high water pants

I love my height but...

I’m 6′3-6′4 ish. I am not extremely tall or anything but I’m tall nonetheless. When you are tall you have to worry about hitting your head on shit. Once I hit my head on top of my grandmother’s door frame to the front door of her house. That shit hurt like a mug!! 

Sometimes it can be difficult when you are trying to drive because your knees touch the stirring wheel. I have to have to sit in the back seat. Your legs is all bunched up. It’s just not ordeal. But let me tell you the fucked up part about being tall. I think it has to be the people who are my height though. Maybe if I was just a few inches taller or shorter I wouldn’t have this problem but listen though. Seriously!!!

Remember I said I’m about 6′3-6′4 right? So apparently counter spaces are built to the height of my groin area. This has always been the case since I’ve reached this height but listen though. Every time I stand at the counter to wash the dishes my dick get wet and it look like I peeped myself.But it gets worse. One time I pinched the tip of my dick on the counter reaching for something sitting on the top of the cabinet. I’ve burned my dick from the steam from an iron once that’s why now I only iron from the bed. I even burned my dick on a hot stove once. I can’t even hug little kids standing up, that’s why I always run. They think I want to play and shit, naaaa b. 

Bruh, I know I can’t shrink so I pay that God helps me grow a few more inches. This is a struggle for me. I will sacrifice the pains of sitting in the back seat, shitting in bathrooms with little to no leg room. I will sacrifice not being able to have the sheets cover my entire body. I’ll sacrifice ashy ankles because my pants high-waters and black people always get ashy when they cold even after they put on lotion. 

But frfr though, when I finally find my dream home I’ll have to make sure the countertop space is a higher than the standard height. I wish ya’ll knew the struggle. 

but lets take a moment to analyse all of bts’ unique outfits

  • jhope looks like the supportive always drunk dad that accompanies the kid to all of their sport competitions but mainly baseball
  • jimin looks like a trying to/ halfway nerd gone bad: stripe shirt still there but jeans are ripped
  • rapmon is mixed between a lunch lady and the layout of one of those bamboo products stores and a hippie
  • jungkook has high water pants and high low shirt- what is up with this kid seriously is he expecting cold weather or hot weather
  • jin looks like one of these moms that dont actually know whats going on but hey just go with the flow
  • suga is the definition of swag- he be rockin rollin swaggin swagger later on. insanely tough street boy that ran away from home because he didn’t get that hat he wanted
  • taehyung literally looks like a toddler who just threw some shit together because why nott. oooooohh baggy shirt?? leTS PUt iT ON WiTh BAggY PANTs