Hear no Bendy, See no Bendy

(So this started off as a short, dumb follow up to Beady Little Eyes, but then it got longer, and I mean waaaay longer.  So uh, yeah.  Fanfic inside @squigglydigglydoo ‘s Toon Henry AU.  I liked the idea of a gag not working out right and wanted to explore how that goes down.)

“Hello?  Is someone out there?”

The familiar voice caught Alice’s attention.  “Bendy?”

“Alice?! Oh boy, are you a sound for sore ears.”  The imp sounded more lighthearted than she’d heard him in a long time.  “Say, could ya be a pal and help me out here?  I think Henry put something in front of the door.  I need you to move it.”

“I suppose that’s one way of putting it.”  Alice replied as she stared at the several wooden boards than had been nailed over the door.  “This might require more than just moving.”

“Whaddaya mean?”

“You’re boarded in there.”

“Ooh.  Wait, what?!”

“Yep, there’s about half-a-dozen two-by-fours between you and freedom.”  Alice gave one an experimental tug; it didn’t budge.

“How did I not hear him puttin’ those up?”  Bendy sounded incredulous.

“I was about to ask the same thing.”  The angel put one hand on her hip and one on her chin.  “I’m gonna need a crowbar.”  She stopped and added with a smile, “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, listen to the comedian over here,” the words had a tint of good-natured sarcasm.

“Well, one of us has to be funny.”

A genuine laugh came from the other side of the door.  “Alright, alright, credit where it’s due, that was good, sister.”

Hearing the little devil sound like his old self was plenty motivation.  “I’ll be back.” She was almost suspicious with how laid-back Bendy was acting, but with how he’d been recently, she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Bringin' On The Heartbreak
Def Leppard
Bringin' On The Heartbreak


Bringin’ On The Heartbreak by Def Leppard

So there’s this girl in my English class that I’ve been crushing on forever. She’s also in PSEO. After class today I finally go the guts to talk to her. We make some small talk about highschool and our stories for English and what-not. I finally was just straight with her and told her that I thought she was pretty. She seemed pleasantly surprised which was astonishing to me! And I asked if she had a boyfriend, no. Well maybe if you were interested we could do something for Valentines Day. She said she had plans with friends (not romantic I think) and said that she would love to do something on the Saturday afterwards, then asked for my number…..

….she hasn’t texted me.

Here’s a song!

Hows about this little bit where Anteater Peter fumbles about after a nasty fall? 

This segment isn’t quite finished yet but it’s been a while and I hate leaving you guys high n’ dry. This time around I’m trying to give him a feeling of mass/weight. Anteaters are rather dense and I want Peter to act as though he’s a sort of bouncing beanbag chair ^^ Folding over himself, stretching, squashing, etc. 

Sexual Tension// A Pietro Maximoff Imagine

“Can you write a oneshot for this one “Imagine the reader sexually teasing Pietro during a mission and he gets frustrated.”?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     With the battle with Ultron approaching quickly, tensions were running high with the Avengers. Many were pissed at Tony for creating Ultron, and then attempting to create Vision, especially since he was told repeatedly that creating artificial intelligence is a bad idea, and that pressuring Bruce to help him is also a bad idea. But with two other Avengers, the tension was different. As soon as they saw each other, they felt an attraction between them that drove each other crazy. Those two Avengers were Pietro Maximoff, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

   (Y/N) was a not-so-new addition to the Avengers. She had been apart of the team for about 9 months, and while she was fairly new, she felt very at-home with the rest of the Avengers. Although she doesn’t harvest any powers, she still could kick ass.

  When (Y/N) first laid eyes on Pietro Maximoff, she had to refrain from pouncing on him and ripping all of his clothes off so she could take him. But, (Y/N) was classy- at least most of the time. She didn’t want to fuck him, she wanted to make love to him. She wanted the experience to be passionate, not only for her, but for Pietro’s sake also. So, (Y/N) kept her distance, but she didn’t forget to drop a few hints every now and then.

