Cherik + Emmoira high school au where Charles x Moira and Erik x Emma are considered the “power couples” of the school but they’re not together at all, people just think they are bc of heteronormativity and stuff and they think it’s hilarious

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Can you give me aus about two asexual biromantic girls that like each other and one of them is into sports and tall and the other one is shorter and into musicals and the performing arts and it's set in either middle school or high school?

I’ll do my best, though this is already specific enough that I think it’s sort of an AU in and of itself!

  • “We keep bumping into each other in the halls but never spoke until a shelter in place drill sounded and now we have to hide in this empty classroom together for who knows how long.” AU
  • “We’ve both become members of the student congress as representatives of our activities (a sports team and the theatre club) so we have to make some decisions together.” AU
  • “You’re like 11 feet tall and have the bottom locker below mine so either I have to sit on your shoulders or we should switch.” AU
  • “You got theatre put on your schedule by mistake but hooold on there you can’t transfer out, I have the perfect role for you (and you’re super cute) … come on, please?” AU
  • “I was rehearsing my lines instead of paying attention during PE and you kicked the ball straight into my face and so long as you didn’t break my nose you have my heart.” AU
  • “This rude body over here was hitting on me in a very explicit way and didn’t understand what asexual meant so you rolled your eyes and stepped in to tell him off (my hero!).” AU
  • “I heard really amazing singing after school one time and tracked it down to the locker room… are you telling me that voice belongs to someone not in my theatre troupe!?” AU
  • “My upcoming role is of a sporty girl but I haven’t touched a ball in years, do you think you could please teach me some basics please please pretty please?” AU
  • “I saw you practically juggling those props and set materials during production so PLEASE tell me you’re trying out for softball with that arm.” AU
  • “We both broke up with the same guy for trying to impose his sexual fantasies on us.” AU

Hope this helps!

California Beautiful (Part one)

Imagine being with Sam the summer after high school graduation, but he leaves due to his family moving around.

Sam x reader

Author: Muffin

Parts so far: Part 1

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You sighed heavily as your mother pestered you to be careful, annoyed smile on your face. Setting the final piece of clothing in your bag, you turned to look at her.

“Mom, I will be fine.” You assured, kissing her cheek, zipping the hard suitcase until it was nice and ready to go. She didn’t look so convinced, admiring how beautiful and grown up you looked. Tears were welling up in her eyes, and you took that queue to hug her. “Momma… I’ll be okay. Sammy is gonna take care of me.” You added that in, knowing how much she liked Sam.

That seemed to do it as she passed you your graduation money- well, what was left over from buying an apartment not too far from your college. “Bye mom!” You waved, getting in the car, headed to pick up Sam.


“SAMUEL WINCHESTER!” You screeched delightfully as he splashed ocean water in your hair, encouraging you to play a game of tag with the already 6′2 giant. You laughed as you stood up, chasing him with your shirt clinging to your body like no tomorrow. Suddenly, he stopped, causing you to slam right into his chest. 

Sam laughed, wrapping his arms around you. “Samuel Winchester, what? What are you gonna do, shortie?” He poked the nickname, causing you to slap his wet, bare chest. He winced playfully.

“I’m gonna turn you inside out.” You leaned into his chest once again, pecking a small freckle there. He giggled, and it caused you to snap your head up. “What on earth was that?” 

Immediately, he turned defensive. “Nothing!” Sam cackled. “I’m so excited… all summer, I get to spend it with you and not my…insane family.” The hazel eyes that he owned locked onto yours, showing how appreciative he was. You knew he didn’t like the traveling and wanted to get into Stanford. You had never met his father, or brother for that matter. You heard endless things about his brother, but his father was a mystery to you. 

“I’m glad you’re away from all that crazy.” You muttered something about why his family did it, in the dark of this crazy charade his family played. “Could you please, please tell me?” You begged quietly, giving him your best puppy dog eyes. Well, one that matched to par with his.

“Y/N…” Sam sighed heavily. You could tell he didn’t want to, but the past year had been magical for you. He knew everything about him, and you were curious. “Alright, alright…”


The summer had been longer, but somehow, it felt shorter, as Sam got a call from his father. You rolled your eyes, feet still sandy from the dancing you two did. It was the best, really, but you had gone almost 2 months without one word from his father, and now he was ruining the day. Sam clicked accept, holding it to his ear. “Hey dad…”

“No, we’re hanging out- what? Dean’s hurt?” Sam shot up, like someone had almost jumped him. “What happened?” Sam ordered, only getting a few sentences. “Yeah, yeah I’ll be there. Okay. Bye.”

