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What are some gendernuetral terms for royalty?

Your highness, your majesty, the ruler, and person in power are the ones I can think of. If anyone knows more feel free to add them!


A ship full of boys needs a precious gem to help find their lost mentor, but the Princess who owns it won’t give it up without a fight. The simple Search and Rescue mission soon becomes an adventure holding the fate of the entire Poseidon Ocean in the hands of a ship full of children.

Zack Underwood: Stand-in-Captain of the Chronological Voyager (Chrono for short). His real position is First Mate to the ship’s owner, Sir Ortin Mahlson, the greatest adventurer in the Seven Seas. Native from the Desecrated Island of Nila, he comes from humble roots, the son of the Royal Fitter and Seamstress. He holds resentment to anyone rich (Noblemen, besides the Royals). Zack was the first of many of Mahlson’s boy students, when the man decided to begin teaching boys how to sail and the wonders of the Seas in the Seven Kingoms. Zack has been his student since he was 4, and knows the most of all the young crew about Mahlson’s journals and studies, and has a vast knowledge of the seas. He is proud and secretive, and only the crew knows why he is so cautious around the newcomer. His pride is challenged when Princess Melissa refuses to give him the Gem he needs to find Mahlson, and he finds himself having to work with a stubborn yet pretty Royal.

Milo Murphy: Orphan found on the Island of Auria. While Zack is proud and strict, Milo is the optimism needed on their journey. And he is for good reason, being cursed since birth. Found with a stray puppy by Zack at the age of 4, Milo has been part of Mahlson’s students since the beginning, and has known nothing but the Chrono as his home. Milo is nimble, and his alertness has gotten the Chrono out of many a sticky situation. While liked by the entire crew, only Zack is brave enough to spend more than five minutes within twelve feet of Milo (that isn’t to say Zack isn’t aware of the Murphy Curse; he just sets it aside half the time because they’re best friends). When Melissa joins the crew, Milo immediately befriends her, much to Zack’s dismay.

Princess Melissa Chase: Princess and only daughter of the King of Soleah, the Island Ruled by the Daylight and the Seven Kingdoms’ Strongest Defense against outside foes. She longs for adventures beyond her Island. Her father has become anxious, and this keeps him busy and away from her. Her only companion is her handmaiden Amanda, and the High Princess, daughter of the High Rulers of the Seven Seas. That is, until she “kidnaps herself” aboard the Chrono, striking a deal with the young Captain for the Gem passed down from her father. Learning that the ship belongs to her Hero and Inspiration, Sir Mahlson, Melissa refuses to leave. She enjoys challenging Zack and competing with him, and thinks only of adventure, until she makes a discovery that threatens the friendship between Zack and Milo, and the safety of their ship.


And yes, Diogee has 4 peglegs.

@spatziline​ and I will eventually give away more of this AU, which includes several adventures and two giant ones. Zack and Meli’s friendship is reversed in this au, where Zack has known Milo forever instead of Meli. Many more MML characters will show up. We also have music to go with everything, and a Map of the Seven Islands.

More BG info to come with more fun of course 8D

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So, about medieval warfare and magic. You said you had a lot to say about integrating magic to a medieval worlds and militaries.

Yes, I do. It’s one of the more irritating things I see in traditional high fantasy.  The people of the world don’t take into account the magic that exists in their world. If magic can be learned, it will become a part of the power structure of the world, finding uses in everything from war to statecraft to even the smallest aspects of life. When medieval armies act in the same fashion as their historical counterparts, without incorporating the differences, it’s a huge red flag that the worldbuilding was not done to my satisfaction, and, even if I elect to continue reading, I’m going to spend all my time picking out the logical errors and complaining rather than enjoying the novel.

So, with that being said, how can a writer include magic into their world in a wholly organic fashion? This requires thinking long and hard about what magic is in your universe, how it works (and how it doesn’t), what it can do, and how common it is. I’ll preface this by saying that these are simply my opinions and things I find appealing in a good setting. You may not like them, and you may even think the things I’m complaining about are things that you enjoy. That’s fine.

Anyway, let’s go examine what we need to do, and provide some examples, so your worlds can be as seamless as possible.

