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I know there’s this Closer Challengenin the PH, but seeing Gotou Takeru-san ( ig account @takeru0324 ) who’s going to play as Yaku Morisuke in the upcoming Haikyuu Stage Play, I can’t help but imagine him dancing to this song. 😊

Also, I felt inspired to dance again, because his style of dance is somehow similar to those dance moves I used to dance back in high school. 😁

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Since that trailer got me in the mood for it, here’s The Seatbelts playing “Tank!” live, with some spectacular improvisation (mmmm that sexy sax tho).

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SENIOR QUOTE.. "This wasn't anything like Glee." or high school musical w/e

i would actually really like to do “WHAT TEAM!” and get the person after me to have ‘WILDCATS’ but i don’t even know who comes after me and i get the feeling my quote will be stucky related because i can’t turn down a dare. 

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Luke looks like he works at a country club in that picture you just reblogged lol




Born Park Cho-a [박초아] on March 6th, 1990 in Incheon, South Korea.  Along with singing she is also an actress.  She can play the guitar and has been active since 2012.  Since 2015 she has been the MC for the show We Got Married.  She originally wanted to major in Music at university but unfortunately her father wouldn’t let her so she enrolled in Aviation Business Administration at Inha Technical College.  She was discovered when the solo artist told her about FNC’s Auditions for the girl group AOA.  Her parents eventually gave her their permission.  She made her debut with AOA.  In 2013, Choa made her solo debut in the musical High School Musical as Gabriella.  

Theatre: [2013] High School Musical

Associated Acts: AOA; AOA Black 

She has been nominated for 1 award and has won 1 award.

Me discussing my wedding: We are playing at least one High School Musical song at our wedding and if you say no it’s off.
Future husband: Honey, we’ve talked about this. No.
Me:*lip syncs all the words to Gotta Go My Own Way*

Apparently, the karaoke version of “Get Your Head In The Game” from high school musical has been on repeat on my phone…

Guilty Pleasure Tag

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1. Pop music - I love the genre, but I’m really embarrassed by some of the songs I like…  

2. Musicals - Mainly the High School Musical movies. I just love singing to them dramatically. Sometimes I wish life was a musical.

3. Cleaning - Doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, dusting, etc. I love doing it all. 

4. Drinking water - It’s the only beverage I love to drink a lot of. Water, water, water 24/7.

5. Country music - A lot of people hate the genre, but I’m one of the few who actually likes it. 

6. Disney Channel shows and movies - I know way too much about them. It’s ridiculously incredible. 

7. Hallmark Christmas movies - I live for that heartwarming sap.

8. Christmas carols - Because it’s never too early to listen to Christmas carols.

9. Flossing - It soothes me.

10. Picking my nose -  I do it in private, it gives me a clean feeling in my nose, and it also soothes me. #noshame

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Relationship Status: single and pining from my seat in algebra class like a Dumb Teenager

Favourite Colours: olive drab and sea green

Pets: a dog, two rabbits, and four cats

Chapstick or Lipstick: chapstick

Last Song I Listened to:  Is This the World We Created? by Queen

Favorite TV Show: idk Criminal Minds or Hannibal

First Fandom: if high school musical counts SURE but otherwise it was percy jackson