Slowly, Sam hung up his phone, eyes sad and sorrowful. He turned to you. “Hey, Y/N, I need to talk to you…” You sat up, watching him sit down across from you.

“Shoot.” You sat up. “Is Dean okay?”

Sam sighed. “That’s the problem… He has to get surgery and Dad won’t stay with him… I have to go across the country and I won’t be back for months-”

“Sam, are you breaking up with me?” You asked bluntly, trying to hide the sorrow in your heart. Your eyes were welling with tears, waiting for him. He hesitated, then leaned forward, kissing you deeply. When you broke away, you felt tears leaking down your cheeks. “You are… You are…”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N… I don’t want to, I want to be here forever…” Sam whispered, kissing your face, every inch, then his mouth to your ear. “I will come back, I swear. I promise you, I will come back for you.”

After you had somewhat calmed, Sam held you in his grip. “Sam?” You inquired.


“Stay with me for the night.” You told him, feeling his chin nod above your head. “I love you, Sammy.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Hey guys! This is part 1, it gets better, and I feel like this was a little lame. I love y’all!


If you ever think “hey I wanna write a fanfic for this au…never mind they’re already a lot of those” fUCKING WRITE IT! Because I bet there’re people out there who fucking LOVE those au’s and needs someone to write more for them
fUcKiNg WrItE iT

Anonymous asked: Prompt: “It’s not gay if it’s practice…” … “but shit that was actually really nice wanna practice some more?" 

Author’s note: I haven’t written a High School AU in ages, and this prompt just screamed HS!AU, so here you go. ;)

“I’ve made up my mind, I won’t do it.” Castiel stated determinedly as he dropped his pencil and forcefully closed his biology book. “I don’t care what Anna says, I’m not going on that date.”

Castiel’s best friend Dean, who was sitting across from him, glanced up from his notes at Castiel’s sudden outburst.

“Your choice, I guess. But your sister means well, ya know… You’re almost eighteen, Cas. She just wants you to get some action.” He said, shooting Castiel one of his trademark winks.

They were in Castiel’s backyard, sitting on the grass, doing homework while at the same time soaking up some sun.

The two of them had discussed this topic before, several times in fact. Apparently Anna deemed it necessary to set her brother up for a date with a friend of hers, but Castiel had no intentions of taking this Meg girl out, even though he’d never met her and for all he knew she could be his perfect match. The reason that he was so opposed to giving the girl a simple chance? That very reason was currently staring at Castiel with bright green eyes that turned a special shade of emerald in the afternoon sun, wearing a lopsided grin that compelled Castiel to stare at a pair of full pink lips. Lips that were constantly beckoning to Castiel, as if they wanted nothing more than to be kissed.

If only… Castiel didn’t stand a chance, he was sadly aware of it. Regardless, that knowledge didn’t magically make his crush disappear, and what was the point in dating when you were already in love with someone else? Even if that someone else was your straighter-than-straight best friend. Castiel suppressed a dejected sigh, then forced himself to look away from Dean Winchester’s glorious face, staring at a nearby flowerbed instead, observing the bugs that buzzed around it.

“I understand that she’s merely trying to help, but Meg is not my type.” He gave Dean his default excuse for whenever the subject of dating was brought up.

“Yeah, because you can totally know when you haven’t even met the chick.” Dean scoffed.

Castiel didn’t have to turn and look to know that his friend was mockingly rolling those pretty green eyes.

“Believe me, I know.” Castiel insisted.

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assetsational said ‘stucky teenage makeouts on a US flag bedspread’

so here’s some of that 90s era high school au I still haven’t got around to writing AKA the one where bucky’s on the swim team and steve’s mom works out they’re in love before they do

and then they make out to savage garden and think that nobody has ever been in love like them

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Hey! So, I fell over at the weekend and broke my elbow. 27 years old and the first bone I've broken. I was wondering if you could write some sterek to cheer me up so I don't feel like such a twat?

