A pyroclastic surge, which can top out at 290mph, with a high temperature of 1,830 °F. A pyroclastic surge is a fluidized mass of turbulent gas and rock fragments which is ejected during some volcanic eruptions.


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Too Much [m]

Genre: Smut/Fluff ⚠️ (slight dom!Yoongi, unprotected sex) 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2239 

Summary: Laundry sucks. Sex doesn’t suck.

A/N: So I discovered my extreme thirst for Yoongi while writing this… ALSO, USE PROTECTION KIDS This is the fifth installment of my Spring Day Drabbles series! Check out my other ones thru the link at the end of this one 😇

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i'd be interested if you have any book rec's with ace/aro protagonists? I'm struggling to find many good ones.


So I’ll level with you here, depression’s been beating my ass for the longest time, and even though I know there’s good stuff out there, I’ve not had the energy to go delving into the nooks and crannies of the fiction world to find it, because…… y’know, it’s hard, there’s fudge all out there, I’m tired

But I’m so glad you sent this ask because it’s given me the motivation to sit my butt down and make this happen and this is IMPORTANT to me. So this ask has been an adventure for the both of us, anon friend~

Here’s what I found in my search! I’ve only read a few of them, for the above reason, but I’ve tried to collect stuff that’s been written by aro/ace authors or has received positive reviews from aro/ace people!! Here goes!!! I hope it’s not too lengthy, I got excited!!

The Bone People by Keri Hulme is a mystery novel featuring an asexual protagonist, the reclusive artist Kerewin. It’s set in New Zealand and focuses a lot on Maori culture (the author herself is of Maori descent, as well as openly asexual and aromantic). Trigger warnings for physical abuse, suicide and illness.

We Awaken by Calista Lynne ( @calista-lynne ) features two asexual protagonists, girls who love girls, paranormal shenanigans, and the most beautiful glorious amazing cover I’ve ever seen. It’s also published by Harmony Ink Press, who do positive LGBTQ+ stories and are all round awesome in general. I think this one is available for preorder now, but releasing soon.

Sydney West by Rebecca McKinsey is a mystery/thriller I’ve seen some really great reviews on, which features a canon aromantic protagonist, and also has minimal profanity and minimal graphic description, if that’s not your kinda thing.

How To Be A Normal Person by TJ Klune features an asexual stoner hipster and honestly I don’t even know what else to say about it but this book looks like a wild and very weird ride to say the least.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire has an asexual protagonist and creepy stuff and secret doors and other worlds. Also has a trans character! Seems like a neat premise, I’m keen to read it.

Cold Ennaline by RJ Astruc is paranormal novella also published by Harmony Ink Press, featuring an asexual (and by the sounds of the description quite possibly aromantic) protagonist.

Banner of the Damned by Sherwood Smith is an epic high fantasy with an asexual protagonist and a POC princess and lots of awesome worldbuilding and politics and yeah!

After I Wake by Emma Griffiths features an asexual protagonist and several queer side characters and is also published by Harmony Ink Press! Hooray! Trigger warnings for suicide and mental illness (though the story itself focuses on recovery).

Sinners by Eka Waterfield is a dark fantasy about an asexual sidhe drug dealer, so what else does a person need, really. But yeah! It’s got thumbs-ups from several ace reviewers on goodreads! Trigger warnings for drug use and violence.

Clariel by Garth Nix features a protagonist who’s pretty much 100% absolutely aroace and amazing, and from what I can see many of the aces/aros who’ve read this book strongly identify with her and her experiences and the general consensus is that it’s awesome.  

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld features a demisexual WOC and a lesbian love interest and I’ve heard pretty good things about it, though I haven’t read it myself.

Quicksilver by RJ Anderson is a YA sci-fi with an asexual protagonist and lots of decent discussions on asexuality in the book, like the coming out scene, etc.

Interface: inSight by Lucy Mihajlich is another one maybe worth looking out for? It has a kickstarter going, and features a hearing-impaired aroace protagonist, nonbinary representation, and female and POC characters doing cool stuff and not dying… also has, like, cool edgy futuristic dystopia vibes~

A Word and a Bullet by Rachel Sharp has a very very very explicitly-stated aroace character. 100% aroace and cool with it. Also, quirky apocalypse stories are always fun, yeah?

