every time i see batman i get the urge to hold my heart and fawn, like an old church-going woman who wears fake pearls from belk when she hears her nephew caught the winning pass at the high school football game. i’m so proud. i feel like a mother lovingly watching her baby swing around on the jungle gym, telling random strangers all about how he’s grown so much recently, i can barely buy enough clothes to keep up! like every time i catch the silhouette of those pointy ears, i’m like, “ahh, there he is. dominator of the rental space in my heart. my big fuck-up baby. he had a feeling today and didn’t immediately lock himself in a cave to scream at the bats, and i’m proud of him for that. at this rate, by 2054 we’ll graduate him to two feelings. my tiny justice turtle is doing so well, i believe in him. i love him and if you take that from me i will slit your abdominal cavity with an exacto knife and feed your bloated organs to a herd of pigs.”


“A) We met at a high school football game, and Zac introduced us, he’d been wanting us to meet. But she was like, y’know she’s a trendsetter, right? She’s very fashionable, we love the way she looks, we love it! But, at the time she was doing DIY stuff. […] She took fishnet pantyhose and had it draped around her. […] That’s maybe not that weird now, but in our little Christian private school realm, I was really confused. But, she was awesome.” - Taylor York on meeting Hayley Williams 15 years ago.

advice for incoming high school freshmen

i’ve seen a lot of these posts but none of them really aligned with my experience. so here it is, how to survive freshman year from one of many sophomores in this community. please take everything here with a grain of salt. 

before school starts: 

  • you will not need nearly as many notebooks as you think you do. please, save yourself the time and money and hold off on buying them until you know how many you need. 
  • try not to get stuck in the school’s mindset of what classes you need. for example, most freshmen in my school (on a trimester system) take Bio 1, Chem 1, then Chem 2. i took all of those classes, but i really didn’t need to take bio 1 because i’m planning to complete my bio credits with AP Bio (and also bio is one of my stronger subjects). chem 1 and 2 are the only prerequisites for AP Bio, so what i should have done was drop Bio 1 and take a fine arts class instead to fill up those requirements. tl;dr: play to your strengths and don’t listen to the school when they tell you something is “highly recommended”.
  • if you’re doing a sport, please know when you have to turn in paperwork to play. don’t miss the deadline or put off your physical. 

when school starts: 

  • try not to pack too much in your backpack on the first day. paper, writing utensils, a jacket, water (reusable bottles will save your life), your lunch/money, and your student id!!! (very important) should cut it.
  • take a picture of your schedule on your phone. if you get a map mark where your classes are and take a pic of that too. chances are that flimsy piece of paper dictating your entire day will get torn, crumpled or lost. i’ve seen people say it looks horribly freshman-like if you carry around your schedule all day, if that’s a thing you worry about. 
  • if you get a class you don’t like (that’s not a required class), switch out of it asap. don’t try and suffer through it for the credits. it will suck. 
  • it’s not a big deal if you need to drop or raise a level. do what’s best for your gpa. don’t feel horribly inferior if there are freshmen taking 2 APs when you’re taking none (like me) because they probably took classes over the summer. they’re not geniuses, i promise.
  • PLEASE, try not to carry too much stuff in your backpack. at my school we don’t have lockers and my shoulders suffered because i thought i could bring a 1L bottle, three reading books, my thick jacket, and two large pencil case along with all my school stuff. 
  • YOUR SCHOOL ID IS YOUR LIFELINE. try your best not to lose it, and if you do, replace it as soon as possible. 
  • if you have the extra money, buying two sets of pe clothes is incredibly helpful. trust me on this. 
  • don’t stress too much, it’s really not as bad as it seems.

once school is well underway:

  • don’t freak out if you do badly on a test. one of my friends got a d on her midterm and ended up having an a in the class. you’ll have time to pull it up. 
  • at the same time, don’t slack either. people say freshman grades aren’t that important, especially if you show improvement in later years, but don’t let your grades go to the dogs. freshman year is the time to build good habits, and colleges really like to see unweighted 4.0s (or so i’ve heard)
  • be nice to your teachers. even if they’re demon spawn. my friend had a much nicer time than i did with our hellish english teacher simply because she talked to her a lot while i barely spoke at all. if your teachers like you they might be more willing to round your grade up or give you extra credit work. 
  • do your best to always be prepared and have your stuff with you. it’s not fun having to ask around for stuff. 
  • join some clubs. it helps with meeting new people and finding things you love. if they have competitions, it doesn’t look bad on your resume if you win any. 
  • if your school offers the PSAT to freshmen, take it. it’s a good way to look at where you are versus where you want to be come junior year when you’re eligible for the NMSQT. 
  • volunteer! get those hours in when you still have time. weekends are great if you aren’t too busy then. 
  • try to have the phone number of at least one person in each of your classes. group chats are also great, because people aren’t online all the time and you can ask a bunch of people for help all at once. don’t let them distract you, though. a lot of my group chats like to wander off topic and talk about other things. 

when studying: 