[i hope your elbow feels better and is well on its way to healing! have some high school au + sterek + obliviousness]

Stiles scowls, wincing at the pain and switches hands, grabbing for the box of cereal with his right hand. It feels weird, off balance, but he can do it. The bowl and spoon are balanced precariously in his other hand, somewhat hindered by the cast, but he can manage this. He pours a healthy amount of Froot Loops into his bowl, biting his lip and crooning in satisfaction when he succeeds. Milk is next, and it’s a bit more difficult with the gallon jug in his non-dominant hand. The jug is a new one, too, heavy and full, and Stiles only wants so much–

The jug tips over, spilling milk everywhere, and Stiles curses as he tries to upright it, only to knock his cereal to the floor.


He misses Scott already, and the first week after he broke his elbow his best friend had gallantly been there for him to be awesome and help with all these random things. And it totally wasn’t at all different from any other summer, hanging out with Scott everyday, Stiles didn’t even notice his entire arm was in this huge cast. He could still play video games fine, watch movies with Scott and laugh at his jokes.

But Scott got wrangled into spending a weekend with his dad in San Francisco, and now Stiles has nothing to do except his summer reading for AP English next year.

And he’s going to have a huge mess when his dad gets home, this is the worst.

Stiles kicks at the mess with his foot, and then jumps up when the phone in his pocket buzzes.

He finds a text from an unknown number that reads, did you finish the first part of the reading yet, we need to start planning the analysis section.

Right, someone from his literature group probably. Stiles types back, ITS THE FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER CHILL and then wipes the milk off his phone. Gross.

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• jily get paired up to raise one of those lil fake babies (and of course there are more boys to girls in the class and remus and sirius get paired up (and their baby probably ends up dead or dying by the time eight weeks are over))

• james and lily who aren’t really friends but are far from enemies. they kind of just exist, with small acknowledgements of each other but nothing much

• james hangs out with the rest of the marauders and lily sticks to mary and marlene and frank and alice although the latter two seem to be gone most of the time

• so they’re in health class one day and the teacher assigns them as partners and james is pretty happy (i mean I would be too if i were working with lily evans for an entire eight weeks)

• turns out that there are uneven numbers in the class and remus and sirius end up being paired up (their baby dies within a week because sirius leaves it on top of the urinal and forgets it)

• they decide that lily has it during the day and james has it at night, and they swap every week

• james and lily spend a lot of time together because of the baby (there’s a lot of midnight phone calls, mostly because they’re both v spiteful and in a ‘if I’m not getting a good night’s sleep, I will make sure that you’re not either even if we only live two doors down from each other’ kind of mindset)

• so there’s lots of afternoons in the dog park where they do their homework with the baby (which james christened ‘elvendork’ after james realised that the baby had no genitals.

• “you can’t just say that the baby is a girl or a boy, so to be safe lets name it elevndork because its a highly commendable name and also–unisex

• (the only thing the baby really had were unnervingly green eyes))

• “kind of like you, evans”

• they they go the the dog park with elvendork straight after school a lot and they’re in uniform and they get more than one dirty look from a member of the public who doesn’t realise that the baby isn’t real

• they’re kind of relaxed about it, james goes to lily’s house and they kind of just toss the baby at each other while eating and chatting

• james insists that he show lily that he is very capable of doing push ups with elvendork on his back. shirtless, of course

• lily just rolls her eyes

• they don’t go to james’s house (despite mrs potter doting on james, lily, and elvendork) because sirius lives with james and like hell they’re going to let sirius in a house with two of these things, like ffs who let him have one in the first place

• remus doesn’t really care for his baby either. he’s kind of ‘eh’ about the whole situation and he ends up rigging it so that it screams whenever elvendork comes within two metres of it (james is not impressed)

• (there’s probably one point in which james and lily almost kiss but elvendork starts crying and ruins the mood) (they don’t talk about this certain moment again)

• eventually eight weeks is up and they hand in their baby and get a surprisingly good mark

• remus and sirius hand theirs in but remus has fiddled with it again so all it does is swear in german

• james realises that he likes lily and catches up with her before the day ends

• “hey evans, even though elvendork is gone I thought that you might want to go to the dog park after school to do some homework?”

• and naturally, lily says yes

Freshmen problems || neverwholelahey

The start of the school year was always exciting for Peter - not just because of his favorite classes but also the freshmen. There was one in particular who caught his eye…even though he proved to be awful at lacrosse during the tryouts, Coach Finstock benching him. Which was perfect because that meant he could still join in during practice and Peter could watch the way his long legs moved across the field. Sometimes he tackled him unnecessarily just to get his attention.

