I’m currently re-reading ACOTAR (again) and I just stumbled across something interesting that the Suriel tells Feyre in Chapter 14:

‘And so, a hundred years ago, he dispatched his most-trusted and loyal commanders, his deadliest warriors, remnants of the ancient armies that he once sailed to the continent to wage such a brutal war against the humans, all of them as hungry and vile as he. As spies and courtiers and lovers, they infiltrated the various High Fae courts and kingdoms and empires around the world for fifty years, and when they had gathered enough information, he made his plan.’

I’ve seen some people theorising that someone will betray the Night Court/Inner Circle to the King of Hybern. According to the Suriel, it is very possible that someone already has. The question is, who??

Royalty AU sentence starters!

A big mix of them, so have fun with them! Intrigue, revolts, and fairytales~

  • “Your majesty, the invaders have breached the castle walls – you must flee!”
  • “I pledge my fealty to you.”
  • “One day, you will become a fine ruler of this land.”
  • “I need no king/queen.”
  • “You should do something about those revolts.”
  • “And on this day forth, you shall hold crown and scepter in the name of the people as its fair and just emperor/empress.”
  • “My king/queen, do not fret for there will be no one else I would rather die for.”
  • “Kings/queens do not weep so weakly.”
  • “I am not the true king/queen – I am merely their body double.”
  • “Oh, sweet Prince/Princess, would you care to be mine?”
  • “The king and queen have arranged it – you will be married to the child of the opposing nation so that peace may come to both our kingdoms.”
  • “In a few hours your head will roll through the town square – what say you, deposed one?”
  • “You are the king’s illegitimate child and I have come to collect you.”
  • “My name is unimportant – you, tyrant, will die today by my blade.”
  • “Oh, cruel majesty…for your selfishness and evil ways, I place a curse upon you and your house…”
  • “Royal balls are such a bore, aren’t they?”
  • “I wonder what it’s like beyond the palace walls?”
  • “You are hereby condemned, exiled from this kingdom, stripped of your title for crimes against the kingdom.”
  • “Oh, highness, do not shed anymore tears – I am here to rescue you.”
  • “As per the rules of the tourney, I am granted one wish: I wish to marry your son/daughter.”
  • “Let’s overthrow the king together, shall we?”
High Fantasy concept

A kingdom of Dwarves are cursed by a god to never set foot below the peak of a mountain, cutting them off from their mines, their caves, and even most surface settlements. So, being stubborn, they begin to grow and breed vast trees on the tips of their mountains, living in tunnels insides the trunks. Farming the wood and refining it they in particular treasure sap, and sap and amber craftwork replaces jewels and gold for them. They also tame a local herd of goats, farming not just milk and hide but their methane, to refine crude alcohol for warm controlled fires on the cold nights. And also drinking. Eventually centuries later they manage to use the methane to make hot air balloons poured by simple Diesel engines, allowing them to spread beyond their mountainous trees to drop saplings in the surrounding lands, letting them expand their wooden mountain range. Elves and druids prefer these dwarves over their underground companions, though some feel the dwarves ruined forests by engineering this new breed unnaturally.

So yeah, tree dwelling airship riding dwarves. It’s a thing I think about.

there is love in our smiles  ► LISTEN

{Swim deep ‘til you come home

It’s all that we’ve wanted 

And all that you’ve ever known 

Swim deep, you gotta make it better 

I’ll be waiting on you forever}

 (Sidlink) I never meant there to be so many water themed songs, I swear. Actual art used with permission by bloatedcrayon


☆ In The Name Of Love | Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha ☆ Back For Me | Electric Guest Soul Flower | Jess Best ☆ Higher Than You | Heavy English ☆ Favorite Liar | The Wrecks ☆ Doing Good | Milky Chance ☆ Favorite Liar | The Wrecks ☆ Wide Eyed | Cold Weather Company ☆ Firebird | Milky Chance ☆ Love Is The Cure | Autoheart ☆ Feels Right | Jocelyn Alice  Wind In Our Sail | Weezer ☆ Paper Hands | OWEL ☆ Where The Light  Shines Through | Switchfoot ☆ Swim | Valley ☆ Catch the Wind (Northeast Kingdom Remix) | High Highs ☆ Waters | Modern Me ☆ When Was The Last Time | Switchfoot ☆ Headrest For My Soul | AWOLNATION ☆ All We Know ft Phoebe Ryan | The Chainsmokers Sweet to the Rind | The Outer Vibe ☆ Rock Your Body | Justin Timberlake ☆ 

The Empire of Wrestlemania

The fabled Empire of Wrestlemania. It is a mysterious land, one filled with great magic, great mysteries, and great evils. The Empire is ruled over by the great and powerful Emperor Vince McMahon, who lives in his great palace in Empire Central. The Capital City is located along the top edge of Lake Armbar, and it truly is the center of all.

