they call her maid maleen

for the first few trembling years of her life, she is a princess. she is the daughter to the king, born of his beloved wife and of her visage. her dark eyes have the appearance of a smoky quarts and her mother carefully twists her mass of black hair into a hundred small braids down her back. she is a beautiful, quiet child, and for a while all is well. they call her princess maleen.

then her mother dies. it seems as if the king is determined to bury his love for his daughter along with his queen. he moves her to a different wing of the castle, and refuses to see her. her tutors are let go, and the nobles’ children are no longer allowed to play with her. only the maids look after her now.

the king remarries. the new queen gives birth to a son, and maleen is forgotten completely, banished from a home she still resides in and a life she can now only watch unfold.

the maids take care of her, braid her hair and kiss the blisters on her fingers, teach her to scrub at porcelain and polish silver, to clean a fireplace and mop polished marble floors.

they call her maid maleen.


the king has a son by his new wife, and then a daughter. they are pale and fair-haired like their mother, with only their dark eyes to show they are the king’s children. but they inherit none of their parents’ beauty, have faces that don’t look quite right and bodies that get stuck between gangly and chubby and never settle into one or the other. princess gisella and prince jan are privately regarded as unfortunate products of a lovely union.

maid maleen spends long hours working, and has neither the time nor funds for creams to soften her skin or oils to care for her hair, has never used face powder or lip color.

maid maleen is twenty three years old, and the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.

her braids are wrapped carefully atop her head, but when she lets them loose they hang past her hips. her dark skin is made even darker thanks to long hours working in the palace garden, and her eyes have never lost that same curious light. she walks straight and strong, years of hard labor giving her muscles and definition to her body that she never would have had as a princess. boys and girls give her long, considering looks and flirtatious smiles, and nobles have to double-take when she passes them by.

no one speaks of it anymore. but maid maleen looks ever more like her beautiful late mother, has the same eyes as her father, and dressing in ill-fitting cast offs and running her ragged can’t hide the truth.

maid maleen is the king’s daughter.

she has accepted her life as a maid in the palace she was one day set to inherit, and tries to see it as a gift. she sleeps with who she likes, may marry whichever of the charming boys from the city who’s smile she likes best. in the maids who raised her she has more mothers than she has fingers, and perhaps she longs for the days when she was a small princess, when she was the apple of her parents’ eye, when the whole of their nation was to be hers to inherit.

but then the blacksmith’s daughter lets her hands linger a little too long on her wrists, and maleen knows that she won’t be sleeping alone tonight. there are some things that worth more to her than a throne she was born to. she doesn’t miss the little girl she used to be.


tensions have always run high between their kingdom and the neighboring one – too many squabbles over borders, over trade agreements, over patrols, over anything and everything the kings can find a reason to be upset about, it seems like. so when prince wolfgang is sent over, the whole palace is abuzz. the prince seems determined to inherit a peaceful land, and is coming over to talk with the king to do it.

maleen does not care for princes. nor for nobles of any rank, in fact. she remembers how they turned on her, she sees the small acts of pettiness and cruelty they thoughtlessly inflict on their servants, and she wants nothing to do with it. commoners may not be as educated as nobles, may not have as many objects to call their own, but maleen finds she prefers their company to that of lords. she’s uninterested in this prince, which is perhaps why she’s the one that gets sent to his rooms. her moms can trust that she at least won’t fawn over him.

“sir wolfgang,” she murmurs, pushing open his door and giving a low curtsy, keeping her eyes trained on his mud covered boots. “is there anything you require?”

silence. she can only stay bent in a curtsey so long before she loses patience. she’s almost given up on him, is about to cut her losses and call it a night when he says, hesitant, “queen sabine?”

her mother’s name is punch to her gut, and her head snaps up at the sound of it, the rolling fire of her temper bubbling just below her skin. “i am maid maleen,” she snaps, then tacks on “your highness,” after a moment’s consideration.

his cloak is half unbuttoned as he stares at her with a slack mouth. she supposes he would not look unhandsome if he were not currently doing his best to imitate a frog. he appears to be only a handful of years older than she is, and if she were not furious she would be impressed that he remembers her mother well enough to see sabine in her.

“maleen,” he repeats, and for a moment she wonders if he will recognize her as well, but he only says, “my apologies. if you would help me with my cloak, i would be much obliged.”

she’s instantly suspicious. she’s met nice nobles before, ones that were considerate and remembered her name and thanked her when she brought them wine. but she’s never met a nice prince before – they’re always of the worst sort. “yes, your highness,” she says, and the cloak is soaked through and clinging, it’s no wonder he’s struggling with it. once she’s gotten it off she hangs it to dry, then goes back to him. she slaps away his numb, struggling fingers and undoes the rest of the buckles and loops of his overly complicated clothing. she’s gotten down him down to an undershirt and pants when his hands grab hers. she blinks and looks up. he has freckles dusting across his nose.

“this is inappropriate,” he says, but honestly she’s stripped a lot of nobles, it wasn’t weird until he took her hands and looked at her like no one’s ever looked at her before.