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*cracks knuckles* okay, let me lay this out for ya


- If y'all have seen The Birth of Evil then you know that Aku is a tiny fragment of an eldritch abomination that fell to Earth and was accidentally given a consciousness through a failed magic spell. fucking none of that has to do with humans or even organic life. that black thing at the beginning of Birth of Evil didn’t have a gender, so stop assuming Aku MUST be a dude just because he has a beard and a male voice actor.

- I’m assuming that you’re the same anon because you made the same mistake both times: unless someone has a habit of referring to themselves in the third person, which Aku does not, you will never use gendered pronouns to refer to yourself. You will use I/me/my, which remains the same no matter what gender you are. and that’s all Aku ever uses. as for calling himself a king, it’s quite possible that he just figured that’s what the supreme high rulers among humans are called and thus it would be appropriate to call himself that. there are also non-men throughout history who have called themselves kings for that very reason.

- yes, Aku knows what gender IS, but that doesn’t mean he has one or understands what it works. I know what the Theory of Relativity is, but don’t fuckin ask me to explain it to you. he’s a trickster and he’s not above using human weaknesses and shapeshifting against them, which includes turning into Ikra, showing him very comfortably transforming into a woman doesn’t exactly help your argument that he’s cis.

- consider the fact that in Aku’s Fairy Tales, he cast himself as Little Red Riding Hood, and later tried to cast Jack as Cinderella’s evil stepmother and stepsisters only to have one of the children point out to him that Jack is a man. almost like he wasn’t quite sure how that worked and the comedy came from his ignorance!!

- where the fuck do you get Aku being straight from, he has literally never shown even the slightest sexual attraction to anyone or anything??

in conclusion: Aku isn’t cis so git gud

YOU GUYS… HOW, WHY????  300, seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I’ve been doing this for what, six months?  *flails about*  So, without further ado…

First, I’d like to mention five personal blogs (because they don’t always get love from rp blogs) that I adore and whose writers/creators make me very happy. @llehnsherr and @fassmaan for your lovely Jenna creations and yes, all the other ones too!  @joexjuliana  you feed my High Castle gif addiction and you’re crazy for letting me borrow them whenever but I love you for it.  @toostubborntocroak your commentary is lovely and I enjoy reading it!  AND @annachibi your blog never fails to make me smile!


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  • Me, a Desi Jew: *Stumbles into a magical world through the back of a wardrobe*
  • Talking Woodland Animal: Welcome! We have been waiting for your arrival. As prophesied, you will now become the high ruler of our lands and reign for a thousand years.
  • Me: Uh...this place looks pretty rural. What's the size of your Jewish population here?
  • TWA: The size of our what???
  • Me: Jewish population. I mean, how the fuck am I going to rule for a thousand years if we can't even get a minyan going?
  • TWA: B-but the prophesy!
  • Me: I'll see you your prophecy and raise you a Desi grocery store with decent chivda ingredients.
  • TWA: *faints*

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Do you have any hcs about how Mori, Fitzgerald, Hawthorne, and Steinbeck would go about trying to court someone they were interested in?

Mori Ougai

  • Before he begins his pursuit in earnest, Mori consults Elise. No matter how much you’ve piqued his interest (probably quite a bit, considering that he’s chasing after you for more than just what’s in your pants), the girl has to give you her stamp of approval. Without Elise’s favor, the match will simply fall apart; thus, he checks sooner rather than later. She’ll tease him of course, denying you initially, but after he’s begged enough she’ll grant the go-ahead. After that, there’s no shaking the leader of the Port Mafia.
  • Mori’s a textbook gentleman whenever you’re together. Many of the manners completely lost on younger men manifest in the Port Mafia’s leader. He never neglects to pull out your chair when you sit, or offer the crook of his arm, escorting you wherever you wish. Mori’s hands remain exactly where they belong; he never tries to sneak in subtle, ‘accidental’ brushes to somewhere a bit too sensitive for mere acquaintances. No matter what you’re wearing, he keeps his eyes out of danger, as well (at least, you’ve never caught him eyeing you up).
  • Despite his manners, Mori makes his intentions perfectly clear. There’s no way you can misinterpret his politeness for indifference. He’s constantly inviting you on lavish ‘outings’ (titling them as ‘dates’ would be much too forward, after all) and slipping subtle hints that he’s after more than just your friendship.
  • Especially if he’s not getting the response he’s after, Mori’s immediately orchestrating schemes to draw you to him. Though she doesn’t exactly approve of the Port Mafia’s leader seeking after you, Kouyou is often brought into these missions; such a game is simply too tantalizing for her to pass up. Regardless of whether she’s drawn to you personally, Kouyou’s often in your company. At Mori’s request, she fills your ears with countless tidbits and gossip about his genuine liking for you, teasingly prodding you as to when you’re going to accept his hand.
  • While he wouldn’t dream of putting you in actual danger, Mori orchestrates menacing situations to see how you react when confronted with threats. Getting serious would shove you in harm’s way whether you like it or not, and he needs to be assured that you can handle the stresses of being a target. Plus, the way you cling to him after he ‘saves’ you is a delightful side benefit.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