The Empire is divided into eleven regions, each exhibiting its own traits and each ruled over by its own local King or Queen. All the Kings and Queens, however, answer to the Emperor. The borders are rarely disputed by the Kings and Queens, and in many cases, the Empire’s natural biomes and rivers form borders of their own.

Empire Minora is, in essence, a suburb of Empire Central. Being as close as it is to the Capital City, the majority of people in Empire Minora exhibit traits similar to those of the people in Empire Central. They dress similarly, have similar habits and values, and tend to lead very similar lifestyles. Empire Minora is ruled over by the powerful King John. He is well-loved by many of his people, and he is fiercely loyal to the Empire; King John would defend the Empire’s great leader with his life.

The Demon Kingdom is a bleak and desolate land. Once the battleground for many great wars, the earth is still barren and scarred from these great battles. Nothing can grow in the Demon Kingdom, and so, few choose to live there - furthermore, the peninsula in the South of the Demon Kingdom is the home to the Empire’s only known active volcano. At the base of the volcano sits the City of Hell, ruled over by its mighty King, known only as The Undertaker. He is a dark and grim man, loyal to nothing and nobody save for the Emperor himself. However, it is widely believed that The Undertaker is aging, and with no heirs groomed to take his place, will soon have to name his successor.

The Wooded Kingdom is, as it sounds, a thickly forested region of the Empire. It is ruled by King Bray, along with the help of his close-knit family. They are a dark and mysterious bunch, tending to keep to themselves in their far-flung corner of the woods and emerging only when their duties call. There are no real towns in the Wooded Kingdom; only villages and hamlets containing small settlements of people. Along the Wooded Kingdom’s border with the Demon Kingdom sits the legendary Lair of the Beast, a feared place rumored to contain more treasure than one can imagine, but guarded by a fearsome Beast.

The Wolf Kingdom is the snowy, forested region in the North-West of the Empire. Up until recently, it was known as the Kingdom of Legends, and was ruled by the great King Hulk. He, like King John of Empire Minora, was well-loved by his people, but after a great secret of his was made public to the people of the Empire, Emperor Vince was forced to banish him. A new King had to be appointed, and after a great search, Vince made a surprising choice, naming a young and little-known man called Baron Corbin as King. Many question the new King Baron’s motives, but are too frightened of him to say so.

The Kingdom of Adrianev is another Kingdom that recently changed hands, and names. An island off the coast of the Wolf Kingdom, the Kingdom of Adrianev used to be known as the Kingdom of Dreams. Ruled by the beloved and influential King Dusty, the Kingdom of Dreams was almost like a second Empire Minora - an extension of the Empire itself, and pivotal in shaping the Empire into what it is today. Unfortunately, the dear King passed on, and one of King Dusty’s many protegés was named King. King Neville is not much like his predecessor, though, and many fear that he intends to take the newly-named Kingdom of Adrianev in a new, undesirable direction.

The Kingdom of Gold is located to the North of Empire Central. A cool, hilly region of the Empire, the Kingdom of Gold is ruled by three Kings, brothers - King Seth, King Roman, and King Dean. The Kingdom of Gold used to be ruled in perfect harmony by these three, but a few years back, they seemed to have a falling out. Many whispered that King Seth had betrayed his brothers, but none know the truth. All that is known is that tensions run high in the Kingdom of Gold, and many fear that the Emperor will be forced to intervene, whether to name a sole King or to draw new borders.

The Stone Kingdom is a chilly, mountainous region to the North. It is ruled by the powerful King Rock, who is known throughout the Kingdom as a king, charismatic, and strong man. He is also the cousin of King Roman of the Kingdom of Gold. Though his Kingdom is not much more than a handful of settlements scattered throughout the mountains, he takes his role as King quite seriously and does all in his power to ensure that his people are fed, sheltered, and happy.

Three Isle Kingdom consists of three islands off the coast of the Stone Kingdom and the Outlands. It is ruled by King Hunter and Queen Stephanie with an iron fist. Queen Stephanie is, in fact, the daughter of the Emperor himself, so some regard Three Isle Kingdom as one of the most powerful Kingdoms in the Empire. The King and Queen are considered heartless and tyrannical by their people, who remain placated only to avoid the wrath of their rulers.

