high school advice

things that actually happened in my high school

1. in the middle of am homeroom (so like 9am in the morning) a kid just broke out a pint of ice cream and started eating it. and i guess it wouldnt have been that bad except once people noticed, everyone started whispering and pointing until half the class was surrounding the table literally BEGGING for some. the teacher actually had to stop reading the morning announcements and give a speech on how you shouldn’t give death threats over ice cream.

2. this kid i was sitting next to once went home bc he got a massive headache after staring straight into a lightbulb for 2 minutes bc he “was bored and wanted to see what would happen.” he ended up taking 3 advils after that, got paranoid and made the entire table search “how many pills of advil does it take to overdose” on a school computer.

3.  there was a HUGE ASS fly in the room and the teacher thought itd be a great idea to kill it by throwing a folder 4inches thick with papers in its general direction; it ended up going across the room and hitting a poor, innocent kid in the face so hard that the other kids at the table scrammed and started yelling “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF”…and when i tell you that this fly was huge,,it was literally so MASSIVE that this one girl almost started crying when it flew near her, someone actually tried throwing a cup of coffee at it, and another person started screaming ZIKA VIRUSSSS and something about how they weren’t vaccinated. and mind you the majority of the students are dressed in fancy attire bc of the national honor society ceremony that was later in the afternoon. in the midst of all this chaos, this one kid stands up, doesnt say anything and literally just ninja slams his bare hand onto the table and kills the fly all in one fluid motion, all without saying a single word. the entire class just broke out in thunderous applause, including the teacher, and then class continued as normal as if the past 10 minutes didn’t even happen

4. during first period a teacher who lost a ton of weight over a 2 year period was giving serious advice about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while this kid right in front of the teacher’s desk breaks out a FULL mcdonalds breakfast meal and distributes it among the table

5. kids that were in apush and ap spanish held a joint prayer vigil the day before ap exams began, so that ap students could literally hold hands and pray to survive exam season as well as mourn our high grades. everyone who went was required to bring in fake candles and food, while someone else conducted a prayer service. a special invitation was sent using our school emails, you had to rsvp in order to attend, and it was suggested that you wear black. our ap teachers knew about this, and they agreed it was a good idea somehow

making it through high school

i’m graduating this week and i wanted to make a post of advice (academic, social, and self care) that i learned throughout high school


  • if you have a bad teacher, read/take your own notes on the textbook! it can be tedious but it pays off on the test, since the test is most likely going to be based on the book.
  • do your homework and do it well. even if assignments are only 20% of your grade, doing your homework will help you so so so much on test day.
  • on that note, do your homework as soon as you can after school. get it over with and just think about how much more relaxed you’ll feel when it’s done (you might have to literally force yourself- just tell yourself you only have to work for five minutes, and once you start you’ll want to finish it)
  • don’t buy so many new school supplies!! buy a few of those Mead refillable notebooks or their flexible binders, some highlighters, and a pack of muji 0.7 pens on amazon and you should be covered.
  • start thinking about post high school plans early- whether it’s 2 year college, 4 year college, military, starting work, etc.
  • unless it’s a big project, stop doing ur homework at midnight and just go to bed. not all nights are going to be easy, but you should try to make cramming homework late at night an occasional thing


  • be loyal to your friends, you’ll be happy to have good friends later on
  • don’t date someone if you know you shouldn’t!!!
  • watch how much you drink if you go party- make it your goal to not throw up (also there’s no point if you don’t remember the night)
  • leave people that make you sad, it isn’t worth the drama or heartbreak
  • ^^^ also avoid drama as much as possible (AKA don’t talk shit, don’t start shit, don’t take shit)
  • these are my three commandments for getting over a shitty relationship: 1) unfollow 2) block 3) delete. use them (unfollow on social media, block them so they don’t see what you post, and delete old photos and conversations. phones/social media make it so much harder to get over someone)
  • be friendly to everyone! you don’t need to be friends with everyone, but just be nice. high school is already hard, don’t make it worse

self care

  • S L E E P
  • find a hobby outside of school- it can be an extracurricular or just something you do at home. but find something you love (things to try: guitar/piano! learn another language online! reading! skateboarding! weight training/body scupting! running! art! etc!)
  • read outside of school, learn outside of school
  • hang out with relatives/family more. you might get annoyed by your parents at this point, but remember that you’re like the biggest thing that has happened to them. hang out with your siblings/ cousins, ask your grandparents about their childhoods and culture before it’s too late. (unless your family is abusive, this piece of advice is more for people like me whose family was good but i treated my parents badly and my grandparents died before i could get to know them. it’s just me)
  • make sure you eat something fresh every day- i know it’s hard to eat healthily when you’re a teenager and your friends always get mcdonalds, but jus make sure you have some fruit/vegetables every day
  • get a small job if you can, it feels good to make your own money. save as much as you can of it! (my rule was save hundreds, spend tens. so if i got $447 on a paycheck, i’d save $400 and spend $47. you really dont need to be spending that much at this point, saving will do more good)

there is obv. more advice you could be given, but these are some of the most important things i’ve learned throughout high school. learn from my mistakes pls and good luck!! it goes by fast

how I keep myself sane during summer break.