  • As soon as you attract Fitzgerald’s curiosity, it’s no-holds-barred. He’s determined that you’ll be his. With his money, attracting you will be a piece of cake; at least, that’s what Fitzgerald initially thinks. At every opportunity, he throws lavish parties, invites you to all of his various properties scattered around the globe, showers you in elaborate, expensive gifts, claiming that the ‘simple trinkets’ remind him of you. Fitzgerald waxes poetic every chance he gets, and when that doesn’t stick, he just tosses money at you in hopes that you’ll swoon.
  • If his cash doesn’t interest you, Fitzgerald is only that much more hell-bent on making you fall in love with him. Ever since he entered the world of the rich, that’s all anyone’s ever been drawn to. Fitzgerald decides he needs to know what makes you so different, and there’s no way he’s going to let you slip out of his grasp without finding what makes you tick.
  • Fitzgerald, like any ruler of high-society, is intimately acquainted with the power of rumors, and he will do anything to get people talking. All of his butlers and maids are encouraged to spread word about how often he’s at your elbow, the looks that swim through his blue eyes when he’s focusing on you, the fact that he’s been looking into romantic travel destinations recently. Fitzgerald’s hoping that the juicy details trickle down to your friends and family, eventually; he knows that he’s a hell of a catch, and anyone that truly cares for you should encourage you to make a move before he gets sick of chasing you and moves on. The gossip mill is Fitzgerald’s subtle way of tactically surrounding you, ensuring that he’s on your mind 24/7.
  • Fitzgerald doesn’t fully reign in his dramatic tendencies, but he does calm down around you. While he’s still a show-off, hoping to impress you with all of his numerous qualities, he wants to communicate that he’s not just an airheaded fop, on the prowl for pretty arm candy. Fitzgerald fully understands that his showy personality might make you think he’s after you just so that he has someone to chase, and he’ll do anything to assure you otherwise.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • When Hawthorne discovers his feelings for you, he’s a bit lost. Flirtation isn’t something that’s closely examined in theology textbooks; at least, not the respectable ones. Hawthorne doesn’t believe in fooling around with attractive lady he sets his eyes on, either, so he hasn’t exactly had much practice. Despite this, he’s convinced that wooing you won’t be so hard.
  • Hawthorne is more reserved at first; he dreads getting tangled up with someone he doesn’t truly care for, as his sense of duty would force him to stick with them. He doesn’t flirt at all until he’s completely sure that you’re exactly what he truly wants. Because of this, you might get some uninterested vibes when he first starts pursuing you, but don’t give up on him! Hawthorne’s only ensuring he doesn’t rush into something he’ll regret.
  • At first, Hawthorne’s quite casual with your conversations; much of your talks together seem built of only small talk, polite commentaries of the weather or what’s been headlining in the news. If Hawthorne hasn’t used these little chats to convince himself that he’s not really harboring feelings for you, though, your talks together will take an extremely sudden turn into deep topics, almost entirely without warning. Hawthorne can’t stand chitchat; at least, not when he’s truly trying to get to know someone. Once he’s sure that discussing such questions with you won’t make you uncomfortable, he starts in on the topics that’ll truly show what kind of a person you are. Your opinions on what life’s really about, what happens after death, if there’s any set ‘good’ and ‘evil’; this is what Hawthorne uses to color a picture of what you’re really like, and to determine if his feelings for you are more than a passing whim. Philosophy sessions, though they might not be romantic, exactly, are what bind his heart to yours.
  • Before he starts pursuing you in earnest, Hawthorne drops hints at his interest. While he doesn’t give a damn if anyone else is after you, too, he’ll back off if you’re looking at someone. The last thing he wants is an awkward confrontation and needlessly hurt feelings because he proved too bold. As soon as you pick up these hints, and start leaving a few of your own, it’s the last push Hawthorne needs to entirely make up his mind. At this point, he practically considers you engaged.
  • Though he’s gradual, and respectful as a perfect gentleman, Hawthorne seriously commits to romancing and makes surprisingly direct moves. Once he’s firmly made up his mind, he’s determined to show you just how much he really cares. Soon, lingering touches start happening more and more, Hawthorne taking every opportunity to brush his skin against yours. You’re often surprised with kisses; they’re light, and innocent, and pressed against your knuckles instead of your lips more often than not, but there’s no mistaking that’s what they truly are. Hawthorne’s suddenly surprisingly bold; there’s no mistaking the message he’s trying to send.