Flair Kingdom Queendom is a small Kingdom settled between the Outlands and Empire Central. It was recently created out of land originally belonging to Empire Central, and its creation was intended as a means of protecting the Capital City from any potential attacks coming from the Outlands. Originally placed under control of the Emperor’s trusted ally Ric Flair, King Ric’s daughter Charlotte convinced her father to hand his power over to her. Queen Charlotte, though cold and heartless, was also smart in doing so, because she is believed to be the only one in the Empire who could possibly defeat the leader of the rebellion in the Outlands - the mysterious Empress of tomorrow.

The Outlands are a harsh and unforgiving place where the banished go to die. Unprotected by the laws of the Empire and the Emperor’s iron rule, anything goes, and it is considered a dog-eat-dog world. Bandits and thieves run wild, murderers go uncaught, and those considered traitors to the Empire are cast out to fend for themselves. In recent years, though, those cast out have begun to work together, forming the rebellion. Rebel numbers continue to grow and gain traction, and some have even left their comfortable lives in the Empire to join their forces, believing that the Emperor is cold and corrupt, and that only by overthrowing him can the Empire become the utopia that many believe it can be.

Not Cliché, just Tired

Anonymous asked: “My new story is pretty deep. It involves a hitman releasing someone that he imprisoned. The person that he imprisoned happened to be a prince, and his kingdom went into ruin because of this hitman’s actions. The evil guy now wants to kill this hitman, but from my beta readers have said that this is a very cliché plot. I would love to write this story well, but I don’t know how to not make it cliché.”

People use the word cliché a lot and I don’t always think it’s used correctly. Really, I wouldn’t call the idea cliché - I mean, plot really can’t be all that cliché - there are really only a finite number of plots and Shakespeare’s used up just about every good one. I don’t think the problem is the plot. If you have beta readers calling your story cliché, it is likely something in it that feels tired or done before. “Tired” is the term I prefer. Though it may be hard to hear that something in your novel is tired, really it’s not a bad thing - let’s get into how you fix it. 

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The Dragon and his fairy

Out of everything that I should be doing, I could not get this idea out of my head so here is Fairy Levy and Dragon Gajeel!

This will more than likely get updated only once a week since it is short but that is subject to change. 

This is also a special gift for @bianww

Summary: He was the feared Iron dragon who lived alone in his vast kingdom, however when he finds and injured fairy his whole world is thrown into a spin.

Rated T (This might change)

Word count: 1715

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A/N: Hello everyone! This is the beginning of my new series and I hope y’all would enjoy it! Just some side notes, my OC is heavily inspired by Evangeline Samos of the ‘Red Queen’ series by @vaveyard , one of my most favourite authors, as well as the ‘MAMA’ MV by Exo themselves! This dystopian series has a heavy theme of feminism and gender equality, a topic which I felt needs more exposure! Enjoy, my babies, and remember to leave feedback when you’re done reading! x

Genre: Dystopian/Supernatural/Action/Smut in later parts

Word Count: 8825

Synopsis: In the land of Exotica, thirteen kingdoms reign. Thirteen different types of bestowed powers, thirteen different types of abilities, thirteen different types of gifts. In this world, everybody is bestowed with only one ability. So what happens when The Chosen One is discovered to possess all thirteen powers at once?

Originally posted by exoxoolf

‘Survival isn’t a race. It’s a dance’.

I, Princess Kwon Syona, was born with the bestowed gift of being able to manipulate metal. It’s a deadly power and I wasn’t always a master at it; in fact, I’d always struggled to accept it when I was younger, unable to comprehend the fact that such an unassuming young girl like me was gifted with such power.

Over the years, I’d observed with wide-eyed awe as metal pieces bent to my every will, creaking and groaning with a mere flick of my wrist. Steel knives slice through air whenever I command them to, aluminium foils twisting and turning into dangerous daggers and harmless silver jewellery morphing into weapons of my choice.

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Through the Years

A Namjin story set in a royal!AU

Word count: 2,8k+

Timeline: There’s about a year between each sub-part of this story.

Author’s note: This is the first half of the fic, which includes years one through five (Meeting, Respect, Friendship, Fear and Strength). The second half, which includes years six through ten (Pain, Trust, Promise, Distance and Finale) will be linked here when I post it.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Finale

Originally posted by w-t-f-yes

Year I – Meeting

The chatter was like an ocean of random thoughts, exaggerated anecdotes, shocking gossips and boring, light conversations. He was drowning in it, trying focus on this or that specific exchange, before his attention wandered elsewhere. Social events tended to be monotonous. When he was younger, he used to mix them up. That count’s birthday party, to him, was no different than that general’s wedding. So, he used to wonder, why did he have to attend them both?