I think we can all agree that the mere idea of having holiday breaks from boring lectures and all-nighter study sessions sounds like heaven; although this romanticized idea of having so much free time often turns into wasted summer days, oversleeping, and basically an anti-social teenage version of house arrest. so, to help you out (or, more to help Myself) here are some things I do to keep myself busy, on a budget (kind of), and mentally healthy during long breaks from school.

  • continue your morning routine. this is important; by this I mean to basically treat your summer mornings as you would your school mornings, without the rush and alarm. brush your teeth, brush your hair, start/continue a skincare routine, get out of your pajamas and into real clothes, make your bed, make some coffee, eat some breakfast, do it with some music on, whatever you want. this keeps your mind and body into a daily routine. don’t let all your precious no-class mornings of summer go to waste!
  • savor sleeping in, but not too much. I know its super tempting to go to bed at like 2 AM and wake up the next “morning” at 12PM, but trust me, you’ll regret fucking up your sleep schedule once you actually have to set an alarm and get your ass to class next fall. I’m not saying you should force yourself to set a summer alarm (although, if you really want to train yourself this isn’t a bad idea tbh) but for the love of god, at least go to sleep and wake up at reasonable times. don’t waste your entire day!!
  • force yourself to see your friends a couple times a week, even if you really don’t want to. obviously this excludes mental health days, but I’ve found that spending time with my friends actually distracts me from any anxiety I’ve felt during the past week. I love my alone time, but human interaction is super important both mentally and physically. as college students we’re all pretty much broke, so don’t underestimate the power of free things- watching netflix at someone’s house, having a boardgame night, going to parks, you name it. as long as you’re with your friends, you’ll have a great time!
  • clean out your music library + make a playlist or two. y’all know I love a good playlist. this is something totally 100% FREE, and a perfect way to make use of your free time. delete all the stuff you don’t listen to anymore and make a few playlists of your favorite songs, or even go with playlist themes to organize your songs. it’s fun and your future self will probably thank you later for getting rid of so much audible junk.
  • get back into reading. this is something that was on my personal summer to-do list. I haven’t read a book for myself (aka not for a class) in sooo long, and let me tell you- I don’t know why I ever stopped reading. I know for a fact that once the semester starts I’ll have zero free time to read for myself, so summer is the perfect time to get into a new book or two!
  • eat your three meals a day +hydrate. I mean this. its very easy to skip/forget meals when you really don’t have any set schedule whatsoever, so plan your meals into your day. even make an alarm if its necessary. also: if you don’t know if you’re drinking enough water, you probably aren’t.
  • deep clean your room/workspace/closet. I’m super guilty for putting this off but, long breaks like summer are the perfect times to deep clean! what makes it easier for me to clean my room is to go section by section, which means not doing it all in a day (because that gets hella overwhelming and stressful, let me tell you). grab a garbage bag, put on some tunes, and pick a section to clean that day; you’ll be done with the entire space in no time!
  • outfit plan. for someone like me who has way too much in my closet and somehow still “never has anything to wear”, this is essential! set some outfits out on the floor/bed and take pics of them on your phone so that you can look back on them for some style inspo the next time you have “absolutely NOTHING to wear”.
  • find a new hobby, even if you’re bad at it. make some collages of your friends, make a scrapbook, learn photoshop, paint a little, learn how to sew, garden, cook, practice your phone photography skills… if there was a time for you to try out new things, it’s NOW.
  • make a post about all the shit you should do. I’m doing it right now. literally. you’re reading it right now. its not a bad idea.
  • if you know you have shit to do, plan it into your day! this is where the planner/agenda/bullet journal aspect comes in. having no class and no homework is not an excuse to stop planning out your day, your week, or your month. make some task lists and pencil in your dentist appointments and dates with people and whatnot; and even journal your days while you’re at it! if you’re a planner, never stop. Future You will thank you for it, I promise.

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tips all students need

1. learning is better than knowing. you don’t need to be a genius to do well in school, only dedicated enough to actively pursue your education. 

2. straight A’s =/= intelligence. don’t let your grades define you; test grades can’t capture the passion in your eyes and the resilience in your bones.

3.  friendships change, but sometimes that's a good thing. some relationships are bested by time, and people grow apart. in the absence of others, you may find that you’ve been missing out on what’s been right in front of you the entire time. 

4. rest is important. your health is always more important than school. while stress is inevitable, never be afraid to take a day off, or talk to a trusted adult. Mental health is just as valid as physical health.

5. your life is just beginning. i know that failing test grade or the fact that your crush rejected you seems like the end of the world, but i promise you that it’s not the end. life is literally the longest thing any of us will experience, so fall in love with living. think of every opportunity as just another beginning. 

bad study/school habits to drop

like seriously, drop them asap

they’re toxic and prevent you from being productive and doing your best. change won’t come right away, but do your best to stop these bad habits.