And here’s some other neat stuff I found:

  • From Under the Mountain by Cait Spivey (panromantic asexual author, F/F high fantasy, lots of POC and women characters)
  • Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge (zero romance, cool premise)
  • The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan (ace character, not protagonist)
  • Radio Silence by Alice Osman (honest and open discussions of asexuality and demisexuality, female mixed-race bisexual protagonist, male and female leads do not fall in love)
  • Make Much Of Me by Kayla Bashe (lots of queer rep, including asexual and nonbinary, super positive feelgood themes)
  • Mindtouch and Mindline by M.C.A Hogarth (non-human asexual characters, queerplatonic life-partnership, sounds hELLA CUTE)
  • Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey (asexual POC leading character, not protagonist)

And I added like a billion things to my TBR lmao help me anon

🌊Some vocab about the ocean in Spanish & French🌊 

acantilado (m) = cliff = falaise (f)
alga marina (f) = seaweed = algues (fpl)
ancla (f) = anchor = ancre (f)
arena (f) = sand = sable (m)
bahía (f) = bay = baie (f)
barco (m) = boat = bateau (m)
boya (f) = buoy = bouée (f)
cangrejo (m) = crab = crabe (m)
concha (f) = seashell = coquillage (m)
duna (f) = dune = dune (f)
estrella de mar (f) = starfish = étoile de mer (f)
faro (m) = lighthouse = phare (m)
foca (f) = seal = phoque (m)
gaviota (f) = seagull = mouette (f)
horizonte (m) = horizon = horizon (m)
litoral (m) = coastline = littoral (m)
mar (m) = sea = mer (f)
marea (f) = tide = marée (f)
marea alta (f) = high tide = marée haute (f)
marea baja (f) = low tide = marée basse (f)
ola (f) = wave = vague (f)
orilla (f) = shore = rivage (m)
poza (f) = rock pool = piscine naturelle (f)
roca (f) = rock = rocher (m)

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She Knows (M)

Originally posted by jypnior

Summary: He says he’s never coming back, but he wants you to come along for the ride. An impromptu road trip with Jinyoung leads to desires surfacing, among other things. (High!Jinyoung x Reader)

Genre: Smut / Angst

Drug use

Word Count: 2,981

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

A/n: I don’t know where this came from., but I needed to finish it. Shoutout to the other fairies, @xiustories , and @disenchanteddreamers for reassuring me it wasn’t bad. OTL Please enjoy.

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Chipotle Flank Steak From Natasha’s Kitchen

2 lb flank steak
4 Tbsp Tabasco Chipotle Sauce, plus more to serve
⅓ bunch cilantro (about ½ cup loosely packed)
⅓ cup green onion, chopped
⅓ cup olive oil
½ tsp black pepper
1 Lime, cut into wedges to serve

In the bowl of a blender or food processor, pulse together marinade ingredients: ½ cup cilantro, ¼ cup chopped green onion, ⅓ cup olive oil, 4 Tbsp Tabasco Chipotle Sauce, ½ tsp black pepper. Blend until smooth.

Place steak in a non-reactive dish (glass or plastic) and cover all sides with marinade. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 6 hours or preferably overnight. Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes prior to grilling.

Grill over Medium-high heat (450˚F) for 4 min per side for medium rare, or cook to desired doneness. To create the fancy grilling marks, rotate 45˚ after 2 minutes. Remove to a plate and let rest 10 to 15 minutes prior to cutting. Cut steak (against the grain) into thin strips and serve.

Kingdom Come Pt. 1 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

A/N: You got a Dick Grayson series (kinda), you got a Jason Todd series, you got a Batsis series… now prepare for a Damian Wayne series! 

Tags: @batboysimagine @batfamily-imagines @tim-help @memento-scribet @saramdeuli 

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: None… yet :D

Word Count: 755


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful princess. She was a young princess, innocent and naive and clueless about the world. All she knew was the world behind the castle walls, the world that was her own little kingdom, and what a gorgeous kingdom she had indeed. For everything thrived and there were no disloyalty or burglary, there was only love and peace.