  • homework is gonna take a lot longer than it did in middle school. utilize the time you have effectively and do what it takes to make sure you’re ready to get to work. for example, one of my friends would always nap right after school for a few hours, and then do her homework later. i usually grab a snack and go on my phone for a few minutes to revitalize. 
  • if you have time during school, try doing your homework then. you’ll still be in the school mindset and people will be around for you to ask for help. 
  • try not to stay up past midnight. you really won’t need to, and you’ll be glad for the extra sleep. if you have to choose between finishing a small math assignment or going to sleep early for a test tomorrow, take the hit for the assignment and get some sleep. 

people and relationships: 

  • dating in freshman year tends to be quite ephemeral. if you don’t, good for you. no one will judge you. if you do, good for you. don’t prioritize it though, and be prepared for your friends to constantly tease you about it. 
  • don’t date people older than you, especially seniors. i know this has been said a thousand times, but for good reason. please. do not. 
  • making friends with people in higher grades is always a good thing, though! in my experience, juniors love freshmen and are probably the easiest to make friends with. they’re really good if you need some advice and you don’t have to worry about them leaving next year. seniors will honestly not care about you unless you see them often. sophomores have a reputation of bullying freshmen (at least in my school), but a lot of them are nice and will be in some of your classes. 
  • for me, high school actually had more drama than middle school. don’t be afraid to drop friends and don’t be worried if you lose any; you’ll make better ones later. 
  • a lot of the kids in my middle school went to a different high school, so i was basically starting from Ground Zero regarding friends. don’t be too concerned if you don’t click with people right away; i found most of my current friends during the second and third trimesters. 

other stuff:

  • bring a charger or a power bank to school if you know you’re gonna need it. you’ll be able to charge your phone during class (if your teacher is ok with it) and if you ask around for one chances are you won’t get it. 
  • bring snacks. most teachers are pretty chill about you snacking during class, and it’s better to have your own stuff than mooch off your friends.
  • the rules are more flexible. you can use your phone in class depending on the teacher, they even let you listen to music while they’re teaching if you have earbuds. 
  • go to the dances if you want. i didn’t go to any because i’m lazy and also i like to spend my money on other things, but a lot of my friends consider it an important part of the high school experience. football games can be fun too, even if you don’t like football (like me). there’ll be band and cheer and dance if you’re into that, and you can also hang out with your friends (the ones from the school your school is playing too!) and eat really unhealthy snacks. same with pep rallies, except no food. 
  • if your school has a newsletter or weekly news videos, pay attention to them. they usually have important information on where new clubs are meeting, spirit weeks, deadlines, events, etc. 
  • everyone is really spirited the first month or so and then after that they don’t care. follow their lead. 
  • talk to your teachers if you need help. they’ll do their best to work something out for you. 
  • there’s gonna be that one person who thinks the world revolves around them and gets on your nerves. chances are everyone else hates them too. be nice to them, but don’t hang around them. 
  • you’re not alone. everyone else is just as worried as you. have fun, and don’t sweat it. 

Powerful: Pringles Has Unveiled A Line Of Damp Chips That Won’t Crunch Loud Enough To Ruin A Moment Of Silence For Our Fallen Soldiers

If you’re looking for a company that really cares about the troops, look no further than Pringles.

Few people deserve more respect and adoration than the heroes who willingly sacrifice their lives to protect America’s freedom, and no one knows that better than Pringles, which is stepping up for the troops in a big way: The snack-manufacturing powerhouse just introduced a new line of damp chips that won’t crunch loud enough to ruin a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers.

Wow. What a powerful way to help customers show respect for the troops!

According to Pringles executives, the new line of chips will come in the same essential flavors customers have come to love, but will be presoaked inside the Pringles tube, making the chips just damp enough to replace any crunching sounds that would disrupt a somber rendition of “Taps” with a gentle, muffled sloshing. Through extensive testing, these mushier chips have been shown to be so quiet that, when eaten, it is virtually impossible to make enough noise to ruin a moment of silence for a fallen soldier.

With the new product, which they’re calling Patriot’s Discretion Pringles, customers will now be able to pull out a few wet chips, place the damp snack onto their tongues or pack it into their cheeks, and let their favorite flavors melt into their mouths, all without the fear of bringing a hero’s memorial to a screeching halt with a single, booming bite.

Patriotism FTW!

“Everyone wishes they could be eating chips when they’re at a service commemorating a fallen solider, but up until now, it’s just been way too loud,” said Pringles CEO Michael A. Powell at an event unrolling their newest product. “Before, the best you could do was settle for something quiet like mints or gum, but those bland, flavorless days of quiet respect are now a thing of the past.”

“We at Pringles know how important it is to remember those who have sacrificed their lives to protect the American way,” he added. “And now, with our line of damp Patriot’s Discretion Pringles, there is finally a way to do it without sacrificing your hunger.”

Amazing. It looks like Pringles is a company that isn’t about to let customers ruin a moment of silence, but isn’t about to let them go hungry either. Whether you’re at a veteran’s funeral, halftime at a local high school football game, or even the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the days of having to choose between tossing back a couple Pringles or paying tribute to a fallen service member seem to be over. Here’s to hoping more companies begin showing the same commitment to our troops that Pringles does!

Hypnotic| Jungkook

Jungkook is eager for one last fuck and you feel obligated to give him that

Originally posted by nnochu

Warning: Usage of weed, cussing, smut, Daddy Kink!, Fuck Boy!

