XIV Months (& then some)

Here is the author portion of my author-artist collab for @kh-worldsconnected with the inimitable Kett ( @xxcastingshadows ). It was a pleasure working with Kett, and I’m totally thrilled with our end product.

You can read this under the cut on Tumblr, or else on AO3 or FFN. The art can be viewed here and is 100% Kett’s (and also awesome).

Title: XIV Months (& then some)
SummaryShe marks passing time in months, not days, wonders if this is the way she’ll always feel, and if feelings were ever meant to seem so eternal.
Pairings: Xion (crushing on) Naminé, AkuRoku (secondary), SoRiku (if you squint and read between the lines a bit)
Word count: ~2400

I first saw you and it was August. My hair was too long and yours was two shades of the same sun-kissed white-blonde. You stood front and center on the first day of art class and spoke like you’d never been unsure of yourself.

One after another, words flowed from your mouth, introductions and instructions, and I was spellbound. Art was an elective, the whim of a high school senior with little sense of her own identity and even less a definite career path. But quite suddenly, it washed over me, the desire to succeed more than anything. Three years content as a wallflower, but that August I wanted to be noticed. Needed your eyes on me.

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