Her castle was her bedroom chamber, high above on the east wing of her father’s domain. It towered above her little kingdom, where rows of magnificent roses, blooming dandelions and vibrant bougainvillea grew. Further west, there was a sparkling pond where the merpeople lived.

It was her own kingdom, seen only by the eyes of her imagination, because she was often lonely. She had no friends, no partner-in-crime. Her handmaidens were all older than her and they tended to her every need, nothing more, nothing less. Her guards only existed to give their life for her, not to befriend her. Therefore, she created her own friends with the power of her mind… and loneliness.

But one day, something quite extraordinary happened.

A knock resonated through the princess’s bedroom, causing her to move from her place by the window. “You may enter.” she informed the person outside. The oak door to her bedroom opened with a creak and one of the servants of the castle entered, bowing before straightening himself.

“Your Highness,” he said with a clear voice, “the King and Queen requests your audience.”

She nodded at the servant. “Tell them I will be there shortly.” The servant bowed once more and left her room, closing the door behind him. As soon as he left, she called her handmaidens to change her clothing. When meeting her parents, she had to be dressed appropriately, and a casual gown such as the one she was wearing now was unfit for such occasion.

Once she was ready, she headed through the stone corridors towards the throne room, accompanied by her loyal guards. All her subjects that she passed bowed or curtsied to her, their princess.

“Her Royal Highness, Princess [F/N].” she heard someone announce before the large doors opened for her.

When she entered the throne room, she immediately noticed there were a few unfamiliar faces. Though she was only a young girl at the mere age of nine, she was well-educated and mature for her age. From the way they were dressed, they were Knights.

Everyone lowered their heads as the princess entered and no one spoke a word. She walked up to her parents and curtsied before speaking. “You have summoned me, father?”

“Yes, my dear.” her father stated kindly, reminding her that even under formal circumstances he was still the same man that tucked her to bed every night, no matter how busy he was, “I have called you to meet your new personal guard.”

“My… personal guard?” [F/N] repeated, confusion laced in her voice, “is there a reason for this? I have many already…”

Her father sighed and gave her a weary smile. “I’m afraid I have to remove most of them from their duties guarding you.”

“Why?” she asked, slightly alarmed.

“You do not need to know the reason now, my child. Now, come.” her father urged, beckoning her forward. Although she was still clueless to what was happening, she did as she was asked.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a young boy, about her age or perhaps a little older, step forward. Though small like her, he certainly didn’t look weak or feeble. He wore the clothes of a knight and had a sword strapped to his belt.

“This is Sir Damian, of House Wayne.” her mother voiced, “as you know, House Wayne has been loyal to the [L/N] family for generations. They are the most skilled warriors of this land. The young man is tasked with protecting you. He will go where you go, fight your battles, and if needed, lay down his life for you.”

[F/N] nodded and turned back to study Sir Damian. He had sharp features with a slightly exotic complexion. His tanned skin brought out his emerald eyes, something she decided she liked most about him.

She watched as he got down to one knee, lowering his head. He said his oath, swearing to protect her, before raising his head to look at her. Not knowing what to do, she simply smiled kindly at him.

And that was when everything changed.


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catchthespade  asked:

your drunk bidders post got me laffin lmaooo though it made me wonder: from best to worst, how would you rank the bidders(+mc) in terms of how good they are at fighting?

Thank you lmao :’) and yES this is the shit I live for!!

@maidofstars you should see this too lmao


  • Holy shit dude
  • She’s hung out with the Bidders long enough to learn techniques from each of them
  • Her pent-up rage from dealing with these dumbasses is just adding fuel to the fire tbh
  • Don’t let her size fool you; MC can put anyone in a headlock
  • She’s fast, so she can dodge attacks and recover really quickly
  • Could probably knock anyone tf out in like 2 seconds

Soryu: 10/10 Get Rekt

  • There’s a reason why Soryu is a mobster
  • Aside from experience with weapons, he can fist fight really well and is professionally trained in martial arts
  • He can kick so high what the f u c k
  • He’s able to predict what his enemy will do next and counterattack
  • Soryu is hella strong, so he could wrestle someone to the ground before they even knew what was happening
  • He’s able to stay calm and focused in any fight, which scares the shit out of his enemies 