Today was his 11th birthday. It was supposed to be a day where he got to enjoy himself… but, as usual, he was stuck in the castle, his duty and reputation above all else. He understood who he was: Kim Namjoon, heir to the kingdom. He was proud of his family name and of his bloodline. He cared about his people. Yet, he couldn’t force himself to like all the facets of his life. He loved to study new cultures and new languages, and he enjoyed looking into political and military tactics. Dressing nicely and trying to remember all the “important people’s” name, though? Not his thing.

“Namjoon,” his mother called out gently. “Come here, dear.”

She was standing next to a woman and a kid - probably the woman’s son. The kid seemed to be about his age, maybe a few seasons older. He had a good posture, and was looking straight into Namjoon’s eyes, a subtle smile on his lips. Namjoon’s steps brought him beside the small group. He bowed to the woman, knowing full well the decorum.

“I am Kim Namjoon,” he stated with a clear, assured voice. “Enchanted to meet you, my lady. May I ask for your name?”

They chatted for a moment, and he learned that the woman’s family, of high standing, had always been close to his. They had slowly lost contact after her familly had moved away, but they were back to the kingdom. The adults began to talk cheerfully, catching up on the years they had spent apart. Namjoon turned to the boy.

“I’m Kim Seokjin, your Highness. Honored to meet you,” the kid said, before Namjoon could place a word. The prince’s eyebrows darted up. People around him tended to wait to be addressed before speaking.

“The honor is mine,” he answered, giving the boy a court nod.

Seokjin leaned into him. “This whole thing is a bit boring, isn’t it?” he murmured.

Kim Namjoon’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. The boy moved back, grinning.

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anonymous asked:

Victorian age aus?? ❤️

Surprisingly, these are more popular than I realised. It was pretty interesting finding them, so thanks anon! Here are the ones I’ve pulled up:

Bloody Filthy
Summary: He’d come all the way from Anatolia, trading his body for provisions and to cover travel expenses, and this is where it had landed him. He was no longer the only son of a German doctor and a runaway harem girl. He was a whore, wandering London with no real purpose but to simply survive.

Beckoning Fans
Summary: The son of Earl Ackerman, Rivaille, was renowned among the high class of the kingdom as the only noble who regarded balls with disdain; truthfully he regarded any kind of social gathering as a chore.

Souvenirs d’Antan
Summary: I keep fond memories of the 90’. The 1890’s I mean.
   It was filled with joy, hardship, love, pain and sorrow. But I don’t regret any of it.
   How could I regret falling in love with him?
   Those are my sweetest memories, my precious remembrances, the most beautiful years of my life.


He Keeps Your Relationship a Secret


“Hey.” Y/n whispers, lightly playing with the collar of her boyfriend’s shirt.

The halls are empty, class having started almost fifteen minutes ago. When she went to her locker because she forgot a text book, and saw Harry doing the same, she took her chances to talk to him. 

She misses him. It’s hard to stay in a secret relationship, especially when school takes up their entire schedule. But they always find a way to end up back to one another. The idea of it, however, slaughters her insides, because she knows it’s a lot more than what he says it is. She knows he’s embarrassed to be with her in school, because, well, who even is she? The people Harry hangs around with barely even mention her, but when they do, they laugh about her. But they fell in love, it was uncontrollable. He admits his love for her over and over, constant physical attention and constant reminders. She feeds on it, she feeds on the love and attention he gives her, because it’s not something she’s ever braced for. She loves a guy who loves her back, and, God, the feeling is such a high.

She leans in to press her lips against his neck, soft and gentle, just how he likes it best. She kisses every spot on his neck, her hands gliding along his shoulders. He turns his head so that he can look at her. It’s the first time he has seen her in weeks. But he can’t let her do this, not with this much risk.

“Not here, Y/n. Someone could walk by.” He mumbles, shrugging his shoulders so that her hand can slip away from him. 

Y/n slightly backs away, looking down at her feet as she grips her books tighter against her. She should have known this is how he would have reacted, especially here. But she grab every chance she gets to touch him, even breathe him in. Anything coming from him is like a drug, she’s addicted, she always relapses.

Harry can feel the air around them thicken. He knows how much of an asshole he sounds, he has to admit. But high school is his kingdom. People idolize him there, he has a name, he has a reputation, and he can’t afford to lose it, not when he can have Y/n for the rest of his life. It just doesn’t make sense. 

“I—I just wanted to—I miss you a lot, Harry. I feel like I don’t see you anymore and I just—I miss you. I thought maybe you would—”

“For fuck sake, Y/n, not here!” he spits.

Y/n looks down again, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip in attempt to hold back her sadness. This has happened one too many times, she can’t take it anymore. All of it is making her crazy, and her walls are crashing down again.

