No Rest for the Wicked | 01

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Summary: You’re hired in the middle of BTS tour to replace a colleague. One of your talents gets unexpectedly noticed by Taehyung who is also struggling with some personal issues…

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, very light smut

Word count: 9.5k

No Rest for the Wicked | 01 | 02

You were exhausted. Simply, totally, undeniably exhausted. And you had been for more than a week, now. It was the third night in a row that you had to wake up before sunrise and when you didn’t have to, you went to bed so late that you saw the sun appear through the curtains.

When your boss Eunji called, trying to hold the tears and asking you to replace her on her job, you didn’t even try to make it difficult for her to come back home. At first, you were sure something tragic happened, but then she explained: a baby. A blessing, actually. Her long-awaited pregnancy became a reality among everyone’s disbelief.

She got the news while on tour in Bangkok, from a Thai doctor who made sure she understood that the chemicals and the fatigue were a no-no for her condition. And Bangkok was where you flew with the first flight in the morning to join the hair and make-up team that was following BTS on tour.

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Send help. I’ve been working on this story for 2 months because I kept losing inspiration and my god has it been a struggle to write. I think I’m hitting another block. But good news is, this story is 13 pages singles spaced. (AKA send help for my crazy ass). *laughs but is actually crying*

xoxo Admin O

               The sky was blue and cloudless as you stared up at it from your seat in the lecture hall. Right about this time his plane would be taking off. The thought was fleeting but still surprised you. Shaking your head free from such sentiments, you returned your focus to class. You didn’t know why you were suddenly missing him but you were and as much as you tried to convince yourself that you were crazy for being stuck on him, you still found yourself rifling through the cardboard box under your bed when you returned home. Pulling a yellowed photo from the depths of the box, you smiled to yourself. Two small faces with grins full of holes from missing teeth smiled back at you. Nostalgia was not usually your thing but you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking back to that day on the playground.

               You and Hyuk had been friends since the womb. You had been born into the friendship due to your mothers being like sisters since college. They had been roommates, each others bridesmaids, and continued on to be neighbors. Needless to say, he was always around. You saw him every day at school, after school at Tae Kwon Do, and on weekends when playing in town. There was no choice but to get along, but since you were both rough and liked similar things, it was fun hanging out with Hyuk anyway. You would watch the same cartoons and then pretend you were superheroes after. If you counted, more than half of your bruises came from Hyuk whacking with you something or another. But it was okay, you always got your revenge. It was only when someone cried that you stopped beating up each other, and even then a popsicle could fix that.

               It was sometime around high school when things began to shift. He hit his growth spurt and your chest came in. Without warning, it became awkward to lay hands on each other. Then the things you had in common became less and less. He fell into anime and manga and you discovered nail polish and makeup. Eventually you drifted apart and found your own group of friends. You were still fairly close, but you were no longer the blood brothers that were too scared to cut themselves and used grape juice instead. You caught up at family gatherings and would deliver borrowed ingredients to each other’s houses when needed. There were still high fives when you passed in the hallways but it was just different now.

               Everything completely changed when he auditioned for an entertainment company. He got in and moved to the capital. You cheered him on when you saw him on TV as you continued your studies from home. It was odd not to see him in the neighborhood and even wierder to be alone at family picnics while your mothers chatted. He would post pictures and updates on his social networks, but that was for the fans. He luckily didn’t change his phone number and you managed to keep in touch with that. However, as time passed, the weekly texts became monthly, and then nonexistent.

               Though you weren’t heartbroken over the loss, you were disappointed enough to get angry at the opened messages that went unanswered. Understanding that he was busy with his new life and that you weren’t especially close when he left, it was silly to expect anything. You just thought that your history meant something to him. It seemed like it didn’t.

               Deciding to go into cosmetology after high school (with much opposition by your parents), you headed for the capital as well. It was going to be a hard life if you weren’t good and didn’t get your foot in the door early. So, you enrolled in a school near a television station. Landing a much sought after internship at a high end beauty salon thanks to your good grades, you were able to pick up tips and afford a one room apartment combined with your savings. Being so close to the entertainment industry and having clients that you frequently saw on broadcast come to the shop served to constantly remind you of Hyuk. You couldn’t help but wonder how he was doing. What would it have been like if you two had remained friends? Would anything be different from how it was now? Would you meet up for coffee sometimes? Or go back home together on holidays?

               Head full of thoughts of what if, you headed to the salon after class. The weekdays were jam-packed with classes followed by your internship and homework after that. You only had the weekends to yourself, and even then most of it was taken up by doing hair and makeup for private gigs like graduation photos or a fiftieth birthday. Keeping occupied, you avoided confronting yourself on how lonely you were in this big city. Tying your hair back after putting your backpack in your cubby, you set to work laying out the various brushes at your station. The salon catered to clients that enjoyed their privacy. There were two floors, the first centered around makeup and the second just for hair. There were separate rooms for bridal parties and whatnot but each stylist’s station was flanked by two walls, separating the client from anyone else. You rotated between the two floors and today was a makeup day.

                As an intern, you were given the smaller tasks, such as sweeping the floor or waxing mustaches. Once in a while, you were allowed to work on a bridesmaid or a girl getting ready to go on a blind date. The big jobs were allotted to the professionals. As such, your station was small. But you didn’t care. You were just thankful that they even gave you counter space at all. The little bell on the front door chimed and you reflexively called out a greeting before even looking up.

               The familiar voice that answered back caught you off guard. Eyes flicking to the door, your jaw dropped at the sight of six tall men. Hyuk stopped dead in his tracks when he recognized you. The tanned boy behind him shoved him along to the front desk.  He never looked away even as he continued to walk. Something kept your eyes pinned in place on him as well. It appeared that this city was smaller than you realized. The salon’s reputation must have been far more exceptional than you assumed for such big celebrities to just show up. The shortest of the group approached the receptionist along with someone who you guessed was their manager. Moments later the receptionist was leading them to the back towards one of the VIP rooms. Continuing to gape, you stood rooted to the floor even as Hyuk finally broke eye contact and disappeared behind the frosted glass door.

               Amidst the small prick of happiness, there was a sense of lacking. He was no longer the Hyuk you knew. He was so far above you that you weren’t even allowed to style his hair. That was reserved for the best of the best, which you were not. You were a mere student. Embarrassment washed over you and you looked away. He was out of your league now and the silent exchange just now served as a slap of reality. You felt like you weren’t even the level to speak to him. Swallowing hard, you returned your attention to setting up your station.

               There was a call of your name and then your mentor was rushing towards you. “I need your help in setting up and handing me things with the VIP clients,” she said.  The pit of your stomach dropped. Though you didn’t really want to go, you were in no position to refuse. So you gathered all the materials you had just laid out into your tool belt and followed her. There were so many of them that all of the stylists were working on them all at once and you knew that they needed help. You trudged behind her through the etched glass.

               It was hard to avoid his gaze when he was staring at you through the mirror. Uncomfortable didn’t even begin to describe the sensation under your skin. You refused to look even though you wanted to and instead focused on your mentor and the other’s directions.  The other boys paid you no mind and their manager sat on the couch intended for the mother of the bride and whoever else in the bridal party. The lights that surrounded the mirror made it worse, as you could see everything a little too well. The rectangular shape of the room allowed you to keep your distance but most of the boys were wearing headphones and someone thought it would be thoughtful to lower the music playing the room. The quietness only served to make you feel more awkward.

               You wondered why they had suddenly come to this shop. While this beauty parlor had its fair share of famous clients, you were sure that VIXX was established elsewhere. They had no reason to suddenly show up unannounced. Questions flooded your mind but you tried to shake them as you concentrated on the task at hand. As you got more absorbed in your work, you began to notice Hyuk less and less. Eventually, he lost interest in watching you and took to playing games on his phone. Not that you minded, it was easier to work without an audience. And like that, the stylists finished with their customers and left to allow the boys to change. They emerged clad in trendy clothes, no doubt picked by a professional or sponsored, and you could tell that they were off to the airport. Hyuk threw you a glance over his shoulder on his way out. Mental connection with him long broken, you couldn’t tell what the look meant.

