high priestess

Bestowed upon by Japan’s native son. The successor of the sword. ALL. HAIL. SAMURAI. ASHI 

Been wanting to do some thing like this for a while after watching the season. I took some time away from the divide and stepped outside the romance that was created by the fandom  to really look at the story and honestly, it seems to be a story of generations and a story of children. I honestly think the most beautiful end to this story is for Jack and the Scotsman to rest and celebrate in a quest and life well lived and fought for and let their daughters take up the sword. I truly believe Ashi is now pure of heart and will be Jack successor.

What a beautiful and fitting way to end the series with people who watched it as kids now watching it with their own. 
These last 3 episodes are truly the determining factor and I have faith it’s going to be a story of redemption, tragedy, and YES love. Maybe not the love story that’s preferred, but just as powerful. 


When working with a crystal ball or any scrying, it is important to take all precautions. Make sure your mind is clear and release all tensions and stresses before you start anything. Some like to start with a cleansing ritual and a protection ritual as when you work with crystal balls you can be exposed to another world where evil spirits can linger. Many of these forces want to drain you of energy so it is best to take all precautions and end with a cleanse after you’re done.

The High Priestess is a butch space witch who makes a Fuck Ton™ of moon water every full moon and worshippes Persephone, and The Empress is a fat femme kitchen afrowitch who loves roses and honors every earth goddess. Also they’re dating.

A little project that I started back in October and decided to go back and finish. I had a headcanon that in addition to getting pregnant with seven daughters, she also got infected with Aku’s essence as well, hence the reason why she wears that mask all the time. I did the rough animations in Photoshop and did the rest of it in Adobe Animate. If there is something that I can do better with this animation, let me know in the comments or message me so I can improve.