still love me, and accept me, and will always support me. how they’re upset because of course, they want grandchildren one day (i have three brothers, c'mon), all that.

so yeah.

highbloodhipster entered the forest.

Unused to visitors in the cold winter months, the huntress’ pure white coat swooped behind her as she dropped from a bare branch into a snowbank below, covering all but her eyes in white, to await the visitor. Friend or foe? Predator or prey? Only time will tell.