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i swear! the only thing i've been thinking of whenever i look at eremie - who is honestly super adorable, and i love him - is how much he reminds me of howl from howl's moving castle! they kind of have the same aesthetic going on.

tbh it’s very much the same kind of thing! poofy white shirt and high waisted dark pants are a good look

First Place (Namjoon x OOC x Yoongi Threesome)

Author’s note: Soooo with this comeback among other things I had wanted to do a smut but, I also wanted to do a Hogwarts theme because I spent a whole day watching Harry Potter so I really hope you guys enjoy it because it’s my first time doing something like this! <3

You sat on the cold brown stool looking around the room nervously as soft snow fell into the spacious classroom. A soft smile decorated your features as you checked over your outfit once more that day. Dressing up in a skater skirt that had ruffles and came down to the middle of your thighs, the top was caged around your white button-down shirt. Your sleeves were rolled up at the ends around your wrist and tucked neatly. You had on a long royal blue and black robe that showed off your house and leather boots that reached up to your knees. You hated wearing long socks all the time to keep warm and considering you had this class today you knew that you didn’t want to risk being cold to the point that you couldn’t focus in class because today was a very important day. It had to be, your hair was styled up in a neat bun, your face made up for the challenge, blue eyeshadow around your eyes accompanied with black mascara and wings on your eyes. Your lips were done with black lipstick; just because you were going for the sexy look it didn’t mean you had to wear light colors. Dark colors were your aesthetic some days, like today.

Your right-hand fingers were decorated with a diamond ring on your index finger and another on the left hand. You had on a single charm bracelet that was given to you as a graduation present by your mother and it was a good luck charm for sure. Sitting up straighter in your chair as more people filled into the class you felt confident until you saw two figures walking in side by side. Their dark eyes immediately searching for yours and once spotted you didn’t know whose smile was more widely stretched out on their lips. Suddenly, your stomach tightened with a little tug and you cleared your throat casting your eyes downwards onto the paper in front of you, trying to study over more terms and things that you knew would be on your test. Your nerves were slowly getting the best of you but you wouldn’t ever admit it to the men making their way towards your table. Both men sat down on each side of you, and your head looked side to side at both of the blonde males.

“Is someone nervous?” Namjoon asked you once he took a sit beside you on a stool, a whiff of his soft honey scent mixed with the smell of aftershave hitting your nose as you faced him. He had his hair styled up into a half mohawk the sides and undercut adding to his charming look. He like you had on a jacket that was royal blue and black. A black stripped tie on over his white shirt. His dimples popped out as he continued to smile at you like he had just obtained a precious secret you knew nothing about.

“No Mr. Kim, I am not. I don’t have a reason be. You’ll be lucky to even pass with a D.” You said haughtily sticking your nose in the air.

“Someone is pretty confident she will take home the new wand.” Yoongi spoke next to your ear causing you to jump lightly and face him frowning. Where Namjoon smelt like honey and after shaft, Yoongi’s scent was mixed of cinnamon and musk. His eyes lingered on you, fixing in and piercing your very core.

“Why wouldn’t I be confident? It’s not like I have nothing to lose. We all know that I am ranked top of the class, and it didn’t take me much to get here with hard work and studying.” You bragged on and on facing the front as the teacher walked in. You didn’t like to always seem so conceited and full of yourself, but with the three of you it was always a competition, and you were always trying to win.

“Well, let’s hope that luck pays off because if it doesn’t. You know what that means for that pretty mouth and body of yours.” Namjoon purred before the teacher called out shutting you all up. She was starting to speak about your test and the magic that you would have to perform for your peers but suddenly your mind couldn’t help but flashback to a few days before when all three of you were studying.


You walked around the room, your robe off and your high waist white pants were hugging your hips. Your long gray sweater sleeves were rolled up around your elbows as you walked around the table looking over the white packet of papers in your left hand, taking a drink of the acholic beverage in your right one. Your hair in a ponytail, swaying gently in the breeze as you focused on the project in front of you. Raising your pointed slightly curved red woodened wand you canted the spell out to yourself, watching as the green liquid in the beaker started to bubble and rise slowly forming a tiny specimen.