  1. comparing yourself to others. in anything, we tend to compare ourselves to others even though we know how unhealthy it is. stop comparing yourself to your friends and classmates because everyone works in different ways at different paces.
  2. complaining. i get it. nobody wants to write multiple essays or do fifty math problems. it’s either you do it or you don’t. if you don’t do it, there’s nothing to complain about. if you do the assignment, why complain if you know you’ll finish it anyway ? complaining is counterproductive and honestly quite annoying.
  3. being negative. “i’m gonna fail this test.” “i can’t do it.” everyone says these things to themselves, including me. sometimes i’ll say “i don’t understand anything” even though i’ve barely tried. speak your success into existence and put in the work. believe in yourself or at least accept the situation if you didn’t prepare enough so you can do your best.
  4. cramming. if you know you have a test on friday, start studying a few days before. rather than spending a whole 3 hours studying the night prior, study in smaller increments several days beforehand. take your time to understand the concepts. cramming stresses the body by trying to force memorization which usually doesn’t end up well.
  5. going out when you have homework. i get it. you want to hang out with your friends, but you really should get your work done. make an effort to finish most/all of your work before you go out. personally, the fact that i have work to do lingers in the back of my mind which lowkey stresses me when i’m trying to have fun. who wants that ?
  6. procrastinating. you all know why you shouldn’t do it so there’s really nothing to say. it’s one of the worst habits to have, and i hope we can all work towards getting rid of it.

p.s. thank you to everyone who disagreed with my advice but gave me feedback in a polite way. i’ll keep editing slightly because i usually write these at the end of a long day so sometimes my intended meaning doesn’t get across to some people.

I’m now an incoming freshman heading off to college this fall. I’m very happy to say that I survived the college application and acceptance process. Here are some tips/advice I have for high school seniors applying to college in the U.S. Best of luck to anyone applying this fall! Feel free to drop an ask if you need advice. 

  • Some schools use Common App, others don’t. Visit the college’s official website. If you search them on the Common App and they’re not there, chances are you’ll have to go to another website to apply. 
  • Avoid asking friends to look over your essay. You might feel tempted to ask them for advice. You’re better off asking a teacher for critiques. They’re professionals, and they can help you get your essay in the right direction. I suggest asking English teachers because they’re great when it comes to grammatical errors and the like. 
  • For the Common App essay, keep brainstorming. Keep writing. Keep editing.  I cannot stress this enough. If you feel that your essay isn’t working, toss it out. Don’t waste your time writing something that doesn’t reflect who you are. 
  • Avoid reading other people’s essays. There’s a reason why their prose and topic works for them. Your essay is meant to reflect who you are as an individual. Reading their essays will not help you in writing yours. There’s no formula. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to write about an accomplishment or the time you won something. Don’t write it for them, write it for you. 
  • START EARLY ON ESSAYS. This is not an essay you can write the night before. A majority of colleges view your essay as one of the main factors in your acceptance. This is not something to blow off or take lightly. You need to spend at least a few weeks or more to craft your essay. 
  • Schools will require ADDITIONAL ESSAYS. Check the Common App or an alternative website for these additional essays. They’re often called “supplemental essays.” Make sure you get these extra essays looked over as well!
  • Recommendations. Some colleges require none. Others ask for as many as 3. Most applications ask for a rec from a counselor and teacher. The Common App gives you the option of getting a rec from a non-academic teacher like a coach. 
    • Some teachers get swamped with several requests for a recommendation. Start asking within the first few weeks of school. 
    • The teachers you’re getting recs from should know you very well, they should be familiar with your success as a student and as an overall person. 
    • If you’re planning on asking, the best way to go is by seeing the teacher in person. It’s more genuine and direct. Send an email as last resort. 
  • Own a planner or notebook to keep track of deadlines and tasks. I suggest getting a mini notebook just for college applications. In the notebook, I would write down: deadlines, essays that need to be edited/looked over, colleges you’re applying to, transcripts that need to be sent, etc. Check off tasks when you get them done. Use the calendar for deadlines. 
  • Work on applications during the weekday. It sounds hectic, believe me, but you’ll save yourself the stress. Work on application related tasks every night, whether it’s editing a paragraph of your essay or sending in those AP scores. That way, you can be efficient during the weekday and weekend.
    • Early decision: If you apply early and you get in, you’re automatically binded to that school. You must attend and decline all your other applications to other schools. 
    • Early action: If you apply early and you get in, you don’t have to worry about applying later on. You are not binded to that school. 
    • Regular decision: You apply at the normal deadline. They notify you later than the early applicants. You are not binded to any schools. 
  • Do your research about your colleges, their test score policies, which AP test scores they accept, etc. Your best bet is visiting the college’s official website and/or checking the requirements on Common App. Write these down because colleges ask for different requirements.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a teacher, counselor, Google, a college representative, family, and your friends. They are your greatest assets. I pretty much got the best help from asking my friends because they had older siblings who went through the college app process.
  • Avoid College Confidential. Enough said.
  • Don’t hold back, and don’t give up. I never would have imagined getting into my dream school but I did. You’d be surprised at what you’re capable of as long as you stay true to yourself and work hard.
  • Senior year will take a lot of your time away from friends and family. Make sure to keep in touch with them frequently! Take breaks. Please do not prioritize school before your mental health. Your health is more important.
  • Your test scores are just a number. It does not define your actual intelligence nor does it define your value as a human being. Your scores may not be within the range of the school but it doesn’t mean you won’t get in because of it. That being said, you should still try and study for them. You have the option of taking the ACT/SAT again in senior year. 
  • Your activities and extracurriculars are really important. Colleges want to see what you’re passionate about when you’re not a student in the classroom. They will ask you to list what clubs or activities you’ve been involved in since entering high school. Leadership positions and volunteer hours are wonderful additions.
  • It can get stressful and frustrating, so make sure you space out all the tasks you have to get done. Remember to take breaks, have fun, and relax once in a while. A clear, relaxed mind works better than a mind under severe stress and lack of sleep. 
  • Senioritis is real. You sometimes have to step back and punch senioritis in the face. Even the best students fall prey to this contagious disease. Colleges DO look at your second semester grades, don’t let them slip. Start strong, finish strong. 
    • Senior year is said to be one of the best years of your life. Sure it’s gonna get tough in the beginning but once you’re done, you’re ready to go off to college before you know it. 

