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I was walking through a solid gold hallway and it opened up to this massive corridor where Yoda was playing the bongo drums to rave music and Lion king characters were dancing with Katniss everdeen. I walked to the solid gold fridge, high-fiving captain America in the process, and discovered that the only thing in the fridge was strawberry gogurt.

Blast to the Past Part 2: The Future?

Danny desperately just wanted one normal day. But apparently, the Universe or Clockwork, or whoever, he didn’t care anymore, decided that that was too much for the young halfa.

This whole week had been complete crap. Sunday, there was a small army of Hydra robots (created by Hydra, naturally) that decided they were going to do a WWII reenactment and try taking over France. Danny had teamed up with the Avengers for that.

Monday there was a new ghost who had some sort of vendetta against Skulker. He protected the animals, land, sea, and air, and ghost, and Skulker was being a dick about it. He had to fly all the way to the outskirts of Wakanda to take them both down (Even though he kind of  agreed with the animal lover), and sent them back to their own layers. Then he had been captured by the Wakandan patrol and Tony had to come and vouch for him to be let go, that he was just helping.

Tuesday he saw Tucker and Clint fall from the ceiling in the kitchen while Danny had been half asleep and eating a bowl of cereal. They had landed on the other side of the table, making it break and flip up, knocking Danny’s food into his face.

Wednesday was normal, thank goodness. But that was weird because that never happens. It was so unproductive it was unsettling.

But now it was Thursday, and he was with the Avengers again, kicking ass against Hydra (again), but this time it was in DC, where they were trying to take down the Washington Monument. However, during that battle, whether it was during the takedown or right after, Danny wasn’t quite sure, but when he high-fived Captain America, he high-fived the wrong one.

He just wanted one normal fucking day. The worst part was he didn’t even notice until they had gotten back to the others and the present-day Cap had been picking himself up from the debris, shaking off the dust and pain. He stretched and kind of chuckled at Clint when he tripped over his own feet and fell into the reflecting pool. But Danny’s grin had escaped him.

The past Steve and Bucky walked around, bewildered at the sight of a giant robot more so than at their future selves.

“Danny? Where are we?” Bucky asked, concerned when he took notice of the second Steve. He was dirty and rugged, and his shirt had holes in it, and Danny noticed the way his hands gripped his rifle a little closer to him.

“Uh…” Danny said, at a loss for words.

“Danny, you’re bleeding!” Ant-Man rushed forward and started checking the gash on Danny’s head, nearly tackling him to the ground. “Hey, Cap, do you have any bandages?”

“Yeah, here you go,” Future Steve said, leaning over and handing him some from his belt. He stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes glued onto his past self and past Bucky.

“Steve, is this the Twilight Zone?” Future Bucky hissed into his Steve’s ear when he walked up to see what was wrong.

“Steve, Bucky,” Danny said, swatting Scott away and turning toward the present day pair, “this is Steve and Bucky. From the forties.”

“What year is this?” Past-Bucky asked.

“It’s 2017,” the other Bucky replied.

“This is going to get really confusing,” Scott mumbled.

“Yeah,” Danny said with a groan, “no kidding.”


Back at the Tower, Steve and Bucky talked with their past selves. To avoid confusion, they called them Steven and James, which was really weird, because now that he thought of it, he had never heard their full names until now. Danny was making a meal fit for an Asgardian. After all, he’s got four super soldiers and himself to feed. That’s enough for Thor to get seconds.

“So, how did you guys end up here?” Danny asked James and Steven. He put the lid on the pot of noodles, letting it stir itself, and turned to face them. He noticed that they were fresh and clean, free from the months of dirt that had caked over them. Their clothes were gonna be washed and repaired, but until then Steven had borrowed from Steve, and James had borrowed from Danny because Bucky’s clothes were to big for him. It was weird seeing the before and after stages of Hydra manipulation sitting side by side and having a detailed conversation about Star Wars. Seeing both Steves, though, the only things that were different were the the hair and the eyes. They had the same shade of baby blues, but damn, it was like they spoke two different languages.

“We don’t really know,” Steven answered. He sat straight up with his hands in his lap. “Bucky sounded like he was in trouble so I came to help. Then there was this bright light and we were thrown into the reflection pool. Everything is all kind of fuzzy.”

“There was this Dracula dude,” James chipped in. “I never thought I’d meet an actual vampire.”

Danny stiffened and shared a look with Steve.

“What did this…Vampire look like?” Steve asked. Danny was a little to angry to form polite questions at the moment.

“He was blue, had a white cape, looked kind of fancy. I think he was glowing or something?” Bucky offered.

“Vlad,” Danny spit. He turned back around and took the lid off the pot, checking the noodles before he put them in a strainer and added some sauce. He gave four heaping bowls of the stuff to the soldiers, and a slightly smaller one for himself, along with some expensive bread Stark imported from Italy.

“You know him?” Steven guessed. Steve gave his past self a look that said drop it but Danny decided to answer anyway.

“He was an old friend of my parents. They worked together in college on ghost stuff,” he started. “He’s a halfa too. The first, actually. He used his powers to get rich and famous. He always hated my dad for the accident that turned Vlad into a halfa. He ended up in the hospital and my parents fell in love. Vlad had a major crush on her.

