The entirety of I Don’t Dance from High School Musical 2 is literally about Chad denying that he’s gay because he’s an athlete (also dancing is stereotypically “gay” activity while sports (like baseball and basketball) are typically hyper masculine and therefore hetero) and Ryan trying to prove to him that that doesn’t matter like c'mon guys Ryan goes “you’ll never know if you never try” and Chad says “but there’s just one little thing that stops me every time” thay one little thing is his fear of coming out because he’s an athlete and he’s scared of how his teammates and so on will react because athletes just can’t be gay, right? like it’s so significant that they were playing baseball specifically because “pitching” and “catching” are euphemisms for “topping” and “bottoming” and I probably don’t even have the explain the context of “swinging” (ie. towards men or towards women) also in the scene right before the song actually starts they do that thing with the bat where the put their hands on top of one anothers to see who will bat first. Like guys cmon, a baseball bat is such a phallic symbol (hand jobs my dudes). and literally while chad is swearing up and down that he doens’t dance he eventually starts to dance anyway, which symbolizes him starting to accept himself whilst still being a little wary to really come out? then they even go as far as to switch clothes afterward and are damn near sitting in eachother’s laps with taylor, chad’s “girlfriend,” just kind of awkwardly standing beside them it is so painfully obvious that chad and ryan were supposed to be gay but the writers couldn’t make it truly canon because this was Disney in 2007 so they set ryan up with kelsi even though kelsi was clearly a lesbian and had a crush on sharpay but Chad and Ryan definetely got married after college and adopted a bunch of kids and if anyone disagrees with me on this they’re welcome to take it up with my lawyer