Good luck and have a wonderful year! 

High school advice for kids with abusive/ controllig parents

*Have a plan. Whatever plan you make up freshman year will most likely not be the one you have senior year, which is good because it evolves and becomes more logical. Regardless have one so youll have greater chances of moving out
*Stay on top of your grades. Even though it can be extremely stressful and is unrealistic to expect anyone to have perfect grades, if you do this it will minimize the likelyhood of you getting punished or having a scapegoat to yell at you with. If you cant though, just recognize you DONT deserve to be yelled at or abused because of a number
*Join as nuch extra curricullars as you can handle, not only will you not be at home as much, but this looks good for college letters and can be very rewarding
*Many if not most of your freinds will not stay if you cant go out or barely do. Im warning you now
*Talk to a counselor or trusted teacher as soon as possible about your home issues, this will prove very helpful through out high school
*Also have an outlet. Like a diary or a freind or a counselor. I did a mixture in highschool, if i was really mad id write a letter id never send to my parents. Hell i even made this account
*Save up for a car and get your license asap, youll be grateul you did

Please feel to add on

ap classes can be super stressful, especially if you’re taking multiple. here’s the best advice i have on being successful in them after surviving high school! also, please feel free to add any advice in the reblogs or comments<3 thank you! 

read your textbook (and take notes!!) i quickly learned that i did so much better in a class when i had done the textbook readings for each chapter. usually teachers go about a chapter a week, which isn’t super tough to keep up with if you divide it into chunks (i’ll make a post soon on how i took notes from the textbook) 

do your homework, and do it well. some nights, your homework will be a lot. but you really should do as much of it as you can. (i’m emphasizing this for math classes because math homework is usually super similar to what you’ll see on the test, but it is important review for every class). Work with the book next to you, use khan academy, mark questions that you need help with (and get help), and do it on time. your grades will thank you, and so will your teacher!! 

 my strategy to review for in class tests: 

1.) review vocabulary using flash cards or quizlet (i’d actually recommend making quizlets for each chapter so u can use it to review for the ap test later)

2.) use your notes or textbook summaries to create your own summaries of the current chapter(s) on blank pieces of paper (take notes on your notes, explain important concepts/main ideas, write down important dates/people/equations, include practice problems for math/science courses) (keep these summary pages in a folder & organized for when you’re reviewing for the ap test) 

3.) know how to explain all of the concepts (either out loud or in writing) without looking at the textbook for answers. (i usually try to answer the textbook’s essential questions/ section questions using as much concrete evidence as possible to prove the answer)  

(do this over 3 separate days AT LEAST for in class tests (day one vocab, day two create summaries of chapters, day three explain chapters outloud), and over several weeks for the ap test) 


literally everyone says this, but seriously do not procrastinate and high school won’t be as miserable for you as it is for other people. do your homework on time, divide your note taking into different days, plan ahead, do work right as you get home or during class. 

talk to your teacher if you’re seriously struggling with the work load, and let them know if you’re going through a hard time in life and it’s affecting your school work. this can be scary, but usually they don’t want you to want to die! so just let them know, and they’ll give you advice / help with it and will support you. communication is so important. 

possible structure for an email to communicate an issue with them: 

“hi _____(teachers name)_____, 

i’m having a hard time completing my work recently because of (reason why, be honest). is it okay if i can have an extension until (date in the near future that you can turn it in and please stick to this date btw) (please)? 

thank you, __(your name)__” 

(just for more explanation: my dog died in march during my senior year. i emailed my ap environmental science teacher, my ap statistics teacher, and my ap lit teacher the same email: “hi, my dog died today and i’m having a hard time concentrating on my work, so i won’t be able to finish it today. may i have an extension for my work this week until (day i knew i could turn it in abt a week later)? thank you! -jillian” they all were understanding and gave me an extension. i said the same thing when my aunt died, and the same thing when i was in the hospital after a long boarding accident. i also let teachers know during junior year when i was having anxiety, or during first sem senior year when i was working heavy hours) 

limit the amount of ap classes you take, and only take classes that you’re interested in. i know colleges “like ap classes,” but they also like mentally sane students, students that sleep, well rounded students, students with decent gpas, etc. just in my opinion, you’ll be so much happier and more successful if you only take 1-3 ap classes that you’re truly interested in. (i took 1 my sophomore year, 3 junior year, and 3 senior year. my rule was to never take more than 3 because that’s the most that i could still get all a’s in without suffering. but know yourself and your limits) 

Some Unnecessary Study Necessities

A Good Place To Work:

1. Starbucks. The smell of coffee and the quiet chatter make it very peaceful while working. It provides some nice white noise and you can get coffee and tea. Perfect.

