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Do you have any other hcs for the squip squad swimming? That rich one was so adorable.

-Chloe has a really cute old fashioned style two piece, with like, the high waisted bottoms. She spends the entire time lounging in a pool ring with big huge glasses
-Rich n Jake & Michael n Jeremy play chicken. The winner plays Brooke n Jenna.
-Jenna has a really huge, really cute sun hat that she never fails to bring to the pool.
-Rich and Jeremy both burn really really easily. Christine constantly reminds them to put sunblock on. Jeremy is pretty good at remembering, but Rich Always Gets Burned.
-Swimming feels really good on Jake’s legs so he loves to do it. If he gets tired though, he floats around with like, 5 pool noodles supporting him.
-Michael will snatch pool noodles from under Jake and smack people on the head with them.
-Brooke and Jake both get really light freckles on their cheeks after being in the sun for a really long time that you can only see if you get really close.
-Rich is tiny but makes the biggest splash with his cannonball.
-One time someone pushed Jenna into the water without realizing she had her phone, and before she fell in, she tossed the phone to the side and saved it. No one tries to push her in anymore but everyone is surprised by her reflexes.
-Jeremy picks everyone up in the water. “Look, Brooke, Im finally strong enough to carry you!!”
-Christine scoops Jake up a lot.
-Jake, Michael, Jenna, and Christine dont really burn, just tan. It probably also helps that they’re all Really Good at remembering sunblock.
-While Rich spits pool water at everyone through his tooth gap, Christine and Brooke are the best at splashing people when they least expect it. They team up and ambush their friends.
-Rich jumped into the pool once while holding Jake bridal style and they clonked their heads together really hard and had big bruises on their foreheads the next day but couldn’t stop laughing about it when they came up for air.
-Jenna was on dive team when she was younger and knows a lot of intricate dives. She tries to show her friends, and Brooke catches on the best. Rich is pretty good at them too.
-Jake can’t go up on the diving board because of his legs, but he always yells scores out after his friends dive. He gave Michael a 5 once, and Michael splashed water up his nose.
-POOL NOODLE FIGHTS!!!!!! They get fucking wild.
-They see how many of them they can fit on one of those big turtle floaties. One time, they successfully all squish onto it…for like, 5 seconds.


looks best with high waisted bottoms if using the top. also looks cute af as a bathing suit .zip comes with both a top package and a full body package

12 neutral colours + one with the cute strawberry. custom thumbs and base game compatible


She’s driving me crazy, but I’m into it.

hi yes hello i really want to write a part two to this :-) ALSO IM REALLY PROUD OF THE FACT THAT Y/N IS NOT SKINNY AND IF YOU READ CLOSELY YOU CAN SEE THAT, HERES TOO MY BIG GIRLS (aka me too) 

Harry stumbles into his childhood bedroom with the same walls, same posters, but a new girl in his bed. The blankets are up to her nose with her feet poking out at the end. She’s sound asleep with her eyelashes resting on top of her round cheeks. Just like he left her this morning. His old bedside fan is blowing full blast, creating a purr sending through your the air. The noon sun leaks through the curtain, but Y/N clearly isn’t being affected by it. Harry’s heart swells with adoration as he watches his love sleep. He doesn’t want to disturb her, but he doesn’t want to wait to kiss her either. So he plows his shoes off and cuddles up next to her. Resting his lanky arm on her wide hips, and slowly kissing her chubby neck to awake her. Y/N stirs slightly but remains in her slumbered state, “C'mon pet, ’s time to get up. Been asleep all day.” She groans, but doesn’t open her eyes. Harry runs his hands down her fleshy thighs, trying go wake her up more. “Babe.” Harry says a bit more sternly, “I’m up, Harry.” She bites. Harry rolls his eyes and smiles, Y/N has never been the one to wake up.

