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She is beauty, she is grace

(she hits people with her face)

Origins, Pt. 1

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Today’s horoscope did say he would tackle new relationships head on ¬‿¬

Here’s to the non-binary adults trying to deal with the fact that they can’t be out at work.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who can’t even try to be out with their parents because they’re trying to keep things ok for the grandkids.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who say “Oh it’s ok, I’m used to gender-specific binary pronouns” and die a little inside.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who have learned not to care.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who really don’t care about pronouns.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who have to gender-binary themselves for PTA meetings and talking to business owners and government officials.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who feel lost and without community because so much of the vocal and out enby community is very young.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who don’t feel welcome in the trans community and aren’t part of the cis community.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who feel guilty about calling themselves trans because they don’t “feel trans enough” or that they don’t deserve to call themselves trans.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who don’t identify as trans without any guilt about it at all.

Conditional Acceptance is like living on a high wire every day, and “passing privilege” is a painful myth, one that can leave us feeling miserable and crushed and empty.

Love yourself and honor that living in the closet isn’t a privilege. It hurts, and it’s ok that it hurts. You didn’t do anything wrong, the world did.


Heyyy so I’ve received a few asks about my circlet that I was wearing at the renn fes I went to this past weekend, so here are some photos!

The silver wire + red accents circlet - I actually made this one for my high school senior prom haha ^ ^; It’s therefore really old and a bit janky but I still like it for what it is ^ ^;

The natural looking circlet - Made for last year’s renn fes. This type of wire is a lot easier to work with and has its own appeal that I like ^ ^

So uh yup, I sometimes do 3D art too! Wire jewelry has always been a hobby of mine, albeit one that’s been very neglected recently ^ ^;

As she bends for a Kleenex in the dark, I am thinking of other girls: the girl I loved who fell in love with a lion–she lost her head over it–we just necked a lot; of the girl who fell in love with the tightrope, got addicted to getting high wired and nothing else was enough; all the beautiful, damaged women who have come through my life and I wonder what would have happened if I’d met them sooner, what they were like before they were so badly wounded. All this time I thought I’d been kissing, but maybe I’m always doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, kissing dead girls in hopes that the heart will start again. Where there’s breath, I’ve heard, there’s hope.
—  Daphne Gottlieb
Steven Quartz Universe: More powerful than he knows

When Steven was first introduced to the show, he appeared to be adorable kid with some really finicky and unreliable powers. His caretakers, the crystal gems, bore the bulk of the responsibility when it came to fighting gem monsters and other gems like Jasper. However, as Steven is coming into his own, and his powers become more controllable, it’s slowly but steadily being hinted at that he is far more powerful than the crystal gems, homeworld, or even himself realizes. 

I’m not just talking about things like physical strength or even his shield, although they are both quite valuable assets, but rather I’m talking about powers he hasn’t even been able to fully explore yet. Still, lets talk about his more obvious abilities before delving into his potentials later. 

First and probably most underestimated power of his is his super strength. Steven started out being only stronger than the average human, but as time has gone on there has been a slew of evidence to suggest that he can exert several tons of force quite effortlessly. Evidence for this includes him kicking metal doors in and tossing huge slabs of stone from a temple with a punch of his fist (AFTER he was bodied into the stone hard enough to create a crater). While he is probably still on the weaker end when it comes to Quartz, his strength is noticeable to other gems now as evidenced by the Wanted Special. I would not be surprised if his physical prowess finds itself having an upgrade sooner rather than later. 

His floating powers also have a lot of potential to it. One only needs to watch a few kung fu flicks with high flying wire fu to know that characters who can fight AND float can be quite the badasses in combat. 

However awesome as those movies are however, Steven’s version of floating is actually more effective. While your usual high flying fantasy kung fu movie has its characters only getting lighter when they hop around, Steven’s ability to float is far sturdier than that. 

While other floating powers make you lighter, Steven’s is more akin to flight that only pushes upwards like a hot air balloon. the crystal gems could not force him down because the force he was exerting to keep himself aloft was stronger than the downward forces they were putting on him. A boat about that size is usually 2400 pounds from what I could find online, add onto that whatever weight the gems bring to the table and the fact that he’s holding that boat by his arms, and its fair to say that his floating and strength abilities are quite strong. He’s also been learning to use momentum before activating his ability to travel over distances. The greater control he has over his emotional state, the more nuanced his control of this ability is going to get. 

His shield and bubble powers are pretty self explanatory. They are quite durable, especially his shield, and they seem to be able to counter a wide variety of Gem weaponry of all shapes and sizes, including on freaking spaceships. In terms of defenses, you can’t get much better than Steven’s shield. 

Another defensive ability even his mother didn’t have was a resistance to Destabilizers 

While his form appears to be at least partially Hard Light in composition, the majority of himself is organic, which destabilizers do not account for. As such that type of weaponry, while it would hurt, does not really affect him the way it would a pure gem. 

However, all of this is only talking about Steven’s personal capabilities in a fight. It does not address his most powerful abilities of all. The power to create and maintain an entire army. This is encompassed into his “healing ability,” however the applications for this power are quite staggering.  