Then their college reunion came around. I was fourteen at the time, it was just a few months after I got my powers. one thing led to another, we found out each others secrets and became like, mortal enemies or whatever. A couple years back he screwed me over so now I live here.”

Steven and James knew by the tone of the boy’s voice that they weren’t supposed to ask how this guy screwed him over. But there was still one question itching at the back of their heads.

“Why did Vlad bring them here then, Danny?” Bucky asked. Danny shrugged and slurped his noodles.

“Don’t know,” he said with a mouth full of food. “Not good though. He should know not to mess with time like this, he learned that lesson along time ago. With you two here they never stop Hydra and win the war,” Danny guessed. “So maybe we go to Hydra and figure out what the hell is going on.”

“It’s too dangerous,” Steve countered, setting his food down.

“Look, I know. But if Vlad is in trouble we gotta help him. With his kind of power in Hydra’s hands the rest of the world won’t stand a chance. We gotta hit em hard and fast.”

“We can help,” Steven suggested.

“No, you guys have to go to the portal and get back to your own time,” Bucky said.

“The portal was fried by Technus last week, remember?” Danny said. “I was going to fix it this week but I haven’t had the chance. It’ll take me weeks to get to wires and re-circuit the whole thing.But if we help Vlad he might let us use his.”

“Then it’s a deal,” Bucky said. “We’re coming with.”


Getting in to the compound and finding Vlad had been the easy part.

Getting him out was the part they were still trying to work out.

“Daniel? After what I’ve done I have to say-I’m a bit surprised to see you helping me,” Vlad said when Danny had put his arm around him, helping the older halfa walk. Danny remained silent.

The four soldiers had provided lots of cover, and there were a couple of close calls with Steven and James, but they managed okay enough. Especially with the upgraded guns Stark provided specifically for this mission. It was kind of fun seeing Nazis being killed.

But Vlad still kept talking.

“Why are you helping me Daniel? Have you had a change of heart? Maybe changed your mind about my proposal?”

Danny ignored him. Instead he focused his anger on the door in front of them, kicking it down with such force it splintered and flew almost ten feet away. His eyes were a blazing green.

He followed the Steves and Buckys out into the opening, just barely making it a safe distance away before the explosion they had set up went off. Danny let go of Vlad, and he fell to the ground in a heap. Danny pressed his boot down on Vlad’s chest, his anger seeping into every word.

“We are going to use your portal. You won’t mess with time or Hydra again. And if I ever see you again you won’t be just another halfa. Understand?” When Vlad hesitated Danny pressed down harder. He heard the beginning of a crack, but it was just a fracture he was making. Vlad coughed and nodded.

“Good,” Danny said. “Let’s go, guys.”


Once in the Zone, it was only a short flight to Clockwork’s, but he had to make the trip four times because he couldn’t carry all of them at once. When he was carrying James, his anger began to finally go away. He didn’t realize he started to cry, though, until James pointed it out. Danny didn’t say anything though. This was going to be saved for a session with Wilson.

When he went back to grab Bucky, the last of the four, his face was dry and monotone.

“If he ever shows his face again I’ll help you,” he said, squeezing Danny’s shoulder. He nodded, thankful for the offer.

“Yeah. Thanks,” he said. 

“Hello, Danny,” Clockwork said as he turned into a baby. “The portal you need is right over there. Would you care to stay for a game of chess?”

“And lose to the guy who knows the future?” Danny chuckled.”I think I’ll pass. But thanks anyway, Stopwatch.”

The goodbyes were weird and heartfelt, and despite being the same people, they weren’t. Not really. The future Steve and Bucky were so different from their past selves in so many ways tan just physical, and it was easy to tell. And even though he was going to see them for breakfast in the morning, he was going to miss them. Once they were gone, Steve and Bucky decided to go back tot he Tower, Danny promising to meet up with them later. He turned to Clockwork.

“I changed my mind on chess,” Danny said, letting his head hang down. Clockwork smiled and brought him into a side hug.

“I’ll make some tea.”

  • America: Oh... Oh Canada... Do you... Do you think when England dies his eyebrows will crawl off his face and find another face to colonize? I dont want to become a colony again.
  • Canada: Jeez, Alfred, what are you on?
  • America: The sofa
  • Canada: ...How high are you?
  • America: Five foot nine.
Hetalia characters when someone comes out to them
  • Italy: Hugs you and congratulates you on coming out, tells you he's so happy for you and is generally very excited.
  • Germany: Kind of awkward, doesn't really know what to say.
  • Japan: Formal about it, says he's grateful that you would want to share this information with him.
  • America: High fives you and then probably brags about gay marriage being legal in his country now.
  • England: Surprised that you'd want to talk to him of all people about it. Says he's proud of you and that if there's anyone to talk to about "that sort of thing", it's France.
  • France: Calls you beautiful, probably hits on you if you're attracted to men.
  • Russia: Just kind of goes "ahhh..." because he isn't necessarily supposed to talk about that kind of stuff.
  • China: Shrugs and asks why it's supposed to matter to him.
  • Canada: Tells you he's really glad you're accepting yourself for who you are.
Steve and Bucky come in for breakfast
  • Sam: Hey, you guys didn't show up for dinner last night.
  • Steve: Yeah, uh, we went out to eat.
  • Sam: Oh, what did you get?
  • Bucky: We had fondue.
  • Steve: *chokes on coffee*
  • Bucky and Nat: *high five*