 "Good. I’m hungry.“ He only says that to evoke a reaction, he just ate a few hours ago while out with us old high school mates. “Go eat then.” She grunts while turning over to face him. “Well someone’s a bit crabby,” Harry mentions while kissing her nose. “Hi Beautiful.” He says when her eyes finally open. “I’m so jet lagged.” He chuckles abit, “Wouldn’t have noticed.” She sticks her tongue out at him. “’S ma girl.” Y/N takes the opportunity to nuzzle her head into his neck, breathing deeply to take in his scent. He reacts by wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer. 

 They lay there, intertwined in each other presence and silence for awhile until Y/N stomachs gurgles, that’s when Harry gets up, “Cmon pet, let’s get some food in ya.” Y/N whines at the loss of her boyfriends presence before her but doesn’t protest. She climbs off the old bed and throws her hair up. Y/N strips herself of her pajamas and grabs a t shirt of Harry’s from his suit case and spanx from hers. “Lemme brush my teeth.” She mumbles before grabbing her toothbrush and slides past Harry. Harry is waiting for her when she gets out leaning against the door frame with his arms and feet crossed. “You look beautiful.” Y/N doesn’t say anything but he notices the red appear on her round cheeks. 

They make their way into the kitchen passing Anne in the living area, bidding their good mornings (more like good after noons). “What can I get ya, love?” Harry asks once they make it to the kitchen. Y/N is already pouring herself a cup of Oj, “You have cap'n crunch?” She asks, Harry raises an eyebrow, “Erm, what exactly is that?” Y/N gasps, horrified that he doesn’t have a clue what Cap'n crunch is, “How can you not know?” Harry laughs quietly, a bit puzzled, kinda holding his head down. Y/N rolls her eyes, “Its a cereal in the States. I forget you have different food here.” Harry immediately perks back up, “Oh. We have shreddies! And we have cheerios! They have those in America, I think.” Harry gets really excited once he makes his discovery, Y/N giggles at her cute boyfriend, “No, it’s okay, how about some french toast?” She asks, raising an eyebrow. “What’s that?” Y/N’s face falls, “O-M-G, do you really not know?” Y/N knows they certainly have that in England. Harry bursts out into a fit of laughter, “Of course I know what French Toast is, dork.” He tells her the while gathering the ingredients. 

 When Y/N finishes her meal, fighting off Harry all the while. (He said he wasn’t hungry when he was making Y/N’s food, but when Y/N got it, he magically got hungry.) They both settle in the living room watching TV with Anne. They were waiting for Harry’s rest of the family to come over so they could go to the beach. While watching Moana when Y/N realizes that she should probably go find her swimsuit and start to get ready. “Gonna go get ready.” She told Harry when she got off the couch. “Behind you.” He replied and followed her to the room.

Harry grabbed both of their suitcases and put them on the bed, Y/N found her bathing suit and started to put it on. Harry gawked at her the whole time. He couldn’t get over the way her wide hips look in we high waisted bottoms, and creating the illusion of a slimmer waist. Of course, Y/N didn’t need a slimmer waist for her to be beautiful. “You good?” Y/N asked, pulling Harry out of the trance he was in, imagining her on her knees chocking on his cock. “Actually, no,” He replied, walking to her and grabbing her hips, pulling them close to her own. “Can’t get over the scene of you on your knees begging for ma cock.” Harry started to work his way down her neck leaving lazy kisses. “Harry, not here. You know how loud I am.” He hummed into her neck, “Guess I’m jus gonna have to cover your mouth then, pet.” Harry rasps in her ear, already making her wet. 

 He slides his hand down to her already heated core, playing at her hole, “Its a crime, really, going out in this, where people can see you this way,” Harry whispers, teasing her while nibbling on her ear. “I’m the only who should be able to see you this way..” Y/N moans slightly when he finally enters a finger in her, pumping evenly, “Let’s get you out of this, yeah?” His lanky fingers are already at her bikini top, working it until it unclamps and reveals Y/N’s breasts. “God, pet, look ’s good.” He hums while sucking on her left breast. Y/N hands tangle their way into his dark locks, pulling at them, trying to keep her self quiet from the pleasure rolling through her. Harry laughs a bit against her when she moans and then squeaks and covers her own mouth as she realizes her action. 

