Mean Drags (Aquameron; a.k.a. the Mean Girls High School Social Fic Lesbian AU you didn’t know you wanted) - ch.11 (The end of our story)

Feel free to correct my mistakes, since English is not my first language. Within a week I will post a bonus chapter, but the story ends up there. I’m gonna miss this fic a lot.

Well well well, here we are: the night of the C.U.N.T. Ball! Everybody is so excited.

This night is the only night a girl can be the princess she always dreamt to be.

Well, not every single girl of the school.

Exactly! Our Kameron won’t go to the C.U.N.T. Ball, since she’s now one of the Bitches.


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I stan the princess of Tamaran 💖 Sketches super inspired by picolo’s drawing of Raven also getting ready for prom!! Y’all best believe that Star would doll the heck up!! And that their fearless leader would faint on site because hot dayum 😘😂💙✨

I commissioned the amazing @lolakasa to draw Jean and Mikasa for me and she went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for letting me commission you, I love this so much <3