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The high waisted briefs were on sale in the UK autumn 2015, difficult to purchase now but utterly attention grabbing.
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Hailee Steinfeld and Lea Michele Wore the Same High-Waisted Black Briefs With Their Sultry Gowns

As Celine Dion celebrated the 20th anniversary of her hit “My Heart Will Go On” in a white gown with mega statement shoulders at the Billboard Music Awards, Rita Ora also brought back the ’80s trend — the sartorial battle between these two music divas is too real. Nicole Kidman and Elisabeth Moss on the red carpet in Cannes also go head-to-head, while Hailee Steinfeld and Lea Michele choose the same barely there designer for the same event. Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee rounds up his favorite looks of the week and pits them head-to-head to see who will emerge as the winner in this week’s edition of Knockout Style.

Few things in this world are more thrilling to me than quality vintage lingerie, and finding a matching set in good condition puts me over the moon.   Usually you just get a pair, typically a bra & panty set.  Occasionally you get lucky and find a trio – sort of like winning on a slot machine.  I got this vintage Vanity Fair matching set online, and everything is in very good condition.  Size is a bit large for me, but I’ll probably alter them to fit better.  These are the old ‘granny panty’ style briefs – high waisted, and you wear them up over your belly button.