 "Gonna have to be a bit quieter.“ He mumbles against her skin as he pushes her to the bed, ridding her of bottoms and his shirt. “Is the door locked?” She asks Harry while he’s leaving a trail of wet kisses down her stomach, he hums in an attempt to tell her yes. Harry’s tongue plunges into her, eliciting a moan from her. Harry’s hand flings to her mouth and applies pressure, silencing her. “C'mon pet, you can’t be loud. Gonna get caught.” His tongue is working circles around her clit now, Y/N feels her self tighten, and before she can release Harry ceases his actions. "Wanna feel you come.“ He claims and flips her over, she’s on her arms and knees now, waiting patiently for Harry to enter her. 

 When he finally slips off his boxers and glides in her, it’s a feeling so exquisite she can’t help the dirty moans that fly out of her throat. Harry clamps her mouth shut with his. Harry can’t keep her quiet because the feeling of Harry thrusting his hips into hers while her mouth is covered is something she will never be able to get over. Harry might have just helped her discover a new kink. With Harry’s other hand he gently slaps his hand against her ass, easy enough to make little noise but hard enough to leave mark where his rose ring met her flesh. Her neck is soon littered with dark marks, and Y/N can feel the marks being created but at this point she just can’t seem to care. Because the way Harry is groaning her name in her ear is enough to send her over the edge. She climaxes hard, clenching around Harry’s soon twitching cock. “So good ‘f me pet. Could watch you come all day.” They collapse on the bed talking for a few minutes until they hear his family burst through the door. 

 While at the beach, Y/N decides she wants to sun bathe. She stands up next to where Harry is sitting, stripping herself of the denim shorts that covered her. Harry’s eyes bulge out of his head when he looks at her ass. Still perfectly imprinted into her ass is his ring. His cheeks flair up with redness as he grabs the closet towel, and wraps it around her large waist. “Haz, what-” Y/N tries to ask, but he’s already pulling her close looking around to see if anybody has noticed, “My rings gotcha, gonna have to cover it with makeup, you have it, yeah?” Y/N cheeks flair up, “Oh my God” She mutters to her self, Harry laughs, “Sorry….looks good though, might have to do it again.”

A few fashion tips for our Transfeminine friends

This is simply a list of a few tips you can use to relieve some dysphoria you may have about certain aspects of your body. This is meant to help with a few key problems that are common among transfeminine individuals specifically amab people. You may not be able to relate to all of these or some of these tips may not be helpful to you specifically due to dysphorias or for safety. We sincerely hope that some of these may be able to help a few people make some changes that will improve how they feel about themselves. 

1. A very common problem among a lot of our taller friends trying to find feminine clothing to wear, is that pant legs are just never long enough. Current fashion trends however do relieve some of this. The solution to this is really simple, you can roll up the legs of your pants just slightly; this will look as though they are shorter on purpose! 

2. If you feel like your legs are too long, you may want to avoid high-waisted bottoms, as this exaggerates the length of the leg and appears to raise the point where the leg actually starts. You can look for low-waisted pants or avoid leg dysphoria all together by using a mid-length (or longer) skirt or dress that hides the leg length.

3. Another common issue to have, is to feel as though your shoulders are too broad or prominent. The key to this, is instead of simply finding clothing that hugs the shoulders tightly, try to find tops that add more of a thickness to the hip area, this can mean that the shirt flares or “poofs” out on the lower half, giving your top half a more of that “women’s bathroom symbol” look (I promise it’s not as lame as it sounds). You can also use a more flared dress to add volume to your hips to balance the shoulders, you can even cut it with a belt around the waist to add a curvature to your waist and balance between top and bottom of your body.