He did the same thing today, though the tackle was rougher than usual and he landed mostly on top of him with a grunt. Instead of getting up straight away, he waited a few moments longer.


ao3 link, part 1 → 1.6k

Soulmates AU where people are born with a tattoo of the first words they hear their soulmate say + deaf!cas & nerd!dean

Castiel didn’t put much stock into soulmates. He couldn’t fathom why such a plethora of people would rely so heavily on the concept. The tattoos appear from who knows where, laying stagnant on your arm, and, yet, everyone is so apt to become a slave to the string of words. Sure, it’d be nice to find someone with compatibility guaranteed, but c'mon. It couldn’t be all that it’s cracked up to be. Maybe he was bitter because he grew up without a mark, or maybe because he couldn’t hear his soulmate, even if he had one.

Maybe the grass is green, and the sky is blue, he thought.

He knew he didn’t have a tattoo-couldn’t, really-because listening to his soulmate’s voice just wasn’t in the cards for him. It would have been so much easier if the markings had been, like, a picture of his match, or something. And if money sprouted from sighs, we’d all be millionaires.

Instead, this strange system targeted his weakness and turned him into even more of an outsider than he already was. He would never know the first words his soulmate said to him. He was stuck just making do with a guess and hope. Even if he didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the idea, he secretly wished he knew what the fuss was all about. At night, in the quiet of his room, he would imagine what his tattoo would say, or act out scenarios of his first meeting with his soulmate. The wonder and eventual satisfaction must feel like flying, or maybe falling. These bouts usually ended in puffy eyes and broken glass.

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so while we’re on the topic of high school aus

“listen it’s the last 15 minutes before school is let out for spring break don’t you keep fucking making that annoying as shit face at me from across the classroom i see you motherfucker do not make me come over there” au

“we are sworn enemies for life and i honestly really do hate you but i forgot my lunch money and now you’re offering to pay could you please not brush my hand as you hand over the money oh jesus christ do not tell me that ur blushing” au

“so you asked me to keep your kitten in my locker for a week because of a bullshit reason that i don’t even remember but its been a month and im actually getting really attached i even named her after my favorite character from this obscure book series that im really into so don’t you go and try to fucking tell me that youre just gonna take her back i swear to god i will fight you in the middle of this hallwayau

“this school field trip to the amusement park is honestly my own personal hell im just going to be in the kiddie area for the rest of the time oh yeah you can come with me i don’t give a fuck – shit wait did the bus leave without us” au

“oh so you think you can just fucking throw food in my hair from across the table think again hoe i just threw my apple core in your soup lmao stupid bitch thinks they can even attempt to fight me but wait just hold on one second because i know that you did not just throw a flaming hot cheeto on my white shirt oh its on—wait goddammit the lunch monitor saw jesus christ we both have detention in the same goddamn room and i swear if you start flicking eraser pieces at me i will literally set this room on fire” au

“so i thought that today was pajama day but apparently it was tomorrow and not today and i didn’t pack a change of clothes and – oh youd actually be willing to give me some clothes tysm omg wait where is the spare pair of clothes oh jesus do not take your actual clothes off and give them to me please stop undressing in the middle of the hallway” au

“haha hey dude wouldn’t it be fucking hysterical if we just climbed over this fence while the pe teacher isn’t looking and just walk over to the starbucks around the corner lmao sick wait shit they caught us abort mission abort mission godDAMMIT theyre running after us its either turn ourselves in or make a break through those woods” au

“so i got caught texting during class and now my phone is with the teacher but my parents would whip my ass a thousand times over if they knew what happened so would you be willing to pose as my guardian just long enough to appear and say that ill never do it again” au

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*Criança Neve had been doodling away on her notebook add she waited for the teacher to start the class. English bored her, the sound of her grade ten classmates bounces around. She smiles wickedly, spotting the new kid get told to introduce himself*

*matt was shoved in to his first class by his jerk of a twin then before he could look back his brother was gone* Matt: Oh..shoot..*he whispered under his breath, gripping on to his guitar case, scone I didn’t know what to do with it he was stuck with is the rest of the day* Matt: Uh…h-hello! My name is Matthew..anarchy…*he looked down as he blushed in embarrassment*