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Since you love Benny, do you have any Benny headcanons? I've always wondered about his backstory.

I have one I’ve been trying to sit down and expand on for a while.

Benny runs the diner on his own. He goes home to an empty house. He doesn’t have a family. Doesn’t have a wife. What he does have, is the one that got away. His high school love.

They had been best friends since middle school; they finally started to date in their junior year. It was the best two years of their lives. But when graduation came, she ended it. She wasn’t to blame. He knew her dreams since the day they met. She had a big plans for life. She wouldn’t be tied down to Hawkins. She wanted a real education. College. She wanted to make something of herself. He knew that, and he still pushed her into dating, knowing it would end like this. She asked him to go with her, but he had his own dreams. Opening his diner, in his hometown.

So, they went their separate ways. She was a business woman in busy New York. He was a humble diner owner in Hawkins. He was happy. He hoped she was, too. But he never could find it in him to love another woman the way he loved her.

Voltron season 2: *releases on January 20th*


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If you want to know what heart break sounds like, ask someone why they don’t talk to the person that meant the most to them in high school.
—  Things I realized when I went away for college, part VII

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