Undertale Tea Party Post!

I’ve completed all the recipes for my Undertale Tea Party, or as I call it, my Undertea! I hope you guys enjoy them!

1. Blueberry Spider Cider with edible sugar webs! All proceeds go to real spiders. RECIPE HERE

2. Spider Donuts! Cake donuts with blueberry glaze and Spider Cider in the batter. White Chocolate webs! RECIPE HERE

3. Snowman Pieces! Tasty almond cookies to make a snowman very happy. RECIPE HERE

4. Abandoned Quiche! Spinach and feta mini quiches too tasty to leave under a park bench. RECIPE HERE

5. Napstablook Marshmallows! Yummy peppermint chocolate marshmallows. Eat 100 of them, lay down, feel like garbage. RECIPE HERE

6. Legendary Hero Finger Sandwiches! Recover power one tasty bite at a time. RECIPE HERE

7. Papyrus’s Spaghetti Cake. Sponge cake, strawberries and yummy vanilla cream, stuffed in a teacup. RECIPE HERE