“yes, your highness,” she agrees, and takes a step back. she places his clothes in front of a fire, curtsies, and leaves. she can feel the weight of his gaze on her all the way back to her room.

wolfgang continues his diplomatic agenda, having long meetings with the royal family. after, maleen goes and tends to him, setting out his food and taking care of his clothes, straightening up any mess that he’s made. at first he’s quiet, and he just watches her, but he quickly discovers that maleen has opinions and thoughts and isn’t afraid to share them. soon they’re debating the finer points of trade routes and arguing the effectiveness of a sliding tax scale, and maleen comes to cherish the evenings she spends with the prince, likes the way he speaks to her and looks at her, likes the shape of his smile.

weeks in she enters his room, dinner steaming in her hands and eager to continue their conversation about state funded orphanages versus a state funded foster system. he’s pacing and tense, shoulder stiff. “wolfgang,” she sets down the food and wipes her hands on her apron, “is something wrong?”

“is it true?” he asks, and he’s not looking at her. he’s always looked at her before.

“is what true?” she flinches away from his coldness, is already preparing to retreat and hide and beg someone else to watch over him.

he turns to her, and she’s baffled by the mixture of hope and anger on his face. “are you the king’s daughter? are you princess maleen?”

she takes a step back, “i am maid maleen.”

“please,” he follows her as she steps away from him, and her back hits the wall. he stops when he’s almost close enough to touch. “my father sent me here with the goal to seal our new treaty with a marriage. he expects me to marry princess gisella. but if you are the daughter of the king – then he will allow me to marry you instead!”

“who says i want to marry you?” she retorts, but he gets on bended knee and she freezes.

he holds a hand for her own, and against every bit of logic, she gives it to him. “maleen, i’ve never felt this way about anyone. i was willing enough to enter a loveless marriage before i knew what true love is, but now i do, and i can’t go back. marry me.”

she wants to. she thinks she loves him. she hadn’t been planning to fall in love with anyone. “i am the king’s daughter,” she tells him, “but i am no princess. i haven’t been a princess in a long time.”

he brings her hand to his mouth so he can kiss each one of her knuckles, “then we’ll have to change that.”


wolfgang goes to the king to make his case, to return maleen to her birthright and allow her to marry him.

it goes even worse than maleen had feared.

her father is furious. he’s so angry at the audacity of this request that prince wolfgang is thrown from the kingdom. so incensed is he, that guards drag maleen from her bed in the middle of the night and throw her into a tower. the door closes shut behind them, and she bangs on it and screams but no one comes for her.

there are no windows, and only one door with a sliding metal grate in the bottom. she’s high in the tower, she thinks, from the number of steps she’d been forced to climb, but she stands on a dirt floor. the room contains only the bare minimum needed for survival, and nothing more.

once a week food is slid through the slot in the door. she has to be careful, because if she eats it too fast they will not provide more, she will just starve. days turn to weeks turn to months, and she despairs of ever being let out of this tower. months turn to years, and she gives up hope entirely of leaving this tower. she considers refusing to eat, killing herself slowly through starvation, because death is preferable to life locked in this tower.

one night there’s a scuffle, and shouting, and for the first time since she was shoved inside the door opens. there’s a guard standing there, and princess gisella tentatively steps inside. “maid ma – i mean, maleen?”

maleen stares. this is the first time she’s seen another person in years, and suddenly for all the screaming she’d done she can’t find her voice. gisella takes another cautious step forward, “maleen, please – we don’t have much time.” she holds out her hand, “come with me.”

gisella is sixteen now. although she’ll never be a great beauty, she’s grown into many of the features that she was once mocked for. “where?” she asks, but takes gisella’s hand and lets her lead them down the twisting staircase. anyplace is better than the tower.

“i’m to be married in a week’s time to prince wolfgang.” maleen feels a sharp pain go through her chest. had wolfgang forgotten her? their farce of a romance was such a quick, shallow thing. she was a fool to fall for it in the first place. “i’m not going to show up. you are.”

she stares, “what?”

“wolfgang started a war over father locking you in the tower,” she explains, “but eventually it got to a point where neither could justify it, so our father and wolfgang’s decided our union would mean peace between our countries, as intended. but i don’t want to marry prince wolfgang, and he does not want to marry me.”

“i don’t understand,” she hadn’t paid much attention to the girl when they were in the palace together, and she’s regretting that now.

they finally reach the end of the tower. it’s the first time she’s breathed fresh air in years. she tries not to get distracted by it, and instead focuses on the carriage to her left, and the pure black mare laden like a pack mule on her right. “i’m leaving,” gisella says, “i don’t want to be wolfgang’s bride because i want to be klaus’s,” the guard smiles, and he must be klaus, the princess is rejecting a prince to run away with a commoner. “there’s a map and everything you need in the saddlebags. the wedding dress is waiting for you at the castle. no one will know you’re not me until wolfgang unveils you, and by then it will be too late. he will marry you, and i will be gone.”

