high violet

I don’t think of it as being a sad song, but it’s a song about someone’s relationship with their own sadness or sorrow and they, they love it, you know. There’s something about it that they’re attached to, and they value it, and need it, and so the song sort of, the ‘I don’t want to get over you’ part is not about a person, it’s about sorrow itself … 'I don’t want to lose my sorrow.’

Matt Berninger, The National on the song “Sorrow”


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The National - Lemonworld

“A Lemonworld is an invented, sexy, weird place where you can escape from New York. I had some image of it being a big beautiful, maybe semi-decrepit house. You know the documentary Grey Gardens? It’s set in a house out in the Hamptons, it’s about this crazy mother and daughter who live there in their own little world. It’s also very depressing and odd and beautiful. Anyways, I had this sense of a Lemonworld as a place where these two sexy sisters who wear bathing suits all the time and drink a lot, y'know, ‘put flowers in my mouth and we can say we invented a summer lovin’ torture party’ – that’s awesome! That’s sexy, weird, and fun. My wife and her sister are very close in age, they’re both hilarious and sexy and brilliant, so I think I was channeling them a little bit. It’s a fun world.” - Matt Berninger