4. If you’re uncomfortable with your height or really any aspect of your body, and it makes you very uncomfortable, here’s a good one that’s really underrated: TEXTURES, PATTERNS, AND ACCESSORIES!! The brighter and more obnoxious, the better. Yes people will look at you, but they aren’t actually looking at you, but what you’re wearing. I’m not saying just pick out the literal worst obnoxious thing you can find at a thrift store, you can be fashionable and trendy at the same time. This is a very good trick to distract people from your most self conscious parts, and tell people that you’re confident with how you look, which is also something that subconsciously makes people feel more positively about you, which is definitely not a bad perk to have! 

5. Jumpsuits are the best fashionable yet comfortable outfit without actually just wearing pajamas for the rest of your life, but nobody said you couldn’t wear one to bed! A jumpsuit is great for reducing height, it’s loose fit helps to avoid all the discomfort that comes with a lot of the tight fitting clothes made for feminine individuals, and despite having been considered a more masculine item in the past has taken on a recent turnaround as a feminine fashion item. However this is a little more ‘up there’ in the fashion realm and isn’t for everyone, but it’s not an item that typically comes to mind, so it’s good to put the option out there.

6. This next one is really only going to help if you’re comfortable with your legs. If you feel like your butt just isn’t getting the attention it deserves and you’re feeling like it might be a little smaller than you’d like, you may actually want to try high waisted bottoms and especially in the summertime, short shorts are actually quite effective and making a butt look a little bigger if you’re comfortable enough to try it. This isn’t typically a strong dysphoria, but any dysphoria is valid and deserves to be addressed.

7. If you have a body shape that makes you uncomfortable, don’t feel bad about layering up! This doesn’t have to mean hiding away, as you can put on a light cardigan or poncho over many things including a two piece outfit or even a dress while still portraying confidence. Scarves can also make a chest look a little more prominent. Remember to allow flow in your choice of clothing, ignore sizing, because we all know how screwed up women’s sizes are and it’s much better to be comfortable in a larger size than to wear a smaller size and be uncomfortable.

8. If you are a little larger, and are uncomfortable and wish to smooth out your shape, you can use high-waisted shorts and skirts to do just that.

9. If you have dysphoria about your face and you have long hair, you can add layers to your hair or add some texture such as curls to cover a little more and create a little bit of a distraction, the same way wearing patterns and accessorizing can help. Coloring your hair or even altering the color a little, like brightening a light colored hair can also have a similar effect.

10. Love yourself and have confidence with everything you wear! In the end it really doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you like it and you are comfortable. You will see yourself more than anyone else so don’t just try to impress everyone else. Any concerns about how you look are valid, but please try not to get too caught up in trying to conform to impossible standards! 

If you have any good tricks or tips please feel free to share! Everyone deserves to feel good and feel positively about themselves. You are by no means obligated to look or dress a certain way. And always try before you buy! Its horrible to get something cute and come home to wear it only to realize it makes you feel dysphoric. And be safe, it’s okay if you need to dress or present a certain way in order to protect yourself. But people’s opinion about how you should present is completely unimportant because the problem lies with them, not you.

If you would like help addressing a specific issue, feel free to send a message or an ask and we will try our best to help you find a solution that works for you. We hope this can help at least a few people to find something that can help them overcome a dysphoria!


100 Follower Gifts!!! 

I cannot express how thankful I am to have all of you guys here! I never thought I would get this many followers- like ever. But here I am with 121 followers and they are still growing! I’m so excited and happy to see where this can take me. I have so much content coming up for you guys and I’m so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This wonderful sim is up for download on the gallery, just search “Aylin Hahn” or use my origin id which is kassadym. If you can’t find her always make sure you have the “include custom content” filter on! The CC will be under the cut! I, unfortunately, will not be linking the CC just because I gave me such a hard time last time with my lookbook, but I am putting the name of the item and who it’s by so you can also get her! If you use her tag me @simsarchive !! (also sorry for like the low-quality photos I don’t know what happened lol) 

I know I’m finally getting to this, I’ve had a lot of things going on these past few days but I’m not trying to make excuses. So better late than never. Love all of you guys! Thank you! Alsoooo there will be another gift coming later today!!!