“Then where?” She whispers, finally looking up at his slumped structure. 

“Where could we ever be us, anymore? It’s either there’s too many people or you’re going out to have a smoke with your friends or it’s in school. I don’t know what you—I don’t know what you want from me anymore, Harry. I’m giving you the safety of your reputation, but you’re throwing our love  away for that.”

Y/n runs her fingers through her hair, pushing her lips in a straight line. She looks away from him, thinking if what she’s about to do is the right thing to do. 

“I’m so sorry, Harry. I’m sorry that I’m embarrassing to be around. I’m sorry you fell in love with someone who isn’t popular and who isn’t pretty. I’m just—I can’t do this anymore, Harry. I’m sorry, I just can’t anymore.” Y/n sobs.

Harry panics, his entire body whipping around so that he can face her completely. But before he can say anything to her, she runs away from him. He stays still at his locker, unable to absorb everything that was just thrown at him. Y/n, she—she broke up with him. He made her break up with him. She was so miserable with him that she’d feel better without him. 

Oh no, what has he done?

“God damn it!” Harry growls, punching the top of his locker with the side of his fist. 

“Mother fucker.” he cries, kicking the bottom of his locker.

He leans his head against the wall, banging it over and over again. By the fifth hit, he’s crying. He doesn’t understand. She said she can do it, she said she will do anything to stay together. Why did she leave? If she loves him, why did she leave?

He kicks the lockers in frustration, hitting his head against the wall again. He has to chase after her. He has to look for her. He doesn’t know why he keeps blaming her, all this happened because of him. He’s smart enough to know that, but ignorant enough to realize it. But he can’t live like this, not without her.

The only thing he could do was run for her.

Run for love.

Christian prayer, similarly [to Jewish prayer], is steeped in a magic that honors, rather than subverts, the power of God. A remarkable ninth-century Old Saxon alliterative poem called the Heliand (Song of the Savior) illustrates this in high dramatic fashion. Recasting the gospel in language comprehensible to Saxon warrior culture, the Heliand tells of four heroes who inscribe in a “bright-shining book” the spells by which the Creator made and redeemed the world. The heroes sing of a Great One born in a humble hill fort, who in infancy narrowly escapes death at the hands of a “slime-hearted” king, flees into exile, and then returns to be proclaimed son of the Chieftain and lord of the middle world. Immersed in sacred waters by a soothsayer, he emerges in shining strength to do single combat with a supernatural enemy. He gathers twelve thanes, warrior companions, with whom he travels the countryside, healing the sick, turning water into apple wine, magically increasing bread to feed a hungry crowd, and performing other miracles. As his enemies draw near, he bestows upon his thanes a gift of bread and wine transformed: “‘Believe me clearly,’ He said, 'that this is My body and also My blood…. This body and blood is a thing which possesses power: with it you will give honor to your Chieftain.’” The next day, the son of the Chieftain is captured, tortured, and hanged from a criminal tree. But in the morning his holy breath returns to his body, the doors of the underworld burst open, the road to heaven shines forth in brilliant sunlight, and he rises from the dead.

To see Jesus and his disciples transported into a world of thanes and soothsayers, where magic and holiness coincide, is extraordinary enough. Yet more remarkable is how little the essential Christian message is lost in the process. The Heliand’s version of the Lord’s Prayer, for example, while saturated with magic, remains faithful to the New Testament account. It begins with one of the twelve asking Jesus to teach them how to pray: “'Our good Lord,’ he said, "we need Your gracious help in order to carry out Your will and we also need Your own words, Best of all born, to teach us, Your followers, how to pray – just as John, the good baptist, teaches his people with words every day how they are to speak to the ruling God. Do this for Your own followers – teach us the secret runes.’” And so he teaches them this prayer:

Father of us, the sons of men,
You are in the high heavenly kingdom,
blessed be Your name in every word.
May Your mighty kingdom come.
May Your will be done all over this world –
just the same as it is up there
in the high heavenly kingdom.
Give us support each day, good Chieftain,
Your holy help, and pardon us, Protector of Heaven,
our many crimes, just as we do to other human beings,
Do not let evil little creatures lead us off
to do their will, as we deserve,
but help us against all evil deeds.

No prayer is more familiar, yet a mere twist of poetic diction makes it strange again, and in this strangeness a magical potency stands revealed…

To turn from the Heliand to a fresh reading of the New Testament us to have the scales fall from our eyes. Instantly we recognize that the early Christians must have seen Jesus, in part, as a warrior engaged in combat with satanic powers, using as his weapon prayer infused with divine magic.
—  prayer: a history by carol & phillip zaleski