“why are you doing this?” she asks.

gisella shrugs, “you’re my sister, and father is an idiot. i want you to be happy, and i want wolfgang to be happy, and i want to be happy too. this way we all get what we want. our brother will be waiting for you in wolfgang’s castle. he’ll help you.”

maleen is speechless. gisella grabs her in a quick hug – the only one they’ve ever shared – and then goes to the carriage with klaus trailing behind her. “i’ll see you again, princess maleen!”

she doesn’t have time for tears. she gets on the mare, and rides for the palace of the neighboring land.


she makes it just in time. she sneaks into the castle the night before the wedding, ducking around servants until she find her way to jan’s door. she knocks, tentative, wondering if this was a mistake and all one elaborate trap. but the door opens and his face slackens in relief, “finally!” he pulls her inside, and sits her down. there’s lukewarm water waiting for her so she can clean herself, and jan stands with his back to her the whole time, outlining the wedding and how it will go so she knows what to expect the next day. “father isn’t here,” he assures her, “he didn’t want to leave the kingdom, so i’m here in his stead.”

“won’t you miss your sister?” maleen finishes washing and wraps herself in a soft blanket.

“when i am king, gisella will return,” he says confidently, “she will come home and bring klaus, and you will rule here with wolfgang, and all will be well. our countries shall be great allies when it is me and wolfgang on the throne.”

he’s only a year older than gisella, just seventeen, and maleen feels oddly old next to them, feels old next to these children who know what they want and take it and don’t let anything stand in their way.

“we need to get your hair rebraided,” he says, “you should look perfect tomorrow. it’s your wedding day.”

she stares, aghast. “that will take all night!”

“i’ve brought help,” he says, and sends a servant down the hall. the servant returns with a half dozen of the maids who raised her, and who crowd forward and hug her and kiss her cheeks and say how much they’ve missed her. princess or not, bride or not, to them she will always be their little maid maleen.


it’s clear gisella picked her wedding dress with maleen in mind. it fits her for one thing, and is clinging and heavy, and it must have looked awful on gisella, but on her it’s perfect. her dress is accompanied by white silk gloves and a thick veil so that no one can see her, so that no one will know she’s not the daughter of the king they’re expecting to be there.

wolfgang is at the end of the aisle, looking like he’s going to an execution, and it takes more self control than maleen was anticipating not to go running to him. she turns to him, and he lifts her veil. he sees her and freezes, mouth sliding open. she winks at him, because they just need to keep it together until they’re married, he just has to keep his cool for a few minutes and they’ll have won it all. wolfgang closes his mouth and says nothing about how this is clearly not the bride he was supposed to marry. they turn so none of the guests can see them, and the priest gives maleen a confused look, but with a glare from wolfgang he continues on with the ceremony as if nothing is out of place.

“you may now kiss the bride,” the priest says, after what seems like an eternity.

wolfgang grabs her about the waist, dips her, and kisses her soundly on the mouth. her veil falls off and she can hear the horrified and shocked gasps of the guests, and under that jan’s laughter. when they break apart, foreheads still pressed together, she whispers, “hello, prince wolfgang.”

he kisses her again, quick and sweet, and does nothing at all to disguise the joy in his face. “hello, princess maleen.”

and they all lived happily ever after.

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Royalty AU sentence starters!

A big mix of them, so have fun with them! Intrigue, revolts, and fairytales~

  • “Your majesty, the invaders have breached the castle walls – you must flee!”
  • “I pledge my fealty to you.”
  • “One day, you will become a fine ruler of this land.”
  • “I need no king/queen.”
  • “You should do something about those revolts.”
  • “And on this day forth, you shall hold crown and scepter in the name of the people as its fair and just emperor/empress.”
  • “My king/queen, do not fret for there will be no one else I would rather die for.”
  • “Kings/queens do not weep so weakly.”
  • “I am not the true king/queen – I am merely their body double.”
  • “Oh, sweet Prince/Princess, would you care to be mine?”
  • “The king and queen have arranged it – you will be married to the child of the opposing nation so that peace may come to both our kingdoms.”
  • “In a few hours your head will roll through the town square – what say you, deposed one?”
  • “You are the king’s illegitimate child and I have come to collect you.”
  • “My name is unimportant – you, tyrant, will die today by my blade.”
  • “Oh, cruel majesty…for your selfishness and evil ways, I place a curse upon you and your house…”
  • “Royal balls are such a bore, aren’t they?”
  • “I wonder what it’s like beyond the palace walls?”
  • “You are hereby condemned, exiled from this kingdom, stripped of your title for crimes against the kingdom.”
  • “Oh, highness, do not shed anymore tears – I am here to rescue you.”
  • “As per the rules of the tourney, I am granted one wish: I wish to marry your son/daughter.”
  • “Let’s overthrow the king together, shall we?”

I’m currently re-reading ACOTAR (again) and I just stumbled across something interesting that the Suriel tells Feyre in Chapter 14:

‘And so, a hundred years ago, he dispatched his most-trusted and loyal commanders, his deadliest warriors, remnants of the ancient armies that he once sailed to the continent to wage such a brutal war against the humans, all of them as hungry and vile as he. As spies and courtiers and lovers, they infiltrated the various High Fae courts and kingdoms and empires around the world for fifty years, and when they had gathered enough information, he made his plan.’