               In retrospect, it was a bittersweet moment. You laid on your bed in your pajamas, books open and sprawled across the floor. You needed to do your homework but your thoughts chose to replay the day over and over again. It was like a movie scene, two old friends meeting each other by chance years later. But you were no longer friends and were as good as strangers. Hyuk didn’t even look like the kid you went to school with. He was a man now. He had lost all the baby fat on his face and was all sharp jaw line and broad shoulders. You didn’t think that he could get any taller but he somehow managed to anyway. You held your arms straight out and inspected the gaps between your fingers. It was funny how Hyuk was always associated with the sky in your head.  The blue sky made you think about him soaring across it and just as your met him again today, he was off once more. You wondered what he was thinking earlier. You regretted not saying hi, but at the time he was a client and you were a service worker. It would have been unprofessional. Did he see you as a person that he used to know or did he see you as beneath him as you thought?

               There was honestly no point in dwelling on it. You doubted the encounter meant anything at all to Hyuk. You were probably romanticizing the whole thing.  It was a coincidence where you had a tiny glimpse into his world, but now he was gone, just like the past was. The chapter on airbrushing calling your name was your reality. Your arms plopped down by your sides. It was only you who was over thinking.

               A week came and went and there was no deviation from your normal routine. That is until a soft ping disturbed you from highlighting every other sentence in your Advanced Makeup Techniques textbook. With minimal attention, you unlocked your phone as you continued to read. There was a text from an unfamiliar number that read “Hey.” Puzzled, you replied with a “Hi, who is this?”

               “How could you not have my phone number saved?” came the reply moments later. There was a tearful emoji at the end of the question. Raising an eyebrow, you capped your highlighter and thought hard about whether or not you gave your phone number to a co-worker. Taking too long to respond, there came another text stating, “It’s Hyuk.”

               “Stop lying. Is this the bread thief from homeroom?”

               “It’s really me, Hyuk!”

               You scoffed. There was no way Hyuk would have let such a good opportunity to mess with you go to waste. His old self would have tried to sell you some stupid story about being your long lost half sibling or something equally ridiculous before actually revealing his identity.

               “Actually…I think I may be your real father.”

               And now you believed that it was Hyuk messaging you. Rolling your eyes, you demanded a voice message. It came sooner than expected and was only a two second clip of him sing-songing “Ba-bum.” But it was so typical Hyuk, you couldn’t help but laugh.

               “You still go around saying ba-bum?”

               “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

               “Nothing. Actually it helped me confirm that it was you messaging me.”

               “How have you been?”

               The inquiry made your heart skip a beat. You clutched your chest and wondered what the hell was wrong with you. Why were you getting riled up over a simple question?

               “I’ve been well.  You?”

               “It was nice seeing you the other day.”

               You startled at his answer. He had totally avoided the question and taken you off guard. “It was nice seeing you too. You look like you’ve been doing well.”

               “I have been. Have you moved to the capital?”

               “Yeah, I’m working and going to school here now.”

               “We should meet up from coffee or something when I get back.”

               And that’s how you ended up sitting in a tiny dimly lit café at the back of some sketchy alley, waiting for Hyuk while nursing a hot tea. The café’s interior was warm, with dark wood and chocolate colored everything, just the location was sketchy. You were beginning to suspect that the mysterious text messager wasn’t actually Hyuk and you were waiting for your murderer. Any little noise had you flinching. Just as you were working up the courage to leave, you heard a male voice ask if there was a girl waiting alone. Immediately, you turned around and sure enough, there was Hyuk. He was still dressed as if he had just come from an event. Unintentionally, you rose to your feet.

               “Wow,” he exclaimed, “you look like a totally different person! Is that a dress?” You looked down and second guessed your decision to wear something a little cute. “It looks good,” he added after seeing your reaction and sat down across from you. “Did you already order?” he asked, pointing to your cup. As you nodded, he was already reaching across the table for a taste. You had thought nothing of sharing drinks with him before, but now that some time had passed, you thought it a bit odd that he would so freely do it.”Ah, its hot!” he exclaimed and stuck his burnt tongue out.

               Giving him a once over, you complimented him. “When did you get so handsome?”

               “Ohhh,” he exclaimed teasingly and chuckled. “Have you eaten?” Hyuk inquired.

               “Are you hungry?” you asked.

                He didn’t hesitate to agree. “There’s a pasta place nearby, wanna go?” he asked. The walk to the restaurant was somehow nerve-wracking. It was only a few minutes but you weren’t sure how to act. Do you treat him like a teenaged Hyuk and joke around with him? Or do you acknowledge that you were adults now and treat him like the celebrity he was? The question was answered shortly as he rushed to open the door for you. The correct answer was neither. You stood dumbly for a second, letting the cool air conditioned air out. You were so used to racing to the convenience store with him that you couldn’t fathom him holding the door open for you and actually being sincere about it. Was he going to slam the door in your face like he so often did? Taking your sweet time to realize that yes, he did want you to go first, you hurried to scurry in. The urge to face-palm yourself was overwhelming and you heard him choke back a laugh as the waitress seated you.

               Hyuk was a man now. His voice was deeper and so were his thoughts. The conversation started lightly with catching up on what was going on in your lives and turned into sharing your opinions and experiences. The way you could speak so freely reminded you that Hyuk was once your very best friend and that would never change. His ear was always yours when you needed it. The same was true for him. He confided in you how difficult being an idol was. After questioning why he would choose such a lifestyle, he smirked and your heart skipped a beat when he detailed how much he loved music and his fans. The flutter in your chest at his words had you confused but you brushed it off. It must have been the wine not sitting right with you.

               Without realizing it, hours passed. Already staying longer than socially acceptable at the restaurant, you agreed to head back to your place and grab some beer. It was thrilling to think that you both could legally drink. Years ago you guys would fantasize about the way beer and wine tasted and talked about how cool actors in dramas looked drinking their expensive alcohol. Not giving you a starting signal, he dashed off to a convenience store once it was in sight. You sighed grumpily and sprinted after him. He didn’t hesitate to push you back a little as you caught up. Stumbling, you got your payback by tripping him. He staggered long enough for you to get ahead. He growled and sped up, his long legs carrying him faster than you could ever match up with. Hair tousled and panting hard, you burst through the automatic doors. Glancing at each other, you both couldn’t help but laugh. Your looks had changed but deep inside, you were still kids.

               After buying beer, you led him to your apartment. Quickly, you gathered your textbooks into a pile at the very edge of the coffee table and set the plastic bag of cans down. Hyuk surveyed your tiny apartment with fascination. “I guess girls are really different,” he muttered.

               “Why?” you asked.

                “Our dorm only has essentials. We don’t have any decorations,” he replied. You scanned your walls and didn’t think the few pictures and posters you had put up were anything special.

               “Have you never been to a girl’s place?” you teased and plopped down on the couch.

               You barely heard his serious “No” over the sound of cracking open a beer. You handed the open can to Hyuk, who sat down besides you. He seemed to be exceptionally comfortable as he put his feet up on the table and leaned back. You scoffed and tapped your can against his in small cheers. There was no need for a toast, you both knew it was a celebration of reuniting.

               One would have thought that the carbohydrates from dinner would have helped soak up some of the alcohol, but six beers in each, you were a giggling mess. Hyuk was no better, going along with your drunken foolishness. There was swapping memories of all the stupid things you did, like Hyuk having to give away his favorite lunch box because he bet that another kid in the class wouldn’t eat a worm.

               “I mean, how could he actually eat the worm?!” Hyuk exclaimed.

               You thought it was hysterical as you recalled how Hyuk was on the verge of tears at the time and the lovely scolding he got from his mom later that night. Then he brought up your crush on the smartest boy in grade nine and how lame he was.

               “How would I know that he collected blow up dolls?” you asked when Hyuk pointed out the incident when the deflated plastic fell out of his backpack one day and he was almost kicked out of school.

               At some point, you ended up sitting on the floor with your legs stretched under Hyuk’s still resting on the table.

               “I know we’re childhood friends, but how could you be so comfortable already?” you questioned and slapped his ankle. Not realizing where your body was, he tried to put his feet down and ended up stomping on your leg. “Ow!” you yelled and stood up to rub your shin. Hyuk set his beer down and looked ready to apologize but you stopped him with a swift hit to his thigh.

               “Yah!” he shouted and popped up.