“You know that drinks are not allowed in here, right?” Namjoon asked you as he walked from behind you causing your concentration to break as the green liquid fell back into the beaker undoing the spell. You sent daggers his direction with your own heated gaze before you gripped at the bottle taking another drink from it licking your lips as Yoongi joined him both males standing in front of you at the table.

“I know that. But it’s ten at night and I’m more than certain everyone is getting ready for bed or enjoying their nights out. And if you don’t mind I would like to keep it that way.” You said stubbornly as you threw the packet of papers down onto the table, looking up at the both men you braced your hands onto the sturdy surface or the oak table looking at them. “What are you guys doing here anyway?” You couldn’t help but feel your lips twitch as you watched your friends stare back at you, but Yoongi seemed to be interested in playing with the green liquid as well making it swirl around the cup.

“We wanted to come see our best friend.” Namjoon stated batting his eyelashes innocently as he stares at you.

“And to ask for help on the upcoming test.” Yoongi stated bluntly shrugging his shoulders when Namjoon cut his eyes at the male.

“If I was dumb, you wouldn’t love me.” You groaned softly but like always you agreed to help them.

The next hour was spent with you teaching them a few potions and spells that would be on the upcoming test as well as some summoning spells. Namjoon and Yoongi were both smart, they knew their shit but they couldn’t ever out rank you. At least not in this class because you had to admit to yourself Namjoon knew some things that honestly helped you complete the rest of the assignment and sometimes you feared he knew that but held back to use it against you.

“You know, I feel pretty confident about this test.” Namjoon said after his fifth round of the drink you were all sipping on. You were cleaning up the area and high lighting some more definitions before you got back to your room.

“I do too. It’ll be nice getting this wand.” You said excitedly because you knew that you would probably get the highest scores out of the three of you this time around as well.

“I don’t think we are going to let you get the wand this time.” Yoongi admitted as he came to help you place on your robe and you frowned up at him turning to face him.

“And why is that?” You asked him putting your hands on your hips.

“Well because one we are tired of you bragging as if you’re the smartest in the class and on top of that we finally found something we want to bet on.” Yoongi stated gripping at his wand, he moved it to inside of his backpack making sure that it was protected from injuries. Namjoon was sitting on the desk behind the two of you watching the sight with great delight.

“And what is that old friend of mine?” You teased grabbing at your backpack as well slinging it over your shoulders.

“You.” Yoongi stated gauging your reactions. You turned to face him and he wore a wolfish grin, his pearly white teeth on display as he paused.

“What about me?” You asked feeling a bit oblivious to what was being said.

“Well, we want it to be a surprise. But we thought to wager a bet.” Namjoon spoke not moving from the desk as he looked at you.

“I’m all for bets.” You said feeling one of your eyebrows twitch as you watched them. “Now explain.” You stated once again clasping your hands together in front of your body.

“Well, it’s just like I said. We know we will do better on this test. And there are things we want but we can’t tell you until then because we love the element of surprise. So, the bet is you. If we win, then we will get to do whatever we want to you.” Yoongi stated leaning back against the desk shoving his hands into the confines of his dark jean pockets.

“But.. There is only one first place. No one can get the first place as a tie. So, what if you don’t both get it?” You asked with a pout gracing your lips as you looked between them. You weren’t even denying it. You did want them both and you would be the first to admittedly tell them. You had all been friends since childhood and of course you would like to keep it like that, but you were a girl and you craved things. Some of the things being the two in front of you. But you wanted different things from each of them so it was hard choosing which one and when you did you knew it would be better for them to keep their friendship with you then for a wedge to become between the three of you.

“True but even if we just get first and second place with you in third then we still win.” Namjoon countered making sure you didn’t get out of this bet.

“But what if I get second place?” You countered back sticking out your tongue. He paused narrowing his eyes opening his mouth to say something but Yoongi stopped him.