Genre: Smut

Word count: 6.5K

A/N: Get Yourself some holy water.

Mistakes. The world is filled with them. Mistakes were the skum of the earth riddled in its core only to erupt taking as many lives as it could with it. Not killing them of course, just damaging them permanently. Males had this effect, not all males but specific types. The types that only saw women as a garbage bin to dump there goods into not thinking twice about it.

As years passed by this topic began to trend within boys later being called the infamous fuck boy. The world was crawling with them. People would often blink an eye not minding there existence while others were very much drooling over there existence. High school was drowning with them. Wanting nothing but a quick fuck. Jungkook was one of the ever so famous ones walking around school, eyeing women as recycling bins.  

Jungkook often referred to himself as the innovator the one who ruled the female species. He was the original while all the others were impostors. He had every girl wrapped around his finger. It was disgusting, but if i said this i would just be a Hippocratic. Sadly i was one of the many girls wrapped around his finger. I wasn’t caught up in his looks or the way he swooned me but i was caught up in the sex. Yes as much as i hated to admit it Jungkook pleasured me in a way that was indescribably. This still didn’t change my perspective on him and his idiotic ways. I didn’t even plan for this night to happen throwing me for a curve ball. We were at a trashy high school party filled with sweaty bodies and overly hormonal teenagers.

Of course with the obvious alcohol lurking through everyone’s systems everything became even more tempting. So naturally sleeping with Jungkook didn’t seem like the worst alternative in the world.

“Hey, princess decided the where something tight tonight all for me?“

I visibly rolled my eyes at his drunkenly common behavior. Funny how he always acted like this but the alcohol just intensified things making it further more interesting. Why had i just noticed how attractive it was till now but i wasn’t gonna cave in just yet. Jungkook placed his arms around my waist bringing me closer as he began talking to me in a drunken slur.

"Its okay baby you don’t have to admit it. Ill always know that i’m the only one that can make you dripping wet.”

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Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Hey lovely. Could you plz write another Bill fic where he’s babysitting his youngest siblings & your taking care of your little neighbors/cousins/friend’s kids to the park.

He watches you chase them around & pushing them on the swings etc. The kids start playing together & he finally starts talking to you (bonus if your a bookworm & don’t know he’s an actor) & lots of cute fluffiness, blushing, lip biting, etc.

Swap numbers & him being so impressed with how good you are with kids & asking you out

Warning: None

Note: Reader is 19 and Bill is like 20.

And also I’m SO SO sorry for not posting this last night my high school had a HUGE football game last night where we kicked our rival school’s but for the 17th time now so that’s why its a bit late :/!

I legit thought oh I can finish editing when I get home cuz it should end around like 8.


We were stuck in the parking lot and traffic for about 2 hours so I arrived home around midnight and of course it was a school day and we had a pep rally so I’m exhausted af and I just went straight to bed.

So that’s my excuse.

But it’s out today and I’ll post hopefully 3 no guarantees.

Anyways enjoy!

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Everything going on was blurry and like you were in a black and white movie.

You were sitting on a swing lightly swinging back and forth. A boy your age was beside you his handsome laugh like an echo in the wind. His face was blurry but you could still tell he was tall and handsome as hell.

You were biting your bottom lip and blushing, looking down at the ground where the toe of your shoe was gently digging a small hole into the soft soil beneath your feet. The man took your chin and lifted them up to look into your eyes and you felt your face heat up continuing to bite your swollen lip.

He leaned towards you and you gently stretched your neck out your eyes drifting close…only inches away. You could smell his cologne that made your skin prickle with goosebumps…millimeters.

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Tell Me I’m Pretty | One

Originally posted by thedis4design

Prompt: Artist!Reader x Jughead.

Warnings: Angst, bullying, possible mentions of suicide later on. There could be violence and mentions of death, so please, be careful when proceeding to the other parts!

A/N: Hope you like thissss!!!

Song Of The Chapter: Trouble by Cage the Elephant

We were at the table by the window, the view,
Casting shadows, the sun was pushing through.

Y/C/H hair pushed to the side, while droopy eyes scanned a sketchbook filled with unfinished works. A golden sun dipping into the horizon provided slivers of lighting through the blinds of the window you sat by. A melted milkshake sat next to the open book, the beverage barely sipped out of as the cherry had sunken to the bottom of the glass at this point. Your mind was wrecked with ideas, so much so that your hand couldn’t even move because you didn’t know what would come out on that paper. Lyrics to a song that nobody wrote? A sketch of the boy you had been admiring from afar as you sat in the comfort of your booth? The essay that your English teacher had assigned during school hours?

You decided to sit back, leaning your head against the booth while a delicate sigh escaped your lips. The atmosphere at this little diner was relaxed and quiet, so your lonely presence wouldn’t be too out of place. Usually, on Friday nights, the people in this small town would much rather gather at the club or go to a high school football game than visit the diner on the corner of a less travelled street downtown. You were thrilled to spend no  time around peers that knew of  you at school. You had already paid for whatever you ordered, so nobody was waiting for you to leave the booth and make the diner slightly more empty.