His first foray into army making was unintentionally creating an entire species of sapient watermelons. Doesn’t sound all that impressive at first, until you realize he was able to create this army from ONE WATERMELON. Each and everyone of them inclined to be loyal to him and fight for him to their end. Rose also established that this ability can extend to any and all flora. Moss to Trees can be made into an army of loyal soldiers which can in turn breed MORE of their kind. If he spent a single day just spitting out a variety of seeds he’d have an entire militia over night. Anyone who has seen the march of the Ents from Lord of the Rings would know that this power is quite formidable indeed. 

Yeah, Steven could create THAT if he wanted to, and it wouldn’t even be that hard. While they individually wouldn’t be as strong as a quartz gem, they would be a formidable force in numbers. 

However, he’s had another power that has been revealed that is even more formidable than his flora soldiers. 

Pink Fauna: While Steven can create flora soldiers, his ability to raise creatures back from the dead and bestow on them tactically advantageous powers through his tears is quite possibly one of his strongest powers. These beings are given powers like enhanced strength, longevity, lack of a need to eat, the ability to walk on water, portals made through intense yelling (as far as we know), and most vital of all, the ability to create a pathway into a pocket dimension that can connect planets over billions of light years. It appears this can be done with any type of fauna on the planet, including humans as shown with Lars. Rose also displayed an ability to placate and tame creatures like Lions, so if Steven were interested, he could easily go about acquiring other creatures in this manner, such as Gorillas, Bears, Tigers, and more. Having intensely loyal, super strong beings with interconnected portals to each other is a tactical advantage that would be quite silly to pass up. 

Steven would need to be sad enough about their death to cry about it however, so it would require creating a relationship with said creatures, but its completely doable. This also means anyone in Beach City whom he is close enough with could become a potential Pink Soldier for him. Sadie in particular is already strong as a human, so making her into one would be pretty advantageous should she meet an untimely end (plus she’d be with Lars, so that’s a thing). 

Beyond that, there is one more power he’ll be needing to develop over the course of the next season or so. 

Healing corrupted Gems: 

Not only could Steven turn the plants and animals on earth into an intensely loyal army for him, he’s on the precipice of gaining the ability to heal corrupted gem monsters. Being able to do this would create brand new crystal gems who would be very thankful for Steven and VERY miffed against homeworld for condemning them to thousands of years of being monsters to be hunted and rounded up by Garnet Amethyst and Pearl.  

They have a lot, and I do mean a LOT of potential recruits once Steven acquires this power. 

Once again, all of what I am stating here is things that Steven can do VERY quickly provided he is in the right emotional state to do so. If he put his mind to it, Steven could fundamentally change the ecosystem of the entire planet Easily within a week to a month. All he’d have to do is use the warp pads and seed all the different kinds of plants in the area and develop relationships with candidates for being Pink Soldiers and the whole world would be his very easily. Not that Steven is the world conquering type, but if it means him developing a strong enough force to fight off a gem invasion maybe he’d do it. 

So in conclusion, Steven is a ton more powerful than he or others give him credit for. If he weren’t such a nice kid, he’d have probably taken over the planet by now. 

Exploring Boston and beyond

Whether you’re into following the Boston baseball scene, genning up on the infamous Salem witch trials or whale watching off Cape Cod; New England offers entertainment, a fascinating history and natural wonders in equal measure. Danny Baggott shared his top ten Massachusetts must-dos.

Whale watching at Stellwagen Bank

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Whale watching is a serious ecotourism industry in eastern Massachusetts, with an estimated one million passengers hitting the ocean for a chance to observe these fantastic creatures. Most visitors head for Stellwagen Bank, an 842-square-mile marine sanctuary located at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay; jump aboard a whale-watching vessel and keep your camera poised for the North Atlantic right, humpback and finback whale, all of which use these waters as a feeding ground.

Laid-back Cape Cod

The peninsula of Cape Cod is summer holiday Nirvana for good reason - stretching from arty Provincetown at the northern tip to the scenic seaside village of Woods Hole, at the extreme southwest corner, there’s something for everyone in the Cape: it oozes historic character, boasts miles of pristine coastline, and there are over 50 golf courses to tee off from. And foodies will love its legendary seafood and superlative ice-cream (lobster flavour, anyone?).

The Boston Red Sox

Photo by tpsdave on Pixelbay

The renowned Fenway Park - home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912 - has hosted the World Series an impressive ten times, making baseball’s oldest ballpark one of the most well-known sporting venues in the world. Grab tickets for a Red Sox game and soak up the atmosphere or, on non-game days, book a behind-the-scenes guided tour and follow in the footsteps of legends like David Ortiz, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth.

The Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum examines the infamous Salem witch trials, a series of hearings between 1692 and 1693, which resulted in 14 women and six men being executed for the supposed crime of witchcraft. Visitors can experience the drama and hysteria that surrounded this slice of American history through life-size stage sets complete with a spine-tingling narration, while the second part of the exhibition examines the changing perceptions of witches today. 