2. The library. Known for being quiet which can help with focusing. They also usually have printers and you’re surrounded by books for researching if need be.

3. My backyard. Not my backyard specifically, but sitting in the fresh air while doing homework can be relaxing. If you have outdoor tables/furniture, even better!

4. A friends house. Be careful though. A friend can either help you focus and you can work together, or they can be your biggest distraction.

5. My living room. You don’t have to leave the house the change your study space. Just sit at your dining table or couch and get out of your room for a bit.


1. Fresh fruit. My personal favorites are apple slices, grapes, raspberries or cherries. They’re mess free, and good for you.

2. Nuts. I love cashews. They’re super easy. You can even find them it small, individual packages to throw in your bag if you’re leaving the house.

3. Popcorn. Just plain ol salted popcorn. Mmm


1. White noise. My go to. you can find playlists of white noise on Youtube, Spotify, or Pandora stations. There’s also an app called Tide which acts as a Pomodoro timer with white noise in the background.

2. Piano. I listen to the Piano in the Background or the Piano Bar playlists on Spotify because there’s no words to distract me.

3. Movie soundtracks. I like the ones from superhero movies because they put me in a kickass mood.

Of course you don’t really need snacks or background noise or whatever but it can make studying a bit more enjoyable. Just do what you need to do to get stuff done.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for people around high school age looking for jobs 15-18? Would be very helpful, thanks!

Before you do anything:

First impressions are one of your most powerful assets as a job hunter! No matter your age, your ability to carry yourself and to speak confidently will be admired. Unfortunately, the 15-18 age range is notorious for not being “adult” enough, so it’s very important that you work to set yourself apart.

1. Phone calls: Get comfortable talking to strangers on the phone ASAP. I’ve worked in customer service for eight years (four of which were spent in a call center), a good phone voice can make all the difference. Most potential employers do not respond well to “like” and “um”, many won’t even meet with you if you have “young” phone voice.

2. Correspondence: There’s a lot of correspondence that happens before an actual job interview takes place. Be prompt and courteous in all your correspondence, and always check your emails/texts for grammatical or spelling errors before you send them.

3. Looking older: Is there something quick you can do to make yourself look older? Maybe putting your hair up in a bun, growing a mustache, wearing glasses, etc. If you have a very young looking face like me, wear obvious make up.

4. References: Accumulate an impressive list of professional references. Potential employers always ask for references, but I’ve had several employers only call one of my references. Here are some people who you can ask to be your reference:

  • Your old teacher
  • Your old guidance counselor
  • Your old co-worker
  • An old camp counselor
  • Someone who trained you at a job
  • A family friend who owns a respectable business

5. Arrive early: Arrive significantly early for your interview. I recommend arriving a half hour before your interview, because it will set a nice precedent for your timeliness. If there is a receptionist or people working in the area that you are waiting, be chatty and ask them questions about the job. Offices are gossipy, so the more favorable impressions you make- the better!

6. Follow up: After your interview, wait several hours and send a nice email thanking your potential employer for the opportunity to meet with them. If you don’t hear from them within a week of your interview, reach out with an email asking if there’s anything else they need from you. If you don’t get the job, be courteous in your response to them and say something like “Thank you for the opportunity, I hope you’ll consider me in the future”. If you do that, they will consider you in the future!

shitty advice of a college student.

OR: some (actually helpful) stuff my first semester of college has taught me.

disclaimer: this is from the point of view of a community college student. my experiences may be different from other students, but overall I think this list could be very helpful to anyone going to a college, university, high school, or for any students just hoping to kick procrastination in the ass. I’ll probably be uploading updated versions/parts of this in the future, but here’s some stuff based on my experience so far.

