#highballing on #clearblueskies yesterday 😉 So syked to finally try this thing! definitely a hard one!! @michaelakiersch photo #shortshorts #adidasoutdoor #sportiva #blondie #fitness #outdoors #gognarly #getgiddy #giddygirls #mtevans #areaa #colorado #rockclimbing #bouldering (at Mt. Evans, Colorado)

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World Class / Giddy Athlete Daniel Woods topping out Chris Sharma’s new line (V13) out in Bishop, California. Thanks for this epic photo homies!! @dawoods89 @sparkshopclimbing
Photo Credit: Chuck Fryberger @sparkshopclimbing
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BOOK IS OFFICIALLY IN STORES TODAY!! Let the celebration begin! I truly hope you guys like the book… Please let me know what you think. xoxoxo


Boston 8/15

DC 8/16

Austin 8/19

Los Angeles 8/21

San Francisco 8/22 http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/1C004CE99101406C


Mini book tour embarks to three cities - NYC + AUSTIN + SAN FRANCISCO!


AUG 13 
My Drunk Kitchen Launch Party @ Housing Works Bookstore Cafe  New York @ 7:00pm EDT 

AUG 20 
Geeks Who Drink and Book Signing @ The Highball 
Austin, TX @ 5:30pm CDT 

AUG 23 
Book Reading and Signing @ Books Inc. Opera Plaza 
San Francisco, California @ 5:00pm PDT

This is a VERY VERY wonderful time. 


Random things about Ono Daisuke..

From Seiyuu Grand Prix 2016 December Issue. Scans of his photoshoot here.

  • He used to actually hate his voice.
  • He decided to become a seiyuu during his college years, when he was complimented for his voice from time to time.
  • Now he’s thankful to his parents for giving him his voice.
  • Enjoys drinking beer & whiskey alone, and says highball is the best.
  • Believes dreams can’t be fulfilled on your own, but are possible if there are people by your side.
  • Wants to be able to help his kouhais the way his senpais had helped him.
  • Favorite color is blue.
  • Spends his days off drinking beer in the afternoon (until night).
  • He hates, and always will hate raisins.
  • He’s currently only 10% satisfied with himself, and actually doesn’t really like himself.
  • He’d want to be reborn as Buddha.
  • He has a voice fetish.
  • What he wants most right now is to be healthy, particularly to have a liver that’ll be fine no matter how much sake he drinks.

Q&A regarding Ono Daisuke from other seiyuu

  1. Relationship with Ono-san?
  2. What kind of person is Ono-san?
  3. A word to Ono-san.

Kamiya Hiroshi

  1. Co-workers. We often see each other for magazine shoots and in the recording studio.
  2. A guy that likes big breasts, has terrible arm pit sweat, and shaves his leg hair. Other than that, he’s a rather serious and nice person with no interests.
  3. From now on, please pay attention to your health, I pray for your sucess from the bottom of my heart. Also, do be sure to not drink too much Dr. Pepper and keep it in moderation.

Nakamura Yuuichi

  1. An oji-san I happen to work with from time to time.
  2. Although he has a gentle aura, when it comes to work, he’s someone with an unwavering conviction and behavior. He makes me feel very reassured when we’re working together.
  3. I look forward to working with you in the future.