high water everywhere

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fire flames or excessive heat from that prompt list??

(cw: fire, burns, discussion of phobias)

It’s not the smell that wakes them.  It’s the screaming.

Neil is moving before his eyes open.  For a moment he thinks, Andrew.  Then his higher functioning kicks in as he actually wakes up.

They’re in a hotel room.  Andrew is upright on the other side of the bed, fumbling for the light switch, a dark silhouette against the window. 

The screaming is the fire alarm, because the room is full of smoke.  

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High Water Everywhere, Part I
Charley Patton
High Water Everywhere, Part I

Charlie Patton – High Water Everywhere (Part I) (1929)

During the Great Flood of 1927, the Mississippi put a tract of land the size of New England underwater, and it stayed that way five months, according to this NPR report. The floodwaters surging through the Mississippi right now may break a few records, but chances are they won’t cause nearly the devastation seen back in ‘27, which Patton sings about here.


Home stretch. 3 days left!

Charley Patton - High Water Everywhere, Part 1