Hikaru: 8.5/10 Killin’ Machine

  • Probably knows 100 different ways to kill someone with his bare hands
  • More used to using weapons, but don’t sleep on his hand-to-hand combat skills
  • S O   M U C H   E N E R G Y
  • Hikaru is used to long, drawn-out fights so he knows how to pace himself
  • He may have a baby face, but he’s scary af when provoked
  • Can dodge attacks really, really well. Rarely ever gets hurt in a fight

Mamoru: 8/10 Don’t Poke the Bear

  • He can be super intimidating when he needs to be
  • Trained in martial arts and firearms, and is used to taking down rowdy criminals 
  • Probably the best improviser out of all the Bidders; can turn almost anything into a weapon
  • Suprisingly fast and strong. It’s like flipping a switch on inside Mamoru 
  • Can easily think like the enemy and predict what they’ll do next

Luke: 7/10 Weirdly Nimble

  • Probably most surprising of all, this walking zombie can focus and be quick on his feet during a fight
  • Since he has such long limbs, he can grab his enemies and trip them easily
  • Catch these surgeon hands 
  • Just wants the fight to be over tbh, so he’ll try to subdue his enemies more than anything
  • Can get really fierce when someone he cares about or an innocent person is being targeted 

Shuichi 6.5/10 Learned From the Best

  • You bet this man was taught how to fight from his assassian best friend
  • (Politicians are often in danger, you know)
  • Knows how to throw a few swings if necessary 
  • Can take down an enemy surprisingly quickly
  • Is really out of practice, though
  • His calm personality makes him really calculated and focused during an altercation 

Baba 5/10 Lover, Not a Fighter

  • He can hold his own in a fight for a while, but he’s not used to being involved in physical attacks
  • More focused on ending the conflict vs. duking it out
  • Baba’s fast from constantly running in his line of work
  • Not the face, man
  • Really prefers to talk things out

Eisuke: 3/10 What a Baby

  • He has no reason to fight anyone, so he has very little experience with it
  • Probably worried that he’ll break a nail or something
  • Could maybe get like, one punch in
  • Bitch hands 
  • Would likely end up hurting himself if he tried to get into a fight tbh

Ota: 2/10 Why 

  • You think these hands have ever dealt with anything but paint?
  • Ota is too worried that he’ll mess up his face 
  • 110% would rather run from a fight than try to hold his own
  • Tries to act tough, but would probably cry if someone threatened him
  • ??? how do I make a fist ???

Rhion 0/10 How Dare You?

  • Do not touch my small son
  • Why would someone fight him? Why is he in danger? Why
  • Would try to hug it out
  • In tears at the mere idea of someone wanting to fight him
  • What did he do wrong???
  • L E A V E   H I M   A L O N E

A Night in Together

Request: Hi! I’ve got a request :) could you do a Bucky x reader fic based on the post i sent you? Especially the couch and bath ones. Fluffy and/or smutty. Thanks 😘 

Summary: You’ve been dating Bucky for a few months and you convince him to stay in for the night.

Warnings: Smut and fluff

A/N: If you want to be tagged in future smuts / works just let me know!

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Criminally Underrated Cartoons I Strongly Recommend 

Clone High

description: Clones of historical figures attend high school together. A parody of teen drama’s, Clone High hits every trope and cliche and parodies them mercilessly. The comedy comes in both zany physical gags and dialogue dripping in self awareness. Every plot is a cliche taken up to eleven, hence surpassing the cliche and becoming something else entirely. The jokes range from intelligent to low-brow to absurd. I’m trying to recall an early Teletoon promo and I believe it went something like; “it’s about a girl who’s in love with a guy who’s in love with a girl who’s in love with a guy who hates the guy that loves to party.” Every character is broad, but it’s that type of show. 

strengths: Writing. This is one of those shows written for writers. Also, the voice acting. The cast is great and the line reads themselves can get really funny. 

weaknesses: The stylized art style may turn some people off. Also, if you hate love triangles to the point where you can’t even see them deconstructed and satirized, well…

where to watch: YouTube, DVD, Kisscartoon

F is for Family

description: This show follows the everyday lives of the Murphy’s, a lower middle class family living in the early 70′s. Frank is a Korean war veteran who gave up his dream of becoming an airline pilot to raise his son and quickly marry his girlfriend due to her unplanned pregnancy. The show is far more subtle compared to it’s predecessors such as the Simpsons or American Dad.  It’s more comparable to early seasons of Rosanne or Married With Children, in that it is the subversion of the family sitcom (or animated family sitcom in this case). The show has a slow, more realistic pace focusing on everyday aspects of life. Heavily character and relationship based. But don’t get the impression this show is quite. The arguments, for example are highly volatile and realistic. 

