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Can you explain what a HCLF diet is?? I don't understand it and why people say it is bad?

h (high) c (carb) l (low) f (fat). high carb low fat. it means you get your calories mainly from carbs but just partly from fats and protein. i really recommend to google it because i don’t live like this and can’t give too much detailed information. i personally don’t think it’s bad but i hate how hclf vegans often claim their diet as the perfect diet for everyone when it’s actually not. it might work for some -and that’s great for them!- but not for everyone and it’s definitely NOT unhealthy to eat fats. for some a hclf diet works good, for others a low carb diet or JUST A NORMAL diet works good. every body is different and everyone can decide on their own what works best for them! :) i personally believe in a balanced diet that contains fats, carbs and protein because that’s what works good for me :)


This song about having a secret gay crush in high school is totally f*cking awesome

“My goal is to inspire my fans to find happiness in themselves earlier on, so they don’t have such a tough time growing up,” singer Hayley Kiyoko says. “The world is a hard, difficult place right now. But it can feel a little bit easier if you believe in yourself.”

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Can you hear me?

Today… It was announced the possible artist to perform in the JAPAN OLYMPICS 2020 and…. Our guys are nominated!! *\(^o^)/*
However, there are only 29 votes for them u.u so, PLEASE even one of your votes can make the difference! I think it’s time to show the world what OLDCODEX has!

If you want to help just clic the link below :) it’s all in Japanese but it’s easy to understand, or you can use translate Please spread the news


F*ck, Marry, Kill: ACOTAR Series EDITION:

Round #1: Cassian, Lucien, Tarquin
Round #2: Mor, Cresseida, Amren
Round #3: Rhysand, Lucien, Azriel
Round #4: Ianthe, Amarantha, Nesta 
Round #5: Tamlin, Jurian, Varian
Round #6: Alis, Feyre, Elain




Where is this girl I will adopt her immediately