Welcome to the real life!

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WARNING: Fluffy morning.

Robert rolled over onto his back, enjoying the warmth and silence of the early morning. The birds singing to the morning sun in the tree’s. Yesterday night had been one of the worst days so far, not having been there to protect you from Lily. Robert’s lawyer said he would come by the house today with some news on the situation. The trial was only a day away. Robert didn’t leave your side for even one moment yesterday, being eager to have you discharged and moved back home. Where you should be resting and relaxing. Robert had repeatedly asked the doctors for information on the baby, knowing that significant amounts of stress can lead to abnormalities in pregnancies. Such as a decrease in the baby’s size and or premature delivery. Prematurely born children are at more risk of health issues, he would like to avoid that at all costs. He took you home and carried you anywhere you wanted to go in the house. Not wanting you to exhaust yourself, despite you trying to convince him you could walk by yourself. He made sure you and the baby were well taken care of. Making sure you were eating properly and taking the vitamins he had gotten for you. And that you were properly sleeping.

He took his role as an expecting father seriously, just as he should. He was in his mid thirties and just now fathering his first child. His mother had told him to never start young, that he’d be shackled by responsibility for the rest of his life. That children are an eyesore and that he’d been doing the world a favor by not having any. He admits that he used to think that children were bothersome, that the world had more than enough children. But his mind quickly changed over time. One of his neighbors, Charlotte. A woman he used to see in the high rise. She had a son named Toby. He had gotten along with him and thought that he was a pretty interesting kid. Toby had looked up to him, like a father figure. Robert could only hope that Charlotte and her son were somewhere on the outside, living a better life than the one in the high rise. Robert thought a lot about what his offspring might become, would it maybe pursue a medical career like he did? Or would it gain interest in making movies? Maybe be a chef, a teacher or maybe a police officer. What would it look like? What their first words might be. Their first steps. There was so much that Robert would get to experience with you. He looked to the right of him, seeing you asleep next to him was a feeling that he couldn’t quite describe. It was peaceful and beautiful. Robert groaned and stretched out his body, rolling onto his side and dragging the covers over his bare chest. Enjoying the warmth of the bed for a little while longer, only for you to start stirring. You open your eyes, half lidded and calm. You saw him looking right at you and you smile.


‘‘Morning Cuddle-Bug…’‘

You wiggle yourself closer to him and into his arms, groaning and burying your face into his chest. It was early and you were still sleepy. Robert kisses your forehead, closing his eyes. You didn’t want to leave this little cocoon of warmth, you had everything you needed right here. Blanket, pillows and Robert. 

Well you suppose it wouldn’t hurt to get some bagels. You felt your stomach growling, you bet the baby might be hungry too. The little growing bean inside you needs it’s nutrients to grow big and healthy. You look up at Robert who still had his eyes closed. You reach up and plant a airy light kiss to his collarbone prompting him to look down at you. He smiles and nuzzled your nose with his own. Robert told you that it was 11 in the morning, you smile when you realized that you finally slept for more than just 4 hours. This was peace, a world where you were safe. You sit up and stretch your arms, only to hiss at the pain. You seemed to have forgotten your little knife wound. You look at your shoulder, it seems you may have opened it again, it was bleeding through the patch. Robert quickly jumped out of the bed and went to the bathroom to get a new patch and some disinfectant. You pulled down the neck line to expose the injury to the air, gently peeling the patch off. Robert walks back in and walks around the bed, sitting down on your side. Pouring out the disinfectant into a cotton bud. He enjoyed taking care of you like this. He wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of his life. He cleans your shoulder up, carefully avoiding ripping any of the stitches. It stung, but it soon went away. He placed the patch over the opening, and smoothing over it with his palm to make sure all of the adhesive tape was securely closed and stuck to the skin. 

‘‘Does it hurt a lot?’‘

‘‘No, it just stings sometimes.’‘

Robert huffed and quickly leaned down, kissing your shoulder very gently. You let out a small airy laugh, who would’ve thought. A doctor kissing your hurt away. Robert pulled back from your shoulder and before you knew it his lips were melting against your own. You hum against him, the warmth of his mouth overwhelming your senses. Robert cupped your face and pulled away, running his thumbs along the skin underneath your eyes. You reach up to place your own hand on one of his, letting your fingers gently trace little circles into the back of his hand. The moment interrupted by your growling stomach, you felt your face flush in embarrassment. You quickly shield your face away from Robert with a nearby pillow, only for him to start laughing. He got up and gathered your slippers and your night robe.