“Okay how about this. If only one of us gets first place and you get second then the bet still stands and the one who gets third must watch. If you get first place then we are at your mercy for whatever you want. And if we come in first and second then your bet with the both of us still stands.” Yoongi cut it down making it plain and simple. You paused for a moment to think about what was going on. If you won, you could make them do a lot. But if they won, it wasn’t any telling what the two of them would do together to you. Nibbling on the soft parts of the inside of your cheeks as you thought it over, a soft sigh escaped from your nose and you nodded your head.

“Alright fine. Whoever wins can have me. In anyway doing anything. But if I win. I get to have you both and I get to decide what I do with you.” Feeling proud of that statement you bounce on your heels as both men got up to head towards the door. Namjoon stopping to kiss your ear.

“Good luck, because I have plans for you.”


You were brought back to the attention with the teacher calling your name for the fifth time in the span of a minute.

“Y-yes ma’am?” You asked her sitting up straight up licking your lips as your heart rate seem to pick up.

“Are you ready to perform your test for the class? Unless of course you would like to tell us instead what had you so dazed out just now?” Your teacher asked and you looked at both males on either side of you who seemed to be eating up the fact that you were not paying attention. Yoongi and his parted hair who seemed like a beautiful God and Namjoon was his accomplice just as beautiful and deadly but with dimples.

You shook your head slowly before you stood up to make your way towards the front of the classroom. You looked around at everyone before back at your teacher smiling brightly a little too excitedly that it almost scared you along with a few others in the class. You calmed and centered yourself and once she was sure you were ready your teacher started to take you through the test letting you perform the certain steps to complete the test. Once you were done, you bowed your head to her and stuffed your wand under your arm walking back to your seat smirking at both men who held somewhat determined and stern faces.

When they went up each to perform their tasks you couldn’t believe your eyes. They had done so well. The snow falling gracefully around the classroom and disappearing into little piles as it hit the floor. They were an amazing duo, where Yoongi was determined to do somethings Namjoon was just as determined to push it to the extra mile. They completed each other, they thrived off each other and if anything, the room seemed livelier as they went back to back to complete the test. You wore a smile but confidence wouldn’t let you believe that you were going to do anything less than win.


You couldn’t believe it. You sat there staring blankly ahead at your teacher and the two goofballs who were all gummy smiles and cheering. Both of them had managed to get the same score and just a few decimal points off so the teacher decided that they would tie for first place and you would come in second place. Both men receiving a wand while you were stuck with nothing but dread and slight anger for the two of them. Sighing softly, you pinched the bridge of your nose as they cheered and clapped raising their wands to throw in the air in some sort of victory. They both walked towards you as the class was dismissed. You gathered your belongings and stood up waiting for them, a hard smile on your lips, but it didn’t reach the fire in your eyes and they could see it to.

“Well are you ready for your loss?” Namjoon asked wiggling the wand in your face and you slapped at it but missed snatching it from his hands.

“Come on princess, we will let you play with them if you be a good girl.” Yoongi cooed wrapping his arm around your neck leading you out of the classroom and leading you towards their shared dorm.

Once you got there you looked around the room, sighing softly at how it seemed like home, so warm and inviting. The walls decorated with pictures and your house signs. The beds were the same but different, black throw comforters on both beds but different colors accented the sheets and pillows. You smiled softly realizing you should come in here more considering you could see yourself just lounging around in here. You moved to stand in the middle of both beds looking back at the men who were already watching you, your hands moved to grip at your robe trying to find the peace within your restless state. You puffed your cheeks waiting on them to finish gawking at you and first it was Namjoon to speak up.

“By now I’m sure you know what we want. But the only reason we want it, is because we know you want it too. And we will never try to get you to do it again unless you want to, and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so you can still leave.” Namjoon said softly and you could see a very faint distinct trail of red to start at his ears slid down his cheeks. He was flustered and you found it very endearing.

“I came because I want to. I’m not just going to make bets with anyone but regardless I knew I couldn’t miss up a chance to have you both inside of me. Rather it was just one fucking me or both obeying me and me obeying both.” You spoke clearly, your voice dropping a tone or two because you were more than excited. The waters seeming to slowly slip between your pussy lips at how turned on you were becoming from your mere thoughts alone.