strengths: Writing, character, dialogue based humour, subtle but unpredictable stories.

weaknesses: The art style and animation are rather average and I find that gives people an inaccurate impression of what this show is going to be. Believe me, the writing far makes up for that. 

where to watch: Netflix, Kisscartoon


description: Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man follows Eric Duckman, a put upon private investigator and recently widowed husband and father. Along with his dry-witted and multi-talented partner Cornfed they solve… Well, Cornfed solves them anyways. This relic of the early nineties is often described as “ahead of it’s time”, although I find it to be very much a product of it’s time with perhaps a little more freedom than the average network show. This description likely has to do with the fact that many of the issues satirized in Duckman are still relevant, if not more so, today. Duckman is a fast-paced, action/comedy/family bastardization of a sitcom. 

strengths: Writing, big time, in terms of humour and character. Duckman’s personality leaps off the screen and the comedy is quirky and strange enough to not feel stale, even after such a long time. I personally find the stylized art and fluid animation to be a large strength as well.

weaknesses: Some may find Duckman too reprehensible to sympathize with. The semi-regular pop culture references are also rather dated (though some may find this charming). Finally, the female characters, while well-written, tend to be under used.

where you can watch: YouTube, DVD, Shomi

Moral Orel

description: A stop-motion deconstruction of small town Christian America. The series follows Orel Puppington on his quest to be a good christian. Basically, the show plays on the idea of the towns populace seeming perfect at first glance, but slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) we see the facade slip. Season 1 mainly follows a simple episodic formula with very broad humour typical of Adult Swim (at least at the time). Season 2 is where the more realistic tone and character based plot sets in, season 1 sets it up however. By season 3 many consider the show “too good to succeed”.

strengths: Character, character, character! Character development is by far it’s biggest strength. The show also has a very cute art style which is not only visually appealing, but perfectly contrasts with dark subtexts. 

weaknesses: Season one’s humour may not be everyones cup of tea (though personally, I enjoy it). On the opposite of the spectrum, season 3 can get quite depressing. To the point where, although I enjoy the artistic value of the episodes, some can leave me emotionally drained due to the overall nihilism and bleakness of the world it creates.

where you can watch: DVD (season 1 and part of season 2 only), Kisscartoon

Venture Brothers

description: This action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy show started as a send-up Johnny Quest type shows of the 60′s and 70′s, though by the second season it really became less of a parody and more of an entry into the genre itself, only with copious effort and talent actually put into it. If you like character development, stories that unfold sporadically throughout seasons, weird unexpected characters being killed off and dialogue based humour this is the show for you. Venture Brothers is the type of show you have to watch a few times to get everything out of an episode. Rarely is anything spelled out to the audience, this is a show that loves subtext and referencing previous events without reminding you of it beforehand. 

strengths: Writing, character development, animation, continuity, character driven.

weaknesses: I honestly don’t know if I can list any. I guess season one is a little hokey, but I still like it. Though, the first few episodes don’t do a great job drawing the viewer in and I find most first time viewers don’t really start to enjoy the show until “Mid-Life Chrysalis” or “Eeny Meeny Miney Magic”. Also, don’t start with the pilot. It’s non-canon and it’ll probably just confuse you.

where you can watch: DVD, Kisscartoon, AdultSwim.com (when it’s airing, not sure if they host it inbetween because I can only access AS.ca here in Canada)


‘Oh, c'mon Y/N it’ll be fun!’ Y/F/N yelled out as she was trying to convince me to go to a stupid birthday party.
'You know it won’t, after all it is her party’ she knew exactly who I meant by that,  
'She is Harry’s girlfriend and you have to give her a chance, I know how you feel about him but still. Go get dressed, we won’t stay long, I promise. Just a few drinks.’