Nobody cared to invite you to these social outings, mainly because whenever you were new to the school and people wanted to be your friend, you shut them down. You weren’t too fond of kindling friendships with people who’d be out of your life by the time they broke eighteen. You’d much rather write poetry and sketch the pretty people who made this town just a bit more interesting. Those who flourished in the attention of their close friends and buzzed about on social media. Their existence brought you something new to study, the student body’s lack of morality, and the constant movement, drama, and rivalry between inner circles.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a figure sliding into the seat across from you, your eyes landing on the boy you had been looking at nearly this entire time. Jughead Jones III, a fellow student in your fifth period English class. He sat three seats to your left, and he always managed to catch your eye through quick side glances. His presence, though, caught you off guard. Not once had he spoken a word to you, but he was always enthusiastic when it came to English.  A strand of his raven black hair fell over his forehead as he rested both forearms on the table, lacing his fingers together while they interlocked; he looked as if he was about to interrogate you, of course. With Jason Blossom’s murder still being a mystery, everyone had to be questioned in this little town. You hadn’t even thought to speak a word, you were practically stunned by his sudden decision to appear before you.

He had a great group of friends, ones much more popular and had a respectable reputation that was spoken about around the halls. His best friend’s name was Archie Andrews, a talented musician and athlete, who seemingly had better luck with girls and friends, because there was always people surrounding him. Jughead’s friends were practically the core of popularity, a mixture of underclassmen who thrived from the admiration of their fellow classmates. You didn’t despise the group. These were the things that you had paid close attention to, for your life would never be as interesting as theirs, so you vicariously live through what could have been for you, and sketch these scenes out in multiple hardcover books stacked on your desk at home.

His lips curled into a half-smile, “Y/N L/N, right?” Jug reached over to grab a french fry from your untouched basket that you ordered nearly half an hour ago. You raise an eyebrow, his behavior causing you to think he sat across from you as a result of a stupid dare. If you weren’t so terrified of confrontation, you would have swatted his hand away.  This was the first time you’d ever been approached by a fellow student and peer in what felt like forever, and your nerves were already being poked at.

“Yeah… Jughead Jones?” You watched as his ocean eyes crinkled when he grinned. He was quite gorgeous, but the way he spoke so carelessly and cockily… You surely questioned his intentions.

“Correct. Now, what’s a girl like you doing here on a Friday night?”

Yeah, this was either a joke to him, or a sick dare. You roll your eyes, closing your sketchbook, “I came here to grab some dinner, which you so rudely interrupted.” With a soft, amused sigh, Jug chuckles.

“I guess, if dinner means old french fries and a completely full milkshake with the whipped cream nearly melting off the sides. All of the food idle and untouched. Don’t deny that you were burying your nose in a book. Oh, and don’t think I didn’t see you staring at me as well.”

You cleared your throat, a rosy tinge burning the apples of your cheeks, “How could you tell? When your friends were here, you didn’t even look my way.” You were right, and as you tilted your head to see that Archie, Betty, and Veronica had left, he rolls his eyes, scoffing at you. Maybe they went to see the second half of the high school football game, maybe they all had to go home, these were the thoughts that plagued your mind instead of what was occurring in real time.

“Because I was staring at you too. You didn’t catch me when you were gazing into that book.”

Spoke a lot of words, I don’t know if I spoke the truth.

“Well I-”

Jug shushed you, leaving you utterly confused as to what could have been the catalyst to spark this interaction from him. “I heard you’re an artist.” His voice was dripping with mere antagonism, but from the other side of the booth, you shrugged it off and nodded, answering him with a quick, “I am.” Your words were small, almost nervous.

“Mind showing me what you’ve been working on?” The false curiosity seething from his pink lips formed a lump in the your throat. You then shook your head, your hand itching to reach for the book that sat in front of you. “If it has something to do with Jason Blossom, I’m not part of it.” You said shakily. Jughead didn’t take no for an answer, and his hand snatched the book away. He was too quick, and you ended up slapping the table with your hand in an attempt to rescue it from his grip.

Without opening the black book, he held it with a tight lipped grin and narrowed eyes. “Why can’t I see? Is the quiet girl scared or something?”

Got so much to lose,

An exasperated huff  came before a weak, “Maybe. Hand it over.” And that only fueled Jug’s curiosity to delve further, he wanted to push this girl, get her to talk. Lord only knows why he was causing you this anxiety, maybe it was a silly crush, an immature dare, or just him going out of his way to investigate you for a murder. It was beyond you, and your blood began to boil.

Got so much to prove,

And with that, he opened it up, “Fat chance,  Y/N.” His fingers turning the pages to the very first, and you winced, your cheeks no longer holding a rosy blush, but a red hue in embarrassment and sheer anger.You were the topic of conversation at the table with the core four. They always saw you sitting, staring, sketching. That’s all you ever did, so Jug took it upon himself to delve into the rumors that were whispered from one group to another. Harsh, sure. But it’s high school, behavior like this was expected and tolerated by anyone and everyone. His investigative spirit just added to the mess.

God, don’t let me lose my mind.

“Called it.” His eyes never left the pages. The book was dedicated to the groups at Riverdale High, Archie laughing with his friends, Betty and Veronica in their River Vixen uniforms, and Jughead with his crowned beanie. Admittedly, you had talent, a gift for capturing these moments, but his eyes soon widened when he noticed you incorporated yourself into the social scenes. Some small panels where you sat next to Jug on a bench, sketchbook in your lap, his laptop open on his. Some were of you in a pretty prom dress, in a River Vixen uniform, or just sitting with his group of friends.