“That makes us both happy because. We both want you.” Yoongi said smiling softly at you before he pointed his finger towards your body. “Why don’t you strip for us then?” He asked and you obeyed eager to strip before more people came back and this little threesome turned into something that had to be quick and rushed. You slowly started to undress yourself, starting with your robe and working your way down until you were sliding off your boots. Your bare body on display for them, your nipples were starting to pucker up and become hard from their lust filled gazes and the air draft in the room. Namjoon licked his lips, his eyes appreciating every curve and dip of your body. Oh, how his hands were becoming eager to touch and caress you. It was a shame your moans couldn’t be loud for fear of everyone catching on and bursting through the doors.

“I think we should both be shown how much you liked our results today. Didn’t we train well teacher?” Yoongi asked as he started to undress himself, becoming a beautiful creature that stood tall in all his glory. Namjoon was quick to scramble and take off his clothes next, both soon walking to sit on the bed, and you looked down at the both nodding your head. Your eyes trailed over every inch of surface and without them telling you, your body moved you to your knees, in front of Namjoon first. You crawled between his legs spreading them wide and you let your lips wrap around his head sucking on him off eagerly. Teasingly letting your tongue swipe against the pearls of precum gathering at Namjoon’s tip your tongue wanted more. Licking up and down his hard shaft, over every puckered vein sticking out your mouth worked to find things that would make him tick. Namjoon got tired of your teasing, reaching a hand down he undid your bun and let your hair fall lose before he started to push your head down onto his shaft making you take him into your warm wet cavern with a moan of your name slipping past his lips. You looked up at him bobbing your head up and down, swirling your tongue and letting your cheeks hollow to squeeze him tighter into your mouth. Your free hand crawled up the inside of Yoongi’s thigh, until you were gripping at his shaft starting to stroke him in time with how fast you were sucking Namjoon but knowing that it didn’t feel as good you pulled and let go of his dick licking over your hand getting it wet and placing it back around Yoongi’s thick shaft stroking him as you went back to bobbing your head on Namjoon’s shaft.

“Go ahead and stretch that pussy out for me baby.” Namjoon moaned softly, his thick lust filled voice causing your mind to become hazy as you moved to spread your legs wider against the floor, your hand crawled up your smooth thighs slowly until they were resting against your pussy lips, gliding up and down them with feather like touches, you were slow to play with yourself. A finger coming up to rest at your soaking clit, gathering your juices you rubbed it in a circle letting muffled moans slip from your lips. You knew that Namjoon was enjoying it so you didn’t mind giving him all you had. Squeezing at Yoongi’s tip every now and then you were pleasing the three of you, your fingers crawling up and down your slit until your middle finger was teasing at your entrance. Dipping your finger in and out of the dripping surface you could hear your breathing picking up as your heart beat rose as well. Slipping your middle and ring finger inside of you, a groan slipped from your lips as you started to stretch yourself off. It had been a couple of hours since you last fingered your pussy but as always it was eager to be filled and fucked until it couldn’t handle anymore.

Your wide eyes looked between the two of them as Namjoon picked up the pace thrusting his hips up against your face. He held onto your hair for dear life as he ground his hips against your face. You enjoyed it, feeling his thick girth penetrating your mouth and sliding down into your throat. You tried to make love to his shaft using your mouth but all too soon it seemed he pulled you back.

“Go to Yoongi, He needs you.” Namjoon stated moving you towards Yoongi and you positioned yourself between his legs next. His musk scent mixed in with the cinnamon had you moaning before your mouth even touched his dick. He was just as gentle as Namjoon letting you take the pace when you first started to suck him off. Namjoon leaned down gently taking your fingers from inside of your pussy sucking on the digits humming in delight from how sweet you seemed to taste. He moved to lift one of your legs pressing it against his shoulders as his mouth attacked your pussy eating and slurping at your wet lips. He wasted no times pushing his tongue deep inside of your pussy eating you out as you sucked Yoongi off. Yoongi controlled his moans and grunts well but it seemed the eager he got the more he held your head down and fucked your throat, listening to the wet lewd sounds of you taking his dick down your throat. Namjoon was busy tearing up your center with his tongue, and much to your dismay he pulled back and gripped your hips, rubbing his dick against your soaked-out center and slowly slid into your pussy causing you both to let out another moan in unison.

