So I finally decided to cut my hair bc mom keep on insisting that I should have shaved my head like I always do every summer and I didn’t want to have my hair cut bc I have big plans with it. So yeah, I found this nearby salon in our city and the place is quite decent. But what’s really amazing is that the cut is SO CHEAP, I paid P30 for it, and their service crew especially the stylists are so fun to talk to. The P30, unlike any high-end salon, it doesn’t include wash and blow dry. But when I asked my stylist for it, I had them for free. Talk about excellent customer service! Together with me was my Sis. She got a short bob but without the fringe (bc she really hates it, she would call it the ‘Dora-bangs’ from the cartoon show, Dora the Explorer) and I got myself an undercut, just my usual hair look. The salon is called Cut Salon. I think they’re all over the country but in the city I think they have 2 branches here in the city. One near Gaisano Mall, J.C. Aquino St., and the other one is at Montilla Boulevard just across Mercury Drug Store.


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Should I choose the door on the right or the florin te left?

I chose the door on the right…

A high end hair salon…

Collapsed entrance roofs are nice…

More very important elevator instructions…

And a bunch of random pandas in the mall……..

Midnight thoughts!

So I have been working two jobs all year. One at hot topic, as a breaker, and the other at Rocco Altobelli (high end hair salon) in the cooperation.
Well this last month I was offered a management position at Hot Topic.:) I’ve been there for two years and sadly just up until last year I started to actually learn stuff and out my job. Since the management before didn’t really bother teaching me anything.
I’m super stoked about the news and by next month I will be fully trained and ready to become the next key holder.:)

I am inspired to inspire. In my own experiences, putting myself outside of my comfort zone in public spaces challenges others to also spread positive energy. To actually show you care can potentially inspire those around you. Building people up even with a small compliment can brighten somebody’s day- but remember, Actions speak louder than words. “Small” acts of kindness can be much bigger for the individual on the receiving end. Whether I’m giving a haircut in a high end boutique salon or on the streets, a haircut is always more than just a haircut. What do you love about going to see your hair hairstylist? Share and tag them! We can ALL break outside of our comfort zone, if you’re up for the challenge. 😉 #BeAwesomeToSomebody
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Choice of Spa and Salon Services at Glamour House, Sushant Lok 1

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Groupon Partner: Glamour House

Glamour House located at Sushant Lok 1 offers salon services to men and women. The salon’s stylists…

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So, as many of my friends know (who are also hairstylists), you know that once you leave work, your job is not over- its probably just begun.

So in NYC, a city aptly named “The City That Never Sleeps”, I work for a high-end, luxury blowout salon, DreamDry. DreamDry is founded by Rachel Zoe (totally maje) and co-founded by her best friend (my fav boss), Robin Moraetes. I’m so grateful and proud to be a first-generation employee at my location on West 57th Street, which is one block from where I live.

I’ve been at this location for almost two years and it’s an honor to be a Senior Stylist and part of the Artistic Team, training new hires and inspiring other stylists.

As a fully-licensed cosmetologist, I have worked in full-service salons that included Aveda concept salons and a Kerastase-exclusive salon. So when I moved to The City, I didn’t want to bother going through with a lengthy apprenticeship, being held at the discretion of a salon owner as to when THEY thought I was “ready” to go onto the floor. Umm- excuse me? Chile, I know how to do some good hair! SO….lo and behold I found DreamDry because I was ready to try something new….and boy did I!

I absolutely love the fact that I have been able to really refine my styling skills. Nothing is better than giving someone the perfect style/blowout, which really accentuates a service AND keeps them coming back to you. I am proud to say that I have been one of (and at one point the) ‘Most Requested Stylist’ in my company. This has been a huge turning point for me in my career, in recognizing my self-worth and realizing what I knew all along: that I have a deep passion and respect for this industry and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

Ok- enough of the dramatics…now onto the real reason behind this post: being in demand. This concept has quite literally shaped the kind of stylist I have become. Now we all know its good to be loved and appreciated. But being wanted is a completely different level of professional gratification. Being booked at DreamDry feels flattering knowing that my clients shape their whole day (and schedule) behind seeing me. Getting off of work and still trying to find the motivation to continue with my day to do freelance work after a full-time job is HARD…and it’s demanding. However, if I didn’t love it so much, trust: I wouldn’t do it and I certainly don’t have a problem saying no. I love that my job is never done and my phone is always buzzing with my regular rotation of freelance clients. When they ask to pass my information on: I’m slayed. That is the biggest compliment in the world, for someone to like your work so much that they trust you enough to refer you to friends. And this is why I’m a hairstylist on the go because I never stop! And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Sometimes I find myself sitting around and (as cheesy as this sounds) I catch myself smiling when re-capping my day. I thank my lucky stars that each and every day I get to do what I love and not get bored with it! I get to be creative, interact, bond, make new friends, be a counselor/sounding board, celebrate, congratulate, motivate, inspire….the list goes on. How many people can say that their own two hands are the source of so much beauty?? These two hands do so much! And changing lives day in and day out has been such a blessing.

A stylist once told me “The day you think you know everything, is the day your career has ended.”. I thought about that and it’s so true, right?! Do you ever truly stop learning as a hairdresser? No. The answer is no. And there’s something so incredible about that! I get to be a part of an industry that I know is ever-changing and is without limits…What freedom!!! (Insert Mel Gibson from Braveheart leading his men into battle/ blue and white face paint and all).

Anyways, in short, I encourage you to re-evaluate what you are currently doing. If it doesn’t scare the hell out of you and give you goosebumps from excitement and wondering about how amazing your future will be- then you shouldn’t be doing it. Whats the point of that? And what’s a life lived if it’s a half-lived life anyways?! Just a paycheck?! PFFFFTTTTTT that’s just a horrible excuse!

Plan your work. Work your plan. Go forth and do amazing things!

I truly thank you if you made it all the way through this post and really read this and took it to heart! :)

Love and Encouragement-