high wasted denim

The 80s

I wanted to write about this a long time ago, I don’t know about you but I wish I was a teenager in the 80s, everything seemed more simple in some aspects, today we care to much about how to put ourselves out in the social media, how to have the perfect instagram feed and theme, that we forget to live the real life.

We “the millennials” might be the last generation who played outside, in our backyard or in our neighborhood, the last ones who ride bicycles, the last ones who played hide and seek or the last ones who climbed trees. Sadly kids these days don’t do that, instead of that they play video games or they spend the whole day in a tablet, where’s the imagination in that? Kids these days don’t know what’s that.

We get everything so easily that where’s the fun in that? People in the 80s had to wait forever in the radio for a song they liked so they could record it, now we just type the name of the song in any platform and we download it. We have iPods or smartphones, they had cassettes. Music was way better, the lyrics were so meaningful, now we have songs about butts.

The clothes were nicer, girls didn’t had show their butt to look attractive and boys weren’t trapped in super skinny jeans. Bullying wasn’t what it is now because there was no internet how we know it now. People were more adventurous. So if I could choose, I would be in the 80s listening to Billy Idol in a walkman wearing high wasted denim jeans, a stripped shirt and the Chuck Taylor classic converse.

anonymous asked:

what is the #1 outfit you wish harry would wear?

this is such a hard question how can i pick only one…… tbh at the moment i’m just really feeling the simple stuff i want him in some high wasted light denim boyfriend jeans cuffed at the bottoms and like……..doc martins its a crime we only saw in them once in another man OR the pink converse w the laces tied up around his ankles and a statement sock peeking over the tops. also doing a complete 180 and talking stage outfits i wanna see this bitch in glitter……like i’m talking some short shorts and naked torso just drenched in body glitter olly alexander style

I know I’ve made a lot of posts about Jack’s Canadian ass visiting The Pyroclastic Hellscape (Madison, Georgia) and basically dying, but I’m going to add another one because it’s summer on my side of the world and I’ve just remembered the tie-your-shirt-up-on-one-side-so-it’s-a-crop-top thing to keep cool and just… Jacques…

Jack: Look what I just saw online! It’s such a simple idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

Bitty: Jack…

Jack: I might just survive Georgia after all!

Bitty: …

Jack: From now on, all my tops are crop tops.

Bitty: uhhh…

Jack: You okay Bits, you’re all red. Is it the heat?

Bitty: Where did you get… high wasted denim shorts… that short… in your size…? And - not that I’m staring at your thighs at all - but… did you… shave your legs?

Jack: It’s hot

Now, there are one of two ways that Jack could cause a riot in that outfit. The first is by wandering around the Deep South (deep as in geographically and also in the terrifying way that parts of the ocean are deep) looking like the better looking, much chiller younger brother of Frankfurter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and, when questioned by passers-by, yelling things like “gender divisions are dead!” just so he doesn’t have to give himself heatstroke by putting jeans on.

The second way is that ass in those shorts. I guess it depends on what part of Georgia he’s in. Either way, he’s the gay awakening of at least five people, causes a clique of slightly tipsy grandmothers to reminisce in giggles about the sixties, makes one “cool” pastor consider wearing crop tops if that’s what the Teens are into these days, and sparks a brief but exhilarating fashion trend among a local baseball team.

And eventually Jack learns the main difference between two of his closest friends; Shitty hears about it via twitter and immediately tries to convince him to become a high profile advocate for gender activism, Tater hears about it and immediately buys himself a crop top.