Namjoon gripped at your hips and he started to slowly slide in and out of you at first. Slowly building up speed he bottomed out and fucked you harder from behind. The sounds of your hips colliding could be heard in the room but it didn’t matter if you kept the sounds down for the most part. Yoongi teased you reaching his hands down to slap and knead at your breast as Namjoon spanked your ass cheeks, they knew you would be loving this trying to hold your moans so it was a good thing your mouth was preoccupied with making sure Yoongi was feeling every ounce of pleasure that you had to give him. Namjoon reached his hands around to grip at your thighs next spreading them wider so that he could slip deeper inside of your warm silk pussy. He pounded away at your insides, your wetness falling from your pussy and creating a mess under you. Your hips snapped back against Namjoon’s your ass bouncing against him and he ate up the sight committing it to his memory because who knew when he would be able to have a chance like this again. His hands moved to slide up and down the insides of your thighs with teasing feather like touches. His fingertips pressing into your skin to a point where you didn’t know what you were feeling because it was soft. One of his hands moved to cup your pussy, his thick fingers finding the little pert nub and he abused it tapping it with his two fingers and rubbing it harshly side to side up and down and in a circular motion causing your body to convulse and push back harder against him. At one point, he stopped moving to watch you fuck yourself against his dick, whispering out dirty lewd things to you while Yoongi pulled your head back from his dick and started to jerk himself off in your face, tapping his dick across your cheeks and lips. Your flushed cheeks and parted lips was a delectable sight and he ate it up. Namjoon felt himself getting close causing him to fuck you harder, stopping to occasionally grind his hips and reach deep inside of you pressing against your pleasured spot. Your mind went black and in no time, you felt like you were being consumed by fire as your orgasm overtook your writhing body and you almost collapsed against the bed. Yoongi had stopped jerking off his member to keep himself from cumming until he was inside of you. Namjoon pulled back with a hiss it was hard but he controlled himself.

Yoongi picked up your crumpling body and laid you on the bed, hooking his arms under your legs he placed his hands against the bed starting to fuck into you wasting no time to pound away at your insides. Spreading his legs wide so that he could slide deep into you, he leaned down to play with your breast sucking and nibbling on the skin with lewd wet pops marking you as his. Namjoon moved to grip at your head angling it so that your head was leaning off the side of the bed, he slipped his dick into your mouth face fucking you quickly as he watched Yoongi fuck into your puffy pussy. The wet sounds of hips colliding with one another mixed with the lewd sounds of your pussy singing to both men as you were fucked into the mattress. Your hands moved up to play in Yoongi’s hair pressing him even closer to your body you wanted to feel his heat and more of him against you. Namjoon was the first to cum, his seed sliding into your mouth and onto the corners of your mouth and you were eager to taste every drop of cum that shot down your throat into your stomach. You licked him up eagerly one of your hands griping at his balls to play with them lightly pulling on the sack causing him to spill more cum down your throat. He pulled back once he was done and he started to kiss you sloppily your lips and tongues dancing together as he tasted himself with a soft moan. He pulled back with a soft huff and Yoongi buried his face between both of your breast, his hips angling at different directions until he was landing right on your spot and slamming against it causing you to see stars. The bed shook with the force that he fucked you with and he kept a good grip on your thighs after a while pulling back to watch you come undone for him. You let your hands roam down his body your nails starting to dig into his skin marking him as yours for the night. Your pussy tightened around his shaft and you sucked him in deeper faintly crying out his name as your stomach tightened up. He nodded his head seeming to push himself one step more rutting into your hips with such a force that it pinned you down and you couldn’t press your hips up against his anymore.

In no time, you were cumming, Yoongi leaning down to suck up all your cries with his lips against yours as he kissed you. His sweaty hair falling into his face but you didn’t care. He ground his hips deep against yours letting you feel every inch of his girth inside of your welcoming pussy that seemed to mold for him. And Yoongi couldn’t pull out like Namjoon, not having enough restraint to resist your addictiveness he came inside of your pussy, holding onto your hips with a bruising force as he buried his load inside of you. He groaned softly as he rode out the both of your orgasms and kissed you until you calmed down. Pulling out of you he rolled you onto your stomach smiling as he spread your legs wide kissing at your pussy and licking up his own cum before he kissed up your back slowly and whispered against your ear nibbling on the flesh.