I’ve seen some people theorising that someone will betray the Night Court/Inner Circle to the King of Hybern. According to the Suriel, it is very possible that someone already has. The question is, who??

This is Not a Love Story: The Structure of Jon & Dany's "Romance"

Y'all, if D&DB were intending to write an epic fantasy romance to end all romance with Jonerys, they failed. Big time. Tell me the last epic love story you’ve seen on film that didn’t start with a passionate, music-swelling kiss before getting to the dirty dirty. Jon and Dany have not kissed. They went straight to sex.

It also fails a lot of basic writing tips for romance. Whats odd, is that most of the romantic storytelling and hints come from Dany. The behind the scenes featurettes and theory videos on YT always talk about Dany falling in love, how Dany has heart eyes - not Jon. All Dany stans and Jonerys shippers have taken that and assumed or made it about how both of them are in love, without the evidence that Jon actually feels that way.

The showrunners have succeeded in showing a blooming infatuation from Dany, which tells me they know how to do it, but they haven’t done the same for Jon. Which tells me that is on purpose.

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High Fantasy concept

A kingdom of Dwarves are cursed by a god to never set foot below the peak of a mountain, cutting them off from their mines, their caves, and even most surface settlements. So, being stubborn, they begin to grow and breed vast trees on the tips of their mountains, living in tunnels insides the trunks. Farming the wood and refining it they in particular treasure sap, and sap and amber craftwork replaces jewels and gold for them. They also tame a local herd of goats, farming not just milk and hide but their methane, to refine crude alcohol for warm controlled fires on the cold nights. And also drinking. Eventually centuries later they manage to use the methane to make hot air balloons poured by simple Diesel engines, allowing them to spread beyond their mountainous trees to drop saplings in the surrounding lands, letting them expand their wooden mountain range. Elves and druids prefer these dwarves over their underground companions, though some feel the dwarves ruined forests by engineering this new breed unnaturally.

So yeah, tree dwelling airship riding dwarves. It’s a thing I think about.


PAIRING: kim taehyung x princess!y/n with appearances of BTS and EXO

GENRE: angst, royalty!au, princess!reader, forbidden love-ish

SERIES WARNINGS: cursing, injury, alcohol, crime, drugs and smoking


A/N: i have been listening to “the eve” by exo on repeat, so this is partially inspired by that amazing song! this is really different from my usual writing, so i hope you guys enjoy it! sorry i did not post earlier, i had a choir contest. i love you guys so so much:))

SUMMARY: Your focus for years had been on being the best leader for your kingdom, but as your eyes land of Taehyung, the boy you were forced to leave one decade ago, everything changes.


The falling out between you and Taehyung devastated you more than him. The separation of two individuals who had been close their entire lives simply because of their different backgrounds. He was of poor descendants, and you belonged to royalty. Your father disliked the idea of his daughter, who would one day take the throne, falling for a rebellious hoodlum who couldn’t keep a job. Your father, who married a woman, who kept far more secrets than the entire kingdom combined, didn’t want you falling for a boy who had a more loving family than you ever did. You never did get over the harsh words your father expressed when describing Taehyung.

Sitting at the large empty table in the dining room fit to serve at least twelve, you sat at the opposite end of your father and step mother. You hadn’t spoken to either of them in a few days, due to the fact that they had decided to throw you a party without your consent. The only people living in the kingdom that you would converse with were the knights that you had grown to love. If you had the option, you would have easily married one of them, but in the kingdom of Daraism, that was not tolerated the slightest bit.

You stood up without excusing yourself, making your father raise his eyebrows in disgust. You turned on your heel, watching Sehun cross his arms over his chest. The only reason Sehun wasn’t fired yet, was because every time your parents threatened to do so, you would remind them that he had saved your life multiple times. Sehun was your closest ally in the castle, and he knew all of the secrets that you held onto. If you wanted to do something that violated the castle rules, Sehun was beside you.

“Your highness, princes from kingdoms as far as Aumien have come to visit you. They are all socializing out in the ballroom; would you like me to escort you there?” Sehun smiled warmly, and you nodded faintly. If you showed your excitement about leaving the dinner with Sehun, your father would have him executed. Sehun held his arm out to you, in which you wrapped yours around, slightly walking behind him as Kai opened the door for you. Kai helped you escape late at night a few times, and he was the knight who managed to sneak alcohol into the castle for you when both of you were still underage.

“I’m going to vomit if I hear you call me ‘your highness’ one more time,” you stated, removing your arm from Sehun’s once you were out of view from your parents. Sehun chuckled and rolled his eyes, knowing how much you despised being a princess. You lifted the small crown off of your head, placing it in the hands of Sehun. He smiled faintly, having held it multiple times for you. The crown was uncomfortable, but every time you suggested that your father makes a new one, he argues with you about how that crown had been passed down for generations. “Who are the princes present in the ballroom? Any of them worth my time? Boys who are not complete snobs?”