  • do. work. every. day. even if it’s just a little bit of work. don’t procrastinate.
  •  college isn’t like high school; oftentimes, professors won’t expect homework from you every single day of class. usually, you’ll have due dates of when large sections of assignments or papers are due. make the most of your time. do not wait until the night before to get 6 sections of homework done by 11:59.
  • in reality, you should be doing homework and studying for every single class. but remember that you need to put more time into the classes that are toughest for you. For example, math is my weakest subject so I usually put more homework time into doing my Stats homework.
  • if you don’t want to do it, or have been procrastinating on doing it, it should be the thing you’re getting done first!!
  • books are hella expensive everywhere. if you can’t find any free versions of your textbooks online, try to buy your textbooks used. I buy all of my textbooks used, with the exception of one book which I’ve rented. Personally, I recommend buying your books bc it’s a great study strategy to actually own the books for your classes and be able to write and highlight inside of them… but this is a personal preference.
  • doing homework on your bed makes you lazy. work at a desk, library, coffee shop, outside; anywhere that will make you sit down and focus.
  • let your phone run out of battery and leave. it. alone.
  • if u don’t have a planner/agenda/calendar already then there is nothing more I can help u with pal ur on ur own
  • make a study playlist bc you’ll need it at some point. find music that helps you study the best! for example, I strictly can only study to soft music or just instrumentals, but I know some people who study really well to rap and hip-hop. find what works for you! remember this should relax you, not distract you.
  • hydrate. I keep a water bottle right on my desk when I study so when I look up I’m reminded to take a sip. being hydrated is important!!! not only will this make your body and skin happy but it’ll also make your brain work a little harder and focus more!
  • I know things can get tough and busy but pls pls eat and sleep well I’m begging u
  • follow-up to the last point: let yourself go pee as many times as you need to. it’s ok. it doesn’t count as your break. you’re not wasting time from doing work. do us all a favor and go to the bathroom already.
  • follow-follow-up: know the difference between taking a break and giving up.
  • learn how to say no to temptations like hanging out with your friends or distracting yourself in the depths of Youtube and Netflix. you have work to do and you know it!!! don’t make yourself feel bad by suffering. if you want good grades, your education (next to your mental/physical health) should be your first priority.
  • reward yourself for working hard. this could be a night out with friends, a candy bar, boba, whatever floats your boat.
  • I know it’s a drug but I don’t care what anyone says: if I need to drink coffee then I’m drinking that damn cup of coffee.
  • priority-wise, your education should always top your studyblr. every. single. time.

1/5 back to school 2017 masterposts

school is starting soon (or has already started) and i also wanted to somehow thank you guys for 7k in a way other than the usual blog rate or blog awards. keep a look out for the other 4!

this is a collab with @studyruels. his masterpost is on making an aftetschool routine which you can check out here!

now, i’m naturally a morning person. i just am, and i always have been. no matter how late i go to bed my body thinks it’s a great idea to noT sleep in and wake up at 6 am every day (’: here are a few things i do to make it a little easier and enjoy my mornings!

1. GO TO BED EARLY. this is honestly a no brainer but STOP SPENDING HOURS ON YOUR PHONE WTH like it’s so harmful for your eyes and your mind and your brain and your body will thank you in the morning when your eyes aren’t burning with exhaustion. 

1.a. when i decided to stop being an irresponsible smol child who tried to stay up every night, i started setting alarms for going to sleep. so like at 9:00 (ok ik thats pretty early but thats usually when i go to bed), or maybe that’ll be like 10:00 or 10:30 for you so that you can go to bed around 11. but anyways, when you hear this alarm, it’s time to get off of your phone or laptop (-: send your gn streaks and texts, close insta (log out if u have to), and shut it all down. soon after, you will start to notice how tired you actually are without all that blue light distracting you !!!

2. read! this is a personal favorite just because i’m a huge nerd but reading right before bed is just killing 2 birds with one stone: you’re exercising your mind and subconsciously improving your writing skills (vocabulary and grammar) while making yourself very tired!! if you think reading, especially at night, is boring, you aren’t reading the right books for you.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. prepare yourself for the morning so it seems less dreadful. OPEN YOUR BLINDS BEFORE BED JUST DO IT OMG you will wake up with the sun. do a little miniclean of your room before bed so you’re not waking up to yesterday’s disaster. make your coffee the night before and leave it in the fridge if you like it iced in the morning. plan out what you’re going to wear tomorrow, as well as your lunch. shower (so u sleep better and/or dont have to do it in the morning) and brush your teeth. pamper yourself. set up fairy lights. just do anything that will cause you to wake up and go “jeez glad i did that last night; now i have more time and peace of mind”. 

4. find something to look forward to in the morning. this might be going to get coffee or tea with a friend in the morning, getting to wear the cute outfit and eat the delicious lunch that you prepped last night, or remembering that you’re going to see a movie after school. whatever it may be, let it motivate you to get up and start your day as soon as possible. 

5. turn off/disable snooze. do it. if your alarm app can’t do this, install an app that can. i also like to set up my alarm so that i have to do some challenging mental math to turn it off. 

5.a. make your alarm something that will cause you to get up. it doesn’t necessarily have to be something really annoying. it can be something upbeat and light that puts you in a good mood for the day. however, if you’re a really heavy sleeper then you might want to make it some obnoxious and loud sound so that you will be motivated just to get out of bed and turn it off. 

6. put your phone across the room. we’ve all heard of this one but most of us are too lazy to do it. at night, when you whip out that book, log off all your social media and then put your phone somewhere so far that you’ll have to physically get out of bed and turn off the alarm.

7. make your bed suit your aesthetic. this derives from the basic “make your bed” tip. sure, you can make your bed, and sure, it might motivate you to not get back in. but if you really struggle with this, buy one of those prepackaged bed sets that has a nice color scheme. once you make your bed, you’re not going to want to ruin that aesthetic tbh

8. keep a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends!! i’m not saying you have to wake up at 6 am even on saturdays, but don’t go from waking up at 6 to waking up at 12. maybe push your wake up time to 8:30 or 9 latest on the weekends. as you get used to waking early (and sleeping early, too!) you can slowly push back your weekend wake up time earlier and earlier until it’s almost identical to the time you wake up when you have school.

i hope this helps! good luck with this school year, everyone!

high school tips


  • if your school bag is always a mess, only use bound books ( even just a plain old composition book ) to take notes. that way you’ve don’t have loose leaf paper in binders to lose or accidentally tear out.
  • ALWAYS handwrite your notes no matter how badly you want to type them.
  • don’t read your notes. use them to to write questions that you can turn into a study guide. if you can answer the questions, you’re in good shape.
  • form group chats with people in your classes. you’ll never miss an assignment.
  • get a planner. put your planner on your desk at the beginning of each class.