               Even though he was almost a full foot taller than you, you gave him the dirtiest look you could. “Wanna fight?!” you challenged.

               The response was instantaneous and suddenly you were engrossed in a wrestling match. Having enough sense to move away from the table that housed still open containers of beer, you battled to toss each other to the floor.  Like true fans, you both pulled out MMA moves that you had seen on TV. Laughs and screams filled the air and you were sure to get a noise complaint from the people downstairs. Using Hyuk’s height to your advantage, you kicked the back of his knees and he immediately collapsed. Not giving him a second to recover, you pushed him down and sat on his back. But your weight was nothing for him and he easily flipped you off. Surprised, you hit the floor on your back. He pinned your arms down by your sides and climbed over you for better leverage. Gritting your teeth, you struggled against his grip. His fingers tightened around your wrists and you realized that he had been holding back a lot and letting you throw him around. He was far stronger than you.

               Not a very good loser, you still tried to resist and pouted when you finally gave up.

               Hyuk grinned and leaned down to say, “I win.”

                Pissed, you tried to bite him. In reality, all you did was nudge his cheek with your nose as he dodged and chuckled. You huffed and tapped the floor with your hands to signal your surrender. As soon as he released you, you were slamming him down to continue the fight.

               It was hilarious, the way you roughhoused until you were breathless. He managed to get you on your back again, threatening to tickle you if you faked him again. But then the smile slipped from Hyuk’s face the longer he gazed down at you. Slowly, your laughs quieted until only the sound of pants filled the air. Hyuk’s eyes were dark as he regarded you with parted lips. Tension running too high for your tastes, you scrambled to sit up. Moving too fast, your chest collided with his and you fell backward. With spry reflexes, Hyuk managed to cradle your head before you cracked your skull open.

               The sound of his pounding heart filled your ears. You couldn’t tell if it was from him rushing to save you or if it was because he was nervous. Your own pulse stuttered from the waft of his cologne you caught. It was a light and crisp scent that reminded you of a day between summer and autumn. It fit him perfectly. He pulled away enough for you to see the flush staining his cheeks. Unconsciously, you licked your dry lips. With rapt attention, Hyuk’s eyes flicked to your mouth.

               There was a treacherous line that you were flirting with. You didn’t have enough courage to cross it. However, Hyuk did. Resting on his forearms, he leaned down to brush his lips against yours. It was hesitant and instantly you needed more. Hands wrapping around his neck, you pressed up to deepen the kiss. Being evenly met gave Hyuk enough confidence to cup your cheek as you combed your fingers through his hair. The kiss was wet and tasted a bit bitter from the beer.

               His teeth grazed your bottom lip and you gasped. Taking the opportunity presented, he used the tip of his tongue to trace patterns on your swollen lips before slipping it into your mouth and exploring. With his knees, he knocked your legs apart so that he could settle his pelvis heavily on top of yours. His building erection poked at your hip and you realized how badly you needed Hyuk. Thinking back, it was probably for this exact reason that you had drifted apart. The two of you had turned into a man and woman with unstable hormones that ran the risk of feelings changing and turning indecent. But you weren’t close anymore. That meant that you could have Hyuk in any way you wanted without repercussion. There was no danger of ruining a friendship if one didn’t exist.

               Caution thrown to the wind, you rolled your hips up as Hyuk sucked on your top lip. His breath audibly faltered and you smiled into the kiss. Displeased with your upper hand, he smoothed his mouth down the column of your neck. Instinctively wanting more, you tilted your head to the side to allot him more room to move. You could feel him smirk against your throat. Not one to be dominated, you dug your nails into the back of his thighs and brought him closer as you grinded against him.

               His lips slipped further down and he pulled the neck of your shirt out of the way so that he could sear across your collarbones. You sighed pleasurably as your skin began to heat. Hyuk’s muscles tightened at the sound of your breathlessness and it only served as a reminder that he was a grown man with enough power to wreck you. The thought alone had you tingling down below. You ran your nails up the back of his thighs to grip his butt firmly. Hyuk had a dancer’s body, all lean muscle chiseled to perfection and agile flexibility. That beautifully carved face didn’t hurt either. You weren’t sure how it had gotten to this point, but you weren’t complaining.

               “Eager, aren’t you?” he teased.

               Tired of playing around, you grabbed his jaw and kissed him soundly. Finally picking up pace, he tapped a gentle rhythm along the hem of your shirt before his hand found its way underneath it. He massaged up your tummy and over your bra. You arched into the touch and seeing the green light, he tugged the cups down to free your breasts. Lithe thumbs rubbed tight circles into your nipples until you were whimpering. He watched you with parted lips and the lust in his eyes had your core shivering in anticipation.

               Hyuk’s breathing deepened as he continued to wreak havoc on your breasts. It seemed that the sight of you ready for him had him excited. Thrilled to get to the main course but not yet done with the appetizer, you balled his t-shirt in your fists. Not getting the hint, Hyuk stopped teasing and went on to rest his hands on your chest. He seemed concerned but he had pulled away enough for you to rip his shirt over his head and toss it as far away as you could. Understanding at last, he glanced back at you devilishly.

               You exhaled sharply, not expecting Hyuk to be so cut. His skin was smooth and supple without a single blemish. The scars from hitting the pavement too hard had faded completely. His pectorals and abdominal muscles were so defined that you would have believed it if someone told you that they were drawn on. Not certain that they were real, you unknowingly reached out and spread your fingers out over his chest. Heart strong from daily dance practice, you could feel it beating fast through his ribcage. You peeked up. Hyuk’s face didn’t seem to match his body. It was the face you knew so well but this body was absolutely foreign to you.

               Then you really looked into his eyes. The raw hunger they held had you unintentionally clawing at him. He furrowed his eyebrows at the slight pain but descended upon you once more. Though you had fleetingly wondered if you were inadequate when you started to undress Hyuk, any worries were wiped from your mind when he gripped you by the collar. Wearing a v-neck had been a poor choice as the cotton easily gave way under Hyuk’s impatient hands. It tore straight down the middle, exposing your bra knocked askew. Your immediate reaction was to mourn for the scrap of fabric but then Hyuk’s lips wrapped around a perked nipple and thinking became impossible. Your nerves felt like they had been set on fire.

               Your fingers weaved through his hair again and tugged a little to keep him in place. He switched to the other side and you managed to keep a hold on him even as your eyes followed his movement. There was something satisfying about watching Hyuk get his fill of your body. Mind fogging over with pleasure, you almost forgot that you had the body of a Greek god at your disposal. Almost.

               Nails raking down the nape of his neck, you raised red lines across his broad back shamelessly. The pain bled into the lust and he moaned into the valley between your breasts. His voice dropped an octave with sexual frustration. It was heavenly, and you decided that you needed to hear more of it. You planted your feet on the floor and thrust up while simultaneously forcing Hyuk down by pushing on his lower back. His breath caught in his throat as he suppressed a grunt.

               Smiling in satisfaction, you made sure to spread your legs wide enough to torturously rub your center into Hyuk’s length. Self-restraint coming to its limit, Hyuk’s thumbs slipped into the bottoms of your shorts. He sat back on his haunches as he slid them down your legs along with your underwear. You lifted your feet up to allow him to untangle the denim from your ankles and join the growing pile of discarded clothing. He tried to go in for another kiss, but you stopped him with an unyielding hand on his chest.

               He paused in confusion as you pushed him back onto his knees. A playful caress against the front of his jeans ended with making quick work of the button and zipper holding them closed. Hyuk’s jaw fell a little at your forwardness. Any embarrassment you had left the room the minute Hyuk touched you. His pants came down in short jerks as they got caught on his full thighs. His boxer-briefs got tugged down a little in the process but miraculously stayed on. The tight fabric stopped around his knees and Hyuk stood to shed them himself. Your mouth went dry at the sight of his dick, hot and heavy against his bare skin.

               Your sex ached with need and you practically begged. The corner of Hyuk’s mouth twitched with smugness. You moved to stand and knock that self-satisfaction of his face. However, Hyuk swiftly pushed you hard enough for you to fall on your ass. Before you could even collect yourself, Hyuk was straddling you. You gasped when he pushed your knees to your chest. You groaned in pain with the unexpected test of your hamstrings. He didn’t even let you choke out a plea to release you before his fingers were there, stroking your wetness. Suddenly, the hurt in your muscles flew from your consciousness as the flame in your belly was fanned.