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Recent Larry and 1D updates (Liam’s recent interview response)

Here is a very brief summary of some of the Larry related occurrences that I can remember happening since I finished my main Larry proof essay, but I mainly discuss Liam’s recent interview describing the lack of freedom in One Direction and how I hope we can all react to it. *


Since Harry’s yellow trousers with black stripes Louis has also worn yellow trousers with black stripes and Harry has worn another yellow and black stripy jumper (bee symbolism) Zayn got a bear tattoo heavily resembling RBB and made sure it was visible in the rip of his jeans for paparazzi to photograph. Louis got a tattoo of an ‘E’ on his hand and Eleanor got an ‘L’ tattoo on her hand, however there have been subsequent videos and photos of both of them without the letters on their hands. Louis was in LA only for the duration that Harry was in LA then went back to London when Harry also went back to London. Louis has worn nothing but white shirts right up until Two Ghosts was announced as Harry’s next single (the song where he sings about Louis in white shirts)

* Most notably, Liam has continued to reveal how restricted him and the other boys were in One Direction. He’s been explaining that his lyric “I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free” references how Harry wasn’t allowed to wear high waisted, bell bottom trousers and Zayn wasn’t allowed to dye his hair. Louis has also discussed at length how he was constantly made to feel like “the one at the back” of the band who didn’t get a single solo in the entirety of The X Factor, and didn’t have the confidence to ever see what it was that he was contributing to the band. It is also known that Niall barely had any solos either, and was forced to perform with a broken leg. Harry was forced to perform with a constantly bad back, and him and the other boys would still perform even when they lost their voices or were unwell, and Zayn obviously left the band due his lack of input in the music and the effect the entire thing had on his anxiety and his eating habits. It has also recently come out that someone spent 20 minutes pleading with Harry to not go on TV with lipstick on. One Direction’s make-up artist even said that she thought men should look like men and not be feminine and that if the 1D boys even requested their eyebrows to be slightly plucked that she would refuse to do it. I also recently learnt that Liam even had to spend time in hospital because of the impact that an alcohol problem was having on his health.

I’m bringing this news up and discussing it for a few reasons – we knew that One Direction were under heavy professional control with their gruelling schedules and the fact that they did an album and a world tour every year for five years with basically no break, but learning more specifically about just how severe their personal control was, has been shocking. These boys were as young as 16, and for them to be manipulated and pushed to the point of alcoholism, eating disorders, anxiety and hospitalisation, and for them to be so forcefully gendered, is disgraceful. I’m writing about this to process it myself. I could link it back to Larry and say that if management spent an entire 20 minutes begging Harry to take lipstick off and forcing him to wear more masculine clothes then why is it a surprise that they would closet his and Louis sexuality and relationship, as much as I believe that I’m more so bringing this up to try and calm people down.

Everyone has understandably been very upset to hear that Harry wasn’t allowed to dress how he wanted or wear make-up if he wanted to, and I am really shocked and saddened to only just learn about how terrible things got for Liam, but I just wanted to try and reassure people to not let this news affect us too much. It’s obviously heart-breaking. No one should be made to feel like who they are is not enough or is somehow wrong. No one should be forcefully told how to dress, how to look, how to act, what to say, who to love, or who to be, especially not at such an important and impressionable age when they are only just learning these things about themselves anyway. No one should be pressured and overworked and controlled to the point where it impacts their own physical and mental health or their own opinions about themselves. Especially not for up to 7 years. And most of all, none of these things should have been inflicted for somebody else to profit from.

BUT, however sad and unfair and wrong this is, we must absolutely not let this negatively affect our own emotions. As hard as this may be to hear, there is not much we can do about it. This is not necessarily our fight. All we can do is continue to love and support all the boys. We can do this the same way we always have - by sending nice messages on social media, listening to their music, being kind to them if we meet them, organising fan projects when we can, and reminding them that we value and respect them for who they are. That might not sound like much, but it is. We know that they appreciate this, because they always tell us that they do.