“Nope they’re all materialistic,” Sehun responded, and a groan escaped your tinted lips. Sehun also wished that you two could be together at times, and he often had to remind himself that that fairytale didn’t exist. You two had spoken about running away in the past, but you never got far. Although all of the knights were on your side, they would always return you to your room, and Sehun to the knights’ quarters. “There are a few civilians that Suho managed to sneak in for you.”

“Suho?” You narrowed my eyes at Sehun, not believing the words that left his mouth. Suho was the most respectful to the castle’s ways, and he obeyed each of your parents’ orders. Sehun nodded, letting a small sigh escape his lips. You then realized who was a normal civilian that Suho was in relation to, his girlfriend. He loved her more than anything in the world, and he never got to see her. “Aulia, she will be there?”

“Yes,” Sehun nodded, handing you your crown so you could place the itchy thing on my head before walking into the ballroom. Even if you disliked the crown and royalty itself, it was your life, and if you wanted things to change you had that power. Aulia is fit for the life of royalty, being the sweetest and most considerate girl in the entire kingdom. If you could, you would hand her my crown in a heartbeat. “I think the boys you used to be close with are going to be here too. The chef’s son, Seokjin, was allowed to invite a few people, and those are his friends. I could be wrong though, Y/N, so don’t count on me.”

“You got it, oppa,” you elbowed his side lightly, knowing that the nickname reminded him that your lives weren’t so different. Sehun grinned at you, shaking his head. If it wasn’t for Sehun, you would probably be insane and disobeying every rule involved with being a princess. Sehun deserved better than the life of protecting you, and often you wished that he was living somewhere far away, with a family and an important job. “Do you have any girls on your mind? Girls that you are planning on dancing with?”

“Yes, actually,” Sehun nodded. “But first I will make sure that you are not hanging around troublemakers. Specifically princes though, because those boys have no respect. Despite being the future leaders for their kingdoms, they treat every woman they meet with such disrespect. It’s disgusting, if I must say. If you find your husband tonight, make sure that the boys and I have a talk with him. If he acts even similarly to those royal scumbags I’ll call off the wedding.” you laughed, listening to the chuckle that Sehun allowed to escape. “Have a nice night, Y/N. Be careful, and if you need me I’ll be around.”

“Thank you,” you bowed as he opened the doors to the ballroom with Baekhyun. The guests who gathered from kingdoms miles away from your own all faced you, bringing their hands together to fill the room with clapping. Your dress was made from the finest fabrics and designers, who all made sure the dress suited your personality. You quite enjoyed the dress, but thanks to being a princess, once you had worn it once, it would be auctioned off, or destroyed entirely.

Baekhyun and Sehun walked by your sides, helping you lift the large amount of fabric surrounding your lower half. You glanced up from the stairs to see all of the ignorant princes lining up, smiles on their faces, prepared to ask you to dance. Your place as princess was unlike any other, being that your father and birth mother were the strongest in the world. After your birth mother passed, that all changed. The entire world knows that you are exactly like your birth mother, and that you have the ability to bring that power back. Princes wanted to be a part of the new nation you could create at the drop of a pen.

“Please, have some manners and let the princess choose who she wishes,” Baekhyun spoke towards all of the boys who crowded around you. You fluffed up your dress with the help of the two, facing Baekhyun. “Be wise, these boys don’t know how to treat a woman like you. You deserve more than their close-minded selves. If you need me, I’ll be surveying the ballroom for suspicious characters. Suho will be in the crowd, and I instructed him to stay near you.”

“Thank you, Baekhyun,” you nodded, and soon you were on your own. The princes, lined up with smiles on their unnaturally painted faces, waited for you to pick one of them to dance with. Instead, you walked in the opposite direction. You had other ideas on your mind, as in thanking the castle workers for their hard work when it came to organizing this ball in less than a week. They also had their routine responsibilities, and those were enough to have their entire schedules full. Your head a scoff escape one of the princes, and you rolled your eyes. They could be as impatient as they wanted; you weren’t going to dance with them!

Faces turned as you walked by, smiling expressions belonging to normal civilians reminded you why these parties were held. Civilians were always invited, just the upperclass were the only ones who had the opportunity to attend. The idea that the lesser-fortunate were going to be present made you ecstatic to see something more than just braggarts. You already felt blisters forming on your feet caused by your uncomfortable heels, and you reminded yourself that at the last ball, Sehun threw your shoes away and no one realized it. You knew that you most likely were going to take them off soon.

Approaching the chefs, they all grinned at you. Your were close with the head chef’s son, Seokjin, but you hadn’t seen him in a while. Seokjin attended university, and he wanted to work in the castle after graduating, just like his mother. You didn’t know that Seokjin had his relations to the boys your parents deemed hoodlums; he seemed to rich to be involved with them. Typically, the rich and poor resided on opposite ends of town, even if they attended the same school.

“Mrs. Kim, thank you for preparing all of this with such short notice. My parents don’t understand all of the hard work it takes, and if they did they would have given you more time. I am truly grateful that you have such a devoted team that always provides the best dishes even with the small time frame. Will you make sure to thank them for me?” You questioned, and Mrs. Kim nodded with a smile. She always seemed like she was in the best mood, providing the light in the castle during its darkest moments.