               You left scratch marks on the floor as he trailed slick up your folds to your clit. He massaged the knot of nerves and had your toes curling. Hyuk surged forward to press the tops of his thighs to the backs of your thighs, effectively pinning you down. Hastily, he threw your legs over his wide shoulders. You laid flat on your back, unable to move other than to grip his biceps. Hyuk leaned down to nudge your nose with his.

               “Ready?” he asked.

               “Are you?” you replied. He had prepped you but you hadn’t been able to do the same.

               Rather than a verbal answer, he nipped at your lips until you granted him access. He swallowed your moan when he penetrated you with a long finger. Hyuk gave a few thrusts before taking a hold of your knee and opening you up further. You knocked you head hard against the floor as your back arched with pleasure when Hyuk finally entered you. Your eyes naturally closed as your felt him fill you. He got fully seated and you couldn’t help the drawn out keen that escaped your throat. Hyuk held your leg tighter as you unintentionally tensed. He bit down on his lip in attempts to suppress his groan. You clenched just to see him break.

               Like an animal, Hyuk growled and you trembled at the sound. “Look at me,” he demanded.

               Your eyes flickered to his. The expression he wore had you gasping for him to please move. His eyes were heavy –lidded and glazed over with passion. Though his cheeks were tinted pink, his mouth was set in a firm line. He looked like a predator ready to sink its teeth into its prey. Hyuk looked at you intently as he pulled out enough to slide slowly back in all the way. Your calves flexed as his erection dragged against your sensitive walls. Breathing became a struggle as your lungs refused to take in a sufficient amount air.

               Though you had very little leverage, you managed to rotate your hips. The feeling of your folds against his balls had his arms going weak. He pressed you down more into the ground to halt your distractions. Roughly, he almost completely withdrew only to slam back into you. Your entire body jerked with his force and the only thing stopping you from being pushed away was your sweaty skin sticking to the hardwood. Hyuk’s body was heated too and it became increasingly difficult to hang on his arms.

               Gradually, his pace increased and you were thrown into ecstasy. You couldn’t hold back your noises as you felt Hyuk down to the tips of your toes. Unsure of how it was possible, you swore you could feel every vein on his length as they scraped by. Neck straining as you panted, Hyuk kissed across your exposed jaw before resting his forehead against the juncture of your neck and shoulder. How he could find it in him to be sweet as he pounded you hard enough that you were sure you wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow was beyond you.

               Hyuk gave you a peck on the pulse point just below your hairline and his harsh breaths filled your ears. The sound of his exertion only fueled your lust. Your thighs shook under him and you gave up holding on him. Your arms fell on either side of you as you felt the telltale coil tightening. Hyuk could feel it too and drove himself deeper into you. You whined in reaction, fearing that your body would be unable to handle more and would just shut down. As it was, your vision was getting dark around the edges.

               “I-I’m going…” you gasped, too far gone too even finish your sentence.

               Understanding nevertheless, Hyuk hoisted himself on his forearms and found where you were connected. His fingers found your clit and rubbed hard. His bangs stuck to his forehead with sweat as you watched him send you over the edge determinedly. You outright screamed as all your muscles tensed and that wave of raw ache enveloped you. You couldn’t feel your nails bite into your palms as the sensation of you squeezing down on Hyuk’s thick dick repeatedly filled your being. It was ten seconds of heaven that felt like an eternity.

               You came crashing down from your high with your chest heaving as you tried to catch your breath. You groaned loudly as Hyuk continued his harsh thrusts into your over-sensitized core. Whining as it quickly became too much, Hyuk thankfully reached completion as well. He shuddered as he came and heat flooded your channel. Reflexively, you clamped your legs together in attempt to cope but that only served to send Hyuk higher.

               He almost collapsed on top of you but you twisted to the side before he tore your hamstrings. Hyuk landed on his side with your legs still attached to his shoulders. He pulled the one in the air down so that you could wrap it around his waist. Leaning his hips back, he pulled out and you shivered at the feeling of sudden emptiness. Hyuk’s nuzzled up closer to you and held you to him. Though it had been a quick fuck, the intensity of it had you on the verge of sleep. Hyuk was also worn out. Slowly, he kissed you. Unlike the sloppy lusty kisses from earlier, this one was soul-touching and sensual. Ending too fast for your tastes, he broke the lip lock and cuddled into your bosom. You smirked and patted his head softly, letting your eyes close. The repercussions to the tryst would be dealt with in the morning.

Strands- ch 2

Read on AO3 

Hope you guys like the update! Ch 3 should be a bit more fun in terms of actual sherlolly goodness, so just hang in there. ;)

“Just the bride and groom please,” the photographer specified, prompting Sherlock to step aside and stop adjusting Mary’s hair where the veil was attached.

Molly smiled from where she stood on the sidelines as she observed the very slight lift in his own lips. He would definitely claim to find all of this tradition to be tedious and silly, but she also knew that he loved John and his new wife Mary. Their happiness was probably more important to him than his own. It was one of those things that wasn’t obvious to everyone, but she found incredibly endearing.

“Busy week eh?” Molly asked cheerfully as she approached and walked along with him toward the reception hall.

“Very, yes,” he agreed, offering a brief smile.

“I’m sure you’ve had your hands full with the um, wedding and everything. I didn’t mean to be calling so much. It was fine, I just went to a friend,” she said with a nervous giggle.

Sherlock’s gaze shot to her more directly.

“My friend Tom is a barber, but he’s pretty good with any hair,” she explained, unconsciously touching the simple updo to be sure the bow was still in place. “Helped me decide on a style for today.”

“Hm,” he hummed in response, eyes flitting over her head judgmentally. “I’m sure he did.”

“So,” Molly added, clearing her throat and hoping her blush would die down quickly, “I’m sure you’ve got quite a speech planned.”

“Mm, yes, that’ll be coming up far too soon.”

“Well, I mean, if you want to bounce any ideas off someone or practice some of your-”

“Thank you, Molly, won’t be necessary,” he answered quickly, giving her arm a brief touch. “Got to be off, I think the bridal party are taking a few more pictures inside before we sit.”

“O-ok right, no problem,” Molly acknowledged with a smile, though he was already hurrying ahead to get inside.

Molly hesitated for a moment, trying to do her best to seem as if she was not staring after him when she was able to catch some of the conversation of the two bridesmaids behind her.

“Yours looks brilliant as well,” one of them drawled. “God, that man’s hands are magic!”

“You can say that again,” the other laughed. “I was so disappointed when he finished my hair. Could have sat there happily for hours!”

“And he’s single,” the first one replied.

“Well that’s good for you then, isn’t it? You know what they say, Janine- maid of honor and the best man,” she teased.

“Certainly worth a try,” Janine agreed, her smile audible. “He seems like a tough one, but who knows?”

Molly walked further to one side, allowing the chatting women to pass her and continue on. She sighed to herself as she watched them and their perfectly styled shining tresses saunter happily into the reception hall. She fully prepared herself to see Sherlock Holmes walking out later that night with Janine, and she tried to remind herself that she certainly couldn’t blame him.

As she took her seat not far from the head table, Molly thought how it seemed a lifetime ago, that Inspector Greg Lestrade had stood in her morgue and related the strangest story to her. He told her how he’d been called to a high end salon because of a break in, but was surprised upon arriving to find that one of the stylists, the one and only Sherlock Holmes, had already figured out who the culprit was. And it turned out he was right!

At the time Molly had been impressed, but it wasn’t till Greg confessed that he had continued going regularly to get his hair cut there because Sherlock had proven to be invaluable when it came to confounding crimes. In fact, the stylist enjoyed hearing about the crimes Lestrade was solving so very much, that he refused to charge him. Lestrade insisted on leaving a tip, but it seemed that for Sherlock Holmes it was hardly the money that mattered.

Lestrade’s continued tales prompted Molly to finally make her own appointment. And heaven help, it only took one simple haircut…one haircut to know that she never wanted to go elsewhere.