John Steinbeck

  • The moment Steinbeck decides you’re going to be his, you’ll know. He’s so open that only a brick wouldn’t pick up on the fact that he’s in pursuit. Hugs that last for a few beats too long to be just friendly, entirely shameless heated gazes that clearly show what’s on his mind, countless little tokens of affection ranging from sweets that his mother baked to books that he thinks you’ll enjoy; you’re not safe from any of it. Somehow, though, he knows how to keep just enough distance so that you don’t feel trapped or like he’s clinging to you
  • Though he doesn’t frame it as a date until he’s entirely sure you’re interested, Steinbeck invites you to every family function from Easter dinner to birthday celebrations. Anyone he’s pursuing needs the Steinbecks’ stamp of approval, and he figures it’s better to ensure his family adores you now than risk them rejecting you when he’s head-over-heels in love (he’d still marry you, of course, but it would be a hard decision between staying true to himself and letting down his family). Plus, he can’t wait to see how you react when his younger siblings inevitably accuse you two of dating (especially if he tells them yes, actually, you are, just to make you blush).
  • Pray that you don’t have a floral allergy, because with Steinbeck around, you’ll never escape the flowers. He quickly ferrets out what kind of blooms are your favorite, and from then on, they’re growing everywhere around you. Whether they be arranged in a bouquet for you and left with a sweet little note like ‘Y’know, I still think you’re prettier than these’, or sprouting all over the earth by where you work, flowers surround you at every turn. Maintaining the plants around you is Steinbeck’s subtle way of telling you you’re always on his mind.
  • Steinbeck invites you on outings practically everywhere, and once he’s certain that the term ‘date’ won’t send you running for the hills, that’s what he starts calling them. Even if he still hasn’t asked you to be his yet, he’ll still title every trip together a date. And there are a lot of trips together. Steinbeck’s a farm boy completely outside of anything he’s ever known, after all; so much piques his curiosity, and he figures there’s no better person to experience all of these new things with than you. Expect completely out of the blue calls from Steinbeck, inviting you along to some off the wall restaurant with boiled squid sushi, or to a farmer’s market a few miles outside of Yokohama’s borders. Nothing is too strange to drive Steinbeck away, and you can bet that if he’s running into something odd, he’ll make space for you to run into it, too.

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Do you think female Astartes have to happen, do we need them?

Short answer: Kinda but not really, we have a lot of amazing female characters 40k and Fantasy. The fact how people almost ignore all these female characters but then turn around and demand more female characters pisses me off. That, and while I would like to have some female Astartes, I also know they may be possible physiologically but not with how the Imperium functions currently. There are also other smaller problems that get in the way. It’d be nice, but I wouldn’t be sad if it never happens.

