high waist short pants

signs aesthetics based on people i know
  • aries: red lipstick, leather jackets & combat boots
  • taurus: loose denim pants, sunflowers & converse
  • gemini: bubblegum, high waisted shorts & plants
  • cancer: messy hair, the ocean & clean bedsheets
  • leo: hot pink, high heels & glossy hair
  • virgo: cats, smudged mascara & live performances
  • libra: pink lipgloss, cotton candy & blush
  • scorpio: lace, cigarettes & stargazing
  • sagittarius: long hair, road trips & mountains
  • capricorn: black coffee, matte lipstick & straight hair
  • aquarius: baseball caps, glitter & planets
  • pisces: dreamcatchers, light hair & big eyes

Hi everyone! As you can see, I have made custom content for you all! All 400 of you! Thank you guys so much! After I post this from now on along with lookbook and sim requests, I will have recolor requests open too. I plan on releasing recolors regularly too. Hopefully you guys like these recolors of @pickypikachu‘s high waisted shorts and jeans. These show up under the original pants.



matildaswan  asked:

fkn brace urself babe! lesbian asks: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 25, 26, 32, 41, 48

HEy, bb! Lol braced and ready 2 gooooo:

1) Defs a play with her hair while I wait for her to wake up. Waking up to kisses is cool, but respecting sleep is cooler lol

4) Damn… but can I be both tho? I love sweets but also hot sauce is my jam. Fuuuccckkk. Okay fine sweet tooth lesbian

5) Sunflower lesbian fersher. I even have a tattoo of them and violets on my shoulder!

9) Maya Angelou for damn sure. No offence to my girl Ems, but MaYA iS BOmB

10) Ooh dark sexy ball gown 

11) Watermelon lesbian (nom nom nom)

12) High-waisted shorts (and pants and skirts) lesbian

18) Bus lesbian (Reliable public transport is the shit, tbh. I love bikes, but they are for occasional recreational purposes only lol)

25) Super low-key “I will die before sleeping on the ground” lesbian. BUt not because I actually have a problem sleeping on the ground. I’ve just gone real-ass camping before and didn’t particularly like the experience because for some god forsaken reason bugs frickin LOVE to bite me and it’s far worse in the wilderness than in regular city life… welp 

26) Calling every female character I see my girlfriend lesbian. Just… mhm… it’s me. 

32) Thigh kisses lesbian (but high key also tummy kisses lesbian… and neck kisses lesbian)

41) Berry (specifically blueberry or boysenberry) syrup lesbian

48) Pullover hoodie lesbian (damn. our bmam would be disappointed in me with her “zip up hoodie lesbian” ass)

reasons to use dude pants when making high waisted shorts

• they aren’t tight around the thigh so your circulation won’t be cut off
• penis space means that the shorts won’t somehow end up in your vagina like other high waisted shorts
• penis space also means if you’re getting hot and a heavy with a homie–a whole hand can fit down there without trouble
• dude pants come in real sizes so you can actually find plenty of pairs for shorts
• mother. fuckin. pockets.
• they cute as hell