And if all this gets too much for you, then never forget that you are always allowed to take a step back and you should always look after yourself first. The boys wouldn’t want you to be upset. There are enough of us out there to keep supporting One Direction if some of us need a break, and the lads themselves have each other and their friends and families to support them too. Being a fan is meant to be fun and enjoyable. And the boys themselves have still had an absolutely amazing time and have been happy and made such valuable friendships with each other and have not given up. They are strong. And so are we. And as they say - just hold on, remember everything will be alright, we’re fireproof and nobody can drag us down.

And lastly, here are all the positive and beautiful things we should focus on –

Harry is out there right now finally able to openly wearing pink, satin, velvet, golden, embellished, sequin, high waisted, flared, women’s trousers, lilac, pink ruffled, women’s blouses, fully painted nails, probably some lipstick every now and again, in public, looking amazing, with a real smile on his face, and being continuously respected and accepted for it, by the fashion world and the general public, as well as writing his own honest and personal music that he is proud of. Harry covering his ‘things I can’t’ tattoo with an eagle tattoo shortly after One Direction’s hiatus is surely a metaphor for this freedom.

Louis got a serious and honest solo interview with a respected journalist which won him enormous love, respect and acknowledgement from the general public. There have been articles written solely about his music and not just his private life and the promotion for his new single is much better than it was for his first single. He is writing his own solo album and is finally feeling really confident and excited about his own abilities as a singer.

Niall is also writing his own solo album under his own conditions and in his own time and is also feeling confident in his own abilities as a singer and songwriter, and out of all the boys he now has the most followers on Twitter, which has happened purely as a result of good music and good promotion for it.

Zayn was able to finally make the type of music that he wanted to make, can dye and cut and style his hair however he wants and has had quiet time to himself to deal with his anxiety and his eating, as well as be honest and open about it.

Liam seems happy and healthy, his music is being is really well received and he has more control over his own words and the freedom to sing honestly about what he wants to say, and most of all, the fact that Liam is able to finally talk so openly about the lack of freedom in One Direction is a positive indicator at the increasing distance between them and 1D’s management.

Since the hiatus, all the boys have been doing what they want for themselves and have been genuinely happy, and have been constantly supporting each other publicly. As much as I miss them together and I do want them to come back, I want it to happen under the best possible circumstances, at the time that they want it to, and if they all definitely do want it. Although, as mentioned in my main essay, there is so much we don’t know, it seems like although things aren’t perfect and there is still a long way to go and they are still under control, things are the best they can be, and they are maybe the best they have been.

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn seem happy at the minute and they have more freedom than they have had since 1D began. No matter what they’ve gone through and although they aren’t perfect and we don’t know them personally, the boys are still true to themselves and their work, they’re doing brilliantly on their own and they continue to inspire and encourage people to stay strong and be themselves – if that’s not something to celebrate then I don’t know what is.

Finally, without wanting to sound like I’m telling you how to feel or that I would even have any right to do that, I would just like to advise you to please try not to worry or to get too emotional, and please try to always see the positives. Put yourself, your own feelings and your own life first and just enjoy being a fan :) 

Shore Leave

Jim Kirk X female Reader

Summary: You go on shore leave with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and your best friend Nyota tries to convince you to ask your crush, Jim Kirk, on a date.

Word Count: 2,296

Characters: Reader, Jim Kirk, Nyota Uhura, Leonard McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Spock (mentioned), Christine Chapel (mentioned)

Warnings: Kissing, slight flirting, the ocean, okay-ish writing

Author’s Note: I started this as a way to break writer’s block, but it turns out this is the longest fic I’ve written to date. I really hope you like it, I tried not to be too out of character, please tell me if you think I’ve failed at that. Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. I am not good at writing endings, so sorry ‘bout that. I used the prompt “Don’t get your hopes up” as a starting point on this.