“Your highness, long time no see!” Mrs. Kim’s son, Seokjin, stood beside his mother. You grinned, bowing towards his direction. He appeared a lot more adult like and grown up compared to the last time you saw him. He wore a formal suit that was probably fitted by one of the designers of your dress, and you knew his mother most likely spent her entire paycheck on it. Seokjin bowed back to you, seeming genuinely happy to see you again. “Would you like to dance with me and catch up? I’m sure there are a lot of things I have missed while I was gone.”

“Of course,” you agreed. Mrs. Kim smiled as Seokjin walked around the counter to your side. You could feel the numerous eyes on you, being that you accepted a boy’s request who isn’t related to royalty. Most people know that he has been your friend for years, but the princes from other kingdoms probably do not. Seokjin held out his arm for you, and you wrapped yours around his. You had danced with Seokjin numerous times, in fact, you had learned how to dance together. Your father signed both of you up for lessons, and you practiced with each other. He had stepped on your toes multiple times when you were younger, but maybe he had gotten better.

A path was created at the sight of you, couples moving away. You kept your head down for the most part, but that meant everyone could see your crown. You and Seokjin stopped, and your pressed your hands against each other. It was a simple dance; hands touching, walking in a circle for sixteen beats, before switching hands. The traditional dance had become muscle memory for everyone who frequently came to balls, especially for you, who had to dance the same thing repeatedly.

“How is university?” You asked.

“Boring, really. I enjoy cooking, but I didn’t expect university to be almost exactly the same as high school when talking in regards to the classes,” Seokjin chuckled lightly. You frowned, wishing in your head that you could attend university classes outside of the castle. “I made a few friends though, and some of them you might know. Suho talked about you being friends with them when you were little. Taehyung, Jimin, and Namjoon? When I asked about you they spoke quite bitterly. I’m guessing your father is involved with why you’re not friends with them anymore?”

“You are correct,” you nodded. Seokjin let out a sigh as you switched hands and began walking in the other direction now. There was tension between you two; tension that was caused by the conversation. “Separation determined by currency, of course. The dumbest rule there is in the castle. Why should I be cut off from friends just because of their income? That’s like saying that your mother cannot cook certain foods when the ingredients come from other kingdoms.” Seokjin chuckled and nodded, getting where I was coming from. “The first thing I’m going to change once I’m queen is that. My children will be able to be friends with anyone they please.”

“You should also change the rule that you cannot become the ruler until once you’re married. Our kingdom would be much better off if you were the queen. Plus, your ancestors wouldn’t have gotten married right away just to rule,” Seokjin stated and you smiled, agreeing. You noticed a prince walking up to you and Jin in the corner of your eye, and you already knew what he was going to say. He was going to ask to steal you away from Seokjin to dance.

“If you want to get away, why don’t I introduce you to my friends?” Seokjin suggested, and you quickly nodded. Seokjin held his arm out, and your wrapped yours around his. You watched as the prince stopped in his tracks, turning in the opposite direction. You let out a quiet sigh of relief, and Seokjin chuckled and shook his head at you. The crowd looked at you with slight disgust for dancing with Seokjin and walking with him, but you displeased a decent sized portion of the kingdom anyways. “For a princess, you sure do act scared of princes.”

“That’s because I slightly am,” you replied, making Seokjin laugh. Seokjin led you through the crowd of people who did not have anyone to dance with, to a table in the back. Girls glared at you for being next to Seokjin, who you assumed to be someone they chased after. He was handsome, and you understood why they desired to have Seokjin. You didn’t think about it too much, because your mind was rather occupied when your eyes landed on the table in the back. Six boys sat around it with smiles on their faces, smiles that reminded you of your childhood.

“Jin! Your brought the princess back here? If her parents find out we won’t ever be allowed here again!” One of the boys you didn’t find familiar looking exclaimed.

“Please! She’s not like them!” Park Jimin, who you were the closest to when you were younger, jumped up with a grin. He rushed over to you, and you let go of Seokjin. Seokjin walked over to his friends, and Jimin couldn’t stop smiling. “You look incredible! I haven’t seen you in so long, and this is a big difference from the girl I was so close with! How have you been?”

“Let’s not talk about me; how have you been—”

“He’s been fine,” Taehyung walked up and stood beside Jimin. Taehyung carried a scowl, which was very different from the Taehyung you used to know. You bit your tongue at the sight of him, seeing that he seemed the most bitter out of all of the boys. You didn’t recognize Namjoon out of any of the boys present in the space, which was slightly disappointing. “If you cared so much you would have tried to contact him. But no, Princess Y/N of Daraism is too good for boys like us.”

“Excuse you,” you narrowed your eyes at Taehyung. “I did try and contact you. The only issue with that is my father, who is the one with the idiotic brain that believes income determines if you can be friends with someone. It appears as if you share that trait with my father, close minded and inattentive.” Jimin’s mouth gaped open, and Taehyung scoffed as he turned around and walked back to the table. Taehyung glared at you when he sat down, knowing you won that battle. Little did you both know then, but there would be many more battles fought between the two of you.