Did he tend to be tactless, and even rude, at times? Certainly. But Molly was nothing short of thrilled by his wit and brilliance. He was a wonderfully unique man in many ways, and that made up for the occasions when she considered giving him a firm smack upside the head. As did the fact that she could see very clearly that he was not the wholly the arrogant git he played so well. He was far more.

And she had to admit that she’d fallen completely in love with him.

“Hey, nicely done,” Greg told Sherlock with a firm handshake.

“The evening is over now and I believe that’s the real success,” Sherlock replied. “The bride and groom are off and all went remarkably smoothly. That is, aside from the fact that the photographer had to be arrested for attempted robbery in the coat room.”

“Right, yeah,” Greg agreed, coloring a bit at the mention of the crime which he had to be told to deal with. “Good catch on that one. Glad I was there to call for backup and having him carted away. Oh and hey, you got through that speech pretty well too, even without Molly helping!”

Sherlock frowned. “Molly?”

“Well yeah, she figured you’d need a bit of help since speeches and weddings and things ‘aren’t your area’. Really wanted to give you a hand, but I guess your schedule was pretty tight this past week.” He clapped Sherlock on the shoulder. “Nice job pulling it off on your own.”

Greg said something after that about grabbing a late drink with the maid of honor and he bid Sherlock goodnight. But he wasn’t paying too much attention to the inspector by then. At that point Sherlock was trying to process this unexpected information. He’d known that Molly had been trying to get a hold of him repeatedly leading up to the wedding, but he’d assumed it had been about her and her needs. He hadn’t realized…it had all been about him. Somehow, she’d known that this whole thing was going to be difficult for him and had tried to reach out to help.

Sherlock released a deep exhale, shutting his eyes and sliding fingers through his hair. He felt like a colossal idiot and an unfeeling git. He’d unwittingly shoved Molly and her good intentions aside once again. And all for what? All to ensure that these carefully constructed walls around him stayed intact and immovable. He couldn’t help be afraid for their stability when it came to her. Molly Hooper had a way of digging in deep; under the foundations to where there were weak spots, which he would then need to painstakingly reinforce once again. And sometimes it made him wonder…

Should he simply let go and let it all crumble to the ground?

My brain is a weird place.

I want an all human Shadowhunters AU where Jace is a hairstylist.  And I don’t mean he works in a barbershop, I mean he works in a high end salon.  Still dressed in jeans, biker boots, leather jacket, awesome undercut, tattoos, maybe piercings.  But he knows his shit and he’s the best.  And he doesn’t go by his own name, he goes by a pseudonym …

Only Izzy and Alec would know - and then Magnus, who goes to see Jace to keep his coif fresh, of course.

Cue Clary dragging Simon to the high end salon and coming face to face with Jace.  Because Simon has an appointment with Jace.

Cue the sparks!

Barbies on a Budget

I’ve been getting a lot of asks about how to look like a Barbie when you’ve got a limited budget (I certainly do)! I’ve had to adapt to keeping up appearances while spending little money. I’m going to make a list of Barbie-essentials: the best (and usually most expensive), some good alternatives (for those on a “medium” budget), and then some great hidden gems for those of us who are poor. I’ll also list items that are not worth splurging on, and items that require some cash to be worn right. I apologize ahead of time: the prices and availability I’m listing are based on living in the U.S. If anyone from outside of the U.S wants to add to this list or convert the cost on some of this stuff- that’d be great! Here we go:


Extensions: (these are in no way a Barbie essential, but having unicorn hair down to your ass can certainly aid in doll-like aesthetics):

$$$ Best: Salon-quality, permanent extensions. Fused, sewn, taped- you name it. Prices can range anywhere from about $500 to $5,000. I have no personal experience with these types of extensions. 

$$ Great: Clip ins! These are an investment, but if you take really good care of them, they can last you half a year- a year (depending on how ratty you’re willing to wear them…) HeadKandy is my favorite ($200 without shipping for 24-26 inches- the longest length). LuxyHair is also good, $160 without shipping for medium-thickness of 20 inches- the longest length). I hear great things about Bellami as well but have no personal experience. 

$ Okay Alternative: Sally’s! This is a good alternative if you’re on a budget and want a quick option or don’t want to pay for shipping. Your nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply should have a selection of extensions for around $90. In my experience, quality is surprisingly awesome. Problem is- if you’re a blonde, the color selection sucks and you’ll probably want to color them yourself. The longest length available is also only 14 inches. 

Color: (Obviously coloring your hair is not part of being a Barbie, but it’s something many of us do! Blonde hair, especially very light blonde, is the hardest to maintain- so that’s what I’m talking about here).

$$$ Best: High-end, trusted salon with great reviews. Well-trained and professional colorists who are experienced in hair coloring. They will get you to a blonde shade with the least amount of damage, as well as the most natural looking color. High-end salons also offer some really top-of-the-line hair treatments to keep your hair hydrated and healthy-looking despite the trauma you’re putting it through. I paid about $200-$300 every 6-8 weeks to maintain my hair at such a salon. 

$$ Great: Get on Google and read reviews for salons near you. Locate a salon and stylist with good reviews, and bring in a picture as well as a good idea of what you want. Your color will not look as natural, and the process may be a little dirtier and more painful- but I personally always come out very happy. At the high-end salon I had gradual highlights using foils. I now go to a hairdresser who just bleaches my roots- no foils. No expensive conditioning treatments. However, my hair isn’t too damaged, though this route is a little less predictable. Your hair may be brassier than you’d like at times with a less-experienced stylist (but this is easily corrected with some toner or purple shampoo). I pay $70 every 8-10 weeks and this is what I currently use to maintain my bleach blonde hair. 

$ Okay Alternative: DIY! This is a super tricky process (especially if your roots are very dark, like mine). If you can, enlist in a friend to help you (though it is possible to do yourself). Watch as many YouTube hair coloring tutorials as you can. Results can be unpredictable (but almost every mistake can be corrected). You’ll want to get your supplies from Sally’s, and they’ll probably include a bucket of bleach, developer, toner, a mixing bowl, foil, and some gloves. All should cost under $30. Put baby-powder, white/yellow eyeshadow, or root-covering spray (I found some at Walgreens) over your dark roots if you can’t afford to touch them up as often. 


$$$ Best: You get what you pay for with these. Online you can find many high-quality wigs. Look for a lace-front, made of human hair (so you can heat-style it). These can be incredibly expensive. Typically over $1000. I have no personal experience with these wigs, but they’re what you see celebrities sporting. 

$$ Great: Still pretty expensive. As said- you get what you pay for. Go to a local wig-shop and try some on. You still want to be looking for a lace-front, though the hair will probably be synthetic. Make sure the wig you purchase isn’t too “shiny” looking. The shinier the hair, the lower-quality the wig. I paid $250 for my wig, and I am happy with it. Whether or not you can tell it’s obviously a wig is debatable. 

$ Okay Alternative: If there is a cheap alternative for wigs- I have not found one. If you buy a cheap wig, it will look like you are wearing a cheap wig. There are tons of wigs on the internet for as cheap as $30. Proceed with caution. 

Colored Contacts: 

I’m not going to discuss ocular implants in this section, as I have no personal experience and they are not yet available in the U.S. However, as mentioned by some followers in previous published asks: there is a procedure that permanently changes your eye color, like a permanent colored contact (though the color can be taken out and changed). Natural-looking. Cost at around $3500. This would probably be ideal for an eye-color change if you have the funds for a procedure and for travel. 

$$$ Best: FX Eyes. These are the colored contacts most celebrities opt for. Almost all are $475 without shipping. I have no personal experience with this brand of contacts, but they are apparently natural-looking and comfortable. These are the best-quality lenses you will find. The downfall is the obviously high price, and the fact that contacts need replacing and tend to be fragile. 

$$ Great: Desio eyes. They have an awesome Instagram page. This is the brand you see models/makeup artists/YouTube gurus sporting. Desio eyes are becoming ever-more popular. They are an Italian brand, and the price is about $54 without shipping. The downside is: It takes a month to arrive in the U.S! For this reason, I have not ordered from Desio (but plan to as my next purchase). 

$ Okay Alternative: Turtle Contacts! Despite the name, these are delivered relatively fast in the U.S. My favorite is “Dual Color Sky Blue”. $50 without shipping. The website seems kind of sketchy, but I’ve ordered from them a handful of times with no trouble. Contacts are not as natural-looking or as bright as Desio. Comfort is good. 