  • if you have free time during school, do your homework.
  • if you have free time on a friday night, do your homework.
  • don’t listen to music, you will get distracted.
  • set a timer for 25 minutes on your phone. you don’t get to check your phone it until it goes off.
  • check your planner before starting homework.

time management

  • life requires effort. a lot of effort. you’re going to feel tired and overwhelmed. this does not make you weak, or less successful than other people. take it one week at a time. you’ll be okay.
  • if you find yourself spending too much time on social media, delete all social media apps from your phone during the school week so that you’ll be less tempted. you can catch up on scrolling during the weekends.
  • avoid the illusion of productivity. the best thing you can do for yourself is to get off the college/scholarship/study tips sites, and go do your homework, or go study. looking at other people studying WILL NEVER be as good as just buckling down and doing it yourself.


  • if you’re working during the week, try to limit your hours after school. working until 11p.m, and getting up at 6 a.m WILL have a negative effect on your grades.
  • DO NOT take extra shifts/switch shifts during the week just to get more time off on the weekends. school is more important than Netflix, which is what you’ll most likely be doing anyways, right?
  • save your money. college is right around the corner, and you will need/want it more then than you do now.
  • treat it like a class. just because you’re working in a fast food joint, or retail store doesn’t mean there’s nothing to gain besides a paycheck. learn from your experiences, and pay attention.

social life

  • it’s going to feel like you never see your friends during the busy parts of the year, especially if you work. you’re going to have to actively make plans and stick with them.
  • if parties make you nervous but you still want to go, or if you don’t know what to expect, offer to be the designated driver. it’ll give you the opportunity to gauge the scene at your school without the pressure to drink, etc.
  • never do anything if your gut tells you not to. even if you feel like the only one. don’t ignore that feeling.
  • look out for your friends. it’ll be harder and harder to hold to on them as the school year goes on.
  • it’s also okay and normal to grow apart from your friends, but try to hold on to at least few people. it makes your junior/senior year a little more bearable.
  • approach dating however you want, but in most cases the less your classmates know about your relationships, the better. it’s your business.


  • have some teachers in mind your junior/senior year for recommendation letters.
  • they’re just as fed up as you are.
  • if you have a teacher that covers material too quickly, ask if you can use your phone to record voice recordings so you can go back and fill in your notes with what you couldn’t get in class.
  • if you’re struggling in a class, tutorial is your first step. talk to your teacher THE SAME DAY that you see your grade drop. start early.
Taking care of yourself during the school year!

If you’re in school you know how easy it is to forget about taking care of yourself. With deadlines, homework, projects and everything in between, it seems like there is very little time left to yourself! So, here are some of my tips for taking care of myself during the school year! 

(Disclaimer: This is aimed more towards college students but it’s easy to adapt to those in middle and high school. Also, obviously these things won’t work for everyone, so don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t go the way it’s “supposed” to.)

  1. Leave water somewhere you can see it. It’s super easy to get dehydrated in general, so add in limited focus on anything other than school and bam, a recipe for disaster. To remedy this, try leaving a glass or bottle of water in view and every time you look up from studying and/or your eyes pass over the bottle, take a sip!
  2. Pre-pack healthy snacks. In-between classes it’s easy to stop at the campus store, dining hall or vending machine to resolve your hunger. However, often the options available are things like candy and potato chips. By packing healthy things in advance it saves you money and also saves you from the empty calories. (If you don’t have a dependable way to get fruit, etc. take some extra apples or bananas from the dining hall every time you leave and store them in your room!)
  3. Pre-plan out your outfit the night before. Pack your school bags too! That way you can sleep in a little longer and your morning is a little less stressful, because you won’t be scrambling to get everything together!
  4. Avoid hangovers. Drink a huge glass of water before you start drinking and before you go to bed, and make sure you eat a lot during the day. Not only do hangovers suck, but they also take away valuable study time!
  5. Go to the gym with a friend! Working out can suck, especially if you’re not used to it. So go to the gym with a friend! It keeps you motivated and can even make things fun!
  6. Take a multi-vitamin! Even if you never had to take one during high school, it’s easy to eat horribly/not enough, and getting your daily vitamins is really important!
  7. Don’t give up your morning/bedtime routine for anything. This one might sound a little dumb, but trust me. Skipping a face wash or shower might sound okay at the time, but when you start breaking out or feeling less than your best, you’ll see what I mean.
  8. Buy some Melatonin! Even if you don’t have sleeping problems, college takes away a lot of your sleep and has a lot of distractions that make it hard to fall asleep (ex: noises neighbors). Melatonin helps you fall asleep and sleep better, so even if you only get a few hours, it was a few hours of better quality sleep than it probably would have been. (Because Melatonin is a tablet, it’s important to read the warnings on the packaging and consult a doctor before taking it!)
  9. Buy earplugs. Trust me. They’re a miracle worker when you’re trying to go to sleep, stay asleep, or get some work done in a noisy/distracting place.
  10. Keep your surroundings sanitized. Wash your hands on a regular basis and disinfect your room (focus mores on the things you, your roommate and friends come in contact with a lot like light switches, door knobs, etc.). Carry a little pack of sanitary wipes or a thing of hand sanitizer with you in your backpack at all times. It may sound like I’m going overkill on all of this but the plague is real and consistent in college. You remember how in high school everyone would come back from school breaks sick? Well it’s the same way in college but 24/7. You’re going to be surrounded by people from all over the country (most likely) that come in contact with things you don’t, who will bring them back to school with them. Being sick during college is one of the worst things ever, so try to avoid it if you can!