The New England Aquarium

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Boston’s New England Aquarium sets the aquarium bar high: it’s home to thousands of aquatic animals, from the giant Pacific octopus to lionfish, sea dragons and little blue penguins. This underwater paradise also has an impressive array of exhibits including the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-storey Caribbean reef, and the largest shark and ray touch tank on the east coast. Don’t miss the chance to see astonishing footage of sea creatures at the IMAX theatre.

Ramblewild in Lanesborough

Set in ten acres of New England forest, Ramblewild is the ultimate tree-to-tree adventure park. The focal point is a 15-foot central platform, which is the starting point for eight aerial obstacle courses - four of which cross a ravine. The courses range in ability but, whichever you choose, you’ll be faced with high wires, zip lines, balancing logs, rope ladders, cargo nets and suspended bridges. For those who prefer a slower pace, guided hikes are also on offer.

Duxbury Beach

The 7.5-mile long Duxbury Beach - which runs from Marshfield in the north to Gurnet Point and Saquish in the south - is recognisable by its endless stretch of sand dunes and beach roses. In addition to soaking up the sun and myriad watersports, there’s also ample opportunity to enjoy the area’s marine life, native and migratory birds, and indigenous vegetation. Families will love the Kid’s Corner, which offers fun beach activities.

The Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum - set in leafy surrounds in Stockbridge - showcases the most significant collection of the American artist’s work in the world. Best known for his depiction of US culture in the early 20th-century, particularly the illustrations he created for The Saturday Evening Post over nearly five decades, the museum houses his studio, too, including personal memorabilia and reference materials.

Martha’s Vineyard

Located south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard covers an area of 100 square miles, making it the third largest island on the east coast. It’s a magical place to while away a summer’s day with its picture-postcard cottages and lighthouses, well-maintained beaches and vibrant cultural scene - little wonder it’s a beloved holiday hotspot for America’s well-heeled (Obama likes to kick back here). Don’t miss the chance to ride the Flying Horses, the country’s oldest working carousel, constructed in 1876.

The Museum of Fine Arts

Photo by McElspeth on Pixabay

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston - founded in 1870 - is the fourth largest of its kind in the US, containing more than 450,000 works of art. From Egyptian artifacts and Japanese pottery to 14th-century triptychs and works by Andy Warhol, some of the finest pieces in the world are on display here, so you’ll need to plan your visit carefully to make sure you don’t miss anything. Do leave time for the shop, though, which has an astonishing collection of books on art.

Plan your Boston holiday now

Words by Danny Baggott

Header photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash


On the High Wire by @bathtimefunduck | Chapter 15:  Backend Batman and Robin

Lucy stands her ground and does her job, Winn’s brain explodes, Pam readies her paperwork, and Vasquez wins a ton of money.

I was explaining the Batfam to someone, breaking down the characters, laying out the main timeline, blah blah blah, and I mentioned how “Dick Grayson was eight when Bruce took him in after his parents were killed,” and this guy scoffs and goes: “You don’t know what you’re taking about. Dick was twelve. Girl’s need to stop acting like they know comics.”

I grabbed my phone and shoved this in his face from the Wikia page:

“Dick Grayson was an eight-year-old circus acrobat, the youngest of a family act called The Flying Graysons of The Haly Circus . Dick joined the act at a very young age, having been trained in acrobatics from birth. Before one appearance in Gotham City, in which The Flying Graysons were the main attraction, they were asked to pose for a photo opportunity with Jack Drake and his family, including their young son, Tim Drake. From that time on Tim’s one and only hero in the world was Dick.

While on tour in Gotham City, he overheard "Boss” Tony Zucco, a well-known and feared crime lord, threaten the performers unless the circus’s owner paid protection money. The owner refused, and that night Dick watched in horror as his parents’ high wire snapped, sending his parents hurtling to their deaths, all while many of Gotham’s elite watched on. Young Dick felt responsible, because he failed to warn his parents in time.“

The guy got really mad and was like: "but in the cartoon-!”

“He was also eight when Bruce took him in. Fight me, you ass.”

He turned really red and I was like: “Yeah, which one of us needs to stop acting like they know comics?”

And he walked away.

Don’t you dare try to tell me I don’t know something about my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHARACTER simply because I’m a freaking girl.


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TIME 100: The Most Influential People of 2017  - Viola Davis  

 By Meryl Streep: “When you spend your life embodying other lives, if you are successful, the one that belongs to you can silently slip behind. But Viola Davis’ hard-won, midlife rise to the very top of her profession has not led her to forget the rough trip she took getting there. And that is why she embodies for all women, but especially for women of color, the high-wire rewards of hard work and a dream, risk and faith.Viola has carved a place for herself on the Mount Rushmore of the 21st century—new faces emerging from a neglected mountain. And when she tells the story of how she got from where she was to where she is, it is as if she is on a pilgrimage, following her own footsteps and honoring that journey. Her gifts as an artist are unassailable, undeniable, deep and rich and true. But her importance in the culture—her ability to identify it, her willingness to speak about it and take on responsibility for it—is what marks her for greatness.”