Kyungsoo, once lost at very young age in deep woods of Nature, was found and raised by wolves.

The pack - his new caring family - has raised him with a different point of view and sense of morals. Any human growing up among others of the same kind could never comprehend. These traits make him an exceptionally good ruler, treating all species in his land equally and believing strongly in right of his deeds.

His Majesty The Royal Eminence, The Most High and Potent Lord W.F. Seunghyun Lee, by the Grace of all VIPs Ruler of Tumblr, Sebastokrator of Instagram, Emperor of Jiyongia. Amazing portrait by Allan Ramsay (circa 1765)

@choiseunghnngh found the photo so I’m able to post Blonde Lord W.F. Seungri. @seungribubus, you wanted one. 

  • the original 6 sfrj mods: Oligarchy. A collection of few delegated to rule - they have created rules to self-govern themselves and to remain just in their reign.
  • the fall of mod silver: The beginnings of a Tyrannical Oligarchy. The benevolent are taken from us by the corrupt, who twist the self-governing laws for their own gain. The Paragons are lost to us and power is shifted to the Renegades.
  • the reveal of modsonamy and the banning of mod shadow: Betrayal and an attempt at Monarchy. The weakest link has learned it has been used and lied to and now that it is no longer needed, it is discarded by the high rulers.
  • the arrival of mod knuckles and mod sally: Communism. all have suddenly become equal under the unbiased eye of Knuckles the Usurper. mod sally is recruited to balance the levels of Paragon and Renegade and mod knuckles cracks her exterior with heated debates.
  • the banning of mod knuckles: Assassination. the rules are twisted once again and the keeper of the peace is lost to us. mod sally stays hidden and mod amy seems to have become overwhelmed with all the pain that has been caused for her and mod sonics quest for power.
  • mod super sonic: Dictatorship. There is only one true ruler now and all will answer to his demands. It is The Beginning of The End.

Yet another portrait of His Majesty The Royal Eminence, The Most High and Potent Lord W.F. Seunghyun Lee, by the Grace of all VIPs Ruler of Tumblr, Sebastokrator of Instagram, Emperor of Jiyongia, by Godfrey Kneller.

Witnesses in High Places

Acts 27:24 - Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Ceasar; and lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee.“

If you like watching and listening to the news, it will be very hard for you to ignore the current events that are happening here in the Middle East. Reports of wars and bombings as well as the killing of Christians in Iraq and Syria run rampant in almost all news channels. I shudder to think of it. I marvel at the strength of those Christians who died instead of renouncing their faith. When I hear news about recent killings in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, I find myself feeling sad and at the same time I feel proud and happy. They stood firm and unwavering in the shelter of the Most High.

The Book of Acts chapters 24 - 28 talks about how Paul was brought before high rulers in Israel and in Rome. It draws parallel to how all of us are witnesses to God’s glory. Just like Paul and the other Apostles, we will be persecuted, scorned, and killed for our faith. In all these things, God has promised to help us and guide us. Like Paul who was brought before Ceasar, we will also be brought in front of rulers, kings, and noblemen. He will make us witnesses to His glory. Living here in the Middle East has opened my eyes to how real the fight between good and evil is. Every day you see in the news that Christians are being persecuted and killed not only here, but also in other war torn countries. I am in awe of their faith and trust in God. I believe that God has rewarded them for their faithfulness. Their deaths are a testimony. Maybe through the circumstances of their deaths, one person can be saved. Like Paul and the Apostles, a time will come when it will be our turn to face the Ceasar of our time. When that happens, let us pray that we may be able to stand firm, unwavering, and be a witness even to the end.

By Hazel Kim Dizon

  • famous person: *exists and is cute*
  • tumblr: wow. look at this majestic creature.
  • famous person: *does some cool nice things*
  • famous person: *does one problematic thing*
  • tumblr: TRASH
  • tumblr: SCUM OF THE EARTH
  • tumblr: I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE
DAY 2612

Sopaan, New Delhi               June 9,  2015               Tue  11:31 pm

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A lot of water has flown under the bridge ! Time wasted allows that .. never give in to the temptation of having done enough and rest .. do that and face the above .. much flown water never gets retrieved … not does it allow to be .. if you return return to handle it, swim it, drown in it … but never attempt to stop it .. it shall never never stop .. !!!

I stay back to honour a commitment to an old friend, an old well wisher, Aveek Sarkar, the owner of the Telegraph newspaper in Kolkata and the country over and the Tv channel ABP .. a most successful enterprise .. he turns 70 today .. an important year .. and a welcome to the 70′s club ..

The hoi poloi of Delhi is entertained at the venue here .. media barons, political high ups, rulers, ruled, artists and the Bengal glitterati .. and the common strain is , PIKU … so wonderful to hear and see the appreciation from them that perhaps do not have many links with our Industry .. heartening to hear their words of appreciation, of their connect and their warm compliments for the performance ..

Look .. the Delhi elite .. the high ups, those that run the country and the system .. how they do it is a marvel .. simply a marvel ..

Celebrities all .. power house of personalities .. that have represented the country and some still do … I am awkward in their midst .. I make my wishes and seek to be allowed to leave .. with some reserve the host agrees .. i have a flight to catch .. and leave .. and as I sit back for the drive home, I contemplate and watch Delhi go by … those locations so often a part of our daily journey in the years we lived here and studied here and played and grew up here ..

But the best times are spent with dear friends that were and are almost family .. meeting up with them in the day, spending relaxed times over lunch, catching up with the goings on, on life and times and early days of University and thereafter .. of conduct and attitude .. of behaviour and standings .. good times questionable times .. but times we were and are together always .. it is rare to find such and to have such .. but some remain .. and remain without fanfare and demand and in silent presence .. my friend Anil Narendra .. and family .. one such that you spend time sharing feelings and thoughts, knowing it shall never leave him ever to the rest .. there is strength in association, strength in facts that state that no matter what, an integrity and honesty shall be delivered at all costs ..

In the end we are all islands .. solitary alone and floating by ourselves in the deepest of oceans .. but somewhere we know that, when required, a boat to take us to the shore shall arrive ..

Your internal pain can only be disguised by your smile or temperament .. no one but no one shall have the privilege to ascertain what ails you .. you will and only you will know .. others shall be there to hold your hand or lend a shoulder, but the pain shall be known and felt only by you .. factor it now in your system .. it is one system that shall never undergo change .. 

Good night and love ..

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Amitabh Bachchan  

Happy Anniversary EF Rajesh Srivastava and Rajesh Kainthla .. may you be blessed with the togetherness of life and companion .. love