There we have it! 10 tips on how to take care of yourself during the busy school year! Feel free to add something if you feel like it’s important and I left it out!

dear incoming freshmen,

1. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU ARE BRINGING COFFEE/ETC. TO SCHOOL GET A SPILLPROOF CUP. rn i am flashing back to the month old coffee that got spilled in my locker, and how much i gagged whilst trying to clean it up. everything smelled like spoiled milk and it was awful. please get a spillproof cup.

2.you won’t need half the stuff you think you do. literally just get one big binder, some lined paper, a couple pens/pencils, and some highlighters.

3. don’t fuck w/ your sleep schedule. i speak from experience.

4. if you take gym, always bring your gym clothes even on the first day of class.

5. be nice to your teachers and they will let things slide. (i.e. late work, your inevitable sass)

6. holy shit don’t lose your textbooks/required reading/library books. pls just don’t.

7. always do the required reading because the one day you don’t will be the day there’s a goddamn pop quiz. also try to buy your own copy of the required reading, because a) the school copies are usually really old and gross and b) you can mark yours up. its super helpful to highlight and write in the margins, and then you dont need to take notes!!!

8. nobody really cares if you date/don’t date.

9. speaking of dating, DONT DATE THE SENIORS JESUS CHRIST 

10. be nice to yourself. one bad grade isn’t the end of the world.

11. im gonna repeat this because it’s crucial: BUY A MOTHERFUCKING SPILLPROOF CUP.

12. don’t stand in the middle of the damn hallway. pick a side. don’t walk slow/text while walking either.

13. your english teacher will either be super chill and or satan spawn, there is no in between.

14. bring ur headphones. bring ur charger.

15. when you do shakespeare try to watch the film versions too. the plays aren’t meant to be read, they are meant to be watched and it will make understanding so much easier.

16. be nice to your friends. they’ll let you copy their homework.

17. don’t fuck around with your grades tho. pls try your hardest because all those D’s will kill your college choices.

18. don’t be nervous, it’s just another school  year. you’ll do great :)


a sophomore who’s done her time

Things I wish I knew at 18

1. High school friendships don’t last.
Not the way you want them to anyway.
Even if you swam oceans of pain together.
Even if you never wanted to drift apart.
Friendships fall apart.
Most times they sadly do.

2. Your parents will still treat you like a child. They don’t care about your legal reality. When you’re with them, they still see you as their baby. That can get frustrating but also comforting.

3. Your undergrad degree won’t matter as much as you think it will. So choose what you want to explore. Don’t choose something you think is going to be your career. Chances are when you graduate you will be doing something completely different than what you were dead sure of when you started college.

4. People are more selfish now. People are more broken now. People are more cautious now. Everyone has been through something that haunts them.

5. Everyone is suffering. Some will use that as an excuse to mistreat you. Some will because of that very reason be there for you in your suffering in anyway they can. Most times it’s hard to tell which person you’re being. Don’t be an ass.

6. Not everyone makes life long friends in college. You won’t. That’s okay. Nothing good comes out of forceful relations anyway. It can get lonely but at least that kind of loneliness isn’t because of shitty company.

7. Grades. Internships. Extra curricular activities. They matter. Everyone acts like it doesn’t but it does. Whatever choice you make, whatever your course may be, how you perform does matter. It isn’t everything but it matters.

8. Self care isn’t boring or unnecessary. It’s important. It’s hard but it’s crucial.
You don’t have to click pictures for aesthetics or share your progress. You can if it helps. But you don’t have to. Because that’s secondary. You know what’s primary. Do it.

9. Just because you become an adult by a number and are recognized as one because of law doesn’t mean you aren’t you anymore.
The way you are at 17 years 364 days, is the way you will remain at 18. Perhaps 19.
That’s okay.
There’s a lot learn. You may have fought and conquered adolescence but this is a completely different story. There are new skills and lessons to be learned. All previous ones may not necessarily remain valid.

10. You genuinely have to learn to let go.
Imagine your life to be a tiny box. A box that fits in your palm. If that box is full of past pain, regret and disappointments, of all the people who broke you, of negativity and dried blood, all the good things and beautiful people that are to come into your life will fall right off because there just isn’t enough space in that box. It is full of everything you don’t need or deserve.
Good things will come your way, they will fall into your hands but you still won’t be happy if you don’t remember to take out the trash.