“Classic stalker. Is this why nobody ever sees you looking up from these damn things?-” A sudden pang of guilt knocked him right in the stomach once he picked up his head to see your doe-eyes glazed over. His smile faded into a look of concern. Clearly he wasn’t thinking, and boy, did he regret it after witnessing the hurt look on your face.

“Please,” You motioned towards him with a shaky hand, asking for the book. Jughead didn’t have the guts to argue, so he handed it over to you, watching as you held it to your chest as if you were protecting a newborn. With a quick motion, you slung your backpack over your shoulder and kept your head down as you rushed out of the diner. This left Jughead with a sinking feeling in his stomach and the realization that he shouldn’t have sparked trouble with you.

And the whole weekend, he was riddled with the idea that he needed to talk to you again to mediate the tension and apologize. Even if you despised him, it was something that he had to do.

I’m a rising sophomore in college now, so high school may seem far away in the past. But, the useful information I learned in high school has never left my mind, and this post is to share all that! High school is a pretty big leap from middle school, and if I had all this information when I had started, it would’ve made transitioning a whole lot easier. Luckily, I managed to have a smooth and successful time in high school, and you will too!

  1. Plan. I cannot stress this enough. Get a planner straight away. If your school provides one for you, great! If not, just head over to whatever general store or office supply store closest to you. For me, Target has never led me astray. With all the extracurriculars available to you in high school, jot down club meeting times, your sport practices, music lessons, and so on. Not to mention, a lot of students end up getting part time jobs, so jot down your job schedule as well. And most importantly, there will be lots of due dates for assignments, projects, and tests in your classes. Keeping all the dates in one handy place ensures you’ll be organized.
  2. Figure out school supplies. In high school, some teachers will require you to buy certain school supplies, such as a specific binder or notebook, while others don’t care. Buy the required, and then figure out which other supplies you need. If you like notebooks, get them. If you’re more accustomed to binders, get those. Be sure to label all of your supplies, especially your calculators. Graphing calculators don’t come cheap, and replacing one is a pain in the butt. Chances are you won’t need all the coloring supplies you used to bring (which is a shame because I for one love colored pencils), so condense your supplies into a smaller pencil pouch. The bare necessities are: black pens, #2 pencils, a red pen, a blue pen, highlighters, post its, and a good eraser (because math mistakes happen.) 
  3. Map out your classes before the first day of school. That way, navigating the crowded halls during passing periods is a lot less stressful and it’ll let you get to the classroom quicker and pick a good seat.

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Content warning: alcohol mentions

I never really worked in customer service (at least not yet) but I did do some volunteer work in the department.

One day I volunteered to work a JV high school freshman football game.

During the match, a woman walks up to the window, and despite the fact that there was another window, and I had another person working the window I was at, I was the lucky person to get to help the in between middle and old aged lady that came up to the window.

She asked for a specific brand of beer and I was completely thrown for a loop. I managed to get over my shock enough to say that “Ma'am this is a high school football game, we don’t have any alcohol here.”

I had barely finished my sentence before she waves her hand and says “It’s ok. I don’t drink on Fridays anyway.”

It wasn’t until my window partner pointed it out a few moments later that we all realized something else was strange with her statement. It was Saturday, not Friday.

I’m so confused as to why she thought a bunch of 16-17 year old people would be able to handle and sell alcohol and that she thought we’d have alcohol at a high school game 😫

Preference #8: They Get Jealous

Will you please make a preference of when they get jealous? {REQUESTED} 



Darry didn’t get jealous often, he was secure and rather rational, but sometimes his emotions overrode his logic. Darry wasn’t one to act irrationally, he couldn’t afford to when he was raising his two kid brothers. But he also refused to let you be harassed in front of him, and sit idly by. So he calmly approached you and the young gentleman who persistently kept trying to gain your attention, and subtly let him know you were off the market by wrapping an arm around your waist and gently tugging you behind him. He stepped closer to the oblivious twat and let him know that if he caught him talking to his gal again, he’d make him swallow his teeth. 

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Together- Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: none fluff? (Peter and the reader just graduated from high school, so this takes a couple of years after the events of homecoming)

Word Count: 1,036

AN: I’ve been sick and busy with school and work, but I hope this makes up for not having updated the exchange student in a while! I promise the next chapter will be up by the end of the week:)