I have not personally found a brand I find to be superior to MAC. There are many brands of expensive designer makeup (Dior, Chanel, YSL, etc.) However, I would not label any of these brands as the “best”. For this reason, I’m only going to list “Great” and “Okay Alternative”, as MAC is in the “medium-budget” range.


$$ Great: I have not tried a MAC powder I didn’t love. The one you pick will depend on your skin-type. Around $27. 

$ Okay Alternative: I currently wear Loreal True Match and love it! It’s just a nice, reliable powder. Medium converge, keeps shine away. Does what a powder needs to do. About $9. 


$$ Great: MAC Snob is the best Barbie-pink for any skin tone. (Saint Germaine is a very Barbie-pink as well, but also a little dramatic and not flattering on everyone. MAC Russian Red has been, and always will be, THE best red lipstick. $16. 

$ Okay Alternative: I have yet to find a good drugstore dupe for “Snob”. Ulta or Sephora may have some okay dusty pinks, but they won’t be much less expensive than MAC. I suggest splurging on “Snob”. Drugstore lipsticks are going to be around $7-$12 anyway, and I’ve not tried a drugstore lipstick with a texture I didn’t hate. However, Revlon’s “Certainly Red” is a great and vibrant color (and apparently a favorite of Alena Shishova). $8.


$ Okay Alternative: In this case, the cheapest is the best. This should not be “okay alternative”, this should be labeled “only logical choice”. Maybelline Falsies is the best mascara. Ever. Handsdown. No debate. $7. 


$$$ Best: A good, old-fashioned spray-tan. They’ve really improved in quality over the past 5-10 years. (If any of you got your first spray tan for the middle school dance back in 2006 and ended up being nicknamed “Pumpkin Girl” for the rest of the year- you know just what I mean). No, the modern spray-tan is great. I’ve basically tried every single provider, so I’m not even going to differentiate between salons/brands. I’ve also gone to a personal spray-tanner (i.e, done by a human and not a machine) and the results have always been equally as good. Spray-tans are nowadays a reliable way to get an even, dark color. They last about two weeks. Downside is, they cost about $20-$30 per session, and at the end of the first week, can get sort of splotchy in places (exfoliate beforehand)! Also, standing naked and being sprayed by cold liquid for 15 minutes either by a scary machine or a person is not pleasant. The chemical smell and sticky-feeling over the next day is not ideal either. I prefer the cheaper alternatives. Though it is worth noting, this is the only option that can quickly cover the entire body and is almost guaranteed not to be streaky. For this reason, I suggest a spray-tan for occasions/outfits where you’ll be showing a lot of skin (i.e the beach, a revealing prom/pageant gown, etc.). Self-tanners are difficult to spread evenly on the back and torso. 

$$ Great: XenTan. Been using this one for five years now. Love it! I spread it on my face, neck, chest, and arms. It’s tinted, so you can see where you’re spreading and smooth out streaks. I’m never streaky with this lotion and it is never orange. $40 for a bottle that lasts me a year- year and a half. The only downside is that it takes a lot of lotion to get the legs, and can be time-consuming to apply if you’re tanning your whole body. Ideal for an every-day tan that requires little effort/time and you’re only going to be showing your chest/arms. One application lasts at least 2 weeks. 

$ Okay Alternative: Sally Hansen leg makeup! This stuff is amazing. My favorite drugstore product of all time. Severely underrated. It’s not a self-tanner, but a makeup. You spray it on your legs (I do a little on my arms sometimes as well, or upper-back), and immediately you have a dark, even tan. It’s water-proof and I haven’t had a problem with it coming off on my clothes (however my boyfriend has been unhappy with me for it ruining his white jeans). $13 at any drugstore. 


(Of course just painting your nails like everybody else is always on option- but where’s the fun in that?! I’m going to be discussing fake nails/acrylics. They’ve become really popular in recent years- as seen by all those fierce talon-nails plastered all over every Rosy blog in existence). 

$$$ Best: Salon acrylics. This is the obvious best option. If you’ve got the time and the money- go to a salon. Your nails will look beautiful and perfect. Downside is, it requires maintenance (also remember acrylics will damage your natural nail- making the upkeep of acrylics essential, as your natural nails will not be pretty to look at without them)! Salons typically charge somewhere between $20-$40 for acrylics. You also will need to revisit the salon as your nails grow to get the acrylics filled, which costs about $15. 

$$ Great: At-home acrylic nail kit. I found one of these at Walgreens. This kit costs about $25 and comes with many long, plastic “nails” and the tools to make your own acrylics. Downside is, though cheaper and saves trips to the salon- you must cut/shape the nails yourself. They are not going to be as beautiful or polished-looking (sorry) as what you’ll get in a salon. 

$ Okay Alternative: Drugstore acrylics. I know, I know- you totally associate these with the tacky gems that completed your glam-trash prom look way-back-when in 2004. They’re not all bad. I personally love the plain, french manicured sets. They take only a few minutes to apply, and last up to a week and a half. $6-$8. Downside is, they tend to pop off easy. I suggest carrying the small tube of nail glue in the package with you everywhere. There is nothing worse than sporting half french-manicured- perfection and half mangled-naked-nails that look like they’ve been stuck into an electric pencil sharpener. 


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Genre: Drabble

Requested: Anon:  I got major feels from the coups and Vernon dad thing, could you maybe do one with Mingyu =^.^= Thank you! I love your blog💚

  • Oh boy
  • This one will play hide&seek with your kids and most probably lose them
  • “KIDS?!?!?! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?! WHERE’D YOU GO?!?!?!”
  • runs around frantically searching for them
  • will probably trip over them in the process
  • “THERE YOU ARE!” *hugs them tightly in relief*
  • turns out they’d been hiding near his feet the whole time but he didnt realize cuz he was just that tall
  • accidentally sneezes on them
  • “dad EWWWW”
  • “what eww WHAT EWW” wipes his snot on their shirts
  • ends up tickling them and making them laugh so hard they fall off the couch
  • “daddY STOP!!!” * immense giggling*
  • “give me a kiss on the cheek”
  • “no”
  • “then this will NEVER ENDDD”
  • they’ll be so exhausted you’ll be the one to tuck the kids into bed because Mingyu would have fallen asleep with them
  • imagine tiny puppy children curled around their giant puppy dad :3
  • bakes cookies and packs it in their lunchboxes!!
  • “Kids dont forget to eat the vegetables too!!!”
  • “Orange juice is good for Vitamin C!”
  • “Carrots improve your eyesight!”
  • sings lullabies while rocking te baby gently to sleep
  • Stay-at-home dad
  • Sends the kids off at the bus stop
  • Never fails to embarrass them
  • “Give dad two kisses on the cheek each!”
  • “Learn a lot today!!! Bye sweetie!!!”
  • Wears aprons 24/7
  • Cooks and bakes better than you
  • “Dad can you make brownies for the bake sale at my school tomorrow?”
  • Why dont you ask your mom?”
  • “cuz yours are better!!!”
  • But can also be the top-notch, fashion skills on point, eyebrows-on-fleek, kinda dad
  • Dresses kids in only the latest fashions
  • Will bring your girls to the high-end salons and stores
  • Also a big spender dad
  • makes sure your boys know how to clean themselves up
  • teaches them how to tie a tie and  bow from before they could walk
  • might actually send them off to be child models
  • “they’re so beautiful they dont have to wait till they’re older :’)”
  • really proud of his kids
  • especially about their looks
  • emphasises on their studies and skills too of course but super proud of their good looks
  • “we made beautiful children”
  • compliments the kids daily on how beautiful they are
  • “Aigooo look at my little girl isnt she beautiful :’)”
  • “Looking good today boys”
  • Pats on the head
  • Lots of hair ruffling
  • Sees Seungcheol and Jihoon coaching their kids and OH BOY, suddenly its
  • 10km up an down the han river
  • 50 squats
  • 50 pull-ups
  • “girls do your dips right!”
  • “4 more laps in the pool, WORK THOSE LEG MUSCLES”
  • super pumped every day all day
  • “dad I’m tiREDDD”
  • tutors them at night
  • “If i could come out the top of my class with my busy trainee schedule you can too”
  • the smart dad who knows everything
  • your kids look up to him because hes so good at everything
  • bedtime stories EVERY NIGHT
  • reads the disney classics but also the traditional ones with moral stories too
  • picks them up from school
  • sends them to soccer matches
  • will literally do anything for your kids
  • tells them he loves them every day
  • such a mushy dad
  • but also if your kids are just sitting around he could grab them and throw them in the air because it seems fun
  • catches them at the last second
  • gives you heart attacks
  • the type of dad to trip your kids for fun
  • cheek kisses
  • alot of cheek kisses
  • lots and lots of hugging too
  • plots with them and plan all sorts of pranks on you
  • lots of laughter when him and your kids are around
  • your little girl’s first crush will be on her big strong dad :”)
  • your boys will wanna be just like him
  • basically a really really loving dad who’s good with all types and children and good at everything

Name(s): Viola Evander, Vivi (nickname)
F/O: Ignis Scientia
Age: 21 (born May 29th)
Occupation: Crown Ops Sniper
Height: 165 cm (5’4”)
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Gray
Weapons: Bows, Firearms
Personality Pros: Protective, witty, charming,  good sense of humility, thoughtful.
Personality Cons: Constantly overthinks decisions, sharp-tongued, nosy, spendthrift, moody.

