high waited shorts

april 17 • literal TGIF • got ready for school • broke out my denim high waited shorts because of this ridiculously hot weather • math was the usual • janessa wasn’t here tho so i was a tad lonely • divergent in bio because we were learning about divergent and convergent forces so it felt fitting that I watched the movie whilst mr.mcclintock was rambling on abt it • mr.medina is gonna be taking over for ms.zilb!!!!! • love it because he doesn’t really make us do anything during class heheh • talked to Randall with quyen and I rlly hope he gets his girl he deserves it • capture the flag in pe was surprisingly fun • lunch was a great time as usual • english was SO fun today • took the vocab test which was easy • and then people volunteering to call fast food places to ask for the manager so we could build our speaking skills HAHAHA • talked to anthony and yasamine all period during mexheritage • i rlly hope my kid likes his book • walked homesies • mommy made me pho yay • nap • started star crossed and ended up binge watching the whole series omg • heheh night