Check out the Huffington Post’s article titled: Authenticity and Responsibility - Tiny Tobago Shows Tourists The Real Caribbean!

“White sand and turquoise sea. Check. Tropical sunshine. Check. Rum. Check. On the face of it you could be forgiven for thinking that Tobago is just another Caribbean hideaway, a beach break for lovers of sun, sea and sand. But what this tiny isle offers is a glimpse into the real Caribbean, beyond its beaches lies a whole world of culture, heritage and wildlife which belies its small size. Unlike other Caribbean destinations it has rejected the standard, polished high-rise hotel developments and instead offers one of the best opportunities for authentic Caribbean travel experiences, where we as tourists can immerse ourselves not only in its warm waters, but in its food, nature and history.”

Image Credit: Credit: Tobago Tourism Board
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 Crystal Clear Reflections of Skyscrapers in Busan

Busan is the second largest metropolis after Seoul with a population of about 3.6 million. It’s also the largest port city in South Korea and it has Korea’s largest beach and longest river. High-rise developments and luxury hotels in its Marine City has drawn the wealthy to flock to the area. Constructed on land reclaimed from the sea, it’s the home of gorgeous, high-rise apartment that have breathtaking views of the sea.

Vancouver city councillor calls for boycott of Trump tower
A Vancouver city councillor is recommending people avoid buying things at the Trump tower to hit Donald Trump in the wallet.

A Vancouver city councillor is recommending people avoid buying things at the Trump tower to hit Donald Trump in the wallet.

Kerry Jang says he is disappointed after the developer, Holburn, decided not to end its relationship with Trump and remove his name from the high-rise development, after the Republican presidential hopeful said all Muslims should be barred from entering the U.S. — even tourists.

“The Trump group will be actually running the restaurant and hotel. I am saying to people vote with your feet. Don’t go there, don’t send your friends there. Matter of fact, I have had a number of event planners already call me and say we are recommending to our clients not to use the Trump towers. The only way of getting rid of the Trump name right now is to make sure he loses money and he will leave on his own. That is what we want to see.”

Jang says the city is beyond the point where it can exert much influence on the development.

Miami approves plan to save archeological find on high-rise site

MIAMI (Reuters) - Miami city commissioners approved a plan on Thursday to preserve the remains of a 2,000-year-old Native American village found on the site of a planned multibillion-dollar high-rise development.

Archaeologists have described the Tequesta Indian site as one of the most significant Native American finds in Florida.

It was discovered in 2005 when developers began excavating what had long been a parking lot. Since then, archaeologists have discovered eight circles of holes in the limestone bedrock where they say supports for Tequesta huts may have stood.

After weeks of negotiations, preservationists and the Miami-based MDM Development Group agreed on a plan that would build two-story glass enclosures above and around two of the circles. Read more.

Downton star Jim Carter fights ‘flawed’ plans for housing block in West Hampstead

Local resident Mr Carter said: “Publicly owned land like the site at 156 West End Lane is hugely precious and an asset we need to cherish.

“The proposed scheme needs a rethink. I’d like to see something that supports our community, not another high-rise development beyond the reach of so many of the people who make West Hampstead what it is.”

(article at the Evening Standard)


    Republic City is the capital city of the United Republic of Nations as well as one of the largest and most modern city in the world, located on the shores of Yue Bay. Being a modern urban center, Republic City boasts significant high-rise development as well as the widespread use of automobiles, motorcycles, and airships. Republic Cities current mayor is Kirigiri Jin, whom’s doing his best to lead the city into new beginnings and opportunities. The police force also utilizes metalbending for civil law enforcement. Pro-bending as well is the city’s most popular form of sporting.

   Recently an attack had happened by a firebender named Enoshima Junko. She had overridden the signals and broadcasted herself stating who she was and what her intentions were;  (which proved to not be good ones either). It wasn’t long before bodies had been discovered around time. For all the police force knows is that Enoshima Junko is planning something she calls, ” The Ultimate Tragedy. “