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anonymous asked:

hi, i have a request! how about rfa + saeran and v reacting to mc having done something new with their hair without them knowing. for example getting it cut in a new style or dyeing it a new color. i recently got my hair dyed and the idea for this ask just occurred to me, sorry if it's already been done! thanks!!

I love doing new things to my hair omg. I have had so many different hairstyles over the past few years… I want purple ombre with my brown hair. Admin Rina is still trying to decide if they want to cut all their hair off, but they don’t know yet. Admin Destin has both sides of their hair shaved and are going to dye it blue soon~!

~Admin MP


  • Zen LOVES how this style looks on MC
  • And he would always help them keep the undercut up to par
  • He always has to ruffle their hair when he walks past them


  • MC gets a bob and dyes it black, then gets part of the side shaved
  • Yoosung loves running his fingers over the shaved part and helping MC put waves in their hair
  • It makes it easier to twirl his fingers through their hair


  • Jaehee is a bit surprised by the color at first
  • But she thinks that it suits MC very nicely and brings color to the cafe
  • It also compliments Jaehee’s long brown hair and they look like fall leaves together


  • Jumin doesn’t expect MC to dye their hair, but when they do, he just stares for a bit at first
  • Then he slowly picks up a lock of the hair and gives a small smile
  • “It looks excellent on you, MC. Did you go to a very high end salon? I hope so. I don’t fancy your hair getting damaged.”


  • Of course, Seven loves the new look that MC has
  • They didn’t want too big of a change and didn’t want to dye all their hair blonde so they went with ombre 
  • Seven jokes that he’s going to get it done too (actually does once)


  • V loves the new texture of MC’s hair
  • He thinks it feels really cool under his fingers
  • They always ask him what color they should dye the short hair next


  • When Saeran dyes his hair back to red, he’s a little bit scared
  • So MC does it with him, getting their hair also done with red, but ombre on the ends
  • The fiery color of their hair makes Saeran feel more comfortable and it’s very mesmerizing 

anonymous asked:

Hello yes I heard you were handing out free e/r head cannons, I would like some please and thanks

Yes yes yes thank you!! 

I would like to share with the world my vast collection of e/R headcanons

  • Modern au headcanon where Enjolras likes to “forget” his car keys just so he can call R and ride on his motorcycle. He loves the way his shoulder fits perfectly into the crook of R’s neck and wrapping his arms around Grantaire’s torso and feeling protected by his super badass motorcycle tension. Also the way he gets to smell Grantaire’s shampoo as the wind blows his hair into his face uwu. Grantaire also immensely enjoys the feeling of E’s arms wrapped around him and the feel of Enjolras’ curls falling messily down his back.
  • Surfer au! Enjolras is infinitely inferior to Grantaire when it comes to the big surf. But it’s okay because it means he can get closer to Grantaire when he asks for help. Enjolras creating a sand barricade on the beach, and Grantaire trying his best to help by creating a moat. Grantaire and Enjolras playing beach volleyball, but neither side can win, so they just end up making out in the sand instead.
  • Grantaire who always harrasses E into taking a selfie with him. All of their selfies consist of R being happy and aloof and Enjolras just giving Grantaire a look, as if to say “I disapprove of this selfie.” But Enjolras secretly loves it.
  • Enjolras who pretends to not care too much about R but is actually super clingy. As soon as Grantaire starts talking to other people and ignoring him, he’ll try to make it a coincidence that he’s standing right next to him 90% of the time to get R to notice him.
  • Hair salon au where Enjolras owns a high end salon (one of those really cool ones that are super expensive, ones that do bridal hair and stuff) and Grantaire is his most regular customer. Grantaire is actually perfectly capable of doing his hair by himself, but he goes to this salon anyway just to see Enjolras. Seeing Grantaire is also the highlight of E’s day - it’s painfully obvious, even though he always puts in the extra effort to retain his professional and some may say ‘snooty’ demeanour around his customers. He gets super jealous when a different employee does R’s hair and tries to get there first as often as possible.

Ugh this pairing will be the end of me. Stupid revolutionary boyfriends ^.^.

These were so fun to write!!

Sparks Flew - Chapter Four

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thanks for all the love and please forgive me for the irregular updates. xoxox

Previous Chapters - 1 | 2 | 3 

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anonymous asked:

i just wanna know ur wholenlife story and everything uve done ever and why and what has happened to u and why and just everything

So little KodyJewel Sanico was born on june 15, 1999. Her mother, jesse, was 18. Her father, jeremy, 24. But, you see, jesse didn’t want to have a baby. She wanted to have an abortion. Jesse went to dinner with jeremy and his parents, cindy and steve, and they convinced her that if she went through with having her baby, she could work, go to school, do whatever she wanted, They would make sure the baby was taken care of. So she had the baby, and her and jeremy and kody lived in a room downstairs in jeremys parents house. Jeremy would work all day and come home in the evening, which then jesse would shove kody at him and say take her. She would take his keys, and leave for the whole night until early morning the next day. This happened every night, until when kody was five months old, on Thanksgiving. There was a tug of war over the baby girl! Jesse won. She took kody, took jeremys keys and his car and drove to sonata ana, staying with her baby at whore houses and her dealers houses. Then to anaheim, to long beach, hollywood, everywhere. This went on for six months. One day, jeremy was at work. He hadn’t seen or heard from jesse or the baby since that day they left. He gets a call from a day care center in santa ana, claiming that they need jesses dental records because she dropped kody off four days ago and hasn’t been seen since. They filed a missing persons report. My dad then drove up to the daycare and got me, and i have lived with my grandparents ever since, But unfortunately this is not nearly ¼ of my life “story.” My mother saw me maybe a couple times a year, and the cops were called because of abuse issues each time. Ive been sexually traumatized by her boyfriends and dealers, I’ve had to speak to police and social workers since i was around 4. Oh, did i mention my mother has been a meth addict for 15 years? yeah. that too. My dad is a heroin addict/alcoholic. My brother, kyle, died in his sleep on janurary 18, 2008, in my bed. He was my best friend in the whole world. Around that same time, my dad’s gf at the time, tasha, was pregnant. So they got married and she became my step mom that you all know about. We hated each other. Everyday there were verbal and physical fights. Her and my dad were both still using heroin, oxy, xanax, coke, etc. After living with them from when i was 9 until i was 12, they decided we couldn’t afford to live in cali anymore, and that we should move to germany where tasha’s family lives. So we moved, and i actually really like it after a while, but i was twelve so i didn’t have much going on back home either. After around 6 months, my step mom said either you send your daughter back home or we’re done. So me and my dad left, He said lmao fuck off cunt and we were out. That day, at the airport, saying goodbye to my little brother while he’s screaming for me and clinging on to me was the most traumatizing event in his and my lives. He will never be the same. That is why he is now at age six in therapy. So after that me and my dad moved back in with his parents, cindy and steve aka nana and umpa. I did eighth grade back at laguna, and then end of eighth he told me he was going back, he can’t leave my brother to grow up without a father. And i understood completely, plus i was eager to live with just grandparents and do whatever i want. So he left, and thats when it all went bad. I started smoking when i was in germany, but not often at all. Once i got home, i started smoking more often. Started smoking weed a little, once ninth grade started it was an everyday have-to. Started drinking more, doing uppers, doing any pills i could find, to trying meth, smoking crack cocaine on ACCIDENT and not minding at all. Fast forward to my grandpas birthday. March 14,2014. I was fourteen. I overdosed at school, i took twenty 500mg midols, it was all i had on me. I got sent to the hospital and had to get my stomach pumped because i wouldn’t drink the liquid charcoal. The doctor told me if i had taken anymore i would have died of liver failure. The social workers came and did the same old routine that I’ve bene through too many times. “did you do this to try and hurt yourself?” no i fucking took twenty to kill these cramps. I got transferred by ambulance to cerritos college hospital for the third, and hopefully last, time. i was there for almost two weeks. Detox/ evaluations/ being put on meds. I was told i had to go to a three week intensive therapy program. So i was like ok cool ill do this bullshit and then continue to get fucked up everyday sick. That wasn’t the case. I got out, went to mcdonalds, and drove to this place called breakaway. We pulled up and i saw two dudes eating pizza rolls out front and wearing bucket hats, I was like nice typical newport/costa mesa dudes. I looked like absolute shit because i didn’t have any make up, and id just spent two weeks in hell. I looked in the window and saw a bunch of really cool looking chicks and they all waved at me and smiled and i was like wtf„„who do u think u are. So i went in for a few minutes, my grandma did some paperwork and then we left. The next day was my official first day. So the next day i get there and i instantly fall in love, everyone was super chill and welcoming, we fucked around all day but also got pretty serious when it came to group therapy, and i realized a lot of them had pasts with drugs. At the end of the day, i met this girl. She said hi and gave me a hug and said “so how do you like rehab so far?” and i was like


