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Bonny, what can you expect in the first week or so when you go vegan? In terms of bloating, digestion, energy, hunger levels??

Depending on where you coming from, but usually your body is going through a massive change!!

- Your digestion might be a little messed up for days or weeks, bad gas, digestive pains, weird bowl movements, bloating etc.
WHY? well you have gone from putting dead flesh and pus in your colon- to FIBROUS fruits, veggies and legumes… They move through the colon very quickly compared to meat and dairy, so they are going to run into some nasty shit 😂.. Plus your digestion is so use to pushing through those animal products that it will take time for it to adjust to the veggies/fruits. Now some people don’t really get this but others do badly. To avoid it as much as possible, try to food combine correctly, don’t eat fast digesting foods (fruit or anything high water content) after slower digesting food (rice, potatoes, beans). And to stay hydrated, 3L a day!

HUNGER- You can become really really hungry!! Because you have taken out all the high fat calories (animal products) from your diet, and instead are eating foods much lower in fat you are going to want to eat LARGE meals. And that’s great you should totally embrace that, because that’s how we should eating, large meals baby :) So carb up!

ENERGY LEVELS may fluctuate as your body adapts to this new source of fuel… I didn’t get this at all, but some do. I would always just make sure you are eating enough food and drinking enough water!! Water is key!

Apart from that I’m not really sure what else to expect going vegan! Except that you will feel fucking amazing after a week or so :)

Oh and all your family will ask you ‘where do you get protein from?’ For the REST OF YOUR LIFE

haha 😜🙈

Rukia’s favorite food was cucumbers before coming to the living world.

What if the reason she liked cucumbers were because they contained a lot of water and since water was so scarce and Rukia and her friends could barely survive, she happens upon cucumbers and she’s just so amazed at how this wonderful vegetable so crisp full of vitalizing water that fills her tummy and quenches her thirst could exist!

Ichigo and his family finds out about how much Rukia loves cucumbers, but they don’t find out about how she barely got by day by day so in true Kurosaki family fashion, Isshin and Yuzu (Reluctantly Karin and Ichigo participate) in a mini cucumber party where they make dishes out of cucumbers and introduce Rukia to other foods with a high water content like watermelon, zucchini, tomatoes, and a lot of other foods.

Ichigo is almost embarrassed until he sees how truly amazed and grateful Rukia is at the huge array of food to choose from.

They end it by sitting near the windows eating watermelon and spitting seeds outside to enjoy the cool summer winds.

Isshin teases Rukia and tells her to be careful not to swallow any seeds because a watermelon might grow.

Rukia looks horrified and glances at Ichigo wondering if it’s true as Ichigo rolls his eyes and assures her his dad is just being an idiot.

Isshin continues to say it’s okay if Rukia grows something else from Ichigo’s seed–to which Karin and Yuzu choke and sputter in laughter as Ichigo kicks his father in his face and attempts to shove an entire watermelon down Isshin’s throat.

Rukia inches away from Ichigo, still munching on her watermelon slice as she eyes the seeds in Ichigo’s watermelon slice warily.