“I know you’re used to playing with this pretty pussy. But tell me baby girl, have you ever tried anal before?” He asked you and Namjoon started to trail hickeys on a free space of your neck both male’s waiting on the answer you would give to them.

Happy Halloween

As you may have guessed, this is going to be a spoopy Halloween special where the Thieves do some scary things together. I hope you all enjoy it!

Note: I also seriously considered dressing Akira up as Satanael or Nyx Avatar, but I decided to go with something that strikes fear into all of us as soon as we hear it. Also, this is going to be long, so please grab a snack / water! 

I’ll put it under a cut!

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And That’s All She Wrote- Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Requested by my Love, @cute-mirei 

I imagine the reader always wanted to be an author, but isn’t good enough. So she starts to write/learning how to write screenplay and after years she got to be one of the authors for a screenplay where Tom Hiddleston is the main actor. And the reader has a crush on him, of course ^^“ Yeah and they met a set and maybe she helps him learning his lines etc. Well I’d like you to make a cameo appearance. The last time I really liked that! :) Yeah and maybe … Tom is bad on purpose so he’s getting to see the reader more often XD

I hope i gave what you expected Jo! Enjoy~


As a kid growing up, writing had always been Y/n’s passion. When times got tough, she found her safe haven in pen and paper. Too bad she was never good at it, she adored the idea of being able to bring her imagination to life. But, of course to any writer, it’s easy to feel insecure about what you write. It’s easy to feel as if people will see it and go, ”Ugh. Another pile of cliché crap.
Thank God she had the support of her family, else she wouldn’t be here now. She has a lot to thank them for, if it wasn’t for the guiding hands of her parents, she’d probably be stuck in some underpaid job that she’s over qualified for. But her Dad once said, ” ‘Aim for the stars, do what you love. 'Cause in the end, it’ll all be worth it.’
So, when she was in high school, she made it her duty to top her English classes, she got into script writing. When she got out of highschool, she went to collage and worked hard to make her parents proud and make a name for herself. She got out with her bachelor’s degree and a shit ton of confidence. She was hired by Hollywood to write scrips for up coming movies, but it wasn’t just her there, there’s other people who were fine with competing against her for the spot. Basically, the director just gathered a few newbie screen writers and told them what to write on, and they’d pick the best from it. It has Y/n on the end of her nerves for the past five weeks.
And after all that, here she is, nervously biting her fingernails as she tapped her feet. They were getting their results today, she was called and she had been slowly counting down the hours.

"Oh would you calm down?” Danielle, who had become a very close friend of hers since she was hired by Hollywood says.
She was an actress, and a very good one at that. She had worked in the movie industry since she was nine, she had acted in really big movies, having minor rolls in the Harry Potter franchise, and then working with Marvel studios and BBC’s Doctor Who.
They were both in her apartment, a place where Y/n had spent most of her time. Danielle was doing her best to calm her nerves, seeing that every minute she’d check her email or pace around.

“What if they don’t like it?” Y/n wonders aloud, plopping down on the red couch behind her, sitting on the edge, rocking a bit out of nervous habit. “They would love it, they’d be crazy and stupid if they didn’t take yours. I swear, if I lose that bet to Ben, I’ll die.” Danielle mutters the last part, but Y/n catches it, turning her head so fast she could’ve gotten whiplash. “You and Ben made a bet on me?” she asks incredulously, her eyes widening as she stares at the mocha skinned girl.
Who just gives an apologetic smile, taking a sip from her smoothie. Y/n sighs, rubbing her temples, an old, familiar feeling of doubt settling in her stomach. The girl almost jumps out of her skin when her phone lets out a ping, her eyes trails down to her phone on the coffee table. “Well, go on. I’m right here with you Y/n,” Danielle smiles kindly, the hand she puts on Y/n’s shoulder was reassuring.