Peter had always been your friend, ever since you could remember. You two just seemed to click when you met in middle school, and your friendship only became stronger and stronger as the years went on. You were there for so much, the near-death experience in DC, Liz moving away, Peter unveiling himself as Spider-Man to you, and he was there to support you through your dreams of becoming a pathologist. He was there to help you study, to keep you company when your parents were gone, and to distract you from their fighting if they were ever home, which was rarely. You did have a crush on him, one that stayed consistent as the high school years came and went, all the way to senior year.
Peter was awkward, but a cute awkward. He was funny and smart, and had this way of making you feel better just by hugging you. He was supportive and genuine. And his smile. You loved his smile, you loved being the reason he smiled. You suppressed your feelings throughout the whole Liz crush era, and you were there to comfort him even after she left, because you were a good friend. You were there for the mini MJ crush that he had for like two months. And you were there when he dated Chrissy from chemistry junior through half of senior year. Each time it hurt, but you were afraid to admit your feelings. You didn’t want to ruin your friendship. So, you just smiled and supported him through the various girls.
Ned and MJ both knew about your crush on Peter, but being the great friends that they are, they never told him, but only with the condition that you would tell him by the end of senior year.  You agreed, but time snuck up on you. It was graduation night, and you had gotten a ride from MJ so that you two could get there early. Under the blue gown, you wore a black dress that fitted your figure perfectly, and although it was simple, you looked amazing in it.
MJ nudged you, and you looked up to see Peter and Ned walking towards you two. “You know, your time to tell spider boy here about your crush on him is almost up, with your party being tomorrow, so what’s it going to be? Have you even invited him?’ MJ asked. You hushed her and smiled as Peter got closer.
“Of course, I have, he’s my best friend.” You mutter under your breath, knowing that was a lie.
Fast forward to the next night, and after a quick text invite, Peter is at your rooftop along with MJ, Ned, and your other friend Amie. You had hung up fairy lights and set up some blankets and pillows to lounge while watching movies from your projector that you had set up with MJ’s help earlier on in the day. It was pretty much a very relaxed ambient, nothing too over the top to celebrate your graduation.
At one point, after getting slightly jealous of Amie and Peter chatting away endlessly, you excused yourself and walked over to the edge of the building to look out at the skyline. Working up the courage to tell Peter you’ve liked him for a long time was hard, and you didn’t exactly see the point of it if you were going to go to a university different from his in a few months. You didn’t even know if your friendship would survive the strain of distance.
“Hey.” Peter walked up next to you and looked out at the city. You glanced over at him and smiled gently.
“Hey is for horses.” You say, earning a chuckle and an eyeroll from him.
“Do you remember how we met?” He asks suddenly.
“Of course. Modern history with Ms. Chavez. I’m pretty sure she hated us for being so obnoxious.” You say laughing. Peter chuckles.
“And then our first high school football game?”
“You hated it, but I had so much fun.”
“That’s the only reason I ever even tagged along, because you wanted to go.”
“You didn’t have to, I could’ve been perfectly fine with Amie. You even went to homecoming with us too.”
“Oh, don’t remind me. And to think I even worked up the courage to ask Liz as my date.” You look away quickly down at your hands.
“Yeah, very brave. Even though you ditched her.” You teased softly.
“We both know why. Plus, for what it’s worth, I had a much better time with you at prom this year than I probably would’ve had if I had stayed for the whole dance sophomore year.”
You laugh, shaking your head. “You only asked because Aunt May forced you and you didn’t have a choice. I would’ve been fine.”
Peter shakes his head, looking over at you with a serious expression on his face. “I asked you because I wanted to, not because May told me to. I wanted to get the honor of seeing you in a pretty dress and to slow dance with you.”
Peter lifts your chin so that you’re looking up at him. “Look, I-I suck at saying things but MJ and Ned swore they’d tell you if I didn’t, so I guess I wanted to do it before they did. Y/N, I really like you. Like, a lot. And it’s okay if you don’t, I’m totally cool with it, I don’t wanna ruin our friendship, but I guess… I guess I just wanted you to know.”
You can feel the heat rise to your cheeks after listening to Peter’s words. You open and close your mouth like a fish, unsure of what to say. You can feel Peter getting nervous with the silence as more and more time passes. Of course MJ and Ned tricked him into doing this too, just like they had done with you. Later they would be hearing it from you, but for now, you had this.
“What about- “
“School? I don’t know. I guess we can figure it out, right? Together.” Peter cuts you off and smiles. He takes your hands in his, stepping closer to you.
“Together.” You smile.

Isn’t it always amazing that Louis and these girls only know how to “make out” in front of these fans? Like there’s no other believable thing they could do to convey they’re a couple? Like body language, or flirting or sharing food, etc etc etc.

Nope, these fans always say they’re “making out” like they’re under the bleachers at a high school football game and there’s 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter so they gotta really make it count before their moms come pick them up.


Danny Phantom sat on the bleachers at an Amity High school football game. It was weird being at a school event. Even weirder in ghost form, with Batman, Superman, and Man Hunter all in costume, next to him. They were getting weird looks, but that was to be expected.
No one had felt like changing, they were all tired. Why an alien criminal had felt like hiding in Amity we didn’t know, but Wonder Woman and the others were taking him back to the tower.
At the end of the fight, superman heard the beginning of the game and asked if anyone wanted to join him. Danny was more watching the heroes. Man Hunter was learning more about human culture(so he said, probably wanted to know what drama these teens were into). Superman was really into it. Cheered when Amity scored, booing at bad calls. It was hilarious. Batman was silent, and facing forward.
“You ok?” Danny asked.
“You’re school needs to work on its offense.”

Football Game- Tyler Joseph (smut)

Request- Something hardcore yet sweet with Tyler like they were at a football game or some shit and the girl keeps teasing him. 

A/N- I sorta changed it, but I hope you still like it. I know it’s not all that good, but I’ve started to loose a bit of motivation to write lately.

