Your Fault

Your Fault by Valeada

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Length: 2148

Rating: T

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, High School AU, Brief Jess Moore, Brief Amelia Richardson, Homophobia, Oblivious! Sam.

Summary:  Growing up, everything was always Gabriel’s fault. Until it was Sam’s.Essentially, Sam has his head so far up his ass he is completely oblivious of Gabriel’s feelings for him, while simultaneously avoiding his own feelings for Gabriel.


Teen!Sabriel with pining Gabriel, oblivious Sam, and their friendship/relationship being shown throughout the years? I’ve hit some sort of jackpot with this story! I am in love with the way the author developed Gabriel and Sam’s relationship, and the ending was perfect! - Gisselle

High School Sabriel AUs are always a great find because so many of them center around Destiel. I love how the author writers the progression of time, I love Gabriel baking cooking for Sam. I basically love everything about it! - Lauren 

Science AUs
  • I accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg, if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester
  • You caught me looking at your answers in the lab but you really need to let me keep copying you, please, I have no idea what i’m even looking at under the microscope
  • No one should look as good as you do in safety goggles
  • could you please stop saying “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”???? it’s fucking physics
  • you keep messing up this titration and if i see this solution go bright bloody purple one more time i will beat you with the measuring cylinder 
  • i’m sorry i keep messing up the titration
  • i fainted during the dissection and you’re the one who caught me

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

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Library AUs
  • You’re in my spot AU
  • It’s a week before finals and you’re actually sitting in front of one of the computers on a laptop??//??
  • You found me crying in the corner because I have no idea what my assignment even is
  • You keep requesting the book I need so I can’t have it the whole time and we leave each other passive aggressive notes in the margins
  • “Can you please help me reach the book up there? I’m too short to reach it and you’re the hottest tall person I’ve seen around”
  • I don’t mean to sound like a creep but I couldn’t help but notice you borrowed my favourite book and I just wanted to tell you that you’ll love it
  • I don’t mean to sound like a creep but I couldn’t help but notice you borrowed my least favourite book and I just wanted to tell you that you’re gonna hate it
  • Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way and I can hear your music
  • I fell asleep and you’re the person who woke me up when the library started closing

I don’t want high school student aus I want high school teacher aus

please give me awkward teachers in love with each other and their students who work so so hard to shove them together please

Avengers Academy looks so good, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. I still can’t believe we’re getting an official high school au, everyone is so freaking cute.

Also, I hit 1k followers a couple days back!! Hello and thank you to all you lovely people, you can expect a lot more activity from me once finals are over. XD Speaking of which, I should really get back to that and stop doodling fanart..