Deep breath now, Y/n.

The girl cautiously picks up the device, unlocking it, she sees the little G-mail notification at the top of her screen. She clicks on it, and was surprised to see that it was the director himself.
“Shit… Dani. It’s from Gabe.” Y/n says, and Danielle squeals, clapping her hands together, nudging her arm with her shoulder. “Go onn.”
With her heart pounding a mile a minute, she reads the email aloud for Danielle to hear as well.

'Hey, Y/n. Before I begin, I want to let you know that I am so impressed with your work. The first draft alone was just fantastic and exactly what I was looking for–’

“Well that’s good news,” Danielle mumbles, smiling like an idiot.

'I have to let you know that my screenwriters would get absolutely nowhere without you. So how about you come in on Saturday morning so I could introduce you to the crew?’

Oh.. my GOD! Holy Flaming fish sticks!

Through her shock of finding out that she actually got to where she wanted, Danielle scrambles for her phone. And she quickly calls her boyfriend, “Hey Ben. Yeah, you owe me fifty bucks.”

“The the rest of the cast would be there, I think you should meet them.” Danielle smirks knowingly at Y/n who sat across from her in the back seat of a cab. It was month into filming, and Gabe had called her in because he wanted to see her for something or another.
Y/n was nervous, only because the one celebrity she was crushing on is going to be there. Danielle told her when the auditions came around, that a certain British actor would be working with her as the main character and she knew the girl had a crush on her now co-star Tom Hiddleston.
When the girls got to the set; a large green field, it was more country side than anything. There was a barn far off to the right edge of the field, and a horse stable not far from it. White tents were set up already, the makeup area and the food tents.
People were moving around busily, clearly putting things into order. It was a fairly sunny day, so they were doing a few of the outdoor shoots today.
“I’m gonna go get changed and head off to make up, you find Greg yeah?” Danielle says, turning Y/n in the direction that Greg would likely be before strutting away. She found Greg standing under a tent where the technical equipment was set up under, he was very easy to find, since he was in a black tee with DIRECTOR splayed on the back. As Y/n made her way over, a few of the crew members acknowledging her as she passed them.
“Y/n, Love, c'mere,” Greg says once she sees her, waving her over. Greg, was a really big director, he was a very flamboyant man with red hair and eyes like the night sky. He more acted like a kid high on caffeine than an adult, which made him very fun and easy to work with.
She didn’t see the other person standing there with him though, who he was chatting comically with. Greg wraps an arm around her shoulders when she steps up next to him, “Tom here, wanted to say a few things to you,” he smiles, motioning to a very calm looking Tom Hiddleston.

Oh God.

Y/n completely freezes up, this man is her idol, and to actually be meeting him now…a few are that privileged. Danielle comes skipping over, pulling to a halt next to the stunned Y/n and Tom who was beginning to look a lot more awkward.
“So Tommy, I see you’ve met my partner in crime,” She smiles, she had changed out of her dark jeans and white tee for horse riding gear. A white long sleeved blouse and high waisted  brown pants accompanied with black riding boots.
Tom smiles at them, running a hand through his hair that was dyed blond for his character. “Ah, yes. I just wanted to say that your work with the script was just….beautiful–perfect. It was amazing.” Tom stutters to find the right word to use, so he just goes with the ones that pop to mind. He didn’t expect the girl to be so pretty, dressed in a simple dark blue sun dress with high top converse sneakers, her hair tossed up into a mess of a bun.
When he read the script, he immediately knew why Gabe took hers at first glance. It was absolutely perfect, the way she wrote her characters – Wow.
Danielle, noticing the girl hasn’t said a word back to Tom yet, she nudges her with an elbow.
“Oh–yes. Uh, thank you. It was my pleasure,” Y/n says professionally, taking his hand in hers when he puts it out for her to shake.
“Tom, you’re up,” Greg calls, standing near the barn, his hands cupped around his mouth. Tom looks back the girls, smiling again, his eyes lingering on Y/n. “We’ll catch up later yeah?”
When Tom jogs over to where Gabe was standing, Danielle whistles lowly. Her brown eyes glued to Tom’s backside, “Girl, you are so damn lucky. If a guy that hot was hitting on me, I’d die.”

