Belly: Feed The Tree (1993)

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Sarah Parramore 1 month ago

spray painted “feed the tree” on a wall in high school and got in trouble. totally worth it.

What do women like in a guy?

I wanna ask out this girl, I’ve known her for more than a year, and I hang out with her A LOT, so much that some other people thought we were actually dating since we spent so much time together. I really like her… but what if I do ask her out and she says no? I’m not shy or anything but if she says no then I’ll lose one of my best friends. Then it’ll be awkward after. Should I go for it and ask her out?

Surviving high school

I’m still nervous after family day, I have to go back to this DUMP of a school. Yes, I always call my school a dump of a school when something bad happens to me during school. There’s many things I have to face:

1. I’m the only girl in my ASD class. I don’t know what boys want to talk about because if I talk about something stupid, they will stay away from me.

2. Mean student in my school bus. When he’s very mad about something, he always hits me the most. I’m scared to go to my school bus because of him. I mean, what’s his deal against me. >(

3. My homework is bearly done. I’m afraid that they’ll fail me.

If you know everything about how to survive high school. I need some advice,please. If you’re older or wiser than me, I really need help

Please what should I do for all of these 3 problems?

when there’s finally a good vampire story and then it suddenly turns in a REALLY BAD ANNOYING DIRECTION ugh


Natasha Cornett ‘satans daughter’

Natasha Cornett, born 1979 into poverty struck eastern Kentucky, had a troubled young life. Born to mother Madonna who was having an affair whilst married to her husband, the biological parents soon separated, leaving Madonna to raise Natasha single handily in a trailer park. High school was a troubled time, alienated by fellow pupils due to unconventional behaviour, Cornett developed anorexia. By mid teens she was diagnosed with bipolar. During high school she was hospitalised for 11 days, due to no money for healthcare she was discharged, even though she was considered a danger to herself and others, leading her to drop out of high school. This period of her life she claimed to be a goth, embracing their culture even using ouija boards. Self harming, alcohol and drugs also became a part of life. At 17 she married fellow friend Stephan Cornett but it didn’t last.

Natasha became friends with several other youths, these were also claimed goths and all dabbled in occult and satanism. Edward Mullins, 19, Joseph Risner, 20, Crystal Stargill, 18, Jason Bryant, 14 and Karen Howell 17.

April 6th 1997, the group wanted to leave the poverty of Pikeville, Kentucky for the New Orleans lifestyle. It’s believed they burgled houses on route and stole a few guns. Driving in Risners mums car, the group come across a family the Lillelid’s. This family were devote Christians. Dad Vidor, 34, Mum Delfina, 28 and there two small children, Tabitha, 6 and Peter 2, they were of Norwegian and Honduran decent. They saw how troubled the teens were and wanted to convert them, instead they were kidnapped. The group drove the helpless family to a deserted Tennessee road and shot them, Peter was the only survivor but now permanently disabled.

2 days later the teens were tracked in the stolen families car trying to jump boarders into Mexico. Ringleader Natasha Cornet avoided the death sentence by a plea bargain, all 5 were sentenced to 3 life sentences.

Whilst in prison an alarm went off leaving Cornett to share a holding cell with Christa Pike, a death row inmate and another female. The duo attempted murder but only PIke was found responsible

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( hs ) ❝ i believe in dreaming and shooting for the stars. baby to be number one, you got to raise the bar!-- ❝

extrcvagance said: [hs au] —Kicking and the scatching Grinding out my best Anything it takes to climb The ladder of success

  Someone who kept their eyes open and noticed things might wonder why someone with an above average singing voice and an ambition ( and the necessary talent ) to become a concert cellist was not part of the music class. The answer was — Freya had not picked it when she had been asked to make her choice.

  This had many reasons, somehow. Perhaps it was the way some things were simply expected from someone in her family. And one of these things were that once the moment to decide came, the decision was to pick art over music. She vaguely remembered how furious her mother had been when Basil — always the rebel her mother forgot about because he toed the line so well — had rather picked music class, something that might have been connected to his then-girlfriend-now-wife who was an opera singer.

   But aside from the inevitable pressure from her mother’s side, Freya had not been keen on taking the same class her second oldest brother had taken years earlier because for as long as she had been alive, they had been compared to one another. Mostly because they were the only black-haired children amidst the bunch of blondes, but also because they had a similar attitude when it came to dealing with their mother — keeping the head down and hoping for the best.

   But this was not class. No one was looking over her shoulder, no one was around to grade her performance, to compare it to her brother’s — not that this could happen; the current music teacher was far too young to have Basil all these years ago. And there was no need to pretend that she did not know the words — Leo had witnessed more than one rather enthusiastic performance of the very song from her along the years. 

   ( She just would have preferred the part about the cello from Status Quo, not that she was in a position to actually complain about it. )

   She coughed softly, clearing her throat, before she inhaled.

Work our tails off everyday
gotta bump the competition
blow them all away

This Means War

Series: Forever Stuck in Our Youth

Chapter: None-This is a drabble

Fandom: SPN

Summary: TFW High School- Dean is causing trouble again. *sighs*

Characters:  Dean Winchester, OC-Jennifer Wesson

Word Count: 740

Prompt:  “I taught you how to pick locks and this is how you’re using that skill?”

A/N: This is a short story from @shortandlongstories and my February Prompt Challenge. We do this every other month-ish. We send each other 2 prompts and have to write a short story/ drabble based on it. One of us posts every other day. 

Warnings: Dean is a little shit, language?

Dean and I had passes to go to the music room for study hall. As soon as we were out of sight of the teacher, Dean grabs my hand, pulling me in the other direction, “Dean?”

He starts walking backwards, “C’mon…”

“Where are we going?” I giggle. Dean winks and lets go of my hand, “You will see.”

He walks with a bounce, taking the stairs two at a time and I almost have to jog to keep up as he goes into our locker bay, “Dean? Wh-…?”

“Patience young padawan.” He opens his locker and pulls out a bag. I raise an eyebrow and he just motions for me to follow. I stay half a step behind, he keeps glancing over his shoulder, giving me a mischievous grin. It is infectious, and I’m curious.

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