‘‘You and our little sparrow need some sustenance!’‘

He held open the robe for you to slip into, the biggest smile on his face. You ponder him, how handsome he was. His stubble was growing back, you thought it suited him. The Robert you had met in the high rise was almost gone and for some reason, you didn’t mind. No more third person or locking you inside a room for majority of the day. No more fear or paranoia, just Robert. Your Robert. You smile and get out of bed, slipping your feet into your shoes. Robert assists you in putting the robe on, carefully minding your shoulder. You snuggle into the fluffy fabric of your robe as you tie the belt around your waist. Robert was quick to find himself a simple white shirt. Soon you were both out of the guest house, slowly walking up to the house hand in hand. The outside was quiet, you could faintly hear the cars outside the suburbs. People commuting to their jobs, the birds chirping all around you. The weather was still, crisp cold morning. You couldn’t believe that Christmas was almost around the corner. Robert holds the door open for you, quickly getting inside after you walk through. Your dad was pouring himself a cup of coffee, bidding you and Robert a good morning. Robert smiled timidly at your father, not wanting to make eye contact with him. Stephen walked past you, making his way towards the lounge that was connected to the kitchen area. He pats Robert on the shoulder and proceeds to sit down on the sofa with his coffee. You smile and ask Robert if he’d like a bagel and some coffee. He immediately responds with ‘’let me handle it’’. Your dad chuckled into his coffee, only for you to roll your eyes.

‘‘What are you laugh at?’‘

‘‘I used to be the same way with your mother when she carried you.’‘

‘‘Now that’s something I can hardly believe, you doing chores for mum? Willingly? You must’ve won an Oscar for that performance’‘

You applauded your father slowly, only for him to laugh and shake his head. You and Robert decide to make breakfast together. The food would be ready twice as fast that way, which Robert couldn’t argue with. You were the mama, you get to choose what to put in your body. You and Robert spend time together, eating breakfast and speaking with your father. The atmosphere between Robert and your dad seems to be much warmer than it used to be, you were glad. Stephen had just started talking to Robert about fishing. A great hobby for intellectual men such as himself. You couldn’t help but snort. Robert seemed to be very interested in the prospect of fishing, maybe he should take it up as a hobby. Your father looked at you.

‘‘What’s so funny? Fishing is a manly sport and great family activity! It would do Robert here some good, enjoy the nature. You can take the little one with you too once they are old enough!’‘

‘‘Dad used to take me and mum fishing and camping when I was younger, we are big on the outdoors’‘

‘‘I’ve never gone camping before.’‘

Now there was an idea.

‘‘What? A man like you? Please tell me your joking!?’‘

Your father couldn’t help but be baffled by the idea of Robert having never camped out before. Stephen started ranting and raving about the fun that is called camping, the doorbell rang. You decided to stand up get it Your fathers animated ranting slowly fading as you walked up to the front door. You peeked through the peephole only to see Roberts lawyer, Andrew. You open the door and invite him in, the paparazzi’s and reporters had shown up to your doorstep as to be expected. You quickly close the door and lead Andrew into the lounge. Andrew eagerly accepts a cup of coffee once you asked him if he wanted one, Robert quickly protesting and insisting that you sit down. You sigh and gave in, sitting down on the couch next to your father. Robert quickly poured Andrew a cup and hastily returned to the lounge, eager to hear of what was about to happen.

‘‘So, the trial is tomorrow as you are all aware. And I can confidently tell you that the jury is going to favor you Robert. After that incident with Lily the other night they are more concerned for you rather than suspicious. The paternity test came through as well, as you said. You are indeed not the father of Lily’s child and the test has been added to the evidence that will be presented to you tomorrow.’‘

‘‘So what will happen to Lily?’‘

‘‘Lily will be questioned tomorrow as well, but she will be receiving psychological healthcare as soon as she’s been appointed to a doctor. She’s still in the system, but her little show seems to have encouraged the jury to look at Robert more favorably.’‘

Robert’s hands quickly found yours, squeezing them tightly. The court were favoring Robert’s innocence. You smile and press your forehead against his. You were still nervous for the trial, since you were asked to testify. Some other people were there to testify as well. The trial was going to be big, and all over the news. Andrew continues going over the case and helping you to prepare, he wanted you to wear something presentable but not professional. Robert was asked to wear his grey suit, maybe pick another tie this time. You smile as your father offered to help. For once in your life, you felt like things were going your way. Soon you and Robert will be free to go and live in peace away from all of this. Just you and him and your little sparrow.

Soon enough.

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Tom Hiddlestonโ€™s Many Looks Appreciation

I love this beautiful, sweet, British gentleman so much so hereโ€™s a collection of GIFs of him!

The man, the myth, the legend himself:

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Tom, clean shaven and with glasses:

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Tom with a Beard:

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Tom with a Beard and Glasses:

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Tom in Suits:

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Tom in casual clothes:

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Imagine going to your divorce lawyer, Tom, for the fourth time. He loves to tease you about the men you marry, joking that someday he’ll have enough money to pique your interest. Until then, he’s content in drafting your divorce settlements, all the while describing all the ways he can satisfy you like none of your husbands ever could.

Extended Imagine here.