“I’m telling,” Y/n quickly replies, and Danielle snorts a laugh, “You’re hitting on Ben’s best friend,”
Y/n smiles when Danielle playfully pushes her shoulder, wiggling her eyebrows at her, “Scared I’ll take your man?”
With flushed cheeks, Y/n grumbles, “No. He’s not mine… Shut up.”


For the past three weeks, Y/n was  on set more often. She and Tom had gotten a lot closer, only of course with Danielle’s prompting and she and Greg playing matchmaker for the past week. The three of them had been up to nothing but trouble. Currently the Y/n was in the bathroom on the set site, trying to get a coffee stain out of her white blouse. Tom had spilled it on her when they were talking and Greg had accidentally bumped unto the man.
Which just flared up a stream of swears from Greg, a lifetime worth in apologies from Tom and Y/n telling them it was alright. When she goes back outside, Tom was sitting against the wall. A script book with all his lines highlighted in his hand. He gets up and they both walk back down the hall, it was lunch time, so they could do whatever.
“Hey love birds,” Danielle shouts, getting both Tom’s and Y/n’s attention. She was standing at the snacks table, munching on a pretzel. Tom shakes his head and chuckles while Y/n’s cheeks flush pink, Dani had make it her duty to call them that since the sock incident.
They were sock sliding this one time and Tom sort of fell on Y/n, but before he could get up, they got lost in each other’s eyes. And Danielle never let that ’chick flick’ moment go.
Tom’s eyes were still stuck in in the book when they walked over, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. In honesty, he was trying to distract himself, because he noticed that for the past few days he had been feeling something that was more than just friendship to the young screenwriter. But, he was afraid to say anything, he didn’t want their friendship to be ruined and she hate him forever.
Later that day, they were once again getting ready to do more outdoor shots, Danielle was busy with that, and Y/n took that time to go see the horses in the barn. She’s been in there a few times to just pet the animals, there were only three horses, a stallion with a sleek black coat, a mare whose coat is very deep shade of brown with white socks. And a young one which is only five months old that’s brown as well.
Y/n walks quietly into the barn, she was a bit startled to see Tom there, petting the stallion. “Hey,” She says, announcing her presence to the British man. He looks over his shoulder briefly, smiling at her, “Hey.”
“I guess we had the same idea,” Tom chuckles, nodding at her. She smiles, walking over to pet the horse’s neck.
As Tom watches her he feels his heart skip a beat, how could someone be so beautiful just doing nothing at all? He must admit, he’s never felt this way about anyone in such a long time, and it scares him. All his past relations ended badly one way or another, and then to put his heart out again…..
“Y/n?” Tom calls softly, watching as she took her e/c eyes off the stallion to look at him. “hmm?”
“There’s something I need to tell you. And, I may regret this in the long run…” Tom swallows uncomfortably, chuckling nervously. Y/n gives him a confused smiles, wondering why he was suddenly acting nervous.
“This may seem forward. But the past few weeks I’ve known you has been nothing short of amazing. You are beautiful in every aspect of the word, a-and you make me feel so happy, just being yourself. An–”
Tom’s words were cut short when Y/n wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. “I–I didn’t finish… ”
Y/n giggles, “Shut up,”
Tom wraps his arms around her waist, letting himself get lost in her embrace. She pulls away, smiling up at him, “I thought I would’ve said it first.” She laughs softly, she could just stand there forever and drown in the blue of his irises.
“C-can I kiss you?” Tom asks, his voice barely a whisper. Y/n smiles, “I’d like that,”
The kiss was soft, and sweet, as one of Tom’s hand cups her cheek and her fingers tangle in his soft blond locks.
A loud shout of, “YES!” breaks the kiss, at the entrance of the barn was Danielle, dressed in a red flannel shirt and white jeans. She had a shit-eating grin on her face. Embarrassed,  Y/n hides her face in Tom’s shirt while he chuckles and Dani does a victory dance.
“Greg! You so owe me. Pay Up!”


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