Long answer:

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Hi there dear! I love your writing soooo much 💜 Could I possibly request a drabble/headcanon-mabobber of older Noct and his s/o dancing? Have a good day :)

(Hopefully this is what you were looking for! Thank you, friend ♡)

Noctis, after surviving what he’s gone through, isn’t the same as he used to be. He’s older and wiser, yes, but he’s also tired and haunted. If you look close enough at him when he lets himself slip, you can see his demons. The one thing he can still cling to, aside from his friendship with the boys, is his youthful devotion to his partner.

His coronation ball. Insomnia halfway rebuilt, but needing a king, not just an unofficial one. The remnants of Lucian high society, and the rulers of the neighboring states, all gathered to watch the rightful king take his father’s place. A flurry of silk and lace, jewels and lights. An opulent and political affair. Noctis, clad in the finest garb left over from the Fall, was put on display and set to his birthright.

He didn’t enjoy it at all.

So it was logical that he would slip away, pulling his now-spouse along by the hand. They let out protests, but he soon hushed them. They ran breathlessly through the building’s hallways, laughing like they used to when they were young.

“Noctis- what are you doing?!” They panted for breath, smiling as they stopped in a large room. A muffled echo of the musicians from the main hall rang out through to them, haunting. He pushed open a door to the balcony, and for a while they stood and stared out at the lights of Insomnia late at night. Noctis’ face dropped for a moment, feeling guilty about the regal status he had.

Soon, he placed his hands on their waist and began to sway gently to the distant pulsing of a waltz. The whole world seemed to dissapear as he pressed his stubbly chin into the crook of their neck before spinning them around and cupping their cheek.

Their feet moved perfectly in sync, a casual version of the dancing he learned as a prince. Their hands slotted together as if they were made for each other, and for the first time in years, Noctis’ smile was the same as it was the day he first sat in the seat of the Regalia and waved his now lover, former friend off through the window. They spun and twirled, fabric rustling in the cold night as they melted together and pushed the world aside. Noctis pressed his hand to their cheek and leaned in, kissing them chastely and resting their foreheads together as they continued to sway.

In that moment, he wasn’t the king. He wasn’t plagued with the memories of his past. He was dancing and in love and young again and smiling and softened and freezing to the bone and spinning like a madman and himself again.

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You managementness, high and mighty ruler of the station; I wish to draw my mortal interpretation (no tentacles) of your inexpressible (no tentacles) glory, and would seek your (no tentacles) approval for such a (no tentacles) commission, and further, permission to send the (no tentacles) image to your (no tentacles) indescribable majesty.


ColdFlash AUs

Since I’m a huge fan of all AUs imaginable, I thought I’d make a list of ColdFlash fics that are available right now on AO3 :) 

1. this is not a rec list, simply a list of AU fics I could find for ColdFlash.
2. the fics have to be ColdFlash-centric… other pairings can be included, but CF plays the main role :)
3. I decided not to list time travel/dimension travel, since those are kinda canon-compliant in my opinion XD
4. The fics can be both WIPs (or series) and completed ones.

If you know about any fics not listed in herefeel free to let me know and I will add it. (Also if you see your fic and you would like it removed/moved to a different category etc.)

UPDATED 20/4/16 (new ones marked with *)

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  • the original 6 sfrj mods: Oligarchy. A collection of few delegated to rule - they have created rules to self-govern themselves and to remain just in their reign.
  • the fall of mod silver: The beginnings of a Tyrannical Oligarchy. The benevolent are taken from us by the corrupt, who twist the self-governing laws for their own gain. The Paragons are lost to us and power is shifted to the Renegades.
  • the reveal of modsonamy and the banning of mod shadow: Betrayal and an attempt at Monarchy. The weakest link has learned it has been used and lied to and now that it is no longer needed, it is discarded by the high rulers.
  • the arrival of mod knuckles and mod sally: Communism. all have suddenly become equal under the unbiased eye of Knuckles the Usurper. mod sally is recruited to balance the levels of Paragon and Renegade and mod knuckles cracks her exterior with heated debates.
  • the banning of mod knuckles: Assassination. the rules are twisted once again and the keeper of the peace is lost to us. mod sally stays hidden and mod amy seems to have become overwhelmed with all the pain that has been caused for her and mod sonics quest for power.
  • mod super sonic: Dictatorship. There is only one true ruler now and all will answer to his demands. It is The Beginning of The End.