Also, for some reason I see the song Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant fitting in here somewhere.

Originally posted by 3vil-is-g00d

(Gif credit belongs to owner)

“He’s staring at you again,” your best friend Nyota told you, gesturing behind you to the captain. You were eating lunch in the commissary when she spoke up.

“Are you serious? Ugh, Ny, what am I supposed to do,” you ask desperately.

“Ask him out? Come on, we both know you like him too.”

“Even if that were true, I can’t just ask Kirk on a date! He’s captain of the freaking ship, I’m just a lieutenant. And we’re only on year one of a five year mission. Things could go horribly!” you exasperate.

“(Y/N) calm down. It was just a suggestion,” Nyota says placatingly.

Wanting to change the subject, you asked a question. “What are you and Spock planning to do while on shore leave? I heard Risa is a very beautiful class M planet.”

“I read about a few interesting places. Luckily we’ll be there during the Luhlanat, or festival of moons, so I think Spock and I are going to that. What about you?” Uhura decides to go along with the shift in conversation.

“Probably just soaking up the sun on the beach. You have no idea how much I miss being able to feel the organic, solar heat. Which reminds me, I need to replicate a cute swimsuit.” You make a mental note to do that later.

“Is there anybody special that you need a cute swimsuit for?” your friend questions playfully. You scowl at her as way of reply and continue to eat your synthesized food.

A few moments later when you’re about to leave, a yellow shirt enters your field of sight. You sigh inwardly as you already know who it is. “Mind if I walk down to Med-bay with you? I’m on my way to see Bones.”

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Plus Size Fashion

Coming from a thiccer queen, here are some of my main fashion tips for my plus sisters:

The Do’s

1. Tulle Skirts: the thiccer honeys have the PERFECT frame to wear these glam ballerina-esque skirts without drowning in the fabric.
2. High Waisted Bottoms: skirts, shorts, pants, etc. High waisted bottoms tend to accentuate your waist line and smooth over unevenly distributed areas of your body to create curves.
3. Crop Tops: ESPECIALLY paired with no.2, these again accentuate that waist and can draw attention to that itty bitty showcase of skin (tastefully, of course).
4. High Heels: to be fair, heels work for basically every shape, but I can’t name a single plus sized woman who didn’t look like a goddamn boss in some heels. They accentuate the booty to make a gal look extra thicc.
5. Prints: any top/dress with elaborate prints (animal print, lace, floral, etc) tends to look great on plus chickies without distracting from the overall look.
6. Big Jewelry: if theres any shape that can pull off a chunky necklace or bracelet, its the plus sized queens bold enough to try. I have yet to see a plus look that didn’t make those accessories work.
7. Button Down Tops: whether at work or a casual day, button downs can make ya plus outfit lookin crisp, and can easily draw attention to a pronounced chest, if that’s the look you go for.
8. Scarves: blanket, infinity, whatever look you goin for, a scarf ties the entire outfit together and can add a pop of color or print to an otherwise plain ensemble.
9. Shit That Makes You Feel Good: fuck what anyone else thinks. If you think a look is flattering or comfortable, slay that shit, b.

The Don’t’s

1. Uncomfortable Fabrics Or Wears: if you have to sacrifice your comfort for slayage, it ain’t worth it girl.
2. Shapes Or Fits That YOU Don’t Like: fuck what anyone else thinks. If YOU don’t find a particular fit flattering on you, don’t wear it.
3. Overly Tight Clothing: before y'all go prosecuting me, I’m NOT sayin we can’t wear tight shit. Go ahead and wear that Bodycon boo. But if it’s cutting off circulation, making certain areas of your body (i.e. hips, stomach, etc.) bulge out uncomfortably, or leaves red marks after you take it off (y'all know the marks I’m talking about) DON’T wear it. I guarantee you aren’t that comfortable in it.