“Hey, you ready to go soon?” Tyler asked when he came up to your room and kissed you on the cheek.

“Do we have to go?” you asked wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. “My parents won’t be home tonight, we could have the whole house to ourselves.” you said trying to get out of the plans.

“You should probably grab a coat babe.” Tyler suggested pulling away from the kiss with a smirk on his face.

You were going to a dumb football game with Tyler and his friends. You rather spend the night under a warm blanket with your boyfriend then with his friends at school.

“Come on really? You rather go to another dumb high school football game than hang out with me?” you asked grabbing one of Tyler’s hoodies from your closet.

“I’ll be hanging out with you, just not the plans you had planned.” he said sitting down on your bed as you applied a few touch ups of make up.

“I didn’t have any plans, what do you mean?” you lied and you could see the grin on Tyler’s face grow.

“Don’t lie to me, you were trying to get me to have sex, weren’t you?” he said standing and moving towards you.

“Well maybe, but just because we haven’t done it in a while and I really want you Ty, please?” you asked nicely and he chuckled.

“I’ll be in the car, hurry or we’ll miss the entire game.” he joked as he left your room and went out to his car.

You let out a sigh and finished getting ready. You went out to his car and he gave you a smile when you got in the car.

“You look great in my hoodie.” he said as he drove out of your driveway. You wore this on purpose, he always loved you in his clothes.

“I’ll look better if I wasn’t wearing it.” you said and Tyler’s eyes widened and you could swear you could hear his breath hitch for a moment.

“Y/N, don’t say stuff like that infront of the guys.” he said as you pulled into the school parking lot.

“No promises.” you got out of the car and went towards the football field. Tyler trailed behind a bit

“Hey look who finally showed up.” one of Tyler’s friends said as you both sat down next to the group.

“Were only 15 minutes late.” Tyler said.

“You know what can happen in 15 minutes.” another friend joked while gently punching Tyler’s shoulder.

“Oh yeah, that’s where you were. Way to go Joseph getting some.” a third friend joked and all his friends were laughing.

“Guys shut up.” Tyler said holding back laughter.

You glared at him before standing.

“Where you going?” he asked following you to the end of the bleachers away from this friends.

“To find some of my friends. I’ll meet you at the car at the end of the game.” you said kissing him deeply before leaving.

You heard some whistling from his friends and a ‘get it someplace else Joseph’ and you rolled your eyes.

You found some of your friends sitting on the other set of bleachers.

“Oh hey Y/N, where’s Tyler? I thought you were coming with him?” Claire asked as you approached them.

The entire bench was full, but you were pretty close with James so you sat down on his lap. You two had been best friends since kindergarten so it wasn’t weird for you to sit on his lap.

“Yeah you said you couldn’t come with us because of your dumb boyfriend.” James joked.

He joked about how you didn’t hang out with him as much now that you were dating Tyler, but it was just to poke fun at you.

“He’s on the other set of bleachers. His friends were making sexual jokes and I got uncomfortable, so I came to look for my best friends.” you said pinching James on the cheek.

“His friends are all dumb jocks, don’t let it bug you.” Claire said.

You continued to sit on James’ lap until half time when Tyler came over to you. You were in the middle of laughing at a joke James told you when Tyler cleared his throat.

“Oh hey Ty.” you said cheerfully.

“I’m leaving. Coming?” he said sternly.

“No. I’m having a good time. Go back to your friends and I’ll meet you after the game like we said before.” you said back, knowing he was mad at you.

He wasn’t mad, he was more jealous because you were having fun with your friends and not him. The fact that you were sitting on James’ lap only added to his jealousy. Laughing and having fun with James was making him extremely jealous.

He huffed and walked back to his spot. The rest of the game you could see Tyler watching as you hung out with your friends. It was almost fourth quarter and you were standing cheering for your school’s team that just got a touchdown. You went to sit back down, but you tripped and fell onto James.

“Woah, you okay?” he asked you, both your faces really close.

“Yeah. Sorry about that, I’m such a klutz.” you laughed it off and stood back up.

“Y/N your hand is bleeding. Let’s go to the concession stand, they must have something to bandage that up.” James pointed out while taking your other hand and dragging you down the bleachers.

You were standing waiting for someone to get you a band-aid and something to clean the cut out when you felt arms wrap around your waist.

“What’s up Tyler.” James greeted.

“You okay Y/N? I saw you walk over here and you looked hurt, so I wanted to check and make sure my girlfriend was okay.” he said, exaggerating my girlfriend.

You felt his breathe on your neck and his lips brush lightly against your ear.

“Yeah I’m fine.” you said trying to ignore the chills that were going up your back. “Just a small cut is all.”

“Here you go Y/N. Let me clean this for you.” James started to take your hand, but Tyler took the band-aid and alcohol swab out of his hands.

“I can take it from here. Thanks James.” Tyler said and James looked at you. You shrugged your shoulders and he walked away saying good luck under his breathe and chuckling.

“Okay what the hell Tyler. What’s your issue?” you asked once he started cleaning your hand up.

“Y/N you were awful close to James and I know you guys are just friends and you consider him a brother, but I was uncomfortable.” he said.

