high waisted studded


 Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 1343

Warnings: NSFW, smut, dirty talk, unprotected sex, oral (male recieving), fingering?, language, more?

Omg could u please do a song imagine for Partition by Beyoncè w/ Liam

A/N: Hey guys! New imagine. Two things. 1- I’m remaking my page so bare with me.Trying to get it done quick as possible. 2- should I sart a tag list?

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  • Beyonce: 65% of tour sold out
  • Taylor Swift: 100% of tour sold out
  • Beyonce: Debut weeks sold more than one million- One
  • Taylor Swift: Debut weeks sold more than one million- Two
  • Beyonce: Lowest ticket price- $125
  • Taylor Swift: Lowest Ticket price- $30
  • Beyonce: Signed at age 14
  • Taylor Swift: Signed at age 13
  • Beyonce: Wears leotards on stage, showing off her large breasts and all of her leg, attracting sexual attention from men
  • Taylor Swift: Wears long-sleeved white collared shirt with black high-waisted shorts and red-studded flats, attracting no sexual attention from men
  • Beyonce: People say "Omg it's queen b"
  • Taylor Swift: People say "Omg it's the slut"