At the end of the day, no matter what size you are, you fuckin slay. Keep queenin y'all❤

Bathing Suit

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Notes: Established relationship, one-shot, no smut (it’s implied), pool parties, low self-esteem, shopping, Reader hates shopping, Bucky is a supportive boyfriend, based on real events

Summary: Bucky tries inviting the you, his girlfriend, to a cookout and a pool party the Avengers are hosting at the compound, but you decline because you don’t have a bathing suit. You haven’t owned one in years, actually. Bucky takes you out shopping for one, and the whole day you come up empty-handed and upset. That is, until you find the bathing suit that changes everything.

A/N: So I bought a bathing suit for the first time in YEARS this weekend. Saturday seriously sucked for me. In the middle of my drudgery of trying to find a suit that actually looked decent, I came up with this idea for a fic. I hope you like it! Let me know if you did, and enjoy! ^_^

“Oh c’mon Y/N, I’m sure you’ll find something you like in no time.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Bucky. You were in and out of store like that!” you snapped your fingers on your last word to emphasize how quick Bucky got his new bathing suit. It was true, though. You and Bucky were literally in and out of Target in 15 minutes, and within that time he managed to find a pair of swimming trunks that of course made him look ridiculously hot, and all just for $20, too.

You on the other hand weren’t so lucky. It took you ages to find anything that you thought looked all right to you, and bathing suits were the worst offenders. Your bad luck with bathing suits had gotten to you so much, you quit trying to find one ages ago. In fact, it had been five years since you’ve owned a bathing suit. Maybe longer, you thought to yourself. It’s been so long you actually forgot exactly when you quit. But today’s shopping excursion reminded you of why you quit in the first place.

It was Bucky’s idea to take you out shopping. Last weekend, the entire Avengers team decided to have a cookout and a pool party. It was something they hardly had the time to do since they were too busy with missions, training, and other Avenger specific obligations. Each team member was allowed to invite a few friends, and of course Bucky invited you, his girlfriend. He was shocked and confused when you declined. You were always up for visiting at the compound, so why were you refusing now? When he asked, you gave him a simple reason.

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Going to the beach with the band? (You can make it nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

(I had no idea how to make this nsfw!!)


  • Noodle wears cute bikinis as well as bathing suits, she especially loves vintage-like bikinis with high-waisted bottoms and tops tied around the neck
  • Has loads of cateye-sunglasses
  • When Noodle is on the beach, she likes to read a good book with a glass of white wine at her side.
  • If the sun is gone for a moment, she wants to go home
  • No bathing unless 2D begs
  • Is the one who fusses about the others and reminds them of sunscreen


  • Is the one responsible for food, loves bringing their tiny barbecue
  • Teaches about what the sun can do if you don’t use sunscreen, if the rest doesn’t listen to Noodle
  • Lies on a towel, sunbathing and feeling good
  • Has a hat on and sleeps on the beach with his hat over his eyes - just like Indiana Jones


  • Wears sunglasses with the sole purpose to look at women without coming off as a pervert
  • Reads books as well on the beach, mostly non-fiction philosophy books
  • Complains about sand everywhere
  • Likes picking up girls at the beach
  • Drinks a beer with Russel


  • Collects shells and sets jellyfish into sea again
  • Russel has had to save his clumsy ass from the big waves several times
  • Spends all his time in the water or eating snacks that Russel has brought
  • Loves sand between his toes

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To the croptop anon: I also have a big belly but really wanted to wear crop tops, so my first step was wearing them with high waisted bottoms so most of my belly was still covered, then I slowly worked up my confidence to show more and more over the years. Don't be afraid to take it one step at a time and it might take a while but that's okay! I also had very supportive friends and I got lots of compliments :) you can inspire someone else when you do it! I believe in you!

First Impressions (Part 4)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic)

Word Count: 2883

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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Pool party, our house,” Bee sent via text.

What? A pool party, but I’m busy, Bee,” you argued back.

You need a break. Come on. You just started filming and it’s already so hectic and stressful.

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