I got up from my bed and looked in my closet. I decided to wear a sexy black dress and red high heels. Y/F/N helped me do my make up and we headed to the party. On the way there I was thinking about Harry, he seems to be the only thing I think about these past few months. I like him a lot, but obviously he does not feel the same considering he has a girlfriend he has been dating for three months. She’s not really using him, but she is annoying as hell.
As soon as we got to the party I looked for booze and poured myself whiskey and went to look around to find someone familiar. I found Ed Sheeran standing next to the staircase by himself.  

'Can I join you? I lost Y/F/N and you seem to be the only one I know here’  
'Oh, thank god, finally someone who’s cool, please do.’
'Haha, nice. How have you been? Haven’t seen you for a while.’
'Oh, busy but not anymore. We should defiantly go grab a coffee soon to catch up’

I felt someone’s hand on my arm and saw Harry smiling.  

'How is it that every time I see you you’re more and more beautiful?’ He asked with his cheeky smile.
'I don’t know, you tell me.’ I said as we hugged and then he said hi to Ed

The night went on and so did my drinking, to the point I couldn’t walk a straight line anymore but that didn’t stop me really. The only downer was the constant peeing. I always pee a lot when I drink. Once again I made my way to the bathroom on the second floor that was off limits to most people.  
I really didn’t feel like going down right away because I would have to come up again in few minutes so I went into Harry’s room and laid on his bed for a while. It seems that that a while was longer than I thought because Harry came up the stairs.

'Here you are, thought something happened to you.’ He said  
'Oh, I just didn’t feel like going down right away.’  
'Are you okay?’  

He said laying down next to me and I just nodded my head. His arm was touching mine. And through al that smoke he still smelled like he always does.  
We started talking about everything that came to our mind. The topics got deeper and more meaningful by the minute. He turned around to face me and went quiet. I was thinking about what we said last and then turned to him.

'Before, I really meant what I said’ he said
'What exactly?’
'That you are beautiful’  
'Thank you’ I said with almost a whisper  

We looked each other for a second and his face was getting closer to mine. I could feel his breath on my skin and soon enough I felt his lips on mine. I didn’t register what was going on right away and by the time I did he was already on top of me. I didn’t care about the fact that he was taken. I didn’t care about the fact that there was a party going on. I didn’t care that anyone could walk in on us. And neither did Harry.

As I laid naked in his bed I started thinking about what had happened and what we had done. Even though it was unbelievably good I felt guilty and ashamed. I got out of bed and got dressed. Harry had already fallen asleep so at least this wasn’t awkward.  

I looked for Y/F/N and instead of her I bumped into her, his girl.  

'Have you seen Harry? He’s seemed to disappear somewhere’
'Nope, I got sick from all the booze so I spent most of my evening in the bathroom, sorry.’

I spotted Y/F/N and ran to her grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out.  

'I need you to tell me that I’m an awful person!’
'Okay… Y/N, you are an awful person..’
'Thank you’
'And why am I calling you that?’
'I…um, I slept with Harry’
'No way?!OMG, let’s go home so you can tell me everything’

When we got home I told her everything and then we went to bed. It helped a bit the fact that she didn’t actually think that I was an awful person.  I needed to talk to Harry tomorrow.  

Next day as soon as I woke up I got ready and wanted to leave the apartment but I saw Y/F/N and Harry sitting on the couch. Y/F/N got up and left.

'We need to talk about yesterday’
'I agree, I understand if you don’t want to see me ever again and that shouldn’t have happened. I mean, you are in a relationship and this was a terrible thing to do and I don’t think it should ever happen again. It was a mistake.’
'Well, that’s one way to look at it…’
'What’s the other?’
'That it wasn’t a mistake. I like you a lot, and I want a real shot of happiness. With you.’
'What does that mean Harry?’  
'I broke up with Cindy, told her what happened and just broke it off… I have liked you for a while now’
'You  do?’  
'Yes.. So, would you like to give us a try?
'I would love to.’

hedgehogdan  asked:

Why is glory so good?


  • strings
  • “looking up for heaaVeENN” 
  • the “oooooHhhHh” bit dan does at the end now 
  • dan and kyle playing the piano together @ capitol studios (bless)
  • the high note bit, f me up
  • strings
  • i just want 2 cry when i listen to it????