Even after I had basic hygiene and social interactions more-or-less figured out, it still took me a long time to find my people. I had friends in high school and in college, people I had things in common with, people I connected with, people I felt close to—but I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere until I got a post-college job working in a bookstore.

Thankfully, even during the loneliest of my lonely years—CURSE YOU, FIFTH GRADE—I always had books. More specifically, in books, I found my people long before I found them in real life. These were the girls who kept me going, who reminded me that I wasn’t alone, who gave me hope that someday, somehow, I would be accepted for who I was, that I would be comfortable with my peers, that I would be comfortable with myself.

from My Fictional Childhood Best Friends

the first time i got high was with my friend and we sat on my bed and passed out watching netflix and when i woke up i was the big spoon

"Wait, did you say 36 hours?"

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One important thing to know about me is that I’m a type of person that doesn’t necessarily think you have to talk to your best friend/friends every day to still be close so if we’re friends and you ever feel like I’m ignoring you or being distant just drop me a line because I probably don’t realize it honestly.

Stoner Confession #50

so this was my 4th or 5th time smoking and i had yet to get high. My friend calls me up and says he has some northern lights. I was only 13 and didnt belive him. But despite i told him he could come over and blaze with me. When he got there it was the most amazing looking weed I had EVER seen. I made a quick gravity bong and i hit it 3, 4 times and i couldnt even begin to explain the feelings i had. When i finally got enough strength to get up i turned on this trippy playlist consisting of pink floyd prodigy and a couple others and i just got lost in the music. It sounded like it was coming at me in waves. Like i was fading in and out of the sounds. 20 30 minutes into it we go get some munchies! My mom had left for target about a hour ago so i though we were good, but i  looked down on the counter and sure as shit a target bag was sitting there!! We panicked and looked out the door that lead to the garage and her car was there. My friend still had the bottle we used in his hand so we ran back to my room high as fuck. My mom walks in as immediately suspicious. She says “what did you do!?” She sees the bottle and asks why the fuck we had it. I did some quick thinking and said “we were going to make a bottle rocket bomb” she bought the bull shit lie and hasnt found out to this day what really happened

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I find it fascinating that Justin and Lindsay are the two arists on the show and in real life, Thea and Randy are also both singers. *squeal*

Ahahaha YES!!! Those creative types, just can’t stop them. Now, if only there had been a Justin/Lindsay karaoke scene in QAF… oh, man, the song possibilities! Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)? (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life? I Got You Babe? You’ve Got a Friend? You’re the One that I Want? UNDER PRESSURE?!?!?!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!! [salivates]

The first time I ever got high I was with my friends Kyle and Steve. (Steve doesn’t smoke). Kyle and I had smoked once before but we didnt get high, so we wanted to try it again. I bought like 2 grams and after we finished smoking, I felt weird right away. I kept like blinking but everytime I blinked my eyes stayed closed and I would completely forget about it. I kept feeling like I was passing out or like falling asleep and waking up. Kyle came over to me and grabbed my shoulders to ask if I was ok and instinctively I through him on the ground. He kept telling me to stop and when I finally opened my eyes i realized I had just put his legs over his head, and I thought I was just pinning his arms down. That was when I knew me and maryjane were gonna be best friends for life. And uh Kyle too. Actual picture of what happened attached

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One time in high school this dude kept making fun of my friend because of her teeth so I waited till the time was right and brought in "chocolate"*cough laxatives cough cough* chip cookies at lunch (I had told my friends what they really were)and this guy ate like seven of them and shit his pants in the middle of class.


when a guy from junior high messages you out if the blue on facebook after not speaking for years, asks how you’re doing and before you can even respond he gives you his number and tells you to call him like no thanks bro I’d rather not


I went to the red tour Tacoma dome in Washington state 8/31/13 . It was so hot that day , I was a mess trying to make sure everything was perfect .
I miss it so much . I was 18 and just graduated high school at the time and I went with my best friend at the time , her name is Alicia and she was 20, I’m 20 now and she’s 22.
Alicia still love you Taylor
As for me I’ll be seeing you three times this tour , twice at gillete and then at Seattle !!! SO EXCITED I MISS YOU SO MUCH TAY