#highballing on #clearblueskies yesterday 😉 So syked to finally try this thing! definitely a hard one!! @michaelakiersch photo #shortshorts #adidasoutdoor #sportiva #blondie #fitness #outdoors #gognarly #getgiddy #giddygirls #mtevans #areaa #colorado #rockclimbing #bouldering (at Mt. Evans, Colorado)

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVvbDGAg_NY) this is a video of a #highballer buddy of mine. This is how you pick #cherries


My friend Dan Cornella talking about his road to recovery, and how being injured should never stop you from doing what you love.

Reach for the stars! Or in the case … the crimp. What a flipping brilliant bloc this is … “faith & energy” at Ousels Nest. A little bit highball, a lot of fun. Get over there, is chalked up and ready for you!
This is the last Lancashire bouldering picture I’ll post for a while … because it’s time I put some #ifscwc World Cup photos up. Isn’t it?
Coming at you live from München … Stay tuned // LL
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#ボルダリング #arrampicata #thebest_capture #lancashire #thisisclimbing #gritstone #passion #highball #psyched (at Jumbles Reservoir)

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Light Up Glasses

Create a chic environment at your next get together by serving up drinks in these light up glasses. Each of these highball glasses hold up to 16 ounces and emits a bright and colorful light from the bottom that lights up the entire glass giving it an incredible effect.

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open starter: overlooked ocean

Smoke turns the air in the bar into a thick blue haze, and the scents of beer, spilled whiskey, and tobacco overpower everything else.  A woman sits at the bar, her hair up in victory curls and her lipstick bright red.  She’s in the process of lighting a cigarette, ignoring the highball of whiskey in front of her.

At length, she seems to give up.  She sighs and tucks the cigarette away into a battered, cheap-looking case.  Terrible habit, anyway.  A proper woman would have given it up when she got home from the Nurse Corps, but since she’s sitting in a dive bar drinking openly, she’s probably not a proper woman.

She turns her attention to the whiskey, leaves a red lip print on the glass.  Closes her eyes in obvious enjoyment.



The Grand Budapest Hotel
50ml Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
25ml St. Germain
Soda Water
Splash pomegranate juice

Served over ice in a highball glass. This Grand Budapest Hotel cocktail uses Zubrowka, a Polish bison grass flavoured vodka and the namesake of the hotel’s fictional setting. The pomegranate, elderflower flavoured St. Germain and vanilla-woodruff tones of bison grass make a drink as fragrant as L’Air de Panache. Add the pomegranate gradually for the perfect shade of pink.

50ml Campari
Grapefruit juice
Salted rim

On the rocks. Get your intern to make it for you. It’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou in cocktail form. This drink is a bittersweet Campari take on a Salty Dog cocktail. It tastes of the sea. Now go find that Jaguar Shark.

Darjeeling Sweet Lime
Black tea, chilled
Cardamom syrup
Lime juice

Served over ice in a highball glass. This non-alcoholic cocktail is inspired by The Darjeeling Limited. Sweet lime iced tea with aromatic cardamom. For the highest attention to detail use Darjeeling (of course), but any black tea is fine.


heya, I’d like to put my side account uft! It’s rank 87 with 195 mb. I will only be looking at equals or highballs on jp. Most of the idolized srs were idolized with the pink seals.

My best girls are Rin, Eli, Nico and Nozomi and my worst girls are the printemps girls aha. Feel free to contact me here on my tumblr or instagram (ushiwakaas)!

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cuervoymatine  asked:

for the asks! doll, paper, ink! :)

Doll: Do you collect anything?

Other than my ever growing need for more tarot deck and crystals I collect Pokemon cards!

Paper: What are you currently reading?

Not too much of anything at the moment actually. At most I’ve been skimming through Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.

Ink: Write a poem and post it.

Shot glasses are shot,
Highballs are tall.
Vodkas so tasty,
Pour me a shot?

Lmfao, poetry was never my strong suit! 🙈