high school musical

the signs as high school musical quotes
  • aries:this school is about more than young men in baggy shorts flinging balls for touch downs
  • Taurus:if you play basket ball you'll be on cereal boxes if you sing in musicals you'll end up in my moms fridge
  • gemini:nice penmanship
  • cancer:what team?
  • leo:every one loves a good jazz square
  • virgo:wild cats!
  • libra:exclamation point
  • scorpio:we have to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a tony award and tony hawk
  • Sagittarius:a saw???
  • capricorn:no dude its like a giant violin
  • Aquarius:This is not what I want This is not what I planned And I just gotta say I do not understand
  • pisces:i love to pop and lock and break and jam


the signs as old disney movies/tv shows

aries: toy story

taurus: the cheetah girls

gemini: kim possible

cancer: suite life of zack and cody

leo: high school musical

virgo: even stevens

libra: the proud family

scorpio: monster inc.

sagittarius: lilo and stitch

capricorn: thats so raven

aquarius: the lion king

pisces: hannah montana