“I’m sorry Ty, but you still had no reason to be a total dick to James. He was just helping me.” you said and he finished putting the bandage on.

“Well maybe I don’t like people touching my girlfriend.” he said and the chills were back. “Now what do you say we head back to your place?” he asked, but it really wasn’t a question.

You two started walking back to the car hand in hand.

Once back at your house you unlocked the door and Tyler pushed you inside quickly.

“Tyler what are you doing?” you squealed as he picked you up carrying you to the living room.

“I’ve been waiting for this all night. Don’t lie you wanted it earlier.” he said kissing your neck.

“Not here Tyler. My parents sit on this couch.” you said and he picked you up again, this time you had your legs wrapped around his waist kissing him.

He somehow navigated himself to your room and placed you on your bed never breaking the kiss.

“I love you Y/N. I’m sorry that I was rude earlier, but I just can’t stand seeing other guys touch you. I want you to be mine forever.” he said between kisses.

“Tyler shut up and get undressed.” you said sick of hearing him say he was jealous.

You weren’t one to like apologies and you didn’t really think he needed to apologize.

“Oh I see how it is. You’re so eager to get fucked, is that it?” he smirked while pulling off his clothes.

You rolled your eyes at him and pulled off your own clothes. Now just in you bra and panties and him in his boxers Tyler placed his hands on either side of your head and sucked on your neck in the place he knew drove you crazy.

You moan quietly and he continued while running his hand down to your thigh. You felt him rub your core threw your panties and you let a moan slip through your lips again.

“Tyler no more teasing.” you begged.

“Anything for you.” he said and he stood up.

You unclasped your bra and removed your panties while he took off his boxers.

“I knew you would look best without that hoodie, or anything for that matter.” he said climbing back on top of you.

“I love you.” he said lining himself with your core.

“I love you too.” you kissed him and felt him push inside you.

You found yourself moaning uncontrollably as Tyler left hickies on your neck and collarbone while thrusting in and out of you.


“I know me too.” he quickened the pace bringing both of you closer to your climax.

It only took a few more thrust before both of you were moaning each other names as you released.

“You’re right we shouldn’t have gone to that football game.” Tyler said out of breath.

“What do you mean?”

“We could have done this earlier and multiple times.” he said smirking at you.

“Who said we have to stop. My parents won’t be home for another 2 hours.”

“Round to in the shower?” he asked.

You nodded and he jumped off your bed and headed towards your bathroom.

Alex Summers + “You’re lying!”

When a sullen looking Hank McCoy walked up the cobblestone path of what had been yours and husband Alex’s home, only to tell you he had died you don’t really remember what had happened next.

You can sort of recall Hank’s lanky twig like arms going around you, keeping you from falling to your knees, and you can semi remeber your hands clap over your mouth, muffling the loud heartbroken wails that were coming from you. And you can be faintly certain of the fact Hank had then carried you inside your home, to the dark twade couch Alex had once loved.

You’re lying!” You said into Hank’s shoulder, his pale fingers running up and down your back as he tried to sooth you.Your own hands hand left your face and were now on his light blue button up, balled up into fists

“I’m sorry,” Hank choked out. Alex had teased him when they first meet, Alex had still teased him despite nearly twenty years of knowing one another, but they were friends and now like so many of his friends Alex was gone.

“I am so, so sorry,” he whispered into your hair, rocking the both of you back and forth.

“Mommy?” A small tired voice sounded from the top of the stairs, both you and Hank froze. Well Hank did, you had just bursted into another fit of loud.

A tiny girl, no older than four years old, with a sharp jawline and pigtails, and a ragged plush bunny toy dragging behind her, clambering down the stairs with a concerned look on her face.

“Uncle Hank?” She cocked her head to the side, not understanding why her uncle Hank had tears in his eyes or her mommy was red faced and gasping for breath.

“Hey Rosie.” Hank didn’t mean for his voice to sound so thick voice, it had just happened. Rosie looked so much like you, but at that very moment Hank could only see Alex in her young features.

He could feel your shoulders shaking, but your cries quite as you rub your eyes, trying, and failing to rid yourself of tears.

“Why are you and mommy sad?” Hank felt your grip on his tighten. Your mutation was the ability to talk to and control animals, not super strength, and yet the way you clung to him, like he was the only thing keeping you grounded to the world, almost made him wonder if you had gained another ability.

“W-We should wait until your brothers are home,” Hank said to Rose, making his chest tighten around his hurting heart even more than it already was.

Alex had left behind a wife and four kids, the youngest being Rosie, a four year old who would without a doubt forget what her father was like within a few years, and Chuck, the oldest, being a fifteen year old who’d feel the weight of being the new man of the house.

He than thought about twelve year old AJ, Alexander jr, and how that boy would never get the awkward ‘birds and the bees’ talk from his father when he came of age, or how ten year old Sean would never get to hear his father’s proud cheers from the sidelines when the boy won his first high school football game.

“Okay,” Rosie agreed, lightly before cramming in between you two. Her tiny arms wrapped themselves around you and squeezed tightly. She was such a good girl, a daddy’s girl. Your eyes meet Hanks as your lip quivered and though neither of you possessed telepathic abilities he understood the question: ‘How am I going to tell my kids?’