  • the youngest of six brothers so he’s not even close to in the running for the throne
  • of course the order doesn’t entirely matter, he could prove himself and fight his way to the throne if he wanted to but he really doesn’t see the point. 
  • he enjoys a quiet way of life
  • he barely spends any time in the kingdom, he’s always exploring, going and adventuring across the world. 
  • tends to have an entourage of other noblemen’s sons 
  • his usual companions are Jun and Mingyu 
  • the three of them are among the youngest in their families and tend to have the freedom to run around and do what they want
  • Wonwoo spends a lot of his time in the libraries of the other countries and lands he goes to, interested in learning about their cultures and histories 
  • he’s a bit of a history nerd
  • but also a literature nerd
  • the type to learn languages really easily so he knows close to 10 now. 

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there is love in our smiles  ► LISTEN

{Swim deep ‘til you come home

It’s all that we’ve wanted 

And all that you’ve ever known 

Swim deep, you gotta make it better 

I’ll be waiting on you forever}

 (Sidlink) I never meant there to be so many water themed songs, I swear. Actual art used with permission by bloatedcrayon


☆ In The Name Of Love | Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha ☆ Back For Me | Electric Guest Soul Flower | Jess Best ☆ Higher Than You | Heavy English ☆ Favorite Liar | The Wrecks ☆ Doing Good | Milky Chance ☆ Favorite Liar | The Wrecks ☆ Wide Eyed | Cold Weather Company ☆ Firebird | Milky Chance ☆ Love Is The Cure | Autoheart ☆ Feels Right | Jocelyn Alice  Wind In Our Sail | Weezer ☆ Paper Hands | OWEL ☆ Where The Light  Shines Through | Switchfoot ☆ Swim | Valley ☆ Catch the Wind (Northeast Kingdom Remix) | High Highs ☆ Waters | Modern Me ☆ When Was The Last Time | Switchfoot ☆ Headrest For My Soul | AWOLNATION ☆ All We Know ft Phoebe Ryan | The Chainsmokers Sweet to the Rind | The Outer Vibe ☆ Rock Your Body | Justin Timberlake ☆ 

The Empire of Wrestlemania

The fabled Empire of Wrestlemania. It is a mysterious land, one filled with great magic, great mysteries, and great evils. The Empire is ruled over by the great and powerful Emperor Vince McMahon, who lives in his great palace in Empire Central. The Capital City is located along the top edge of Lake Armbar, and it truly is the center of all.

The Empire is divided into eleven regions, each exhibiting its own traits and each ruled over by its own local King or Queen. All the Kings and Queens, however, answer to the Emperor. The borders are rarely disputed by the Kings and Queens, and in many cases, the Empire’s natural biomes and rivers form borders of their own.

Empire Minora is, in essence, a suburb of Empire Central. Being as close as it is to the Capital City, the majority of people in Empire Minora exhibit traits similar to those of the people in Empire Central. They dress similarly, have similar habits and values, and tend to lead very similar lifestyles. Empire Minora is ruled over by the powerful King John. He is well-loved by many of his people, and he is fiercely loyal to the Empire; King John would defend the Empire’s great leader with his life.

The Demon Kingdom is a bleak and desolate land. Once the battleground for many great wars, the earth is still barren and scarred from these great battles. Nothing can grow in the Demon Kingdom, and so, few choose to live there - furthermore, the peninsula in the South of the Demon Kingdom is the home to the Empire’s only known active volcano. At the base of the volcano sits the City of Hell, ruled over by its mighty King, known only as The Undertaker. He is a dark and grim man, loyal to nothing and nobody save for the Emperor himself. However, it is widely believed that The Undertaker is aging, and with no heirs groomed to take his place, will soon have to name his successor.

The Wooded Kingdom is, as it sounds, a thickly forested region of the Empire. It is ruled by King Bray, along with the help of his close-knit family. They are a dark and mysterious bunch, tending to keep to themselves in their far-flung corner of the woods and emerging only when their duties call. There are no real towns in the Wooded Kingdom; only villages and hamlets containing small settlements of people. Along the Wooded Kingdom’s border with the Demon Kingdom sits the legendary Lair of the Beast, a feared place rumored to contain more treasure than one can imagine, but guarded by a fearsome Beast.

The Wolf Kingdom is the snowy, forested region in the North-West of the Empire. Up until recently, it was known as the Kingdom of Legends, and was ruled by the great King Hulk. He, like King John of Empire Minora, was well-loved by his people, but after a great secret of his was made public to the people of the Empire, Emperor Vince was forced to banish him. A new King had to be appointed, and after a great search, Vince made a surprising choice, naming a young and little-known man called Baron Corbin as King. Many question the new King Baron’s motives, but are too frightened of him to say so.