she ended up being my sponsor, time flew by. a lot of drama went down. lost a lot of friends, made a lot of friends. People graduated, got kicked out, left, new people came. It was my home. But i fucked it up. Peed for another chick, broke contracts, slept with people i wasn’t supposed to sleep with, didn’t do community service i was supposed to, etc. In mid july, i was told i was coming on three week vacation to see my dad back in germany, and i was like ?????? 

you’re letting me leave for three weeks with no drugs tests…why do you trust me i don’t even fucking trust me?? you can’t do this to me right now. but they made me. i said my goodbyes, i spent my last day in america with my best friend, kat. i got to germany and after a couple weeks, my father hid my passport, said i got kicked out of my rehab and my grandparents didn’t want me anymore. Ive been here ever since. Its been around three months. Im in beauty school, i have a job at a very high end salon, and i hate everything. I will not be home before i am 18. The end.

Bushra Shafi is one of the most experienced beauticians in Lahore, Pakistan. She is also an acid attack survivor.

After her in-laws attacked her, Bushra sought treatment in a high-end salon owned by Musarat Misbah. “In front of me was a woman with no face. Her eyes and nose were gone,” Musarat recalled. She called doctors and asked them to help the woman – which led her to shift her work to benefit a social cause.

With donations, Musarat pays for the medical treatment of acid attack survivors and then trains them for the workplace. Some are employed at her salon and are now working to put smiles on the faces of other survivors. The salon has become a place of laughter and new beginnings for survivors.

Read more via BBC News

Knowing your value.

I remember turning 18 and my mother telling me, “Well, what do you want to do when you grow up?” I don’t recall my exact response because I was busy staying out until 4am hanging out at Denny’s and worrying about what hardcore bands would be playing that weekend, but I’m sure I said something to the effect of, “Eh, I have plenty of time. I’ll figure it out later.”

As an adult, it’s funny to think how anyone could ever expect a child to know RIGHT THEN AND THERE what the logical course should be for our personalities and happiness, but I also see how an adult wants you to continue to move forward because when you’re 18, you don’t realize the momentum you have by being forced to go to school your entire life. And your parents, well, they simply don’t want you to be some shiftless and lethargic teen mooching off of them because your parents got shit to do and plans of their own. 

For those of you who don’t know, I gave up a budding and relatively successful career as a colorist at a high end salon in downtown Chicago so I could do this. This. this. Meaning, writing. In 2007, I gave my entire clientle away and started writing books. Why? Well, because I had the opportunity and I was willing to take that extreme pay cut because I just wanted to know what it would be like to live on my own terms for a while and not have to sacrifice a life I always wanted to a company who didn’t give a shit about me. I wanted more time to see places and stay out late not just on the weekends and take in Tuesday 3am bike rides and leave the country whenever I wanted for however long I wanted. And I did.

Sounds romantic, right? And it was. It was wonderful knowing I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm clock and that I could dress however I liked whenever I liked. It was an 18 year old kid’s dream. But the truth is, I always knew making a living off “art” had an expiration date. Even the legends of that time like Sedaris and Palahniuk fell off. Their numbers dropped and they made less and less money, but luckily, they had enough of a cushion to keep living. But me, I never made enough for a cushion or, for that matter, even a savings account. But this isn’t some thinly-veiled attempt for sympathy because, even while struggling, I still have had an amazing time. So what is this about?

Unfortunately, as an adult living in an urban environment, I need money to stay alive. Electricity, food, rent, that kind of stuff. It sucks that I can’t live off of passion and enthusiasm. That my compassion and ability to communicate are not commodities that I can exchange for goods and services, and I guess that’s just something I’ll have to live with. Life. It’s hard. Recently, I have been offered three jobs. One I trained and worked for a week - then quit. One I trained and worked for three days - then quit. And one that I was offered, thought about for two hours - then quit. 

Someone asked me what I planned on doing for money since you know, they want a rent payment every month and I said, “You know, it took a long time to realize this, but there is an actual method to all of this. I’m not out there just swatting away free jobs because I’m some lazy turd who likes eating pizza all day.” Well, that last part might not be entirely true, but the truth is, I have figured out something that those adults should have told me back when I was 18. Back when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and back when those adults should have known that rare is the child that even SHOULD be expected to know. 

Most people in this world will never have the careers they think they deserve. Most people will do what they have to do to keep the lights on and their kids happy - and that is perfectly fine. And some people can be truly happy in that scenario and others will be miserable in that scenario and others will be miserable but will try to convince themselves that they are happy. But none of that matters to me because it’s none of my business how you live your lives. You do you. 

But as a grown-ass adult with three opportunities in my lap I figured out why I didn’t take those jobs - because I have found what my time is worth. And what that number is, well, is my business. But everyone has a number. What is your time worth for an hour? What is it worth for a day? What is it worth for a week? What is your time worth to sacrifice your time and energy? To justify the lost time with friends or bike rides or sleeping in or kisses on your kids cheeks or missing their first steps or catching up on your DVR? Or doing whatever the hell you want because it’s your damn life and you don’t have to justify your time and happiness to anyone.
Everyone has a number. I do. It is the lowest amount of money someone is willing to give you in exchange for the time that you would normally invest somewhere else. 

I didn’t take those jobs based upon this - my time is worth more than the money they wanted to give me. And the only way that number is negotiable is based upon how that career impacts my passion. Does it foster my creativity and increase my happiness? Well then, that number is debatable. 

All I’m saying is, you do you. Do whatever it is that makes the most sense for your life. We all don’t have the abilities to quit our jobs to be some idealistic artist crusading the internet telling people how to live their lives. But we do have choices along the way. Ones that will directly impact our happiness and the happiness of those around us and you will most certainly be faced with the decision of what and how much of that happiness you are wiling to sacrifice. 

So you need to figure out what your number is. What is your time worth. What are you willing to sacrifice. And how low are you willing to go to make yourself happy.
If feeding your kids and making sure they go to a good school makes you happy and the career you have chosen makes that possible, then you found your number. 
If your job doesn’t pay much but makes you feel like you’re making a difference in the world, then you found your number. 
Because once you learn the value of your time and it doesn’t match the number of monies your employer is giving you, that will eventually make you resentful - and that is the equation of unhappiness because no one likes to feel cheated. 

We all have to compromise. But don’t fool yourself - your happiness and the happiness of those you love are the most important aspects of life.
Know your value and never sell your time for any less than it’s worth.