  These hints were often discreet- because a spy couldn’t be that obvious- but every now and then, either Natasha or Tony would catch on to her game, but they wouldn’t say anything. Of course Wanda knew, but she didn’t do anything to interfere. Wanda had read Pietro’s mind multiple times, and was absolutely certain that Pietro was in love with (Y/N).

  Of course, Pietro would never admit that, and he kept leaving (Y/N) high and dry. But, (Y/N) was persistent, and she always got what she wanted.

  On the day that all of the Avengers, including the Maximoff twins, went to Sokovia to defeat Ultron, (Y/N) was tired of waiting for Pietro to make a move. So, when the battle started, she made sure to stick around Pietro as much as possible so that she could tell him what she wanted. This was easier said than done. Every time (Y/N) came even remotely close to Pietro, he would speed off somewhere else. Frustrated, (Y/N) decided to give up on chasing after him, and instead tried to draw him towards her. After all, its easier to attract the bees to the honey.

  (Y/N) knew that the other Avengers were using the same intercom, but she took a chance anyway. Whenever Pietro said anything regarding Ultron’s robots, (Y/N) would add a few compliments that had a hint of sex in hopes of Pietro getting the hint.

  As (Y/N) took down another robot, Pietro’s voice came in through the intercom.

  “There are too many robots!” Pietro exclaimed with a thick accent.

  “But you’re so strong Pietro, how could anyone ever beat you?” (Y/N) asked in a seductive tone as she bit her lip, hoping that he would get where she was coming from. She smirked devilishly as she heard him stutter ‘um u-uh’.

  “You’re fast, but I’m sure you could last just a little bit longer.” (Y/N) heard a nervous chuckle coming from Pietro’s end and she could tell he was getting flustered. She had him- hook, line, and sinker.

  When she saw him pass by, she shouted his name. Pietro stopped and looked in her direction and came running towards her.

  “Yes, любовь?” Pietro gazed at her as he took in oxygen. He thought that (Y/N) looked so gorgeous as a few beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. It made him feel hot all over.

  “You’ve got a little dirt right here,” (Y/N) breathed out as she reached her hand out and caressed his face gently. She looked into his eyes and dropped her hand down to his shoulder before running her hand down his chest. She saw his eyes turn a darker shade, and before her could speak, (Y/N) pulled her hand away from Pietro’s perfectly sculpted abs and winked at him. Then, she made her way to go save a child being surrounded by robots, leaving Pietro all hot and bothered.

  The battle with Ultron was finished, and all of the Avengers headed back to the Avengers tower on the quinjet. (Y/N) made sure to not so even as to glance at Pietro so she could leave him wanting more. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Pietro shifting in his seat and staring at her intently.

  Once the quinjet landed, (Y/N) made her way to her room, and right as she was about to reach her door handle, an unseen force grabbed her and abruptly pulled her into another room before she could react, and her back was met with the wall. As she caught her breath, Pietro appeared in front of her and grabbed both of her wrists and put them above her head. Before (Y/N) could speak, Pietro crashed his lips onto hers and kissed her passionately and roughly as she kissed back. Pietro quickly pulled back before smirking at (Y/N)’s dazed expression. (Y/N) made a noise of protesting as he pulled away, wanting nothing more than to have his soft lips back on hers again. Pietro began to kiss (Y/N)’s jawline before he moved his mouth to her ear and whispered:

                                  “You didn’t see that coming?”

  любовь: Love

war machinesongs for the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist to listen to while working on his collection of suits

gasoline - audioslave // cold hearted man - ac/dc // clap for the killers - street sweeper social club // cold metal - iggy pop // sound of madness - shakedown // shake! shake! - the subways // war machine - ac/dc // you’re going down - sick puppies // king of the world - porcelain black // come together - arctic monkeys // high ‘n’ dry - def leppard // let’s get crazy - quiet riot // slither - metallica // happy together - filter // prayer of the refugee - rise against // my demons - starset // panic switch - silversun pickups // she’s a genius - jet // hatef*ck - the bravery // heavy bells - j. roddy walston & the business // cochise - audioslave // love addict - family force 5 // seek and destroy ( remix ) - metallica