The Kingdom of Adrianev is another Kingdom that recently changed hands, and names. An island off the coast of the Wolf Kingdom, the Kingdom of Adrianev used to be known as the Kingdom of Dreams. Ruled by the beloved and influential King Dusty, the Kingdom of Dreams was almost like a second Empire Minora - an extension of the Empire itself, and pivotal in shaping the Empire into what it is today. Unfortunately, the dear King passed on, and one of King Dusty’s many protegés was named King. King Neville is not much like his predecessor, though, and many fear that he intends to take the newly-named Kingdom of Adrianev in a new, undesirable direction.

The Kingdom of Gold is located to the North of Empire Central. A cool, hilly region of the Empire, the Kingdom of Gold is ruled by three Kings, brothers - King Seth, King Roman, and King Dean. The Kingdom of Gold used to be ruled in perfect harmony by these three, but a few years back, they seemed to have a falling out. Many whispered that King Seth had betrayed his brothers, but none know the truth. All that is known is that tensions run high in the Kingdom of Gold, and many fear that the Emperor will be forced to intervene, whether to name a sole King or to draw new borders.

The Stone Kingdom is a chilly, mountainous region to the North. It is ruled by the powerful King Rock, who is known throughout the Kingdom as a king, charismatic, and strong man. He is also the cousin of King Roman of the Kingdom of Gold. Though his Kingdom is not much more than a handful of settlements scattered throughout the mountains, he takes his role as King quite seriously and does all in his power to ensure that his people are fed, sheltered, and happy.

Three Isle Kingdom consists of three islands off the coast of the Stone Kingdom and the Outlands. It is ruled by King Hunter and Queen Stephanie with an iron fist. Queen Stephanie is, in fact, the daughter of the Emperor himself, so some regard Three Isle Kingdom as one of the most powerful Kingdoms in the Empire. The King and Queen are considered heartless and tyrannical by their people, who remain placated only to avoid the wrath of their rulers.

Flair Kingdom Queendom is a small Kingdom settled between the Outlands and Empire Central. It was recently created out of land originally belonging to Empire Central, and its creation was intended as a means of protecting the Capital City from any potential attacks coming from the Outlands. Originally placed under control of the Emperor’s trusted ally Ric Flair, King Ric’s daughter Charlotte convinced her father to hand his power over to her. Queen Charlotte, though cold and heartless, was also smart in doing so, because she is believed to be the only one in the Empire who could possibly defeat the leader of the rebellion in the Outlands - the mysterious Empress of tomorrow.

The Outlands are a harsh and unforgiving place where the banished go to die. Unprotected by the laws of the Empire and the Emperor’s iron rule, anything goes, and it is considered a dog-eat-dog world. Bandits and thieves run wild, murderers go uncaught, and those considered traitors to the Empire are cast out to fend for themselves. In recent years, though, those cast out have begun to work together, forming the rebellion. Rebel numbers continue to grow and gain traction, and some have even left their comfortable lives in the Empire to join their forces, believing that the Emperor is cold and corrupt, and that only by overthrowing him can the Empire become the utopia that many believe it can be.



A/N: Hello everyone! This is the beginning of my new series and I hope y’all would enjoy it! Just some side notes, my OC is heavily inspired by Evangeline Samos of the ‘Red Queen’ series by @vaveyard , one of my most favourite authors, as well as the ‘MAMA’ MV by Exo themselves! This dystopian series has a heavy theme of feminism and gender equality, a topic which I felt needs more exposure! Enjoy, my babies, and remember to leave feedback when you’re done reading! x

Genre: Dystopian/Supernatural/Action/Smut in later parts

Word Count: 8825

Synopsis: In the land of Exotica, thirteen kingdoms reign. Thirteen different types of bestowed powers, thirteen different types of abilities, thirteen different types of gifts. In this world, everybody is bestowed with only one ability. So what happens when The Chosen One is discovered to possess all thirteen powers at once?

Originally posted by exoxoolf

‘Survival isn’t a race. It’s a dance’.

I, Princess Kwon Syona, was born with the bestowed gift of being able to manipulate metal. It’s a deadly power and I wasn’t always a master at it; in fact, I’d always struggled to accept it when I was younger, unable to comprehend the fact that such an unassuming young girl like me was gifted with such power.

Over the years, I’d observed with wide-eyed awe as metal pieces bent to my every will, creaking and groaning with a mere flick of my wrist. Steel knives slice through air whenever I command them to, aluminium foils twisting and turning into dangerous daggers and harmless silver jewellery morphing into weapons of my choice.

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[Overwatch] All Men Must Serve; 1/2 (T, Akande/Lucio, 7k)

So, I had way too much fun with this and I apologise in advance.

All men must serve (½) for @starladymythos

Doomfist | Akande Ogundimu / Lúcio Correia dos Santos (T)

The one where dragons are not dead, can talk, and one has just abducted Rio de Janeiro’s next king from the royal Amari residence. Lúcio would really like a straight answer, but apparently dragons weren’t built to speak plainly, have manners, or even a sense of humour. An accidentally serious AU where all of Overwatch is the same, but with high fantasy, kingdoms and too much politics.

Look. I just have a lot of feelings about dragons, okay.