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Plus Size Fashion

Coming from a thiccer queen, here are some of my main fashion tips for my plus sisters:

The Do’s

1. Tulle Skirts: the thiccer honeys have the PERFECT frame to wear these glam ballerina-esque skirts without drowning in the fabric.
2. High Waisted Bottoms: skirts, shorts, pants, etc. High waisted bottoms tend to accentuate your waist line and smooth over unevenly distributed areas of your body to create curves.
3. Crop Tops: ESPECIALLY paired with no.2, these again accentuate that waist and can draw attention to that itty bitty showcase of skin (tastefully, of course).
4. High Heels: to be fair, heels work for basically every shape, but I can’t name a single plus sized woman who didn’t look like a goddamn boss in some heels. They accentuate the booty to make a gal look extra thicc.
5. Prints: any top/dress with elaborate prints (animal print, lace, floral, etc) tends to look great on plus chickies without distracting from the overall look.
6. Big Jewelry: if theres any shape that can pull off a chunky necklace or bracelet, its the plus sized queens bold enough to try. I have yet to see a plus look that didn’t make those accessories work.
7. Button Down Tops: whether at work or a casual day, button downs can make ya plus outfit lookin crisp, and can easily draw attention to a pronounced chest, if that’s the look you go for.
8. Scarves: blanket, infinity, whatever look you goin for, a scarf ties the entire outfit together and can add a pop of color or print to an otherwise plain ensemble.
9. Shit That Makes You Feel Good: fuck what anyone else thinks. If you think a look is flattering or comfortable, slay that shit, b.

The Don’t’s

1. Uncomfortable Fabrics Or Wears: if you have to sacrifice your comfort for slayage, it ain’t worth it girl.
2. Shapes Or Fits That YOU Don’t Like: fuck what anyone else thinks. If YOU don’t find a particular fit flattering on you, don’t wear it.
3. Overly Tight Clothing: before y'all go prosecuting me, I’m NOT sayin we can’t wear tight shit. Go ahead and wear that Bodycon boo. But if it’s cutting off circulation, making certain areas of your body (i.e. hips, stomach, etc.) bulge out uncomfortably, or leaves red marks after you take it off (y'all know the marks I’m talking about) DON’T wear it. I guarantee you aren’t that comfortable in it.

At the end of the day, no matter what size you are, you fuckin slay. Keep queenin y'all❤

Ryan Hartman - Notes in a Café Part 2

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Requested: Yes: Can you write a part 2 for the Ryan Hartman one? It’s soo cute and I’ve officially caught feelings for him,, maybe she can meet the team? Something fluffy? Love your writing :)

Edited: Yes

Word count: 776

Summary: you meet the team

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do a things Mar'i Grayson owns or a things Mar'i has got for Damian

Things Mar’i Grayson Owns

  • A build a bear with the bat logo all over it that she sleeps with every night
  • Those photos that are taken on a roller coaster or a log flume, she has a giant collection of them because every time she goes on one, she gets the picture
  • A shirt with peter pan on it that says “I’m so fly, I never land”
  • For Halloween, Mar’i likes to go as a fairy because she can actually fly and fairies are adorable
  • A really extensive manga collection because it’s her guilty pleasure that she feels no guilt over
  • Shimmery purple leggings that on anyone else they would look ridiculous but she pulls off for some reason
  • An aerial hoop that her dad (Dick) teaches her tricks on
  • Coloring books because she does them to calm down, but they aren’t the adult ones they are the ones for kids because she doesn’t understand why you would pay $10 for an adult one when you can get a kid one for $1 and get the same effects 
  • Exclusively high waisted bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, etc)

doodles for @hurryupfic‘s noir au ;0; allen + co dont look very vintage but i think lena, link + tokusa were a bit more successful??? also the day i stop drawing AU thirds with beauty marks is the day i die. 

  pardon the horrendous formatting omg i didnt want this to be a long post ;; + tokusa is a floating torso because i could not in good conscience subject him to high-waisted pants. not yet.

suckerfordiscourse  asked:

i have some tips for revealing tum in public from when i was first starting to wear crop-tops; high-waisted pants/shorts are good bc depending on the amount of stomach you want to show, it's really easy to just adjust accordingly. and/or nab a big button-up you can have on you in case anxiety strikes. i hope you eventually are able to show some stomach, just bc it felt pretty freeing for me. you do you! (sorry if this is unwanted btw, i just know i would have liked these tips starting out lol)

great tips!!

signs aesthetics based on people i know
  • aries: red lipstick, leather jackets & combat boots
  • taurus: loose denim pants, sunflowers & converse
  • gemini: bubblegum, high waisted shorts & plants
  • cancer: messy hair, the ocean & clean bedsheets
  • leo: hot pink, high heels & glossy hair
  • virgo: cats, smudged mascara & live performances
  • libra: pink lipgloss, cotton candy & blush
  • scorpio: lace, cigarettes & stargazing
  • sagittarius: long hair, road trips & mountains
  • capricorn: black coffee, matte lipstick & straight hair
  • aquarius: baseball caps, glitter & planets
  • pisces: dreamcatchers, light hair & big eyes